Frozen Lake - a story written in five...ish minutes

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Frozen Lake

“Take those clothes off! Fast, fast!”

I was trying to undo my trousers, but due to both the adrenalin rush and the hypothermia I couldn’t use my hands properly and couldn’t do it on my own.

We were out on the frozen lake that day, when I went out a little too far and the ice broke beneath me.

My father rushed to help me, but with the power I still had in me I yelled at him to run the other way instead and start the car to keep it warm. I didn’t want him to try and help me only to end the same way.

By the time he got back with a towel and a dry coat, my lips were already turning a deep blue, and I could hardly speak–it more resembled babbling than speech.

Because the ice was so weak around the hole I sunk into, I couldn’t get out of it. Where I tried to pull myself out, the ice broke again and left me in the same place I was before.

He then got a brilliant idea. He dropped the coat over the edge of the ice, which somehow made it sturdy enough to withstand my weight, and with the last of my powers, I managed to pull myself out.

He was very close to me, waiting with a giant dry towel, but couldn’t come closer or we’d risk the ice breaking again.

Because I had trouble undressing the drenched clothes, he decided to take the plunge and come to aid.

Surprisingly enough, the ice held up, and it didn’t take long for me to be standing in the middle of a frozen lake in nothing but my underwear, wrapped in a huge yellow towel.

We then hurried to the car and drove home to enjoy a hot cup of tea, weirdest of all being I didn’t even catch a cold.

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That was a dangerous situation...

Indeed! But those make for the best memories! :D

Might even rewrite this one someday into a horror story. I think the initial idea is real good... Maybe for Bits of dread vol. II :p haha

I fell off a bridge once into a frozen stream and got a goose egg on my forehead that lasted for three weeks. Just throwing that out there. ;-)

Here is today's freewrite prompt:

O... Ouch. That sounds really bad. :(
Glad you're fine now! :D

Thanks! :D
Did it just right now :D

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“Take those clothes off! Fast, fast!”.

My mind was already thinking of something else. I wonder how you didn't get so cold after all.

It was for that exact reason I wrote it down that way :D Happy to see it worked! :D

Honestly, I have a similar real-life experience. I fell into a river from ~6-7m (about 20 ft) in the winter when it was ~ -5°C outside. I took all my clothes off asap, and went back to my car in my underwear.... .... 2km away (~1.3miles)...
I didn't feel any cold at all, or any pain, though I was severely bruised. The adrenaline is quite insane indeed, but when it wears off... OH THE HORRORS. The pain. ugh x.x