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Value Of Time - Part 3


We've established a premise of time as human's most valuable asset which is daily exchanged for the means of fulfilling needs of our bodies and minds. Let's see how present structure of employment treats our time and what could be possible solutions.

For example, you got a job, you work for someone exchanging your time for a bunch of paper that will allow you to buy food, pay rent and fulfil your wishes in order to achieve happiness. You work daily and have no time left to spend the money you make. At the same time, your employer is eager to maximize the time you spend working, instead of living your life. Paid overtimes or not, it is your time. Unless you find utmost joy in working for your employer and make your work the meaning of your life (what every employer would love to see), you are cutting off your time and making it company's time.

What is a good ratio?

It depends on the person. A person with fewer needs and wishes in life doesn't have such a problem with unpaid overtimes, can take work home and minimize his/her free time in order to get extra money to spend 'sometime' or give it away. There will always be people who accept the system and bend to its rules. Others, who understand the value of time, can see through this and are not willing to trade their time for paper assets. They rightfully demand more and are often unhappy with the situation they are in.

There are also people who decide to get out of the system and apply for welfare. By doing so, they've won their time back and are spending it a manner they prefer. At this point, the debate of spending the time to earn material gains stops. These people have a huge surplus of time, which is nonetheless spent daily. It is up to a person to decide what to do with it. People who do this are often considered to be an additional weight on the system by others who believe that we all live to work and vice versa.

However, this paradigm can be heavily challenged, even though we must admit that the choices people make are not often beneficial to them or the society in general. The abundance of time can easily become a problem.

We very well know that governments print money when there is a need for it. When a ministry needs money for some project, the money is easily created out of a thin air. So, why would people on welfare be taking from the rest? They receive banknotes straight from under the press. These are equally worthless pieces of paper just like the ones people earn. The demand for money for social welfare is infinitely smaller than the enormous war budgets designed for killing others. What is more useless when you think a little deeper?

Some enlightened countries in the world have a modest "guaranteed income". Every one of their citizens, employed or not, receives an allowance coming up every month just for being born in that country. This is helping people who do not want to sell their time at slave's wages and have decided to live modestly at the same time. They spend their time doing whatever they deem important for themselves. Huge companies are taxed a little more for the benefit of people.

The problem arises when people decide not to do anything and just let their time fly away in idleness. There is no perfect system which wouldn't challenge the basis of human rights, as of now.

Think about the meaning of your time and the amounts of money you get for it if you're employed, or the meaning of your time if you have it in abundance.

Let us know your findings.

To be continued...

In the next sequel, we'll talk about ways of earning within the current system but not working for a boss.

ADSactly on ADSACTLY series is authored by @velimir

Thank you for following "Value Of Time" series of articles. We hope you enjoyed them and learned a thing or two. If not, then we hope they at least remind you of something you already knew deep down and can use it as food for thought.

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You work daily and have no time left to spend the money you make.

That’s true!

...Unless you find utmost joy in working for your employer and make your work the meaning of your life (what every employer would love to see),...

I’m owner of small business. My goal is not only make my customers happy and satisfied, but also appreciate the time of my employees. Unfortunately with all expenses and competitiveness in my trade it’s impossible to give them what they actually deserve, not in a long therm. This may lead to less productivity and lower wages. It’s like a domino you can’t avoid. So my question is “how do we value our time?” Im talking about “time” not the quality of product we spend our time on.

We very well know that governments print money when there is a need for it.

That’s what I’m concerned about the most. I see careless printing in US just to keep stock market and bonds afloat. Careless money printing not only destroys the value of our currency, It also increases the inflation. Today we can witness price increases in everyday necessities and at the same time the wages are staggering. Most people would tell you they don’t feel their time is really appreciated and blame it on employer. In most cases, it’s just not true.
When you mentioned guaranteed income, it’s nice for people just to imagine it. In long therm I don’t believe it’s the right solution. People are humans and they tend to become greedy, to want more or to take advantage of the situation.


I agree with your work it is very good opinion so i give you vote


it's a good thing you highlighted

Working for others - Yes! Working for yourself - No!

When you work for others you help achieve other people dreams and goals. So you are wasting all your life and time. Yes, you get paid. But what’s the point? Money isn’t so valuable. You are living other people plan not yours. Most valuable thing ever is your TIME! Sometimes seems people have forget it.

However when you work for yourself you don’t waste your time. You live your own plan. You are doing things for yourself. Do what you love in your life!

Then you ask “ But why then everyone don’t work for themselves?”

Because it’s easier to work for others. It’s not so challenging. You just do the job and you get paid.

