Sound Legion presents Steemit OpenMic Songwriters Challenge - Season One PRESENTATION VIDEO - DUAL UNPLUGGED ALBUM

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Sound Legion is so proud and happy to present to the Steemit Community the Steemit OpenMic Songwriter Challenge Season One presentation Video and Dual Unplugged Album Set.  

OpenMic Songwriters Challenge Season One

The Season One Songwriters Challenge here on Steemit was sponsored by @meno and hosted by @luzcypher.   Judges for the official contest @krystle @meno @passion-ground with help from openmic judges @verbal-d and @soundlegion

Contestants competed for 8 Weeks with Various themes to win a Guitar from @meno and were awarded over $3000 dollars in prizes from Songwriter Challenge judge @krystle

Highlight Posts

The Final Wrap up of this very special Songwriters Challenge is a presentation video highlighting top performances.   Sound Legion has also packed up two full Unplugged albums with some of the best songs from the competition.    

The duel album set features a Side A audio mastered album, mastered by head Sound Legion producer and VP Sven Qrittix Driesen @qrittix and a Side B unmastered album.  Not all tracks were able to be pulled from the videos and used for the albums.  We tried to get on as many as we could.    

Songwriters Challenge Season One Unplugged

Side A - Mastered Album

*Mastering by @qrittix


1. @onetruebrother - special delivery

2. @luisferchav - make believe

3. @fitzgibbon - Lost and Found

4. @kayclarity - January

5. @kendramoriah - Till we meet again

6. @onetruebrother - broken mirror

7. @chaifm - Walk in Beauty

8. @lucybanks - Lost and Found

9. @luisferchav - The Wait

10. @tarotbyfergus - When Animals Attack

11. @melavie - Because We Can

12. @onetruebrother - We must go on

Songwriters Challenge Season One Unplugged

Side B - UnMastered Album


1. @onetruebrother - Wind Swept Shore

2. @ivan.atman - Right Time For Us

3. @elisonr13 - Until You Arrived

4. @kayclarity - Special Delivery

5. @wilins  - Amor Violento

6. @afrao - Oneness

7. @pechichemena - Navegante

8. @tarotbyfergus - Because we can

9. @basilmarples - You dirty soul sucking thieves

10. @ausxen - Wind Swept Shore

11. @lucybanks - Broken Mirrors

12. @anniemacleod - Special Delivery

13. @afrao0 - Singing Winds

14. @onetruebrother - Stolen Souls

Listen and Download Both Albums FREE hosted on the Sound Legion Website

Sound Legion 


Steemit OpenMic Songwriters Challenge Season One Presentation Video

"I want to take a moment to say how inspiring it was for me to put this presentation together and both albums.   Qrittix and myself are just blown away at the incredible talent here on steemit.   The music community is overflowing with artists ready to share there sounds with the world and boy are we listening.     Congrates to winner @onetruebrother you had song after song that were just fantastic and knowing you were writing these within a weeks span is just incredible.   I also want to give a shout myself to @luisferchav who has just continuously blown my mind watching him on openmic and your songwriting entries were brilliant.    I enjoyed listening to each and every one of you as this final project came together.    There is a surprise music video at the end of the presentation video from one of the songwriting contestants.   I wish you all nothing but success, great happiness and the opportunity help move the world into a better place one song at a time, each one of you is already doing that, as my life has been enriched by all of your beautiful songs. Huge props go to @meno for sponsoring this event with a new guitar, @krystle @passion-ground and @meno for there great work judging the event and pulling everything together, also shouts to OpenMic leader and Songwriting Challenge host @luzcypher and also openmic judge @verbal-d."  Shavon Bonnie Legion  

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="

" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Download and enjoy these album collections as our gift to you all!  Sit back and enjoy the presentation video and have a brilliantly musical day.   

*Because of the amount of files and renders, I couldnt get the quality in the video that I would have liked.   Things will be working on for next time ;) Audio Mastered tracks are not included in the video only on the Side A Unplugged album.   

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Woah! This is incredible!!!
Just the fact that you guys took the time to go through all the entries is astounding, but you actually mastered side A and compiled all of it in two albums, that's awesome!!! Huge shout out to @qrittix for the mastering! You rock!!!

Plus that video at the end of the post is mesmerizing to watch, I'm almost done watching the whole thing!! :D

Thank you so much for this guys!!! I feel I've said this many many times before, but it bears repeating, this community is just incredible!

As @krystle said in her latest post, the support and encouragement and appreciation that is displayed here is a beautiful thing to behold!
My experiences here blow my mind and only make me want to do more and more each time!!
Thank you so much @soundlegion for the shout out!! It makes me really happy that you enjoy my entries!! Every week I feel like I get a little better at something and so I shall keep doing my best, both on covers and on my originals!! You do an incredible job as a judge on Open mic as well as @krystle, @passion-ground and @verbal-d and I truly admire you for it! And next to @meno and @luzcypher you people are the reason these contests are so amazing to participate in!!!!


Your songs are fantastic my friend. I'm a full time singer songwriter i write in my sleep, and when you find other artist that really inspire you, there is nothing more priceless artist inspiring artists, art inspiring art. I gotta get you on the next steemit artist music compilation, and I have a collab list mile long but I would love to get you on a Sound Legion collab release. Huge love


Thank you so much!, I'm truly flattered you think so!, I wholeheartedly agree, artist inspiring artists and art inspiring art is absolutely priceless, so for you to say as much makes me blush hehe.

