Favorite Foods

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What are your favorite foods? Here are some of mine:


Who in history ate garlic? Egyptians did while building pyramids. Roman Gladiators did while competing in the ancient Olympics. During wars, garlic was/is used to stop infections. Old people eat garlic. Now, more people in America are eating garlic more so now than ever before: love to eat raw garlic each day:


We love them fried, fried, and fried. Love the chips, fries, hash browns: love baked potatoes as it fills me with strength: love unprocessed potatoes the best: we grow some in our gardens:


Orange you glad I didn't say banana, haha? Love to eat the inside white parts of the orange skins, the orange peel. Love to eat raw fruits, especially oranges:


Don't go nuts. Eat nuts. Saw a video that said we should not eat nuts because it takes water to grow them in California. But it takes water to grow cows, fruits, and everything. The problems of California is not due to nuts. Are you nuts? Love to eat nuts as it helps the brain:

Salmon Fish:

Salmon has Omegas in them which are good for the brain. Fish are delicious and healthy. Would see Vietnamese eat sea food, they love sea food, back when I was living in Vietnam: Cam On (Thanks):


People call me Oatmeal because I eat oatmeal and you are what you eat and oats are full of stuff that keeps us going: lowers cholesterol: breakfast is the most important meal of the day: it changed my life like rice:


Why do they put cherries on top of ice-cream sundaes? I'd put strawberries on top of them. I'm addicted to ice-cream, McDonald's hamburgers, and candy, but I'm usually not eating junk foods: but we grow strawberries in our gardens: I'm always regretting eating junk but never regret eating great food like strawberries:


You can find Iodine in salt, strawberries, fish, eggs, beans, prunes, turkey, cod, seaweed: many people lack enough iodine and nuts in their diets: they get brain fogs for example:

Favorite Foods

2018-05-22 Tuesday 01:32 PM LMS: Favorite Foods
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Interesting point, especially when asking ourselves why a certain food is good for us. I'd love to see a discussion on that. For example: http://www.getoffyouracid.com/alkaline-diet-recipe-hearty-oats-power-breakfast-smoothie/ - agrees with you regarding oatmeal. This website argues that kombucha (while considered healthy everywhere you look) actually is acidifying and they say that the pH value is the decisive criteria for labeling food as healthy or not. Would be interested to hear your thoughts on this.

We can talk about some of those things when it comes to diet, health, eating. We can talk about those words, those things, including the discussion, the debate on sugar, acid, salt, carbs, and some of the other keywords people use.

However, I strongly believe that what matters more than that in a holistic way for the whole body is in eating a balanced rainbow pyramid diet focused on real, natural, organic, garden grown, foods. People get lost in the numbers of calories or the other keywords. But they eat food that is processed, mutated, chemically changed through the DNA, the GMO, the genes, at a genetic level, and these things are worse than we know. That is why the Amish do better. We got to eat different colors of food. We got to eat more nuts and whole grains, whole wheat. We should eat less meat like vegans. We can talk about Kombucha and other things. We can talk about acid. But we should first talk about the art of cleaning out the gut. The art of focusing on the immune system.

I agree, balance is key. I feel that many people get easily overwhelmed by the amount of diets out there and by focusing only on losing weight or achieving a certain type of body shape. That's just part of the whole effect. Movies like 'Samsara', 'Okja' or 'Supersize Me' are pointing in the right direction. But in fact, we can simply learn by doing without drowning in all the information. When we start cooking on our own, we need to make food choices and ask questions about what we actually put in our body. And we will feel the effect - how we feel after healthily balanced food, and how we feel after processed food. Even for those who don't like cooking, there are easy-to-make foods. For those who want to understand more in depth, 'Cooking for Geeks' is an amazing path to go, as there we can learn why something tastes the way it does and how we can experiment with all the factors. In the end of the day, our health/lifestyle/every day is better, when we eat healthily, when we create our own and especially when we have the essential knowledge of our body and which food does what to our mental and physical health. Books can be the way, but experimenting does the trick and just being more aware of our own body. Awareness is something everyone can apply. And from that point, anything is possible, even growing our own food, preserving and ferment as well as recycling waste products. From countries like Japan we can learn from the focus on food culture and how it goes beyond food alone: food is connection, health, art, tradition and social life at the same time. Looking at food from a different perspective can suddenly make it easy to know everything we need to know about food, even from a young age: http://www.businessinsider.com/japans-amazing-school-lunch-program-2017-3. If now someone also comes up with a smart way to recycle and wrap food (I'm waiting for the fermentation technology to catch up for the packaging material like here: https://www.ted.com/talks/suzanne_lee_grow_your_own_clothes) we will have come a far way which makes discussions about diet unnecessary because everyone will know the essentials from living it every day.

Yes, Martin, agreed, there is so much we learn from the health habits of the Japanese and balanced diets and good discussions for sure.

I'm so happy to read your post,
Your post content is very good ..
May we be good friends

Do you eat garlic too hehe?

my favorite food is burger :)

Yes, burgers are delicious to eat. Love turkey sandwiches,

yes, this is so delicious :)

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