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You Are What You Eat.

Oatmeal (O) is what I'm eating.

About Me:

My name is Joey Arnold, but you can call me Oatmeal.

This post features some of my links, below.

In future posts, I may link to this post for more info.

This post serves as a rough draft for my life, my biography.

Live To Love To Love To Live.

People call me Oatmeal because I'm always eating Oatmeal.

Oatmeal is like Daily Bread.

Oatmeal is a symbol for humanity, fundamentals.

In life, we need oatmeal and honey.

We need Hope Over Dope.

What Are We Living For (L4)?

We are all Looking For Outrageous Joy (L4OJ).

That is what life is all about.

Grew Up In Oregon.

Home School was my foundation. Thanks, mom.

See my biography, below, for more information.

See my Links, Below:

I've included lists of my favorite websites, below.

I have my following list, too, below.

I have links to my social networks, below.

My Employment Resume?

I have links to my Employment CV Job Resume, below.

This is a rough draft.

Did I miss anything?

Is there anything else I should include?

What do you want me to do on my Steemit?

Do I need more videos in my posts? Just kidding.

If you have questions, comments, let me know.

I'm still working on all of this.

Broken Ubuntu Keyboard:

My keyboard was not working, so I restarted my computer to fix that. But I was researching that problem. Instead of using Apple or Microsoft operating systems (OS), I use Ubuntu, a Linux based OS, and I do web design, video editing, music, and many other things. I'm still learning each day. When I run into new computer problems, I trouble shoot, I Google, search, try things, and figure things out. I have been doing computers and Internet a lot more since like 1998, the past twenty years or so. Still going strong.

But should I make more how-to posts?

Should I post more music or art or health related things?

Let me know.


2014-12-XX: at the 23/9 Park in Saigon, Vietnam: Girl & Oatmeal

About Me Draft Post

2018-05-16 Wednesday 11:40 PM LMS: About Me

Written By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

Published at 12:02 AM

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My Employment

(Web-Designer) @Shelton Music Store in Shelton, WA,(Film-Maker) @Arnold Attic,Camp-Counselor, English-Teacher in Vietnam, carpenter, musician, dishwasher, artist, journalist, creator, & more... (See More)

My Biography

Lived in Oregon, New York, West Virginia, Vietnam, Hawaii, Quebec, California, Seattle, Idaho, Cambodia, Oregon, South Carolina, & more... (See More)

My Social Networks

Bitchute,Blogspot,Busy,Disqus,Dlive,Dmania,Dsound,Dtube,Facebook,Freedom,Gab,GitHub,Google,Linkedin,Medium,Minds,Periscope,PewTube,Steemit,Steepshot,Tumblr,Twitter,Utopian,WikiTree,WP,YouTube,Zappl, & more...(See More)

My Favorite Websites

AIG,Crowder,DailyBeast,DailyCaller,Dnews,DrBerg,Drudge,Eagle,FreedomPressFreedomToons,FreeGeek,Hagmann,InfoWars,IntelliHub,Lionel,Lisa,Mark,Milo,NaturalNews,NewsWars,Rebel,RSBN,Savage,Tommy,Veritas,WikiLeaks,WND, & more...(See More)

My Following List

@Cernovich @GrrrGraphics @JoeyArnoldVN @Stefan.Molyneux, and more... (See More)

Thanks for reading my post.

This is only a rough draft.

I will be updating these things in the future.

I'm a Creator.

I make videos, music, art, posts, gardens, etc.

Take care.

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Sweet brother. That was refreshing..

Oh, oatmeal, I sometimes do not understand anything about computers. I will try to find a solution to the problem through Google search. I am a musician, but sometimes I face the computer, I sometimes It will also look a little strange! ! !


Yeah, it can be tough. Almost as tough as taxes.

Although this is difficult, the people long for peace and self-safety. This will be a kind of gradual overuse! !


Nice presentation!

Oats every day for me, I don’t even cook them. Topped with a banana and some yogurt, yum.

When I was a wilderness counselor, we had granola oat snacks we would eat dry while hiking in Boring, Oregon, and it was pretty good. It may have been mostly granola, but it was pretty good. I love bananas and yogurt.

Of course I do soften them with hot water,.

Hello Joey. You showed me love on my first day on steemit. I'm officially saying hello. I'm now following you btw. Cheers

Love is what makes the world go around like money but in a better way.

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