Songwriter's Shop Talk Episode 1 - Featuring @Soundlegion

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   Greetings and salutations my dear Steemians. I'm here on this part of the internet to share with you the upload of the very first show of the "Songwriter Shop Talk" on MSP Waves. Man it was super fun, I for one had so much fun I'm struggling to wind down to go to sleep.

bonnie legion.jpg

   We talked about songwriting (of course), we talked about what music has meant in our lives, and and then proceeded to talk about spaceships, DMT and also about this talented musician and producer on Steem called @qrittix who also joined us in the audience.

   If you want to see what happened on the internet while you slept, this might be the video you want to start your morning with.

   Live Radio ladies and gentleman, with all its quirks, its ups and its downs is something close to magical, and I for one have experienced it myself tonight once more. I won't give out too many spoilers, because it's just better you listen.

   Once again, thank you to every single one of you friends who joined us, who laughed with us, shared some gifs and gave me a hard time too for the hiccups. I love every single one of you. Can't wait to do this all over again next week.

Much love

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NOTE: I'm writing these comments as I listen to the whole show. Please excuse the randomness of this comment as I respond to the various topics discussed in the show.

You guys this is a great show and SO GOOD for the music community on Steemit.

You bring up some great points in this show on how Steemit changes people's lives. I see it every day and is what inspires me to keep growing Open Mic.

I'm honored to be working with you both on this project as you bring SO MUCH to the community.

Love your music @soundlegion and have played your SoundCloud channel for days around my house.

@joseacabrerav also reached out to me to thank me for this life-changing contest as have many others.

The music business has been underpaying musicians for decades and the public has no idea. For example, remember The Cars? They had so many top ten hits and were still driving around L.A. in broken down Pintos. The irony of The Cars not being able to even afford a new car is just crazy.

John Fogerty from the 60's group Creedence Clearwater Revival wrote tons of hits but never made any money until he wrote {Centerfield]( in 1985 . He doesn't even own his own music until that song! Musicians getting ripped off from the music business is not a new thing, but Steemit has the ability to change all that.

We are creating a space for musicians to be rewarded for playing music and they don't even have to leave their house or deal with the bullshit of the music industry. Pretty amazing!

Loved the DMT song. I have tried DMT and it is a life-changing experience. Not for the weak minded. It completely destroys your ego which was very therapeutic to me but could make some people feel like they are dying or going crazy.

BTW, I chose @luzcypher for my username as a joke. Just thought it was funny to have people following luzcypher on Steemit. I have nothing to do with Satanism and @jerrybanfield, if you see this post, I like what you're doing for Steemit and have learned a lot from you.

John Lennon is a huge influence on me and one of the reasons I started writing songs. When he died I cried and couldn't speak for a week. We miss you, John.


Here's a pic from Central Park in New York I took last time I was there

In love the whole idea of a decentralized record label on the blockchain and support it 100%. The first one on Steemit, for the record, was @thirstyrecords but they stopped posting about 11 months ago.

The music industry is a bloodsucking vampire that robs creativity to make a buck off the backs of the artists, trying to box them into a packaged product. Music is meant to bring people together through a message of unity and musicians are the messengers.

Today, music in pop culture purposely divides people and makes it all about boasting about how you fucked over someone else or how great you are. It's divisive and defeats the whole purpose of music. That's why I love what we are doing in the Open Mic community, bringing people together.

NOTE: The idea of having musicians on Open Mic covering each other's songs was first mentioned to me as an idea by @buckydurddle for a contest. The idea just sat there and I almost forgot about it while getting wrapped up in the worldwide growth Open Mic is experiencing, but I was reminded of it when I heard @tarotbyfergus cover a song by @basilmarples in Tarot's Open Mic Week 70 performance

Once again, guys I love what you're doing for the Open Mic community on Steemit and and feel blessed to be working side-by-side with you on this whole thing of ours and equally inspired and graced by the beautiful music shared by the talented Steemit community.

May Steem be with you.


Great comment thread, Luz! I like the real-time randomness and relevance... Cool, brother! I caught bit's and pieces last night but couldn't figure out how to get access to comment. Will have to make a point to listen to this from start-to-finish!


comment of the year award. Luz !!! This just brought a beem of light to my face!!! I am so humbled that you sat down and joined us in such a way, as we ranted on into musical oblivion. WOW you did DMT omg we need to sit and talk lol I been obsessing over that new information lately. John Lennon was something else man, oh goosebumps when think about what he brought to music. He died the year I was born, so his death didnt hit me like say when Kurt Cobain and Michael Died I felt those ones pretty bad, especially Kurt. Luz you and I need to get on a show together I would just love to gab with you. big hugs love for days

Guys this was amazing!, 2 hour long show and I didn't even feel them, it went by so fast! Time does fly when you're having fun!