Life structure for most of people is - Go to school - go to college - get job (most of time working for others ) - working rest of their lives - create family - die.

You know you have the power to change it and build your own life structure! Think outside of the box!

I think you could work for others only for one reason - to make a living while you are working on your own thing at the beginning.

And if you go work for others for some time, search the job that’s is related to your passion, dream. The job from you can learn things that will help you to build your own thing!

  • You work full time on your job. Part time on your own thing.
  • When you earn from your part time thing as much as you earn from your full time job change it.
  • Work Part time on your full time job and part time of your own thing. When you earn 2x more in your own part time thing then job leave the job and live your passion full time rest of your life!

Good afternoon, friends of @adsactly, I would like to speak from my point of view in a very personal way and what I have lived through so far as a 17 year old Venezuelan, my parents have been trying to give me a private and quality education in my home since I was very young (for those who don't know the best education in Venezuela is private, that is at a general average level or as they popularly know it, "bachelor's degree", at university level things change).

My parents have instilled in me since I was a child that life is a cycle, that I can chart my destiny, my mother on the one hand has told me that I must study hard to become someone, that is, study, graduate and then work honestly to get my things, as she has done every climb, on the other hand my father has instilled in me that I must know how to manage my time, that I can have my own business and own my own time, my father's advice has pleased me more, since since since I was a child I have had very pronounced traits of being a leader and I am prepared for when my opportunity comes.

As I told you in your previous post, there are words that mark us as people, I was marked by my father's words:

If you make money doing what you like, you'll never have to work, even when you get tired, but if you make money doing something you don't love, your job will be a conviction, so don't get tired.

Sometimes we waste our time on things that are not only not really necessary, but that we are not interested in, I have decided to go against the logic of my mother and father to some extent, I have refuted my mother's logic to such an extent that it no longer touches me and tells me to do something that really makes me happy, And my father's because I add that I can earn money doing what I like and from the comfort of my home, and then I could set up my own businesses, all that I tell you is not in vain, I do not want to work alone for myself, at some point in my life I know that I want to become ruler of my country and implement my strategic plan, to get my Venezuela out of this crisis that we live today.

I honestly didn't value time before, and today I'm about to graduate and I value it more than ever, because I know that I won't be in a classroom every day with my classmates between laughter and laughter, but since life is made up of stages, this is one that is about to end and fills me with a lot of nostalgia.

I look forward to the continuation of this post, friends of @adsactly, this type of post captivates people, even more so those who like me are loyal readers of your community, I look forward to part 4 of the value of time.

Greetings from Venezuela, my friends, we are continually supporting you!!

Hello friends @adsactly I hope you are well!!

We certainly have the same perspective on time. We are all taught from an early age that we must study, graduate from high school, start college and get a degree... Because this is supposed to make us "successful" in life.

But the fact is that schools and universities only somehow prepare us to be slaves in an office, working 8 hours a day for a salary, to survive in a world that is driven by money.

And this is where the value of time comes in....

We spend our whole lives fulfilling our obligations and responsibilities... But when do we have the time to do the things that make us really happy? We all have dreams and goals.... Personally my dream is to be a professional singer and also to be an expert trader... I love business and investment.

But what if we decide to follow the same path that most people decide to take? Most decide to study, graduate from college, and secure an office job, where they will work 8 hours a day for wages, for their next 30 to 40 years, before retiring.

They never had or will have the time to do what really makes them happy.... This is why we must be the purple cow, differentiate ourselves from others and try to fulfill our dreams and goals. That I personally believe is the mission that all people have in life. Strive to fulfill your dream and stand out from the rest. Or at least that's my personal opinion.

Each person sees the world in a different way.... But I, at just 19 years of age, believe that I fully understand how the world and its economic system work. Though it may not seem so, we are slaves to society. This is why I strive every day to fulfill my dreams and achieve financial independence.

In this regard, I'd like to ask you a few questions:

In the next sequel, we'll talk about ways of earning within the current system but not working for a boss.

I look forward to that sequel.

Thank you for publishing such good content @adsactly. A greeting!!

a very good post @adsactly, this article can be a great motivation for all of us in living this life. Speaking of time, sometimes we do not realize that we have wasted a lot of time just to no avail, and not get anything useful for our lives, every time we spend. If only the time we spend on the job is fine, because it will get the result, and we can enjoy it when we are old.

As the saying goes, "time is money". Therefore, we should be able to use that time to create something useful for our lives, so that we can create happiness in our lives. If not, then we will always have a hard life, because time will never wait for us, we are the ones who have to chase the time. In essence, use this time to be able to produce something useful for our lives, and for our future. Thanks for sharing @adsactly, and hopefully you will be more successful to work...!


