Steemit Open Mic Week 70 - See Who Played Open Mic PART ONE

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Steemit Open Mic is an online, live music venue to give musicians a chance to share their music with the Steemit community and get their music heard. It is growing larger every week thanks to all of you.

This week's entries have been split into three posts because we have so many entries that we broke the post size limit on Steemit!

This post is part one and this is

Steemit Open Mic Week 70 - See Who Played - Part 2

Steemit Open Mic Week 70 - See Who Played - Part 3

To see all the entries you'll have to go there too. The post was so big the website would not post it!

We had 604 entries this week of which 358 are valid entries! Awesome guys!

Not all of the entries are in these posts though.

Due to the sheer numbers of entries this week we have only picked 252 of the best ones to put in these posts. If I included all posts it would require too many posts. Everyone who had a valid entry was supported even if you don't find your post in these pages and I hope you enjoy the diversity of music from around the world this week.

There have been a flush of new accounts downloading people's valid Open Mic entries, uploading them to a new YouTube account, and posting it as their own performance on their multiple Steemit accounts. Those will not be included and I have muted those accounts.

To the scammers doing this, muting your account means I will no longer see your posts so you are wasting yours and every one elses time continuing down that path.

We put a new rule in place that is designed to stop scammers, not singers as some people seemed to have interpreted this post.

New Rule For Entering Steemit Open Mic And The Open Mic Songwriters Challenge --- by @luzcypher

Please bear with us as we deal with this issue and keep Open Mic about building a musical community on Steemit worthy of the talent you bring to us each week.

@pfunk has been sponsoring Steemit Open Mic since I first started it and I want to give a big thank you to him and all the people who support and take part in Steemit Open Mic.

@pfunk is a Steemit witness and helps keep the platform working and you can vote for him here

Vote For Pfunk For Witness And Keep Steemit Open Mic Growing Strong We Need Your Help Now

Special thanks to @curie for selecting and supporting musicians who have entered Steemit Open Mic.

Special thanks to @xeldal for generously delegating +20,000 Steem Power to the project.

Special thanks to @ausbitbank for creating the new @openmic account and to all who funded it with +24,000 Steem Power


New Developments In The Open Mic Community On Steemit --- by @luzcypher

Steemit Talent Contest Week 3 Upload Your Video To Win Steem --- by @donnaincancun

Calling All Steemit Music Artist Llamando A Todos Los Artistas De Steemit Music Horns Up Saloon --- by @lk666

Now Playing Week 5 --- by @nowplaying-music

Attention Musicians And Music Lovers Help Welcome The Brilliant Musician Ben Lee To The Platform --- by @krystle

Sound Legion Presents Steemit Openmic Songwriters Challenge Season One Presentation Video Duel Unplugged Album --- by @soundlegion

Songwriter S Shop Talk Episode 1 Featuring Soundlegion --- by @meno

I Just Gave Away A Bonus Usd3000 Usd To Our Top 22 Open Mic Songwriters Challenge Entrants --- by @krystle

Looking For Developers To Help Build A Dedicated Open Mic Website Built On The Steem Blockchain --- by @luzcypher

Steemit Musicians With Krystle Isaria And Shane Msp Waves Radio 30 Sbd Prize --- by @isaria

Steemit Open Mic is growing so fast that a lot of people are entering without really reading the rules so I want to do a little house cleaning for those entering the contest.

The bigger this grows the easier it is to miss someone's entry post so following these rules makes us see you have entered so we can upvote you.

For more on the rules read, What Are The Rules To Enter Steemit Open Mic And Why Do We Have Rules Anyways?

Steemit Open Mic is a live music contest and we need to know that you are really playing or singing us a song for this contest in particular. That's why to qualify for prizes you must say "Steemit Open Mic Week" (next week number) at the beginning of your video just before you play or sing the song. If you don't or if you edit in later onto a prerecorded performance you will not qualify for prizes.

If your song is an original song then you MUST put the word "original" in your title. Original songs get a small bonus right now and it is easier to find all the original songs with the word added in the title.

