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ADSactly on ADSACTLY - Part #58

Creating Value - Part 6


In the last five sequels we wrote about the early beginnings of creating values, continued with the rise of craftsmen, explorers and merchants. We explained the importance of the first manual machines and how it all led to industrialization. Then, we explained how oil exploitation business reached its heights. Today we'll continue further. If you haven't read the first five parts, please find them here:

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After various industries grew big, it became cheaper to set up departments within a company than outsource the services. Corporations were born. For example, a factory bought its own trucks, set up its own distribution routes, took care of its own marketing, set up departments within departments, bough competition and branched out, employed workers for jobs that have been outsourced before. All of this created more value for the owners. The bigger the better, was the ground rule. The larger a corporation was, the more ground it covered, the fewer expenses it generated, the more new value it created.

It led to the creation of ever larger businesses. The game was directed toward building gigantic multinational companies. Nowadays, they hold power easily compared to one of the governments. With the financial means beyond anything seen before, corporations can easily pass the legislation that suits their interests of elevating the profits over everything else (including environmental issues and people's health). There are many visions of the future in which corporations entirely take over the world, rendering governments unnecessary. Keeping in mind the human greed, it is quite a possible outcome at some point. The government made of corporations would be quite a nightmare for ordinary people.

If we put ourselves in shoes of the people running a corporation, it's easy to see why the things are as they are. Corporations are owned by thousands of people who've never met. They own corporation's shares and are interested in profits at the end of each period. They bought the shares in order to make a profit. 'How its done' is a problem of the board members and the management.

Board members and top managers are predominantly interested in their salaries, careers and fat bonuses that come along with results. They are far away from the real life in some third world country where their corporation does business. They cannot care less if people get sick because of pollution created by their endeavours or if the poor children are hungry because they've closed down a factory. To them, it is something so far out there, somewhere, that it feels more like a fiction than real life. Therefore, in their minds, it is all easily labelled as 'collateral damage'. They, unfortunately, are far more concerned which shiny new sports car will be parked in the garage after the next payday.

The rise of corporations dehumanized business to the point of no return. The enormous reach and size of multinational corporations guarantee relative anonymity both to owners and management. Even the low-level workers easily adopt the herd mentality and live for the brand. Also, all of them are easily replaceable, anyway. The machine will live on with or without any single one of them. People are just small wheels of an unstoppable monster, revered like godly appearance. The amount of corporate brainwashing going on in there pushes the executive decisions up to the level of indisputable dogma.

However, there is a solution to this.

This solution, however, will never be implemented. :D At least not while any of us is alive.

How about the sales range of every production company becomes limited and high environmental standards are closely monitored by independent teams? Decentralizing and localizing businesses to say 500km allowed sales range (regardless of the borders) would break the power of multinational companies and secure stable overall growth for the local population. A company would be forced to produce goods exclusively for a local needs, thus it would prevent it from growing into a monster. It would give way to thousands and thousands of small environmental friendly companies and very likely solve unemployment. It would diminish exports, except for the goods which absolutely cannot be produced locally, of course. But, it is a dream too far. Strong lobbies would never allow anything similar.

However, if it was enforced in 1850 and kept going, maybe we would have a fairer world. Is it too late, now? Would the world population profit from serious decentralization of production? Food for thought, guys, food for thought... ;)

Let us know what you think about it!

To be continued...

Image Source for all images: Pixabay.


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You are very right in your submission that multinationals grow into Morales's and inhuman monsters, however I don't think restriction on jurisdiction of trade (what you call sales range) is achievable. Reason being that multinationals did not just become what they are, they became giants by consuming their rivals through "quality" of services and goods they rendered. So far people will move from one society which may be jurisdiction of one company to another which is the jurisdiction of another company) news of one quality product will not let the people stick to the one produced close to them. Don't forget sentimental values also have a role to play in this. Chinese people may reject African noddles for theirs because according to them their noddles is the best. This will cause smuggling of product from one society to the other.
What I think they can do is for government to legislate on profit. Sincerely, the idea of profit is the first of all scams the human mind could come up with. Till now nobody determines what percentage should be legally accepted as profit. That is through what common people of this days are swindled. If government legislate profit you make from a locality must not leave that locality, multinational corporations will die a natural death.

