Costume party - A short story written in five minutes

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Costume party

Who is it that dances so elegantly?
Is it a person I know or is it a handsome stud I am yet to lay my eyes upon for the first time?

Who is it that sitting in a corner all alone and smoking his cigar?
A person who had lost everything or a person enjoying his solitude and observing their surroundings?

Who is the pair drinking by the bar there?
A couple already or a couple to be?

Who is it that’s on the phone over there?
A girl texting her friends to join her or maybe she’s talking to a boyfriend of hers.

Who is it that came here dressed in a wetsuit?
A reputable businessman hiding his face or maybe your average Joe who’s just diving his free time away.

Who is it that’s dressed like the Joker and leaving the party?
He might not have found Batman or maybe his wife called him home.

Who is it under that mask that’s approaching me?
I might never know but that’s part of the fun.

The prompt was:


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Question with answer in the form of question. That is brilliant. By the way, I am the one with mask approaching you. Thought you would know. Just want you to look at your shoes and describe it.

Here is the next prompt: describe your shoes

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Oh. So you're not approaching me to dance with me?
what a bummer.
I guess I'll take the prompt all the same. :P
Thanks :D

I love the ryhme and the poem.
You make it sound like a wandering thought.

Thanks! :D
I liked this change in pace from writing "continuously" to breaking it down into these bite-size chunks. Definitely will do this again. :D

Your repetition in question make rhyme
Your story built bu lyrrical poem.
Your sentence build stanzas
Make me amaze and enjoy it

Very happy you liked it! :D
It's my first take on such writing :D

And you find good stanzas.

Thank you very much! :D