American Revolution Looks Like This

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We Knew. We Know.

People knew of the FBI corruption in the early 2010's. Imagine what would happen if people went up against deep state, globalist, centralized, corporate, tyranny? It would look like this. Globalists call us deplorable, racist, & Russian.

Scary Control Freaks

Control freaks are trying to stop Trump, Alex Jones, Tommy Robinson, independent media alternatives, and you are next. After the cancer spreads, then it spreads onto you and your children. Together, we take them down but only as we stay active in knowing about Agenda 2030 for example.

Are you game?

American Revolution Looks Like This

By Joey Arnold

Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Written in July of 2018

2018-07-18 Wednesday 10:38 AM LMS - American Revolution Looks Like This
Published at 10:43 AM

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Off topic, but I like this format.

Sometimes there are so many pictures and videos that my browser apparently can't handle it for some reason and shuts your posts down before I can scroll down. Happens to me with some other media-heavy posters as well but only here on Steemit.

This is fine.

Do you also have trouble playing first-shooter online games in HD or in watching a few YouTube videos at the same time or in HD? I've ran into a bunch of issues too at times as well. You probably know all the variables. Like your browser, like you said.


My browser is Firefox and that can be slow from add-ons or maybe even if it is not customized well enough. I have yet to find a better browser yet.

I don't play FSPs, so I can't tell.

Google Chrome is what I use for the most part, Youtube doesn't give me any problems. I also don't have all that many customization either.

I have had trouble with Chrome. In Firefox, I have made changes in the settings, in the about:config found through the address bar which helped it seems at times.