For me we should not value the luxurious cars or anything else that replaces humanity. If corporation would focuses through the pair wellness of both parties, maybe there will less children's starve. We should not deny humans than accepting something. There is no such thing that could replace human. I do believe of @adsactly idea that corporations must limit production and have a high standard through environmental concerns. I suggest that every corporation to be build should look for the environment. In many aspect they could help, maybe by planting tress, or fund home for the elderly, orphanage and for the homeless out there. They deserve to be given an attention. Are you looking for serious economy concerns, well look at they.

Good post, I agree with you on most points. Capitalism and greed go hand in hand, and while the production of goods becomes ruthlessly efficient at cutting costs, this also means that for everyday people, they become less relevant if they are too expensive and then replaced. Like you said, first corporations began to consolidate departments within themselves, cutting off the hiring of outside groups to do extra work. Then some time later, jobs are outsourced to other countries which helps those countries develop; however, home country citizens lose jobs. And now with the rise of automation, AI and robots, human labor becomes less relevant as profits soar every higher.

The idea you propose, of localizing resource production to a geographic area, is definitely interesting. It means every area then becomes self sufficient, and giving residents job security as every profession needs a job. But limiting based on geography alone punishes, I think, those who live in remote areas with lower populations, or even simply places that are more suburban in nature.

I'd be more inclined to pursue something that swings the greed pendulum back somewhat. It means higher taxes on profits, probably, but ideally wouldn't destroy the motivation to be successful. Steemit itself has the basic income group; I think profit funded basic income for all people may at least provide everyone with an acceptable minimum standard of living. It's not that we can or should completely eliminate inequality, but we absolutely should make sure that inequality isn't so massive like it is today.


Enjoyed your commentary, it was very thought provoking

An important writing to be recognized by all the people around the world how one knows how incredibly incredible the competition takes place both in the tremendous oil exploration indeed the various industries today are growing up by sharing the dimensions created by relying on very different readings and qualities
Samun I see various violations occur both than the pollution of the public health environment and the welfare gained by indigenous people living close to the giant company I want to compare with a giant oil company owned by a province that is very well known with the city of petro dollars but not the slightest sense of wisdom is obtained.

A question whether such a concept is built by the owner of the company one of them LNG PT.Aron yang Ada dilokseumawe, from posting that say abaca is a reality that really happened today.

So does the company and board members who are trusted by the public to be the person who conveyed his aspirations but after occupying the position never seen and realized about what has been promised, and just want to get his personal benefits saja.dengan very large salary, life which is real with all-sufficiency that everyone wants to occupy the seat that sangt tender. With all the luxurious living equipment, they have a sports car and other luxuries.
Manun this becomes a must-really controlled society terhadapa competition with the machine like a world turnaround that will be a boomerang for people who do not have the expertise.
From this post to a meeting point for companies in multinational standards I am very interested in posting a meberikan a view that changed the paradigm of an environmentally friendly company.
The view that became a benchmark beforehand how a more human concept.

Thank you @adsactly for a very useful outlook for us people all over the world
Greetings know us from Aceh province Indonesia

There is a solution but we will not likely see it in our lifetime. Truer words could not have been spoken. The standard has been set and at this point, there is no way that the fat cats with their marionettes are going to let someone else start pulling the strings. There is too much wealth and power at stake and my goodness, what would they do without that extra 10%? It will take a massive paradigm shift in the way the world works in order to see something of true value like this actually happen. What a noble thought indeed, to think that the distribution of wealth could be even, fair and just. Maybe, with any luck, the work we do today to facilitate change will allow our children to reap these kinds of rewards.

I would say that large corporations are a state within the state. Corporations have a huge impact on various areas of human life. But the main thing is that it's hard for them, and in some cases it's almost impossible to attract to responsibility. Let's remember the last "loud" case with a fake book. After that, when it became clear that Facebook was selling personal information of its users and showed them targeted advertising based on their own interest - what did their fucking CEO do? He just smiled before the senate. Yes, he answered questions, but in the end he "came out of the water." And this is one example of impunity.

And in the case of strong laws restricting corporations, it is still a distant prospect. For example, many corporations have their own charitable foundation that is not taxed. This is an example of circumvention of legislation.

A corporation is a whole organism that feeds on the talents of people. Although this is not always a bad thing. At least for many people this is a chance to find a job. With the advent of decentralization and the block chain, the whole world began to change rapidly. It's like when the Internet first appeared and began to develop widely. You are right in your judgments. Nevertheless, we are still young. I am positive about the changes that are taking place.

A good topic for reflection. Food for brain:)


Pretty interesting perspective, do you think that the fact that corporations are considered to have the same rights as individuals have anything to do with this?

