Vote For @Pfunk For Witness And Keep Steemit Open Mic Growing Strong - We Need Your Help Now

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Happy New Year to everyone! Do you support Steemit Open Mic? Then this post is for you.

The past 65 weeks of Open Mic is a joy to be part of and we owe a lot to the musicians, the judges, the supporters, and to @pfunk.

@pfunk has been sponsoring Open Mic since it started with 320 Steem each week and now he needs our help!


If you didn't know already @pfunk is a witness for the Steem blockchain. He has just slipped from the top 20 witnesses to number 21.

The top 20 witnesses earn more Steem and because he has moved to number 21 he may have to reduce the rewards for the Steemit Open Mic contest.

We can help him climb back up to the top 20 list by voting for him as a witness. It's easy and I'll show you how.

If you want to keep Open Mic going strong then vote for @pfunk as witness right now

Each Steemit account can vote for a total of 30 witnesses at any given time. So even if you vote for and support other witnesses on Steemit you can still vote for @pfunk.

In order to upvote @pfunk as a witness you will need to be logged in with your active key. Click here to learn how to log in with you active key

Once you are logged in with your active key then click on the menu bar at the top right of your Steemit blog. It's marked in green in the image below.


This will bring down a drop down menu and you'll want to click on Vote For Witnesses, marked below in green.


This will bring you to the Witness Voting page. Then all you have to do is click on the upvote button next to @pfunk.


Your vote for @pfunk right now is critical and is a big help to the Steemit Open Mic community. As a member of the Steemit community, it is important you vote for the witnesses that support and grow the Steemit community the way you want to see it grow.

So, if you support Open Mic and want to see it grow, please vote for @pfunk as a witness and let's keep him in the top 20 rankings.

Besides supporting Open Mic @pfunk strives to maintain a solid witness node and have multiple reserves so that the Steem network does not experience any hiccups.

He keeps up with as an administrator, helping users, hunting down scammers, and communicating with moderators to promote a non-toxic culture in Steem and works with Steemcleaners and in efforts to minimize abuse on Steem.

He also matched @ausbitbank's Steem Power delegation to the @openmic

More about Witnesses

The STEEM blockchain requires a set of people to create blocks and keep the site running and keep track of transactions. Anyone who is willing to contribute to the Blockchain may become a Witness however they must be elected through votes made by the Steemit Community.

To essentially become a Steemit Witness an individual needs to be approved and voted by the Community, thus that person needs to have a good-t= rack record and must be liked or respected by others in order to be upvoted as a witness in the first place.

These Blockchain Witnesses are expected to keep a node running every second of every day. Most of Steem Witnesses actively engage in the Steemit Community, a reason why many users have upvoted them.

Go upvote @pfunk as witness right now



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I voted for @pfunk for witness a LONG time ago and have actually made at least 20 posts promoting him as a witness if not more.

SO yea. DO IT!

@pfunk for president! XD


Yeah @pfunk is already on my witness list sir.. I’m so happy being with this community specially the steemit open mic. To sir @passion-ground thanks a lot sir for your ever supportive and encouraging words..



Perfectly outlined @luzcypher I'm sure people are going to rally behind this faster than we can say Tuesday.

Thanks for making a post too @meno.

I vote for @pfunk as a witness, because he and some other witnesses I vote for contribute so much to the Steemit community and the blockchain itself. Some people do not realize how much time these witnesses sacrifice to make Steemit a success. You have my support ! Upvoted and Resteemed with pleasure :)

Like Steem itself, witnesses are undervalued. They do a lot of work behind the scenes to keep everything running smoothly on the platform.

They do not get enough credit and it's sad but I think a lot of people don't realize this. I truly take my hat off for all of you who work behind the scenes.

@pfunk has my vote...i've really enjoyed watching all of the talent since coming to #steemit I was literally just asking if it was cool to do a top 5 blog, curious to know what tag would be appropriate?

You mean a top 5 for the open mic contest? Sure you can do that.

Just put the words UNOFFICIAL TOP 5 Picks for Steemit Open Mic Week (the current week number) in the beginning of the title. This way I can see it and upvote it and people will know it's not an official judge pick. For a post like that you can use the openmic tag as the first tag.

Right on sounds good, didn't know how to do it without getting in the way of the actual contest. Thanks for bringingv together so many awesome musicians!!!! It truly is amazing the talent I have come across so far!

Voted and resteemed. I love everything y'all have created through the open mic.

Thanks for the support. I'm sure loving your music man.

I already did:) Thank you guys for doing such an amazing job

Thanks for showing your support.

Of course. You guys are doing awesome work 👍

By the way, have you already seen our latest submission to this week's #openmic contest? I haven't seen you dropping a comment as usual, so hopefully you didn't miss it 😊 It's super special this week

Totally agree with you and i've already voted for him as a witness.

