The eternal question - A story written in less than 5 minutes

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The eternal question

I was both drunk and high when I got home that night, and, needless to say, also very hungry.

I made my way to the kitchen without turning on any lights because I didn’t want to wake anyone up.

I opened the fridge and scouted it for any leftovers. No luck.

I then opened the freezer because the strawberries from the fridge made me crave ice cream, but soon realized there was no light in the freezer like there was in the fridge.

In my intoxicated state I opened both doors and just stared at them alternately.

My mind couldn’t comprehend why there was a light in one but not in the other.

I knew the light inside the fridge was to help one find what they need at night, but why wouldn’t there be a light in the freezer for that same reason?

Were we not supposed to open the freezer in the night? Were we not supposed to have ice cream when it’s dark outside?

I must’ve been staring at the two open machines in front of me for at least five minutes, trying to figure out the reason why one has a light and the other doesn’t, until at last my stomach rumbled, and I decided to grab some ice cream and strawberries and ignore the question altogether.

The prompt was:


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Ha ha ha @svashta! Great observation! I feel like we’ve all been there at one time or another in our life!

Yeah. Asking stupid questions could be my full-time job. haha :D

Of the many eternal questions of drinking and smoking, this is one of the best! The hours spent trying to fathom to logic of the fridge light, the reasoning of it's numbered dial (it highier warmer, or does turning it up, turn up the cold...)

Ahhh the elusive fridge light, that is not also in the freezer, and loves to cut out for no reason. How you wink and you blink, trying to give me a hint, a kitchen disco, telling me what I know; choosing's harder than I think. Think I may have recovered some fridge raiding memories reading this one!

When can we expect paperback preorders? Trying to chose between waiting, and just getting a digital copy :)

This is one of the best comments I've ever gotten! hahaha! :D
Slowly opening the fridge doors, trying to find the spot where the light turns on, then sliding it back and forth minimally to have the light flicker. hahahaha :D ALSO! Opening the doors wide and pressing the little trigger that sets off the light.
Oh man, so much fun to have with the fridge! Whereas the freezer... eh... No fun at all.

I just approved the proof copies today and the entire thing is now in review! They say it can take up to 72 hours for them to publish it, but hopefully it will be approved sooner! :D

I'll offer signed copies also, which may also prove to be cheaper than ordering from amazon if you're from Europe.... Cuz shipping, ya kno' :P

But thank you so very much for being interested. <3 It means a lot! <3_<3

Ding ding ding! Congratulations! You have just won the final filter drop! Brace yourself for an abandon of all attempts to sound vaguely sane :p

oh what! mine doesn't appear to have a button, wait... if there's no button, what triggers the light... how have i spent so long staring at it, and not realised this... I know what I am doing later, frantically pressing every bit of the fridge to find the magic trigger!!

I very much want to make an inappropriate comment right now, but I will refrain myself from it.
Maybe if I just indicate the line I wanted to use? And make it tiny text? I guess that works.

frantically pressing every bit of the _____ to find the magic trigger!!

With that out of the way, YEAP! :P There most certainly is a little dongle in there that sets off when you open the refrigerator doors. :P
Do report back with the results! :D

Hahaha! It's in there somewhere, just keep pressing! wait...

The more i think about it, the more I can picture a bit that sticks out, but I am sure pressing it does nothing... what if they aren't household appliances, and have an ulterior motive.. the light doesn't flicker, ITS SCANNING US!!!

I... I... did you take the pill by any chance?


Just commenting to let you know The paperback of the book is live on amazon! :D
As for the signed copies that I mentioned .. it would appear I'm getting ahold of the copies on the 3rd of September, so.. that's quite a long wait for me to then ship it yet another time... Depends on your patience then, I guess. :P

Gotta have a signed copy - for when you are super famous and try to deny knowing me ;)

That's less than two weeks! Holy print runs batman, it is super exciting!! But the real and most pressing question, when can I preorder it from you?! My patience is great improved by knowing I have placed the order <3

Ah, snap! There go my dark plans of abandoning and forgetting about all the people that have helped me along the way and made me the person/writer I am today. :P
Need to come up with a quote or something to put in with the signature then :P