The next thing that is very important it to begin your title with "Steemit Open Mic Week (the current week number)" and place that as the first words of your title or I may not be able to find your post at all.

Here is a perfect example of a correctly titled post to enter Steemit Open Mic for an original song.

steemit open mic post titled correctly.png

This would be a perfectly titled post for a cover song entering the contest.

properly titled post for a cover song on Steeit .png

Theses posts are really easy to find in the feed and upvote them. They can easily be spotted so none of them get missed.

Also, @andybets from is working on a chart that is targeting those keywords to sort all entries by originals and covers.

It is SO cool and you can check it out with this sneak peak of the Steemit Open Mic Chart

NOTE: The order this chart lists the performances has no bearing on choosing the finalists. Just because a video is at the top doesn't mean they will win the contest.

Steemit Open Mic Week 70 performances are in and there's still time to vote for your favorites.

Great songs and performances this week. Have a listen to them below and be sure to show your support and upvote your favorites.

It's all in good fun and community spirit and I want to thank everyone for their enthusiastic support.

300 In Steem Prizes

  • There's still time to vote and enter.

  • Thanks to everyone who entered, upvoted, resteemed and helped support Steemit Open Mic.

Last Chance To Vote

There's still time to cast your vote until Sunday for this week's Open Mic Night entries.

The cutoff date to enter however is 12.00 PM UTC Time (Friday, 2nd February 2018). Find your UTC time here. Entries posted late will not be upvoted. We have about 100 people entering late and I do not have the time to explain the rules to you again so please read the post and get your entries in on time.##

Winners will be announced Monday, the 3rd of February 2018.

Two ways To Vote

  • You can vote by clicking on this week's contest page, scrolling down to the comments to find each performers link and vote for your favorite entry.

This weeks contest page is:

Vote On Each Contestant Page

Below are blog links to contestants who entered this week in the order they were entered

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Darren Claxton 'Slowed by Notes'

Absolutely amazing again this week! I've really enjoyed listening to the diversity of performances and songwriting talent from across our beautiful planet!
My track 'Slowed By Notes has been warmly received too which I'm very grateful for, so, thanks.

From one musician to all of you! Thanks for the music!
#openmic #Talent #musicians

And of course the incredible #openmic team here on #steemit

Great videos
Can i participate
Am a guitarist too

keep the spirit hope that what you do is always motivated by us in steemit thank you ..


good luck everyone! a lot of good entries here!

It looks like I was doing my open mic while you were posting this, @luzcypher. I've been sick, still am. Sorry I'm late, hope you can still take it.


Hope you feel better soon. Sorry man. I can't include late entries anymore like I used to. Before we had 2-5 and now we have 80-100 late entries. This would totally throw the judges work off to add them late to their list of entries they have to go through which are already about 300 a week.

Because of this we had to make the deadline firm


Yeah, I got that. No problem. I didn't even know what the exact time was for the deadline. I was in a rush so I quickly skimmed the Open Mic post but missed where it said what the deadline was, plain for all to see. No biggie! I'm better now, time to get one in for Week 71.

This is great post, i appreciate this music. i wait still your next music post, best of dear friend

congratulations to everyone. <3

So let me try to understand this @luzcypher, last time i entered into openmic(week 68) you said this-
luzcypher (73) · 13 days ago
Please get your entries in by the deadline of Friday 12 UTC time or they won't get included in the contest. I don't want to miss your posts but late posts won't get included anymore. We just have too many entries to do that now.
Then i replied-

kenentertainment (53) · 12 days ago
Ok, thanks for letting me know. So i guess i missed it this time? And is that 12 pm or 12 am?
You never replied.

Well above it says this-
Judging, and Contest Prize
Submit your performance in the comment / reply section by 12.00 PM UTC Time (Friday 2nd FEBRUARY 2018). Find your UTC time here.
So that means the cutoff was at 12 pm. I posted my entry for week 68 at 9:26 pm on 1/19/2018, which was a Friday.- and replied 9:52 pm on 1/19/2018

kenentertainment (53) · 14 days ago
Goodluck everyone!!

