2013, February

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2013 Late January in Binh Hoa Near Hanoi.jpg

Out of the Woods.

I began this month at the Mường Village in Hòa Bình as described at the end of my last article, my 2013, January post. In the photo above, you can see from left to right, Oatmeal Joey, Le Bui and Dieu Le. After that, I went to the hometown of Dieu Le in Thanh Hóa Then, I was hosted by HNY Tracy Ke Tram Pham in the Tan Binh District of the Sài Gòn City AKA Ho Chi Minh City, (TP.HCM), VIetnam. I went to her hometown near like Dalat or beyond that city in Vietnam. I returned to Saigon Sunday morning, the 17th. I met Kathy that Sunday. She gave me a tour of Saigon. My Couchsurfing host helped me find work. Kathy helped me find work. I moved into a room in District 8 on Wednesday, the 20th, and then moved to District 1, to a room at the Balo Hostel around 9 AM ICT, Monday morning, the 8th of April, 2013.

HNY Friend Confirmed
2013-01-30 - Wednesday - 12:40 AM PST - HNY Facebook Friend Confirmed - first met her on Couch Surfing and then met her in person in Hanoi. Later on, she hosted me, when I arrived in Hanoi on Sunday night, February 10th, to Wednesday morning, the 20th.

Muong Village - Dieu Le & Oatmeal Joey
2013 Late January Hanoi Cafe Near Lake & Museum With Dieu.jpg

Vietnam 2012-2017

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Muong Village
2013-01-31 - Thursday - 09:00 PM ICT APX - I went in a car with the owner of a museum in Hoa Binh. We drove a few hours from Hanoi to Hoa Binh. I went there on a tour and to volunteer as an English teacher to him and his staff. He gave me a test drive to see if he liked my teaching style. He didn't like me. Monday morning, on the 4th of February, I hopped on a bus to Thanh Hoa.

Le Bui - Receptionist - Muong Village
Le Bui - Muong Village - 2013-02-12 - GUN - 525310_189621424521110_445689261_n.jpg
Le Bui - Muong Village - 2013-03-30 - FAV 525310_189621424521110_445689261_n.jpg

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Le Bui
2013-02-01 - Friday - during my first full day at Muong Village, I met Le Bui, Quoc Ka Tran,Ẩn Thù and other staff members. They knew a few English words. I helped out during my three full days there, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. On Monday morning, I went to Thanh Hoa. I do miss that Muong Village.

Thanh Hoa Province
2013-02-04 - Monday - 05:00 AM ICT - I hopped on a bus from Hoa Binh to Thanh Hoa. It took a few hours. I went to the house of Dieu Le for that week. I ended up couchsurfing there and a few others houses that week until Saturday morning, the tenth of Feb. That Sat. morning, I hopped on a bus to Hanoi.

Hotel in Hanoi
2013-02-09 - Saturday - 05:00 AM OCT - I hopped on a bus from Thanh Hoa to Hanoi. I walked around for a few hours looking for a hotel. I didn't want to go back to Bac Ninh City to Papa Foods to my first Vietnam home, as I felt like a failure. I eventually found a hotel room, paid 400.000 VND ($20 USD) for Saturday night. People were going to their hometown for Tet, their Chinese New Year, that week, and that is why it took so much time to find a room, a bed. I told people my problem on Facebook and was invited to give Saigon a try. I bought a ticket that night.

HNY Introduced Me to Saigon
2013-02-10 - Sunday - 05:00 PM ICT PX - hopped on a plane from Hanoi to Saigon. My host picked me up around 07:00 PM and drove me to her home in Q.Tan Binh, HCM. She introduced me to her family. She told me I should have brought my things and not just my clothes to Saigon as clothes are cheap and stuff can be priceless. I still had my things in Bac Ninh.

First Tet Adventure
2013-02-11 - Monday - 06:00 AM ICT - we hopped into vans and ventured ten hours north towards their hometown for Tet. That week, I met their family, relatives, a teenage boy that was excited to talk to me, and others.

2013-02-11 - Monday - 07:32 PM PST Tyler L. Capp to JA Email Whats Going On Screenshot at 2018-12-28 00:20:11.png

Checking In From Bac Ninh
2013-02-11 - Monday - 07:32 PM PST - Tyler L. Capp to JA Email - Whats Going On - Tyler met me when I first arrived in Vietnam in November, 2012 and he apparently emailed on my birthday, in February, 2013, asking what was happening. He encouraged me. He was trying to help me find work in Bac Ninh, Hanoi, or wherever I could in Vietnam.

