Wild West - Chapter 6 - Part 10 - 5 minute freewrite challenge

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Because Chapter 3 got split into two chapters (namely 3 and 4), we are now at chapter 5.

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Part 10

Judging by a large swarm of guards near two watchtowers they were nearing one of the entrances. It was the exact same situation as the one at the gates of the dome. All guards but one dressed in all black, the latter wearing golden accessories. Unlike Jax, however, this guard had plenty more medals and golden buttons. A real dude.

Jimmy told them to find him after their shift was over, then headed back to his friend.

They were somewhere in the middle of the crowd, allowing them for a good look at what the procedures to enter the mine were. They were all first required to empty their pockets for safety evaluation, which were mostly empty to begin with, then salute to the guard in gold and proceed through the first of many gates one by one. Behind the first set of iron bars there was a guard sitting behind a table with a very thick book in front of him. All workers were required to show him their tattoos and he diligently noted down their presence, upon which they left through another set of gates, but Tom and James couldn’t make out what had been going on there.

Disclaimer: The full story is in its unfinished state. All content is tentative to change.

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it looks to me like they are in great trouble!!

They're in for a great deal of work, that's for certain!
Trouble, on the other hand, .... Only as much as they will get into themselves. :P

I wonder if Mr. Dude Guard feels pretty when he puts on his medals? Let me guess, the bathrooms don't lie on the other side of those gates either. :)

I bet he feels downright fabulous! And I bet all other guards are forced to compliment him also!

Hmmm. You're right. Bathrooms are important. I need to mention that somewhere...

Who knew flare was so important back then? Haha, You made me wonder about the introduction of medals, and their origins. (My mind works that way). My head tilts at the inspection of the tattoos and your story popped an idea into my head with regard to tattoos. Hmmm! Busy weekend, so not sure how much will get written, but I love the subtle paths. Well done!

Trying to emphasize the hierarchy, and it appears to be working! Evil laugh

Hmmm. Interesting. Now I definitely need to tell more about the origin of the medals. :D Thanks for making a future detail be brought to life instead of going unnoticed! :D

I'll try and focus on editing the previous chapter and polishing it a little before publishing it in full.
Of course, Wild West will also continue at the usual pace. :D

Thanks for the kind words, and thanks for keeping up with the story itself! :D

My pleasure, and thank you for inspiring the last freewrite post!

Your feedback is greatly appreciated!
And if you ever feel like I touched a certain topic too much or too little (like this medal thingy), tell me, please! I want to give the reader what (s)he wants! :D

Not at all. I am enjoying this journey. I hope you continue!

Will do! :D

That sure is going to be a long, dark shift. A dark dome under the dome.

somewhat, yeah. We'll see what the future holds :p