How this system works nowadays is nothing less than awfull! We got greed in every aspect of our lives, especially in coorporations where managers are only interesting in pleaseing owners, no matter the price, so they can have their monthly unfairly earned salary. And that just goes round and round every month, every year.
While they are givin low amounts of time into the projects of the company, they are earning a crazy amount of money. More to that, they are keeping it for themselves and not givin back at least small portion to the community.

That's why I love decentralized open networks where you are respected as anyone and where people are coming together for their mutual cause. Our time is valuable equally and these capitalisitc coorporative things are welcome here.

Food for thought really it is! Delicious food @adsactly ;)

Great post, I concur with you on generally focuses. Free enterprise and insatiability go as an inseparable unit, and keeping in mind that the generation of merchandise turns out to be savagely proficient at cutting costs, this additionally implies for ordinary individuals, they turn out to be less pertinent on the off chance that they are excessively costly and afterward supplanted. Like you stated, first companies started to combine offices inside themselves, removing the procuring of outside gatherings to do additional work. At that point some time later, occupations are outsourced to different nations which enables those nations to grow; in any case, home nation subjects lose employments. Also, now with the ascent of robotization, AI and robots, human work turns out to be less significant as benefits take off each higher.

The thought you propose, of confining asset generation to a geographic region, is certainly fascinating. It implies each territory at that point winds up independent, and giving occupants employer stability as each calling needs work. Yet, constraining in view of geology alone rebuffs, I think, the individuals who live in remote territories with bring down populaces, or even basically puts that are more rural in nature.

I'd be more disposed to seek after something that swings the covetousness pendulum back to some degree. It implies higher charges on benefits, most likely, however in a perfect world wouldn't demolish the inspiration to be effective. Steemit itself has the fundamental pay gathering; I think benefit financed essential wage for all individuals may at any rate furnish everybody with a satisfactory least way of life. It isn't so much that we can or ought to totally kill disparity, yet we completely should ensure that imbalance isn't so enormous like it is today.

Your post is very good!

Now look me in the eye and Follow Me @cryptopay-blogYour post is very good

i could hear dead Karl Marx saying "i told you so"

Education is most important on every human life.
Your post is always different i follow your blog everytime,your post is so helpful.I always inspire of your post on my steem work.Thank you for sharing @adsactly

You follow my blog @powerupme & upvote

please make better and peaceful world.pray to our Almighty

This your creating value series is a must read for everyone. Let's all create value for a better world

If we can determined enough to change the world order, yes we may can. But some people have to make the sacrifice for others.This is the question, who will let them be sacrificed? Either us or our next generation. Change will or tomorrow.

Very good article

I appreciate your effort and the time spent in educatIn us on values.

Some have looked at a solution coming to small tribal regions of human society i.e. highly technical and independent (and of course less threatening) colonies. We must keep hope alive in, at least, a small part of ourselves.

Well, if I believed there was nothing that could be done I wouldn't be here reading this. I'd be off riding some place and completely out of reach of anyone :)

I think we can make significant change and do it in one generation. Thanks for a great article.

Nice post, you are really creating value for newbies and the entire steemit community. As for the witness, we've got your back

Awesome post.. But I what happened past doesn't matter. Now we have to learn from our mistakes and make a better world 🤗

You've always got quality content; keep up the good work

Education is the mother of social behaviour..its value change a society..good content my dear..keep it up dear.

Only the high power will get more and more upvote ,comment because if they the power user like or comment then he/she think I will get power as well as upvote . But I don’t care if you like or not I just used Steemit not for $ just as a passion.

thanks for Witness

thank you for posting and information. :)

Esta es su serie de creación de valores, es una lectura obligada para todos. Todos creemos valor para un mundo mejor

excellent post

Some have taken a gander at an answer coming to little ancestral districts of human culture i.e. profoundly specialized and autonomous (and obviously less undermining) provinces. We should keep trust alive in, no less than, a little piece of ourselves.

Awesome post @adsactly. You published creating value part by part thanks

Nice post, you are really creating value for newbies and the entire steemit community. As for the witness, we've got your back

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Life is very difficult
There is a good way to live in life.
Everyone needs to be benefited.
And we need to give something better to write something like this.
Your writing has become very beautiful.
I am your friend
Will you be my friend?

Very great @adsactly. if you can build a giant muktinational company, some of the little people can be hired there, then you have succeeded and have helped small and poor communities to meet their needs, I am very proud of you if you succeed in establishing a giant multinational corporation. Because the company is very helpful to the community.
safe and successful @adsactly and his teammates.