Nicholas Littlejohn
2013-02-16 - Saturday - 02:26 PM PST - he confirmed my Facebook Friend Request. I've known Nick through my sisters in PDX since like 2009. Maybe since 2008. I introduced him to Free Geek.

Back to Saigon
2013-02-17 - Sunday - 03:00 AM ICT APX - Back to Saigon. A private taxi car man drove me back that night, that morning. I was invited to a church with one guy and I he took me on his motorcycle to his house church that morning and then drove me back. Later that day around like 3 PM, I met Kathy for the first time when she came and gave me a tour of the city of Saigon that day. She took me to Lotteria, my first time to that South Korean fast food restaurant.

MEA OMNIA - 2012-06-09 - Saturday - 577020_3457113192522_1321725900_n.jpg
2012-06-09 - Saturday - Mea Omnia Banner Logo

Tracking Technology

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Breaking Websites

2013-02-17 - Sunday - 08:06 PM PST - Brent Groth of Comcast Wanted Adventure Host (TV show I was on in 2010) emailed me on our Steemit style Mea Omnia website, "Your the one that broke this, this is nuts. The database migration is still throwing numbers everywhere, and in centripetal force mode. Once it stops, I can determine if everything is still there and working, or if everything is lost, or if everything is partially lost. What are my other options? Last time it took a couple of days for the database migration, and I am assuming it will take the same for this one as well. It is going into its 12th hour I think. We can start completely over from scratch, have someone help us out(that may require money), maybe the site might magically appear when this is done. In the mean time I can do multiple things(Tweet, Craigslist, etc., and keep learning everything else(tutorials, classes, forums, etc.). I will agree, this has been disastrous over the last few weeks, and if it were May, I might scream Mayday, so hopefully it is solved by then. GoDaddy has told me a bunch of different things as you can see, so it's tough to really know where to turn with their advice.. I spoke to someone on servers today. If we do switch over to that, we will be solely running the site on just the server, the server will be used for nothing else. Just to run the site. I'm broke right now, so I'm scrambling, and I know this is the same story as always, but it is true. I am still actively trying to do some construction etc. for extra money, because I need it, you need it, and who ever else helps us out will need it. Money helps a lot if it can be managed. I'm still forceful on the site, and believe in it. You've put a lot of energy, i've put in a lot of energy, and who ever has helped us has put in a lot of energy. It's tough because we have those ideas, and while they are fresh, we need them to display now, asap."

Sugar Store.
2013-02-18 - Monday - Sugar. Kathy took me to a sugar making store. She might have been related to those people. She tried to get me a job there but that didn't happen. Kathy might have said that she might have changed her mind that I shouldn't work there as that was too far away from where I lived and people might pick on me, harass me, etc. I could be wrong about the details there, but it was something like that.

Screenshot at 2018-12-28 00:32:27.png

Vietnam Work
2013-02-18 - Monday - 01:58 AM PST - Trinh Tuyet emailed me, "Hello dear, I am sorry for sending email late for you, due to Vietnam's holiday is last long. I am attach recruit information, you can see it. Moreover, our company is put an recruit paper on Vietnam Work now. If you know administration, my boss will training you about SAP or ABAP, then you can work-study. You can send CV and Apply for a position via email address to Mr. Lam: email: [email protected] - website: Team Work. Good luck and best regards, Ms. Trinh."