The music is fantastic @soundlegion! I especially loved the final song Feel my rage! I agree with @meno, it sounds like a made for a film song hehe.

This show is an incredible Idea @meno! and that you started it with @soundlegion was also a great idea, I agree with you, she really set the tone for future shows!!

I thoroughly enjoyed this!!!, Resteemed!! :)

Well, fcuk, that was some damn fine radio; in fact, some of the best I've heard in a long time. Art Bell, take a back seat:) Laurie Brown, David Wisdom, The X in Seattle back in the day, CFNY in Toronto in '76.....
Really, good to hear some humanity behind the computer machine...
Holdsworth, eh? Yes, incredibly​ sad...You may remember this amp that I use as decor today....
IMG_3816 (1).jpg
Cheers meno and soundlegion:)


I do brother... we had one at the store I used to work out for a little while... is this your baby?


I'm baby free:) I used to run that (when it worked) through two EV floor monitor speakers for that sweet stereo chorus. It was a fine sounding amp in its day and Holdsworth used to promote them.
No one with that kind of talent should have to die cold and alone on the streets (or anyone, really). I have a song written about that very thing but it's difficult for me to sing and talk about that level of alienation so it sits on the back burner.


I gotta tell you andrewmark.. we got a philosophy show coming up on MSP, its the perfect fit for you... I hope it gets its legs soon, and I will make sure to mention you as a possible guest.

Regarding Hollsworth.. yeah it was a real shame, it kind of put things in perspective for me.


Hi meno, I really appreciate the offer! I will definitely listen and request a heads up on the time if that's possible.
You may have grokked by now that I'm not looking for fans. It's enough for me if my philosophies stir the mind and heart of a few individuals.
For this reason, ​I would decline your kind offer, but I will listen.
I will be happy to engage the show's topics in the comment section:)


Hey, meno, about 18 months ago prior to my neck and shoulder injury I pitched an idea to Pete (creepy little book on tube) about doing the ATHEIST/THEIST dialogues​. We never got around to it.
A theist (me) talking with an atheist about everything and anything!
A respectful Ad hominem​ free talk founded on a ​mutual​ concern for the human condition​. Share perspectives, dig deep, agree to disagree cordially....
All that kind of juicy stuff. Think about it:)


i love those dialogues Andrew... I use to tune in to the atheist experience everyday, but as you know that one got one sided really fast, and some of the people who called in, could not get their ideas thru...


Dillahunty? He's more a debate kind of guy...That's not what I'm after. Just talking and sharing ideas respectfully especially when there is disagreement. Let me know If you know of any atheists who would consider this...Cheers!

Bummed that I missed this! I was coincidentally streaming on DLive, working on a remix for @soundlegion 😆. Really great interview though! Well done to both of you.

And no worries Bonnie, I drink enough coffee for the both of us.


Havent been a coffee fan, but I sense an addiction in me if I keep forcing it down. lol I am stoked as hell to hear your remix of STrain just fucking blitzed for that one.


Yes! I'm going to hit you up on Discord so we can talk logistics before I put it anywhere, just to make sure everything is good to go!

My Bonnie my Bonnie!! One Bad Babe!!

@meno I had a sheer blast being on your show. You are easy and fun to communicate with, you boosted me with tons of love and encouragement and I really appreciated the energy you put across, I felt pretty good after the show, a nice little mind buzz. I was so damn tired when we started was worried I was gonna fog out but we pulled through darn nicely. I appreciate you sharing my songs with the audience and also the awesome audience. Futures so bright man!! better get them shades. ;)


Loved hearing you on the show @soundlegion and added a long comment to this post in response for you to read.

It was an awesome show @meno! I enjoyed every second of it

This was totally kickass! Sorry I couldn't stay for the whole show but I'll be tuning in to the replay first thing in the morning. Thanks for sharing your war stories and giving us a window into your world. Cheers!

Had a gig during the show, but I'm listening now!


music is good

hot a photo


nice post but be careful with the train