Favorite Space Series

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What are your favorite science fiction (Sci-Fi) Star Trek, Star Wars, Star Gate, Battle Star, Lost in Space, Guardians of the Galaxies, series, television shows, movies, films, cartoons, and/or anything related to space? Let me know in the comments, below. Here are some of my favorite space series as follows:

Star Trek:

Love to boldly go where no nerd has gone before. Love technology. Love that we are living in the future and we are inventing some of the things found in Star Trek: Love the Q: my favorite series is Star Trek Next Generation because it was very philosophical like @Stefan.Molyneux and very proactive like @Cernovich and it inspired me: my favorite captain is Picard over Kirk: love Data over Spock: StarTrek.com

Star Wars:

I have a bad feeling about this, just kidding. Wanna be like Mike and Luke. Love basketball & that is why I want to be like Michael Jordan. But am also a big fan of younger Luke Skywalker: favorite film might be Empire Strikes Back: favorite show may be Rebels over the Clone Wars: favorite droid might be R2D2: favorite Sith might be Darth Vader over Maul: favorite ship: Millennial Falcon over the Death Star: favorite female: Natalie Portman as Padme and also Ahsoka Tano: third favorite: younger Leia Skywalker: favorite alien: Yoda: love Ben: StarWars.com

Battle Star Galactica:

So say we all. This franchise has action, drama, a blond, a man that went on to play in Gotham, and it has amazing clones (Cylons): amazing twist at the end of the series:

Lost in Space:

Danger, Will Robinson! The original show premiered in 1965. Loved the 1998 film version of it. The new reboot series premiered in 2018: fun show of a family lost in space:


Cowboy space drama, like a western adult version of Lost in Space: it is like Star Wars Rebels (cartoon show) as it follows a small spaceship of about ten people: they battle an intergalactic empire:

Favorite Space Series

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Guardians of the Galaxies is awsom...love to watch

I love the green girl in that. Maybe also the blue girl or that other girl.

Dont forget Futurama!

Did they go to different planets? I have only seen a few episodes. I guess they were in space sometimes. Also, Rick & Morty. If you think about it, other shows may go to space too, including Scorpion, a show focused on smart people. Walter went to space. Futurama premiered around 1996, right? Around that time & it was like a Sci-Fi version of the Simpsons. Also, King of the Hill premiered around that time too and was the realistic evolution from the Simpsons some said or something like that.

Its so much more than a scifi version of the simpsons. its actually even better than rick and morty (oh god, i feel the hate coming) and yes, they visit different planets all the time. if you find the time - its definitely worth watching. you could compare it to rick and morty, futurama is just more happy i would say.

I like the robot the most on Futurama. Second favorite is the guy's GF, the one eye girl. The guy is my third favorite. My fourth favorite is the Asian girl. Fifth, the old doctor guy. Yeah, Futurama is happier than Rick & Morty in a lot of ways & was written in a safer & more general way compared to Rick & Morty.

Rick & Morty is possibly more radical in some ways than South Park & the Family Guy & other Adult Swim cartoons.

Battlestar Galactica forever.
The Donald Moore series was a game changer.
I love It.
Good post my friend.
Have good directly from Italy!

Love that they use a created cursed word, "Fracking," and love the drama of it. Is the Moore series the original series from like the 60's? I saw the new series from the 2000's which I love.

Hello, oatmeal. I have watched Star Wars. I think it's very good to see. I especially like the lightsaber inside. I am really handsome. Especially the technology inside is really advanced! "Star Trek" I have also seen, just a trailer, the new version of the kind of feeling good modern, sense of technology, very shocked! ! !


Star Wars is very fun like a drama, a fantasy as opposed to a normal Sci-Fi. Star Trek is more philosophical, generally, a futuristic space Sci-Fi. I'm a big fan of both franchises.

I, although not a loyal fan, I like these two films! !


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