Okay. I have a serious question right now.
Did you say "batman" for any specific reason, or did it just happen naturally? Amongst some internet friends of mine I hold the nickname "batman", presumably because my voice is as deep as batman's...
Reading batman in your comment, therefore.. Intriguing. :P

Consider yourself on the list of preorders then!
makes an excel spreadsheet of the people interested in buying a copy
I think the best option would be if you added me on discord, or contacted me through my e-mail address so we can discuss shipping (you know, the address and the cost of shipping)
Discord: Svashta #5217
e-mail: [email protected]

What! Are you actually batman?!

I, of course, have not heard your batman voice, but I have also been known as batman (for like a true crime fighter carries everything he needs in his utility belt, and I always had everything need to rock and roll haha) so generally when making Holy quotes, I refer to the other person as robin, but in the spur of the moment, I felt like you were definitely batman...

I shall message you accordingly!

  ·  last year (edited)

It would appear my cover had been blown.

Seeing as you have met with the real Batman, I would politely ask of you to stop addressing yourself as Batman, and pick another, more appropriate character for yourself. It can be entirely of your choosing. I will approve of Batgirl as well.

Best batman voice I can muster
I'll see you then.

What is funny is how my clear headed self never considers these burning questions. My work around is to just open booth doors and try to multi use the fridge light.
BTW drinking and ice cream has never lead to a happy ending in my experience.

Using the fridge light in the middle of the night to see into the freezer?
Damn! You're smart! :D I should've thought of that sooner! I usually use my phone's screen (or even flashlight) hahaha :D

I wholeheartedly agree, but that doesn't quite mean you don't try it still, right? :P I mean, alcohol does cloud your judgment and make you a little more courageous. :P

I have another one with the fridge light - leaving the door open so you can pour yourself a drink without turning on the light in the kitchen!
Good luck with the book!

Oh man! That's next level!
I love it! :D

Thank you so very much! :D The paperback version just went live! ^^ Hoping for the best - and as much reader feedback as possible, of course ^^

hey, @svashta.

A great use of the light prompt, and high or not, a very appropriate question about light and darkness. And the fact that consumption of strawberries and ice cream were not dissuaded by the darkness is a triumph in and of itself, I would say. :)

Hi! :D

Thanks! Hahaha, suffice to say I did have some ice cream myself that day ^^
Honestly, I've never smoked in my life, but for some reason, I have come across many situations one would likely only consider when "being high" haha :D

hey, @svashta.

Well, I don't smoke or drink, and yet, I'd probably sit there wondering the same thing. :) Why is there a light in the refrigerator but not in the freezer? It seems to be something you would think of naturally when your tired and it's late anyway. The main thing is, the ice cream was eaten. That's the most important part. :)

I don't smoke either (Never even tried), and I drink so rarely it's likely been over a year since I've had more than a beer.
And yet, just as you said, here I am, in the middle of the night, asking myself the most bizarre of questions.
I wonder what we'd look like stoned. What questions we'd ask ourselves then. ;P

Yepp! The ice cream is of the utmost importance.
To let you in on a little secret, I just finished a bowl of it myself! (Vanilla flavor)

HaHa! I always wondered about that too but didn't dwell on it, maybe because I was sober? All the best to you @svashta!

Resident cat here, delivering today's new prompt after changing the light bulb in my fridge:

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Well, I never wondered about it on any occasion... until I sat down to write about it. :P

Thank you! :D Just did it, and am happy to inform you it's been posted to the freewrite post already! :D

Congratulations, you have been featured in the weekly Freewrite Favorites post by @freewritehouse You can find your post here: Freewrite Favorites, Volume 20

Awesome! :D Thanks for telling me! :D
Off to check some of those! ;D

In my country we do experience that, or maybe you haven't slide it to the point where it's programmed to switch the light on.
Also, bulbs do have a lifespan.

You have a light in your freezer!?
I want one of those! :D

Hello @svashta, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

Thank you very much! :D
Will try my best to keep on making awesome content! :D