Favorite Sitcoms

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What are your favorite family centered situational comedies (sitcoms)? Let me know in the comments, below. Here are some of my favorite sitcoms, as follows:

Home Improvement:

Starred Tim Allen as Tim the Tool Man Taylor: he was the star of a tool show: he was a father of 3 boys: in 2017, I binge-watched all 8 seasons: Tim went on to Last Man Standing:

Full House:

For seven years, the Tanner family entertained houses all over. The show focuses on 3 girls and their 3 dads: not only 2 dads like another show from the 1980's named My Two Dad's: they're back in Fuller House:

Family Matters:

Did I do that? Nerd Steve Urkel did. He became the star of this black family sitcom. Steve invented a potion that turned him into stud: Steve voices Sonic the Hedgehog:

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air:

Will Smith started making trouble in the neighborhood. He got into one little fight and his momma got scared. So, he had to move with his auntie in a place called Bel-Air: he went on to produce the Karate Kid sequel show, Cobra Kai on YouTube Red or on Pirate Bay through bit torrent technology for free:

Favorite Sitcoms

2018-05-24 Thursday 08:24 AM LMS: Favorite Sitcoms
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  ·  last year (edited)

I loved Home Improvement!
I gotta go with Fresh Prince 👑
also I loved that as a kid and can still enjoy a rerun once in a blue moon!

Plus King Of The Hill!
It reminds me of watching it with my older brother and his friends.

I saw all of Home Improvement. I prefer that one because of Tim and his tools and his manly grunts. Secondly, Fresh Prince, because Will Smith. Love Men In Black & Independence Day. Welcome to Earth, he said to the aliens. The black suits are coming. Nod your head like this. Parents just don't understand, haha.

When I was just a Kid Alf was one of my favorite. When I got some age Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Classics 🔥

Alf was always trying to eat the cat. I was born in 85 and saw the reruns. I thought I was an alien for a while. In the 90's, Salem the cat became a pretty good Alf substitution in Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Modern Family :D I like watching this one. Really hilarious!

So true!

I like Married With Children, and Al Bundy who is also stars as the father in Modern Family. I like his wife there too. Very fun show for sure.

He’s a great actor and nice guy. I’m glad he got a second chance to do a different character.

The first character, Al Bundy, is more iconic, simple, like a Homer Simpson, but this new character may be more likable, complex, interesting, full of a serial arch. I like some of the more complex characters like Dexter Morgan, Walter White, Rick Grimes.

Tony Soprano has to be on that list too!

Maybe I should try that Soprano show. I have yet to do that.

Dude it will fit right in with the others!
A true classic my friend👍


Then I must watch it. Thank you!



Do you have a TV, lol?