Website Back Up
2013-02-18 - Monday - 01:49 PM PST - Brent emailed, "Now I believe another copy of the migration is now successfully over. So I'm looking through them both. One is labeled httpdocs, and the other MeaOmnia site. So I'm looking through both, and I'm guessing that they both contain the same material, but I will double check to make sure." Then, Brent messaged Chris F of GoDaddy for troubleshooting our site. 02:05:04 PM PST, Brent asked Chris, "getting an apache 2 test page fro my site, my builder is down as well. I have all of my plugins, and themes, but am missing my posts, pages, and content I think.... This all started from a fresh upgrade from 3.4 to Wordpress 3.5....... MeaOmnia.com..... seems like I've done a million tests with no results really... read forums, i've used the information in forums to test, I've done some of my own analysis, etc. I've changed code, renamed folders, or files, etc..." Chris replied, "Do I have permission to access your server?" Brent: "Please go ahead." Chris: "Your site is not loading as there are no files in the default directory." Brent: "what does this mean, and how can I make the correction?" Chris: "have all of your content in the /httpdocs/MEAOMNIASITE directory. They should just be in the /httpdocs directory... did you restore from somewhere else? Because your wordpress actually appears to be in : /httpdocs/MEAOMNIASITE/httpdocs. Do you have a server administrator for this account?" Brent: "I have no idea. So you are saying I need to move the httpdocs and merge it with the MEAOMNIA site listed in the panel? Do you are saying things are missing. I think this is everything I have I think. I'm the admin." Chris: "Your domain is pointed to a directory called /httpdocs... you only have one directory inside of that folder." Brent: "how can I redirect it to the meaomnia." Chris: "You will want to move the files to the correct directory. Even then as this is wordpress your website may be broken and require some modifications in the database or files which we are not able to assist you with." Brent: "how do I do that, I'm in Plesk now. So this could potentially be a big mess." Chris: "You can either FTP them to the correct directory or try to move them in Plesk. For more information on how to use Plesk you will want to check http://parallels.com." 02:14:44 PM PST, Brent: "Is there anyway you can fix this for us as a one time courtesy?" Chris: "No. Please be advised these servers are sold with the understanding that the client will be able to administer their own server. As such, you will be responsible for performing any configurations, software installations or upgrades necessary on your server, and troubleshooting any issues therein. You can find information on our support policy for the Dedicated and Virtual Dedicated environment in the following location: https://products.secureserver.net/products/hosting/hostingsupport.htm. I can move the files for you, but it may make things worse." Brent: "OK, I will look into this and try to make these adjustments." Chris: "Also if it doesn't resolve the issue, me moving them for you can make it harder for you to adjust accordingly." Brent: "But could it potentially fix everything as well from that kind of risk standpoint." Chris: "Ok, I will move the files if you wish." Brent: "Please do if you can, it might be really helpful." Chris: "Files are now moved." Brent: "OK, i'm getting activity on the website at this domain, but still no content, how do I get my content illuminated." Chris: "let me check one more thing." Brent: "Ok, this is great so far, I'm getting a login screen for my builder as well, and getting activity on the site page. Both good things." Chris: "I am not able to determine where your content is." Brent: "So is it lost for good, do you think it could be stored on my computer if I have a back-up, what do you think." Chris: "I do not know." Brent: "You're not seeing any content, or resemblance of content anywhere?" Chris: "I am not an expert on Wordpress, I would recommend you hire a server administrator who may be able to better assist you on this issue." Brent: "Where would someone usually have this stuff as a backup on their computer? OK, I think you've helped me plenty so far. I appreciate your help. Thanks." Chris: "Sorry I could not assist you further." 2:27:33 PM PST, Brent: "No I appreciate it, have a good rest of your day."

All Gone
2013-02-18 - Monday - 02:58 PM PST - Brent emailed me, "As of now, the site is back on the line, and the builder works. You can see from the dialogue with the GoDaddy rep, that they fixed or moved files from what was left. The builder and the site page works. Obviously thew original site is gone, none of the original posts, pages, or content are there. That's a problem. I understand that the plugins, and themes made it over, but where are the posts, pages, and content, and where can I find and activate them? The builder works, and the site page works." 08:30 17 PM PST, Brent began a second chat with Go Daddy, last time with Chris F. from earlier that day, and then with Nicholas M. Brent asked about Wordpress (WP). 08:39:23 PM PST, Nicholas: "Wordpress is a collection of PHP scripts that pull information out of mysql database... Correct, it would be a single file called <filename.sql> ... the filename would be the database name but the extension is .sql ... Do you have that in your files?" Brent: "So I press import, then search for the right folder on my computer, and press import, and that should bring a successfull copy into the panel. So this is really my only option." Nicholas: "Depending on the structure that may work, but this is not something we can assist with, I only know because I have done it a few times before. Sometimes the import will fail and give a code. As such you will need to look that error code up online to see how to fix it." Brent: "I'm getting #1062 duplicate entry." About thirty minutes later at 09:32 PM PST, I replied, "the old pages and posts are in the right SQL database... please find it." 09:34 PM PST, I replied, "the problem is not about the file manager but the database." 10:37 PM PST, Brent replied, "OK. I'm going to look through them now. " 10:37 PM PST, Brent responded, "OK."

