Accident - A short story written in five minutes

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“Honey! Can you get the car ready for me, please?” I shouted to my wife and tried my finest to keep my calm and not curse.

“What is it?” She hurried upstairs. She could tell I was distressed from the sound of my voice. “Oh my god!” She shouted when she saw me. “Oh my god!” She shouted again, frozen in place.

“No time, get to the car and get me to the hospital, will you?” I tried letting go of the little cabinet by the door, but stumbled as soon as I tried walking on my own.

Charlotte jumped to me and saved me from the fall, then put wrapped my arm around her and helped me get down the stairs.

I remember thinking about how the blood would be impossible to get out of the rug on the stairs in hopes of distracting myself enough to forget about the pain and the incident.

She rushed me to the emergency room and by the time we arrived I was barely conscious.

The doctor asked me what happened and I told him about my intimate meeting with the door handle.

They tended my wound, and my wife and I have since changed all the handles for door knobs.

The prompt was:

"Door knob"

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Yikes. But also funny. But yikes.

Indeed! :D
I wanted to write more about how they know laugh about it with his wife... but ran out of time :|

Ouch! That must be painful. Ouch.

Sure was! I've had some close encounters with door handles myself, though never so severe... But god damn does it hurt!

Arghh - what kind of handle was that?

I had something like this in mind because we have similar ones at home


Hitting yourself into one of these while running or even walking hurts really, really bad.