Yeah I also a very good to see this type of post. You highlight the main thing I have ever seen.


thank you very much, I think, we should be able to face this life, despite having many challenges, because it's all the beginning to be successful...

I guess another way of looking at this is asking yourself what are you making progress on, and does that progress mean something? For some people, maybe they have a choice of working and their job is helping other people do their jobs more efficiently, ultimately helping a business be more efficient. Then the alternative is to not worry about money, and maybe they like to play a lot of video games. When given these two choices as the likeliest options, it's up to each person to decide what has more meaning... Is it work more, and play less (but it's not no play), or is it play a lot and do basically no work? Maybe working for the business isn't the favorite thing to do but it has many aspects that are at least interesting, it's not so black and white.

That said, many interesting and valuable jobs probably don't get a lot of money even if they take a lot of effort; it's nice to be appreciated for doing a hard job. Spending time to say clean up the environment is a great investment but it's hard for an individual to see the long term benefits until, well, they wait a long time and in that time they need to keep cleaning things up. I'm sure this is very hard to devote oneself to doing unless they had more incentive... Money may just be paper but it can help a lot with motivating people to do important but really dirty tasks... What comes to mind are the brave plumbers who break up "fatbergs" in the London sewers, that's such a gross phenomenon...

In modern times, the meaning of the saying: "Time is money" nep has lost its relevance. Everyone decides for himself who he wants to be. That is, you can be a workaholic or be "free". But it is impossible to live in a society and be completely free from the rules of this society. This is considered a divergent behavior and does not receive approval. In any society, there are rules and regulations. But all that we unite is the need to have money. Money - it's like air in an integrated society. Without them it is impossible to live. Everything has its price and that to have the opportunity you need money. To have money you need to work. To have more opportunities you need to work even harder and harder. But in this case we are faced with a paradox. You spend time and energy to make money, and as a result we do not have time and health to fully enjoy this money. Moreover, workaholics are prone to disease in particular. Nervous and physical system. Therefore, it turns out to be a vicious circle.

But there are people who choose a different path. But as you mentioned, this way depends on the state system. For example, in one country you can be unemployed and receive for this allowance. This manual is enough to satisfy your basic needs. And in another country you will be unemployed and at the same time you will be a debtor to your state. I think you know what country I'm talking about. Therefore, it is a medal with two sides.

Nevertheless, an excellent topic for discussion. I'm sure this will direct people's thoughts in the right direction.

Liked your post. I'm interested in time and it's efficient use. 'If you want a job done give it to a busy person', because they are better organisers of their time.

We all start with the same 24 hours in the day. In the past just meeting our basic needs filled most of those hours.

There wasn't sufficient time or energy left from making a living to give thought to ways and means of ending the cycle.To getting off the worktime treadmill with sufficient drive left to think creatively.

90% of time was spent earning a living,and weariness meant the 10% remaining was not conducive for creative thought to improve their situation. It was catch 22.

A catch-22 is a paradoxical situation from which an individual cannot escape because of contradiction.An example is:"How am I supposed to get a job if I'm constantly turned down because I haven't got a job !

But when the breakthrough came in the work leisure balance the situation began to reverse,and will continue to do so I think with artificial intelligence and robots serving most human needs.


you think the way you see.

The good old ADSactly on ADSactly. I am reading these series already, and I'm way forward. But I really love when you post it so I can read it again and remember something new that I didn't already.

Finally today, I have some time in the morning to do what I want! So probably I'm not managing time well, or I need to find something that will allow me to manage time better.

I'm glad I joined ADSactly, firstly because I was looking for this kind of society in 2009, and I was fighting actively against this world system. But I found out that many people in my country don't like that. They are still blind to what is really happening, and they are not taught how to fight for the community, unfortunately. So, I kinda gave up, better to say - I put it on the side.

Now, first thing I remembered when I joined ADSactly, is how time is valuable. Nobody can give it back to me and it's worth so much. Before I would do anything for free, as I was doing, as many forget. But nobody can give back my time now, and I'm not crying about it, I'm just saying real situation. So, as it's said here, time is valuable a lot and we should know that and share that knowledge with others, wake them up from their dreams, or probably nightmares.

Thanks @adsactly for sharing knowledge! Much appreciated!