kathy stole my bike oatmeal joey arnold oja ij oj ojawall oregon joeyarnoldvn english teacher

Job Hunt. Relaxed.
2013-02-19 - Tuesday - my host's dad took me to a job interview with New Star in Q.Tan Phu, that morning. Later, Kathy drove me around. Took me to a park. She talked about relaxing at a hotel. We went there. I thought we were going there for watching movies, television. Kathy drove me back to my host's house around 11 PM and they were mad at Kathy. I was told as early as that night that I was banned, kicked out of my host's house. I had to be out by noon the next day. So, I went on Facebook and began telling everybody.

Moved to District 8

2013-02-20 - Wednesday - Kathy drove me to District 8. I ended up renting a room from Kathy. The cost was to be her girlfriend for pretends or it might have been real for her or complicated.

2013-02-20 - Wednesday - 10:00 AM ICT - EIV Interview - Screenshot at 2018-12-28 14:24:55.png

Oat Meat Interview

2018-02-20 - Wednesday - 10:00 AM ICT - EIV International Joint Stock Company - Minh Thuyen email invited me for that interview at 2013-02-18 - Monday - 02:28 AM PST: "Dear Oatmeat, Thank you for your application and interest in a career with EIV International Joint Stock Company. We appreciate the interest you have shown and the time you have taken in preparing your application. We are pleased to invite you for an interview at 10:00 am on Wednesday, 20th Feb 2013 at the office. The address is 134/1 Cach Mang Thang Tam Street, Ward 10, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City. The interview will last approximately one hour and will include a brief tour of the company. When you go for the interview, bring your CV, certificates, passport, police certificate (all in copy) and a picture of you. If you are unable to attend on this date could you please contact me to arrange a more suitable time. We look forward to seeing you. Yours sincerely, Minh Thuyen. Thanks & Best regards, Bùi Nguyễn Minh Thuyên. Trainning staff. Logo EIV .png. EIV INTERNATIONAL JOINT STOCK COMPANY. 134/1 Cach Mang Thang Tam Street, Ward 10, District 3, HCM. Tel: 08 351 28 264 . Cel: 0962.602.940. Email: [email protected]. Website: EIV.edu.vn." Kathy took me there for the interview. Not only was I not hired afterwards or ever at any point, I don't even remember ever hearing back from them after that.

Trying to Stay Alive
2013-02-20 - Wednesday - 10:20 PM PST - Brent emailed me, "I'm really trying to make some money now to stay alive, I will still visit and work on the site everyday. Like I said the site is fixed from what I can see. I believe it is the site from when I saved the database sometime in December before the site broke a little there after. So this is what is kind of going on. Now that the site is working, and it took almost another month, what are the steps now. My recruiting efforts have been good, but still no follower fanatics, and I understand, because it's tough to get followers when there is no site. Now that there is a site there may be some people that may follow like us sometime soon. So now I'm crunched to pay some bills, but like I said am still work on the site, but have to devote time to making a survival wage. Once I do, I want to help pay you, and others, and take care of myself and the site as well, keep investing a lot in the site." 06:32 PM PST, Dieu Le emailed me about her friend who was putting her house out for rent. They wanted to know if I had foreigner friends who wanted to rent in Hanoi. Her friend, Yen Do, was doing that partly as she was going to Germany in March 2013 for some months.

Tan Van Foreign Language School
2013-02-21 - Thursday - I interviewed for Trung tâm Ngoại Ngữ Tân Văn and then went on to work with them at kindergartens, preschools, all over Saigon, from March to June, 2013. Kathy would drive me to work, to those schools, each day, from March through to Monday, the 8th of April, 2013. I signed a six months contract with Tan Van but they only gave me 4 months of work.

David Sheppard
2013-02-24 - Sunday - 10:08 PM PST - Facebook emailed me, David Sheppard wants to be friends with you on Facebook. 11B Infantryman at The U.S. Army. 343 friends · 3 notes · 3 groups." Earlier that day, at 06:57 AM PST, Facebook friend Jennifer Pableo of the Philippines commented on a photo of mine, possibly of me & Kathy, "congrats joey <3."

