Constrained Writing Contest #27 + Winners of Constrained Writing Contest #26

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Most writing contests give you a writing prompt or at least a couple of words to work your idea around, which is why I decided to host a slightly different contest.

A constrained writing contest

Instead of being given an idea or a writing prompt, you are allowed to choose the topic completely by yourself. But, varying from week to week, you will face different challenges that limit your writing.

You will be required to omit certain words, use a specific word in every second sentence, use a given sentence unchanged, write a story with a certain amount of words... or a combination of all.

Winners of constrained writing contest #26

This week's constraint looked simple at first glance, but was definitely hard as nails upon closer inspection. There were a total of 4 entries this week, and here are the winners I picked out:

With this week's constraint (having to write a journal/diary log) I really wanted to see the writer write in first person and really have the writer write in a way that promotes some kind of an intimate bond between them and the reader - which a diary most definitely should be. When we write a diary for ourselves we lose all the filters we otherwise have and just let go. Write our emotions down. Our feelings. Just as they appear. And your story - or should I say your diary log - is exactly that. You managed to capture the reader-writer relationship perfectly. Those short sentences really make it all that much more believable. Something a person would've definitely written down for themselves!

The story somewhat lacks in the grammar department, but I love the idea(s) behind it!
Especially because there was this island that no longer exists other than in this person's memory. But it wasn't a dream, no. Because there's proof of its existence and their visit! The diary log!
Very well done!

As I wrote in the comment under your story, I like the idea very much, but feel like it lacks a certain amount of explanation behind what's going on and why it's all happening. I feel like you could've told us more somehow, though I know it's hard in "journal" form.

Honorable mention:

If I, by any chance, missed your entry, please do not hesitate to let me know, and I will do my best to redeem myself. I have missed an entry in the past, so I now pay extra attention, but ... It can happen still.
Sorry and thanks!

Proof of payment:

With that out of the way, onto constrained writing contest #27!


This week we have @foragingquietude joining us as a judge!

Here is what she came up for this week:

  • Write a story from the perspective of an animal, and use the line "I wasn't always afraid of the dark".
  • The story must be at least 250 words long and in English

And as for the usual mumbo jumbo, here's the rest of the rules just about every contest has:

  • Upvote this post
  • Post a link to your entry in the comments below
  • Include tag #constrainedwriting among your other tags
  • Should you wish to help raise awareness of the contest, please consider resteeming this post (it is by no means compulsory)


I will pay out this post's payout in full, both SBD and STEEM!

  • 1st place: 45% of post's payout
  • 2nd place: 27% of post's payout
  • 3rd place 18 % of post's payout
  • Judge takes 5 % for his/her efforts
  • I will take 5 % for hosting, writing and editing the contest

*Note: In case I receive any donations for the contest, the payout percentages apply to the donation itself as well.


This week the judge of the Constrained Writing Contest is @foragingquietude and she is responsible for picking the winners on her own discretion, but she promise sto try her best and be as objective as possible.

What's that I hear? You wish to be a judge too? Well look no further!
To apply for a judge and make up your own rules, simply send @svashta a hearty hello on Discord (Svashta#5207).

*Disclaimer: I will only allow fellow writers as judges to keep the competition high quality.


  • Entries are accepted until this post's payout
  • Your entry post must be newer than this post

Good luck!


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I've been looking for something like this as an outlet! Thanks.

Hope to see you join !;D

Congrats to the winners! I can't wait to see what you come up with for this one. Have fun!

Having fun is the most important part, because the reader can somewhat feel the emotion you were in while writing. So if you have fun writing, we'll have a fun time reading :D

I hope to join soon.

I would be very happy if you did! :D

I will join and try it...I was looking for sth like this contest to try for the first time...I was just writing for myself but these contests vibrates your mind to think more about the quality and creativity of your writing
Thanks @svashta

I started out writing for just myself also, then realized I wanted some feedback , and that some people enjoyed it too. So yes! Please share! :D

And I'm looking forward to your entry! :D

I hope read your story

Thanks folks for your votes. I'm Looking forward to this one - I've been away laying concrete and stuff all week but I'm as good as back at my desk. (RAIN stops play :/ )

As long as you've been productive in any way, you're doing awesome! :D
Definitely looking forward to your entry this week again, if you find the time to participate :D Would be awesome ^^

Happy day My entry

Thank you very much for your entry! ^^

I incorporated three different writing prompts/challenges today:

Holy smokes! That's an awesome job! :D

Thank you very much for your entry! :D

Wow! Thank you so much! :) I appreciate the compliment coming from another author I admire. You just made my day!

Excellent competition to inspire and ignite one's inner muse. I can see Constrained Writing becoming a staple of Steemit's Writing Ecosystem far into the future. Keep up the good work and congratulations to all the winners, past, present, and future.

Thanks! And yes, I hope this contest continues for a very long time and gains many new followers ^^ We'll see... All I can do is try my best. And I shall. ^^

Well, you have my support as long as I am on this platform.

Thank you! ^^

Awesome! I hope to see you participate again in the future! :D

Thank you very much for your entry!

You’ll see me again.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Too late? Absolutely not! There were two days left on the clock when you submitted your entry! And I thank you for it! ^^

Thank you very much! ^^

Just seeing you post makes me excited about what's to come!

Thank you very much for your entry!

Now I fell the pressure. :) I am always glad to be part of the #constrainedwriting club

The expectations with your stories are always high indeed!

Very happy to hear that! :D

This was great fun, a nice way to relax. Thanks for running the contest--I enjoyed being a cat for a while. My entry:

I tried upvoting the blog but wasn't allowed--maybe I missed the deadline. Anyway-still fun to write the story.

Does it not work anymore? It should, no? there's 2 hours left to enter anyhow. ^^

Thank you very much for your entry ^^

Congratulations! . Thanks...