See you on the other side - a story written in five...ish minutes

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See you on the other side

I spotted an old friend of mine in the crowd and waved to him.

“Hi! Going home also, huh?” He nodded. “Yeah, me too. So, what have you been up to these past 10 years? Are you still with Molly?”

“Married.” He showed me his ring. “7 years this year. You? Still with Mary?”

“Married too.” I smiled and showed him my ring. “Still working at the power plant?” It was one of those awkward moments when you met randomly and didn’t know what to say.

“Same power plant, but different position. I got promoted to a supervisor last year. The salary is great but it’s mentally exhausting. I usually come home and just fall asleep. You? Still at that pharmaceuticals company?”

“No, switched jobs just last year. I mean, it’s still pharmacy, but a different company. I’m in charge of a laboratory now, so I know what you mean by pressure.” I couldn’t let him feel like he was having it better than me.

We both forced a smile and just stared at each other quietly, not knowing what more to say.

“We should totally catch coffee sometime soon.” I managed to say at last.

“Yeah. We should.”

Awkward silence ensued again.

“You got time right now or are you in a hurry?”

“No, I think we’re fine. My wife will love it too.”

“See you on the other side then?”

“Yeah! See you!”

We waved to each other and went back to our cars to drive on to the ferry. We were both on our way home from vacation on an island.

The prompt was:

"See you on the other side"

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I'm still not accustomed to seeing you write something different than the cowboy story!
Anyway, here's the next prompt:

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Trust me, it's new to me as well. haha :D
It's fun in a way, but also feels wrong sometimes... Ugh. It'll get better with time.

Thanks for the prompt! :D

I have been so enjoying reading all the free write posts. It is so much fun to see everyone take the prompt in a different direction.
I love how you link up all your short stories at the end of the posts.
The funny category has some alluring titles. I can already tell I am on the way to sidetracked with reading. See you on the other side :D

Whenever I set out to read them (other freewrites) I always think they will be about the most obvious thing... But they NEVER are. They are always awesome and unique. As you said, a very fun experience that I don't do often enough. :|

Thanks! Glad you like the table! :D hopwfully one of them lures you in and hooks you enough to read all my work ;P (if you are open to a suggestion, try The Giant Depressed Onion.) (if you are open to a suggestion, try The Giant Depressed Onion.)

I am the same way, never enough reading time. I did however take your advice. I kind of think the poor onion met a tragic end. At least she managed a brief moment of happiness. Maybe being soup was a grand adventure. That trip through the digestive track could not have been boring.
In the end she landed in a place where everyone was stinky. Onion heaven?

Hahahaha! :D
Your imagination is even wilder than mine! :D
Stinky Heaven
I like that. I like that very much! :D
I hope it's okay with you if I steal it someday :3

Thank you! For some reason every time I think about that unicorn story I think purple unicorn poo. There has to be a comedy piece somewhere in that little dream.
Feel free to use any of them. Yours would turn out different than anything I would do anyway.
Unicorn Meat was nothing like I imagined it would be.

Purple unicorn poo, huh? That's strangely specific.
Maybe I could figure something up using Purple unicorn poop.
I'll try. But no promises. Too many ideas already on standby :|

True, even with the same prompt, we come up with completely different ideas, as evident by our freewrites ^^

Hopefully in a good way. :3

Maybe I will do something with unicorn poo sometime. Mostly because it is such a click bait kind of title. I would click but then I am a bit strange.
I will pass through later to see what else you write.

I'll keep unicorn poo in mind and see if anything useful pops up :p I'll let you know if it does haha
Definitely clickbaity, but not necessarily up everyone's alley. ^^

Awesome! :D Happy to see you're interested in my work! :D