It would be an honor for me to participate on both the steemit artist music compilation and doing a Sound Legion collab! that would be awesome!! Huge love to you as well! :)


Tehehe I told ya the best was yet to come ;)


Yes! and you weren't kidding either!!! sooo awesome!!!!!! :D


I think the best was you giving $3000 worth of SBD to these artists. That the Best!! @krystle you rocked it out for supporting these talents and I hope it comes back to you 1000 fold. huge love to you

Bonnie, this a most brilliant gift and stunning compilation of Season-1 of the Open-Mic Songwriters Challenge. I'm certain that all of the talented artists who participated are going to just LOVE THIS!

I just love @wilin's video at the end along with the closing credits - WOW!

Super BIG-LOVE to you and to @qrittix for taking it upon yourselves to put such hard work, love, and dedication into this awesome production! xoxo


truly fantastic work to you my friend and the other judges on this! you guys took @meno's initiative and ran with it true. The love shown here for artists is friggin awesome!! Some just mind blowing turn outs

This is amazing to hear it all in one place. Great initiative @soundlegion! You sound guy is really good too.


Luz you dropped a bomb when you stared openmic ;) huge love to you


I have just joined some days ago. On my introduction open mic was mentioned so I told myself I must check how it all works. Still such a newbie on steem, but will have a full listen later because I would like to connect with other singer-songwriters

well good to share this openmice best week like always but i am seeing firt time the all pariticipations in one video and good to listen it
the @onetruebrother and @anniemacleod eintries are really brilliant and they both perform brillinat paly guitar and also the songs
@anniemacleod song and voice is beautifull and sweet and i enjoy to listen her
good to share with us always the besties of every week @soundlegion

this is amazing @soundlegion! It's so cool to have music that was written right here on steemit on a compilation! this is a great initiative! and it also shows the amount of talent that has been ''discovered'' because of this contest and the open mic community in general! Thanks for this! I'll be downloading this NOW! Cheers!


Pechi! oh was so good finding out you were @meno 's brother . I had no idea and I want to thank you for your amazing talents, you add such a special flavor too all this, wouldnt be the same without you in there. big love to you


aww! Thank you so much @soundlegion! But I want to thank YOU for your talent , dedication and all around nice energy! Thanks for setting the pace for the rest of us ! You are a great inspiration ! Big love to you too :) !

Nice work for the Open Mic Songriters Challenge team @luzcypher @krystle @meno @soundlegion @passion-ground @verbal-d Good job.
Can't wait for the next season...

Cool! Didn't know this was happening! Thanks for all your hard work and generosity towards the music community on steemit!

True hero ;)


@jaybird I am a true fan this end. I think you are one of the best songwriters on this platform. I would have loved to put your songwriters challenge entry in the unplugged album but we couldnt get a cool audio pull off of it. This was just a last minute decision to put this unplugged album together and try and add a final touch of hype for everything that went down. Im glad we got to get a clip of your in the video and I really hope to see another track from you on the Volume 4 Steemit artist music compilation, im behind but will be getting submission posts ready for that any time. Just had to let it be known here how fucking rocking you are and love all your material. Also that shame I couldnt pull any of your video audio.


Hey B, no promlemo, I read the post and figured that was the case. I'm glad that you were able to get as many as you were able to and put that out as soon as you guys did.

Appreciate the kind words and supportiveness you've show me & of course, let me know when vol 4 is underway.

So far the only reason I have turned any of my original demos into further recording works is because of SAMC lol.

Thanks for doing this Bonnie I really enjoyed watching it!
Thanks everyone for the inspiration and positivity.


talk about inspiring my friend, your sounds having been filling my house last few days. some powerful @onetruebrother moments around here. big love to you

This is a wonderful project. I really love the initiative. This is encouraging talent development on the blockchain.
Kudos to the team that powers this.

Good job💪

A great challenge for better quality creation.

Download and enjoy these album collections as our gift to you all! Sit back and enjoy the presentation video and have a brilliantly musical day.

Already downloading some of them. Would have participated in this but I can't sing or play any musical instrument #sad...but I am sure gonna sit back and enjoy what others have to put on display.

Thanks for the great invitation keep it up i wish you ll the best

SO cool! You are amazing @soundlegion! This is EXACTLY what we've all been saying could and SHOULD happen! Im SO excited that you've done this :D :D :D What an honour x

Wow this is amazing, it's like a songwriters Best of! What a great idea and so much work going into this project, so cool!

It a great work guys really it a fantastic sound I like it good job keep it up

Hi @ausbitbank I can see your effort and hardwork that's why I upvoted you as one of the good witnesses . I hope you can also support us also.

Wonderful music sir :)


excellant challange sesion 1

Omg thank you for albums. I will listen to these songs with pleasure :)

Those song are outstanding :)

thanks for this vid :) @soundlegion

Love the artists!! Awesome!!

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This post has been resteemed from MSP3K courtesy of @Meno from the Minnow Support Project ( @minnowsupport ).

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thanks a Lot for that Great gift Sir I appreciate it so much
greeting from Venezuela

Really a great initiative by you. I really love this concept of yours.

thanks sharing they are wonderful

Es increible! Cada vez logran sorprendernos a todos! Al menos yo quedé perplejo primero porque no es facil... se la gastan muchachos... y segundo porque aparecí en el side B xD jajaja gracias por todo, y es cierto, hay demasiado talento :O bendiciones!

This post has been resteemed from MSP3K courtesy of @isaria from the Minnow Support Project ( @minnowsupport ).

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many many thank for share.

Heyyy... So is the "challenge" over? I would love to participate!!

Laughter is a blessing and id love to share my style of comedy in one of these open mics. Id that possible.

wow exelent:::
i hope to be on a next album..

This is an amazing effort @soundlegion you went through vid montage and dug out all the best performances and gave us a download permalink, how on Earth would I be able to hear the cream of the openmic songwriters with me being away all this time, such a cool option, just downloaded all tracks, thank you for including me in the project 😎👍