Hola @adsactly
Interesante todo lo planteado por tí en esta serie.
¿Que hay de los mercaderes de hoy?
Sencillamente; crear la necesidad en el hombre de comprar cosas vanales y con obsolencias programadas para mantener cautivo el mercado. Apoderarse de los ahorros del ciudadano de a pie y crear o mantener grandes masas monetarias y aparecer en la Revista Forbes dentro del Ranking de los 100 o 500 más adinerados del mundo.
Te seguiré leyendo y dando mi humilde opinión.

Citizen Maida History can be done by human beings in a completely free way, all the citizens would wear it and the machines would be dangerous and tedious, because people would grow up with reason, and because of the progress of the people, they want to be able to live successfully, so that the profession can be done in an old way. To survive on the road, take from a group of growth groups.

this reminded me of the book "richest man in Babylon". the curiosity of the human mind is insatiable and thats whaat has led to the betterment of life today. after one victory, there is the birth of another fight. and the beauty of any town is in the numbers of those sticking together. thats the strength of it...unity.

Myles Monroe once said a pack of Sheep lead by a lion will defeat a pack of lions led by a sheep.

inotherwords, people in whom are the spirit of leadership are the agent of growth of any society.
they are the ones who dare to do what every other person fears.

The same problem, but they choose to see it differiently.

the difference between the poor and the rich is simple: the rich do constantly what the poor won't do. they create value.

awesome post.

It is a lamentable incongruity that industrialization could have freed mankind, we could all be seeking after what we adore and let the machines handle the perilous and exhausting errands. Rather than having a human progress of specialists and experts, we are left with individuals frantically looking for occupations to gain enough to survive an indistinguishable old path from before the machines tagged along. It once took a group of swarthy men throughout the day to expel one major tree from the forested areas, now machines can take out an enormous swath of woods in a day, however lumberjacks still scarcely make enough to encourage their families.

Same rules, same game, just more sophisticated, more deceiving. But humans are always in the quest for freedom and love is still a fact that keep us alive. We are becoming more creative and we are embracing new technologies that allow us to share instead of competing, that allow us to do the things we love to do and that makes us independent from a system that wants to keep us enslave. I would also say that we are changing the rules and the game. We are living very interesting times. This is a great blog, with great opinions of wise people. This moment and my life are enriched by all of you.


I think that you told the best, because without it we can't success in our life. stay tuned. we also beside you.

"Explorers started to travel and discover far-away lands. It was a dangerous and demanding task to be an explorer. However, it yields the creation of value for the ones who financed the expeditions."
This was a good initiative that had developed in the minds of these people, however dangerous the task of exploration was, these people decided to look beyond the risk and work towards attaining valuable lives, this shows a spirit of commitment and remaining strong not only when the path is Crystal clear but also being strong when the path seems meandering,this is a good piece you shared.. Looking forward for the next post from you


I think you also quite right about it.

Thanks for sharing this with the community. It always nice to read something that is done with passion.

Had a chance to hangout with the good fellows of ADSactly last night in discord voice chat. You guys are the real deal when it comes to humanity :D Damn, looks like there's a backlog of posts in "ADSactly on ADSACTLY" to catch up with. Oh well, I'm still early per my gut feeling. :D Keep up the great work!

I think that time is very valuable and not necessarily just for work and make money, what it means a lot of money while to enjoy its not got time,
I think it is a loss not to live this beautiful life in bondage by work and money because money is only temporary,
China to enjoy life and be grateful this life will be happier than abundant money ..
Nice post @adsactly, I love reading your post

@adsactly time never wait for someone time is money.@fastpromoter just promoted and resteemed your nice post.

Hello there!!! wow a lot of info, good info what are you sharing with us, thanks.
good luck!!!!
have a great day!!!

Very well explanation I love your work @adsactly the way you work will very amazing..

Time is always valuable than money but money also comes by implementing good time and without best use of time, there is no money. The thing is By using good use of time, we get richer, Otherwise we can not.

value of life and value of time very nice post.... your writing skill is impressive..

You have some program and some information this very nice job. Be succes in your activity i am be happy with your work

Time is more important than money. But what do you do with this time given to you is matter most.

Of course, the most fortunate among us have the extreme benefit of doing "work" that is enjoyable to them..even "work" they would do for nothing if there were no one willing to pay them to do it. These people are truly among the most blessed on the planet, and they are still relatively rare, but growing in numbers.

As a semi-retired person myself, that is what Steemit has done for me. I have always been an avid blogger since the advent of the internet, but have never made much money at it. Now, that possibility actually has presented itself to me.

Despite, this platform's many flaws, it is the ultimate (currently, anyway) way for bloggers to maximize their "spare time," and make that time serve me and my future.

Steem on!

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