ADSactly Witness Report 2018/02/07

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Witness Update Report #1

We are proud to say that our witness node has had zero downtime and has not missed a single block since re-implementation at the beginning of this year. We successfully updated our node on the 26th January and have had no issues to date.

We have had amazing support from the steemit community as well as from all our ADSactly discord members, who have voted for us as witness. We have climbed to Witness Rank #58 since we published our Witness Proposal and can not thank those who voted enough.


High SBD or Dollar Peg

One of the very interesting conversations that has been taking place lately amongst the witnesses is that of Steem Dollars. The initial intention of the SBD was to be pegged to the US dollar, but as we have all noticed in the last two months, this is no longer the case, with SBD spiking at $17 then hanging around $8, to where we find it today. There are a are a few different opinions from witnesses on the subject, and the majority are leaning more towards a stable crypto currency which is pegged to the dollar.

The other opinion is to let the free market decide and allow SBD to grow higher, which in turn will allow for higher blogger payouts, which will attract more bloggers. This will in turn increase the value of steem over time. We at Adsactly are in support of the latter, and share the same values proposed by @aggreod in his post that the value lies in the people. Another great post regarding this topic for those who wish to understand more, here is @lukestokes post here.

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We are also very happy to have reached over 19k followers on Steemit, and have almost reached 4k members on our discord server.

We welcome you to join the society, meet people, talk to people, make friends and established fair relations with other ADSactly members. You will receive ADSactly community units just for showing up and taking part in our voice hangouts, for helping out with promotions, for helping new members feel welcomed, showing them around and helping them get familiar with the society, for finding new projects that might catch interest of other members. Sometimes even for being generally a good person willing to help others.

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The Future

We are currently in the planning stages of acquiring a full public RPC node (1 TB of RAM) to support the Steem community and the steem developers. We believe in the future of the platform and the growing number of developers from all over the world. Therefore we have set up a taskforce that will set this project in motion as soon as bitcoin starts making a recovering in the market.

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Server Information

CPU - XEON E5-2620 (4 cores @ 2.0Ghz)
RAM - 32GB
HDD - 250GB RAID 6 (mirror/stripe)
Network - 1Gb/s dedicated 99.9% guaranteed uptime.
Location - Houston, TX, USA
Hosted by @crowetic

Click the link below to join our Discord society

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We would greatly appreciate your witness vote

To vote for @adsactly-witness click the image below, scroll to the bottom and type "adsactly-witness" in the box


Thank You


Great update! Thank you so much. I also tend to agree with you on the topic of SBD. I think it is great for users to reap the benefit and also to bring new users to the platform

Right. Who are these people that want it lower? I don't get who that benefits.

The problem is that the network is designed to keep a 50/50 payout of locked vested shares to liquid token. Right now this ratio is actually more 1/8 because of the loss on the peg. This further exasperates the problem that is so rampant on steem already, which is the trend towards short term gains rather than long term value in the platform. the 50/50 payout is the mechanism which is to add balance here and now it is broken. Long term keeping SBD floating means a lower steem price on technical terms. Maybe the extra incentive to posters is really what the network needs in order to grow, which is the argument to keeping SBD.

If you believe in this 50/50 balance however, It makes no sense to have two free floating tokens for the network. You might as well just give out 50% vested steem and 50% liquid steem in that case, which would actually help bring up the price of steem. If it were valued as one token STEEM, or two with the PEG enabled, then the value of the payout would be more proportionally locked up to the designed 50/50.

My question is, who is buying all this SBD to keep the price up, and why?

I've just upvoted @adsactly as witness... :)

I'm still at a bit of loss on the difference between pegging SBD versus letting it go. Guess I need to do some more research

where did you find your info? now following you.....
also upvoting you....check out why on my site.

Check out the two linked posts for a detailed explanation, will definitely help to understand it better.

Hola, Muchas gracias por tu aporte!
Te comento que he hecho esto completamente en automático:

He dejado este comentario
Le he dado UPVOTE a este POST
Te he seguido
Y por último, el mejor de los regalos:
Quiero invitarte a que formes parte del proyecto: Círculo de ORO y puedas hacer que tu contenido llegue a muchas más personas y en el camino generar $3,000 al mes en automático posteando 2 veces al día en Steemit!
Si te interesa ingresa al siguiente link:

This was enlightening and I too, although a steemit novice, agree with the latter strategy for SBD. For now, I'd definitely support the growth of this community....#resteemed

wow... what awonderful post @adsactly-witness . i like your ADSactly Witness Report 2018/02/07 post. thanks for sharing post

How interesting that they are working in the planning stage for the acquisition of a complete public RPC node (1 TB of RAM) to support the Steem community, excellent that has had the support of the Steemit community and members of ADACC, interested in join AD properly society

with all cryptocurrency down, SBD also showed massive drawdowns but hopefully we will get a quick recovery, maybe because of some speculations SDB which was meant to be pegged with the dollar also dropped massively. Thank you for the encouragement, the contributions in order to see the growth of this community and the positive energies you send out to the community. it gives us hope for a better future and advancement here on steemit.

Happy to see that you have 19k followers and I'm also in your discord channel. Wish more success!

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