Late night walk - A story written in five minutes

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Late night walk

Every day before I go to bed I take a long walk to help me unwind my thoughts and go over my goals for the next day. Because I was out same hour every day I knew exactly what roads to take if I wanted to meet someone familiar or if I didn’t want to meet them.

That that, however, was different.

It was a Saturday afternoon, a little over 9.30 p.m. and there were far more people than usual out on the streets, all walking out of town. Stranger yet, they were all crying. Every single one of them. No matter their age or gender.

If there weren’t tears pouring from their eyes, it was their voices that were shaking or at least their eyes that looked overly red and glassy.

I tried asking an acquaintance of mine what it was all about–he, too, was crying–but he just waved his hand through the air and told me to leave him be and not make it any worse. “Don’t rub salt into my wound,” he told me and kept on walking.

I didn’t want to ask another person about what had happened. Instead, I sat down on the sidewalk and eavesdropped to the conversation of the people passing by.

Judging by their words our soccer team lost a very important match.

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I loved the little twist at the you expect them to be grieving something monumental and then...Really good writing!

And in case you're hungry to write more, here's today's prompt:

Haha, yeah, it was exactly what I was going for! :D Glad to hear you liked it! :D

Thanks for the prompt! ^^