Cool, thanks!

Done!! Lets Do This!!! :-)

Awesome! 2018 is going to rock on Steemit! have you seen the price lately? Crazy good news.

Yes, I've been watching! Looking forward to 2018. I will be bugging my musician friends even more to get on here! :-)

I made my first witness vote on Steemit:) Happy Days of Janus:D

Very cool. Just so you know you can vote for up to 30 witnesses at any given time. See a witness that supports what you like? Vote for them.

Other witnesses who support Open Mic are @xeldal, @ausbitbank, @teamsteem

I had already voted for @pfunk as witness, I voted as soon as I read that he was a major contributor of open mic.
What I will do to help now is to reesteem, upvote and tell people about it and how they can help! I'll be redirecting people to this post so that they too can help!! :)

Very cool. Thank you and thanks for your music.

Thanks to this post I'll be going right over in just a moment to vote for @pfunk as a witness. I love what you guys are doing for the Steemit platform and am happy to be a part of this community!

Great news! Thanks for your support.


Upvoted! @pfunk has my vote for witness. I'm glad to be able to give back a little bit of all the help you've given me!

Thank you so much for your support and your music.

my complete support ! lets keep the open mic strong!

Thanks man!

@luzcypher I just voted for @pfunk. Anything to support.

First of all thanks to the steemit community, also thanks to the creators, sponsor, judges and participants of the openmic contest. I must say it has been a privilege being here and participating in this great contest.....

Special thanks to @lucypher u have been a wonderful guidianc all through the contest even when we make mistakes with our introduction and posting u are always there to correct and help us get it right. Your upvotes is always constant despite some of us terrible voice.....
Also thanks to all those that are always there to upvote, u guys are the best.....u give us of the feeling that we can do something and the courage to continue
Special mention goes to:
Godbless u all, even to those whose name I forgot to mention.

Thanks for the encouragement about the template.
Thanks for sharing

Ya di mi aporte pra este valioso testigo @pfunk

Thanks for the encouragement about the template.
Thanks for sharing

You got my Vote!

Thanks. You voted for @pfunk for witness, right? Not me.

Sorry just saw this, yes for @pfunk

I definitely support it. And I will do what I need to do

Thank you so much for supporting @pfunk and the Open Mic community.

Did and done! Good luck @pfunk!

Thanks for doing that.

Thanks for the encouragement about the template.
Thanks for sharing

I followed you, And wish you a happy new year

Oh for sure.. @pfunk got my vote. Let's do this thing!!

Upvoted and followed you will have my wetness. Can you upvote me back coz i'm new in steem community. Thanks

I'm not asking for your vote. I'm asking you to vote for @pfunk as a witness like it says in the post.

you already got my vote and I'm sure Bootsy would approve. One Nation Under a Groove !

Thanks. Just to be clear though, I'm not asking you to vote for me but for @pfunk as a witness.

yeah, I got it @luzcypher ! I just saw @pfunk had replied and already had my vote as a witness. so my comment was more of a vote of confidence !

voted and resteemed yes.
Happy new year 2018.

Thanks. You voted for @pfunk for witness, right?

sorry Mr, my post has not you upvote,
why, please see my post and I hope you will upvote him :(

Dude, I'm only one person listening to hundreds of songs. I will get to your song soon enough. Stop messaging me everywhere asking if I have seen your post. I will see it when I see it after all the other entries before yours.

okay i'm already upvote @pfunk :)
i'm hope @pfunk always to be number one!

Thanks for doing that.

since venezuela

my complete support ! lets keep the open mic strong!

Thanks for the support.

Can i support him by translate your post to the Arabic language and post it for more promoting him??? I will vote for him too.thanks @luzcypher

Yes and thank you. Please keep all the links intact and send me a link when you're done so I can resteem it.

voted and resteemed, hope open mic will growing up more than now

Your welcome :)

voted and resteemed

Thanks. You voted for @pfunk, right?

the very same :)

happy new year thnks for sharing

Upvoted... hopefully it's better late than never? Love your work @luzcypher & @pfunk!

Ok, I just did that. It was my first ever 'vote for a witness' experience actually.
Anyway, I hope that helps keep @pfunk up there in the top 20. I love to help support anyone who is supporting musicians. That's such an awesome thing to do. Thanks & Blessings

I up voted and fallowed..
Happy new year to you...

Done and good luck. You’ve done a great thing for the Steemit community by keeping up with the open mic!

hola siguiendo las normas de open mic ya voté por pfunk como testigo y muchas por su apoyo soy nuevo en steemit y nuevo en open mic me disculpo pero no hablo inglés

Upvoted!! Support OPENMIC!
Good Vibes!


It is done!!! :D

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