Favorite Shows

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What are your favorites? Let me know in the comments. Here are some of my favorite television series in no particular order:

Power Rangers:

Like the turtles but with less pizza:

The Walking Dead:

Just Survive Somehow, on Steemit over Facebook:

Buffy, The Vampire Slayer:

A fun show starring a beautiful, strong, blond, Britney Spears:

Battle Star Galactica:

So say we all, fight the Cylons: return home like Star Trek Voyager:

Star Trek Next Generation:

Boldly go where no man has sung or danced before:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:

They're green, they're mean, they're fighting machines:


The back story to teenager Bruce Wayne, young Batman:

Favorite Shows

2018-05-21 Monday 12:30 AM LMS: Favorite Shows
My Favorite Hashtag Communities

Written By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Banned on Facebook & Twitter

Facebook & Twitter Banned Me For Posting This Hitler Photo

FB TWITTER BANNED Hitler ALLAH 2018-05-20 SUN.png]

Facebook & Twitter Banned Me For Posting This Hitler Photo

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It's Always Sunny
Breaking Bad
X-Files S1-S9
How the Holocaust Never Happened
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Hitler: Great Leader or Greatest Leader?
Chappelle's Show

B4 After.jpg

I love Hunting Hitler and the ten seasons of the X-Files. Seinfeld is good. Also, Home Improvement.

Oh, oatmeal, I think the "Ninja Turtle" is very good, there are "Charlotte Sherlock", as well as "Hell Detective" and so on, are very good! !


I love turtles. I love Peter Pan. I love Sherlock. What is Hell Detective?

"Hell Detective" is a type of TV drama in the United States, with a fantasy-style detective-type drama, starring "Constantine", but "Hell Detective" was only out for a season and is looking forward to the second season "Hell" Detective series, I recommend you to see it, really nice!


Sounds awesome. Thanks.

You’re welcome, you’ll like the “Hell Detective”


all are good, like all

You like Alex Jones?