Open Mic Week 70: Twilight

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Back Again Steem,

..and this time with an Elliot Smith cover. In my opinion, he is one of the best singer-songwriters I have ever listened to. Now, Dylan will always be my favorite, but Elliot is right up there with the bunch. This song is called "Twilight" off his "Basement on a Hill" album, released in 2003. While there are murder theorists out there, Elliot supposedly stabbed himself in the heart before this album was released. Whatever the true circumstances behind his death, his songs will never die. Hope you all enjoy! 

I can't believe it is already WEEK 70! Shout out to @luzcypher and @pfunk for contributing so much to this party. We also have some awesome judges including @soundlegion @verbal-d and @passion-ground to name a few. There are many others out there who have contributed so much and made me a better musician/performer. Big shout out to everyone. Cheers to Openmic! 

Have a great week! 

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"T" - as old as I am - I never heard this song before... Can you believe that? !!! That said, your rendition of this Elliot Smith number is simply captivating! Great job, doc!

Appreciate the support! He played his heart out on every song... it was a fun one to share. Keep up the good work man!

I had never heard the song before, but I really enjoyed the passion you brought to this cover!

Thank you! Always like to hear that someone discovers a new song and perhaps songwriter when I do a cover. His songs are great. Your entries are awesome each week!

Hey, Thanks for the very small history lesson on Elliot Smith. I thought you did the cover well. Keep making music man, I honestly enjoyed :)

Thanks! Elliot Smith is a master

Thank you for this. I haven't heard Smith for many years, and maybe never this song... Always found him so depressing :( Ingenious lyrics and chords/ progressions... And you mention Dylan; did you see @danielyoung's entry? Check it out:

Good cover and song by him. I am probably could teach a class on Bob Dylan haha. I’ve read so much material, documentaries, and of course know his music well. Elliot Smith is another great one and very under rated. Thanks for stopping by to listen


right on nice job! I can see why ya like that song

thanks for watching!

Great song and wonderful Open Mic
Im a singer too and songwriter

My cover for Kodaline - All i want

Thanks. Nice strummin’ there!

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