ADSactly on ADSACTLY - Part #7

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ADSactly on ADSACTLY - Part #7

Non-producers are usually, but not exclusively, owners of centralized structures and organizations. They live luxurious lives at the expense of other people and their work. However, we do not mind anyone living a luxurious life, we mind the means by which it was achieved.

The centralized corporations legitimately steal from the ones who produce the goods and take away the wealth from communities. Further on, by not re-investing in sustainable community's projects they also take away the financial power from the community without helping others in achieving their goals. This is no benefit to the society as a whole. Believe it or not, this is not fair, honourable or ‘successful’ even though such adjectives are often victims of many interpretations.

This simplified image points to the right direction.

The source is here.

The problem comes to light when many good projects stay underfunded and are closed down within the first three years, as non-productive banking institutions and other centralized systems make billions in profits. We consider this to be very unfair and defying all the positive concepts of humanity as such. The mankind reached this far because of mutual co-operation. The more it distanced itself from cut-throat initiatives, the more successful it became. This is the right path to follow in the future.

The majority of people are constantly being dumbed down. This process allows ignorance to rule the world and gives power to non-producers for to rule everything.

Why is that?

The ignorance of masses is perpetuated through weak, often pointless education and constant brainwashing with pleasurable sensory incentives. At the same time, fear and anxiety are triggered by insecurity created by weak income (received as a reward for long working hours) and ever-changing rules of the game. This conditioning happens daily and often unconsciously. It is achieved through perpetual repeating of unconscious messages from various media channels. Most of us are quite unaware and ignorant of this process which successfully prevents the majority from enjoying the real values and virtues.

Every honest individual with good intentions is invited to join and offer skills, knowledge, energy, time or resources for various ongoing projects within ADSactly society. The channel is here: ADSactly and you are welcome.

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Another very good post.

Supporting local businesses is key to keeping your community strong.
We are all consistently voting. Voting with our dollars. By paying attention to what and where you spend your dollar, you can have an impact on the world!

Centralization didn't start out as a bad thing, it is now that it has reached such a massive scale, that it almost has a dehumanizing effect on the very people who work there. Everything becomes a number on a spreadsheet and all honesty and thought for humanity starts to drain away.

Thank you for sharing.

God Speed Brethren.

Spanish version of this ADSactly publication / Versión en español de esta publicación

Status quo, this is what make the poor more poorer and wealthy gets wealthier.

I'm not trying to be critical, but I am confused as to how cryptocurriencies will help local businesses. Block chain technology, as I understand it so far, spans the globe. How does discount Dave or farmer Frank benefit?

your posts are getting exciter and informative by the time ! thumbs up !

The realization of how the world works and who handled it was one of the reasons that encouraged me so much to create an ecological farming project.
Days ago I wrote an article about the project, here I leave the link. Hope you enjoy it.

I must say great post dude. You have written the theory behind decentralization of wealth in our society very well.

Great job, man.
Even I have written something and its called the way of money!

Do read it. Thanks,

perfect, follow up . Thank you very much ! I am sure that he has done a good job as usual. I'll start reading now. I've been following you for a long time. You're doing good. I wish you continued success. I would like to comment on each topic if you upvote it. If you do not send Upvote, I can see the boots. I will keep on following you and commenting on the upvote resteem. Goodbye for now, dear my friend.

Upvoted. I'll be resteeming this now :)

Wow im still perplexed, this is too good an article.

I look forward to reading your post always.

Everything u said here is on point!

Often pointless education and constant brainwashing with pleasurable sensory incentives. At the same time, fear and anxiety are triggered by insecurity created by weak income

This is what I see everyday, people watch their television, root for their favorite soccer team and disregard that the system has utterly screwed them over...

It's the way it's been for years.

Thank you for raising these important factors in our everyday lives ADSactly 👊

nice bro.


this is a nice article

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wow this is VERY interesting, very well written