Lyrics on the original post here-

I thought, you know you're a busy guy probably made a mistake, fine.
Then i tried to enter this week(week 70) on Thursday so there wouldn't be a mix up again- You said this-

luzcypher (73) · 11 hours ago
Only 1 entry per week per person.

To enter Steemit Open Mic please follow the rules. Thank you.

Then i replied-

kenentertainment (53) · 6 hours ago
That was a combination of my past entries. It even says weeks 53-61-62-64-65-and-68 in the title. This is week 70 my friend.
You never replied.

If you go to the original post you'll see this-

kenentertainment (53) · yesterday

Steemit Open Mic & K.E.N. - Weeks 53, 61, 62, 64, 65, and 68
kenentertainment (53) in openmic • 3 days ago
I was gonna put this on D-Tube first but the uploading bar was having a seizure. I literally watched the whole state of the union address waiting for it to upload! Anyways here are all my entries to Steemit Open Mic! Leave a comment on which one you liked the best. If you feel they're all trash...let me know! I've been knocked out cold a handful of times and i always get back up( eventually ). In other words your comments are not gonna hurt me, fire away!

Enjoy and One Love

Upvote and Resteem!!

Remember to support #thecut, or get cut up!!!
By this guy-

Also check out my latest music video-

And my Tascam pocket studio tutorial /K.E.N. - "Free with packs of pickled bars"-

Therefore i didn't enter twice this week and was on time for week 68....
I don't know you personally but from these bullshit excuses to keep me out of #openmic, you must be one of those people who shakes someone's hand and asks how their doing( acting like you're their friend )
but when they're not around you throw dirt on their name. In other words A SNAKE!!! If you didn't want me to take part in this contest ( which i had a lot of respect for you, for hosting and giving artist on steemit a great platform to share their music on ) all you had to say was something like " Hey bro i don't like the music you make and i don't want you being a part of this contest known as #openmic ) or ( you're a trash rapper and don't enter into this contest anymore ) but no, instead you pull this underhanded bullshit. How do you look in the mirror? Anything i'd say behind your back i'd say to your face and if you had a problem with what i said i'd slap you in the face and put you on your back. My advice, grow some balls lil man. Good luck everyone competing but just know the host @luzcypher has no spine. One love yall.


This is clearly a misunderstanding which you took personally. Please apologize immediately to @luzcypher for your harsh words and disrespectfulness. He does a lot of great work for this community and you assuming and jumping to conclusions doesn't help the situation.

As an outsider looking in on what your complaint is about, yes the entry cut off time is 12pm Friday UTC

Since @luzcypher receives over 600 to sometimes 800 entries or more, and manually upvotes the valid entries while he weeds out the scammers and dishonest entrants, it seems he had come across your "compilation open mic wk set of entries post" which you were going to post to Dtube, but you ended up posting the same week as wk 70, while using open mic as your first tag,

Therefore @luzcypher saw it and gave you an upvote and he didnt realize it wasnt your actual entry for week 70, so when you posted your week 70, and used the openmic as your first tag again and he came across it, he thought you were entering a second time

as a judge, i go through 3-500 entries sometimes, @luzcypher goes through much more higher amounts of entries which he filters for us judges and can accidentally overlook entries.
Sometimes even researching the first tag #openmic on Steemit can have some issues with not showing entries which are valid and it is not @luzcypher's fault for that glitch, then when he checks again a little later,5-15 more posts which should have popped up in the first search are now visible.

So regarding the mix up of him upvoting your compilation post and your week 70entry, even if your title and post has the information, it was clearly a misunderstanding because he is overwhelmed at times of the sheer number of entries, which is understandable.

He is not a snake who is trying to keep you out of the open mic contest. The fact he gave you an upvote with @openmic and his own account proves just that. Your threats of violence are also highly inconsiderate and you took this completely the wrong way. This is how you put yourself at odds with the Steemit community. Words have power, please remember that, especially what is charged with negative energy like your displayed frustration here. You definitely owe him an apology.