Mường Village Museum
Hoa Binh Screenshot at 2018-12-27 18:47:26.png
Address: Đường Tây Tiến – TP Hòa Bình – Tỉnh Hòa Bình - Việt Nam

2013-02-02 - Saturday - Muong Village - Hoa Binh, VN - EMAILS - JA Screenshot at 2018-12-28 01:46:25.png
HNY Tracy Tram Pham Hosted Me Tan Binh HCM 2013-02-10-20 16806818_10154479180732956_8212560563022719374_n.jpg
2013-01-30 - Thursday - 12:40 AM PST - HNY TRAM PHAM FB JA Friend Confirmed Screenshot at 2018-12-27 20:38:47.png

HNY and her parents were nice to me.
HNY PARENTS 16729547_10154480561917956_6017266818472604163_n.jpg

2013, February

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Le Bui - Muong Village - 2013-03-22 - 525310_189621424521110_445689261_n.jpg

Timeline Map

2013-01-31 - Thursday - Went to Mường Village in Hòa Bình, Vietnam
2013-02-01 - Friday - Met Le Bui, etc, of Muong Village
2013-02-04 - Monday - Went to Thanh Hóa
2013-02-09 - Saturday - Went to Hà Nội - Hotel
2013-02-10 - Sunday - Went to Sài Gòn
2013-02-11 - Monday - Went to the hometown of HNY
2013-02-17 - Sunday - Returned to Saigon, met Kathy
2013-02-18 - Monday - Sugar Store; Mea Omnia Drama
2013-02-19 - Tuesday - Park, Relaxed, Hotel, TP New Star Interview
2013-02-20 - Wednesday - Banned, Moved to District 8
2013-02-21 - Thursday - Trung tâm Ngoại Ngữ Tân Văn Interview
2013-02-24 - Sunday - David Sheppard - Facebook Friend Request - knew him since 2007 - Jennifer Pableo Facebook Photo Comment
2018-12-27 - Thursday - 05:58 PM LMS - 2013, February
Published at 02:46 PM Friday, 2018-12-28

Le Bui - Muong Village - 2013-03-25 - 525310_189621424521110_445689261_n.jpg


I wrote, as seen here, to Philip Veinott, "Why can't I share this photo to your group, which is named Vietnam Is Awesome (VIA)? I tried to submit this post and it was rejected by the moderators of your group, but why? This is a photo of me and friends at a museum in Hoa Binh, Hoa Binh, Vietnam.

VIA BANNED PIC Hoa Binh 2013 at 2019-01-05 - Saturday - 12:36 PM PST LMS JA Screenshot at 2019-01-05 12:38:55.png

I wrote in VIA to Dion Richardson, "They can post things related to Bali, but my photo of me, my friends, at a museum in Hoa Binh was rejected by moderators in this group? Can you ask Judge Judy about that? The following pic of me in Vietnam was rejected by the moderators of VIA: my Oatmeal is not Awesome enough. Too stale."

VN BALI 01 Screenshot at 2019-01-05 12:50:35.png
VN BALI 02 Screenshot at 2019-01-05 12:51:22.png
VN BALI 03 Screenshot at 2019-01-05 12:51:58.png

Dion Richardson replied in VIA to me, "I'm not sure why your post was removed, I had nothing to do with that! This is a Bali video sure but It seems relevant to me as i have seen this in Vietnam. I asked judge Judy for you a d she said you have a poor record of posting crap that annoys many people in the group. She also said you are an attention seeker and to grow up. Sorry to pass that on, you did ask me to ask her. Don't shoot the messenger. 😗"

VN BALI 04 Screenshot at 2019-01-05 13:05:55.png

Date, Time, & Location
2019-01-05 - Saturday - fifth of January of 2018 at 13:05:55 or 1 PM PST LMS JA.

Dalat Maybe

2013-02-11 - Monday - 06:00 AM ICT apx

Early that day we went to maybe Dalat City or something. It took like ten hours or at least a few hours to get to the hometown of my host's hometown or that of her family, relatives, ancestors, or whatever. I was there for about a week and was back to Saigon on Sunday, the 17th of February of 2013. A taxi or private car man drove me back and it took some hours to get back. Was back by like Sunday morning, as early as like 02:00 AM ICT or some time before 09:00 AM which is when I went to church with Peter Bui who met me for the first time that Sunday and took me to like a house church in maybe district 7 or something.

People I Met

Some of the people I may have met

Hung Lai
and more

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