I wasn't threatening him, just saying a figure of speech. I already said sorry twice, i just feel like he snuffed me out because he wouldn't reply and he did it twice. I felt like week 68 i did a total 360 and went all the way positive with my rhymes and then couldn't even enter, then it happen'd again. I just wanted him to reply explaining or giving a reason for snuffing me out. You're right, i really hope he didn't do it on purpose, i'll apologize but i don't see why he just couldn't give short reply saying it was a "mistake". I really didn't mean to threaten dude, but i do see how it appears that way.


Well yeah it was a bad choice of words, @luzcypher wouldn't do that to you, he would tell you directly if something was wrong like he already has explained, even if he overlooked a minor detail. Things like this happen with so many hundreds of entries. Until you run a contest of such a large scale, you won't ever know the amount of time and focus is demanded of you to keep things running as smoothly as possible.

He receives so many comments and is limited on time so patience and understanding is needed for such situations as these. I didn't see you say sorry the first time in your long comment, other than you admitting that the 12pm UTC was earlier than your 9pm entry submission, which had nothing to do with how you disrespected @luzcypher. Which is counter productive to the positive messages you are trying to display in your music when you are quick to judge.

I also am not able to answer comments so quickly, and I don't see all of them. I can only imagine how many comments @luzcypher receives per day. He definitely didn't do it on purpose, that's all I can say. No need to get angry or bent out of shape over this when he upvoted one of your open mic related posts for week 70.


I explained and apologized to him, in a different comment, i agree with you i took ten negative steps back and i got a way to go to walk positive. If that makes any sense. I feel stupid now for doing this....but hey another mistake another lesson. One love


No worries bro, some of my best friends are assholes sometimes.


Sorry I didn't reply sooner. I was actually promoting Steemit in real life on Friday's when we have meetups in Cancun. Those are the days I'm away from my computer.

Dude, you need to take a chill pill. If the only thing you care about when you enter Open Mic is getting an upvote you're missing the whole point of this community.

As @verbal-d says:

Since @luzcypher receives over 600 to sometimes 800 entries or more, and manually upvotes the valid entries while he weeds out the scammers and dishonest entrants, it seems he had come across your "compilation open mic wk set of entries post" which you were going to post to Dtube, but you ended up posting the same week as wk 70, while using open mic as your first tag,

Therefore @luzcypher saw it and gave you an upvote and he didnt realize it wasnt your actual entry for week 70, so when you posted your week 70, and used the openmic as your first tag again and he came across it, he thought you were entering a second time

He is absolutely correct. The rules are pretty clear and I don't know how to make them clearer. If you don't understand them I'm truly sorry.

One misunderstanding you both share though is the contest does not end at 12 PM on Friday, but at 12 UTC Time on Friday. There is even a link on the post there so you can figure out when 12 UTC is in your local time, a detail you seem to have left out when you copy and pasted what is written in the contest post.

You are not being excluded from Open Mic, we just need you to follow the rules to the letter. It's the only way we can keep this contest legit and working smoothly and remember, it's about building and connecting the music community on Steemit. Let's not forget that. It's supposed to be fun, man.

Here is a screenshot of you entering two times within the same contest. I upvoted the first one and not the second one, just as I do for anyone entering twice or more in one week.



I jumped the gun for real on this one man. I didn't think making a combination video with the tag #openmic would be an entry is really where it all went south, and that's my fault not yours. My temper gets the best of me some times, and that's something i gotta work on. Thanks for being such a good sport about it, one day i may be so calm headed. I think that's awesome that you're actually promoting Steemit in real life, keep up the great work! I'm sorry i brought this negative energy filled conspiracy to the platform. You seem like a great person and most definitively not a "snake out to get me." Even typing that phrase don't feel right and just makes me look like i have Schizophrenia. Chill pill taken.


12:00 pm is noon. 9:27 pm is after 12:00 pm.


well damn....gotta admit i'm wrong there, sorry bout that one

Amazing. I was resteem. Thanks for inf.

Hello, my dear friend @luzcypher I don't see my entry this time. It was an original song. Wasn't voted by openmic, neither by you : (