ADSactly on ADSACTLY - part #30

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ADSactly on ADSACTLY - part #30

ADSactly on Globalization

There are more than a few ways to understand the term "globalization". Most of them are correct. Globalization has many aspects, of which some are favourable. Others, not so much. Sometimes, one can clearly see the difference but at other times it's not so easy. By simplified definition, globalization is a process of integration, unification of the world, achieved by means of technology, trade relations and international politics. Some argue that this process might lead to a "Big Brother" scenario, where a vast majority is to be enslaved by a rich minority who will take control of the resources and technologies. Well, believe it or not, we already are enslaved. So there is no fear of that happening, as it already happened. Globalization is not to blame for this, the roots are deep in the history, far before the first thought of globalization was ever conceived.


The process of globalization, seemingly making the problem greater, actually offers a solution. The possibility of uniting people in anticipation of negative outcomes of globalization and working on their prevention is a benefit. The most important matter of achieving self-sufficiency of individuals, through the integration of knowledge, resources and working environments, is also a big part of the global integration processes. Global investments, trade relationships and new technologies released to the people, are a great tool as long as they are based on fair play and not on colonial premises allowing one side to benefit immensely while the other suffers through unhealthy and hurtful agreements. Whenever an interaction between parties creates unemployment, poverty and inequality on a general scale, it means that something was not done right. This is, by the way, why Africa, the richest continent in the world regarding natural resources, is also the poorest continent in the world.


When we speak of positive sides of the globalization process, we cannot omit to mention the power of cultural exchange and exchange of information. We need to make sure everyone is clear that we are all humans, regardless of colour, religion, caste, creed, and all other aspects deriving from any form of prejudice. After all, we all want to feel safe and be welcomed by other fellow human beings wherever we go, as long as we mean no harm to anyone. New technologies, serving for the betterment of entire Earth, are the key to establishing a global Civilization of Human. Awareness of sustainable processes in all aspects of human endeavours will grow and become real. This is one of the reasons why we strongly support the crypto movement, which some people call 'crypto revolution' and others, 'the great crypto scam'.


Please, try naming three projects that are not called 'scam' by someone in today's world. Ignorant individuals usually see no real value for society in this technology and have a problem comprehending the greater picture. For them, the easiest way out of a mind-boggling situation is to label something 'a scam'. So every crypto project can easily be labelled a scam, a Ponzi or whatnot. Empty talk. We know of several scam 'projects' but we cannot let a few scammers compromise the entire crypto world. Imagine the number of scams going on involving fiat money right now but nobody shouts out: 'Scam this, scam that...' Well... the fiat money concept is the grandest scam. Several issues back, we dedicated a post to that.


Social networks like and crypto technology, in general, are the top of the good aspects of globalization processes. Crypto is the greatest invention since the dawn of the Internet. ADSactly society supports all globalization processes diminishing the effects of detrimental aspects of exploitative behaviour and especially the ones creating new values for every individual. We support free entrepreneurship and an open economy based on cryptocurrencies. We stand for green, sustainable system in which individual works for his own benefit and is not limited by governments or anyone else for that matter. Especially not by any form of centralized institutions who took the right to control people against their wish.

So, guys - Globalization YES but OUR way - NOT THEIRS!


If you are interested in joining the ADSactly society, please read the series on ADSactly from the beginning. Have all of your questions answered in advance.

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I like how you draw a parallel between globalization and a relatively fresh term (which is anti-globalization in meaning) crypto-currencies and a block chain.
In fact, people are easier to blame the crypto currency in the fact that this is fraud. The fact is that this is the essence of most people - when they come up against a notion that can not explain and those things that function not as they are used to (ignorance strikes distrust, and distrust - to things you do not understand shows your level of knowledge ) they begin to avoid it.
That is, it is easier for them to live in a familiar world, to be in a comfort zone than to try to change their lives.
The system of globalization is arranged in such a way that it urgently needs such subjects (people) who are ready to live on the old foundations, to learn from the old concepts - this is the foundation, this is the foundation of globalism as a whole ... ignorance and reluctance to change.
But this process is reversible, and we are already seeing the first steps. I'm sure there will be big changes in the future

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Well, this is philosophical text and you can't find many of that type on Steemit. Globalization and Big Brother are very well idioms in terms of modern living. But you can't beat it because that's what most of the people want. Well, people with brain won't be in that group. Some of them maybe will but only because to relax themselves watching stupidity that surrounds them. And what can you do? You can just laugh on it. What about globalization? My friend quit his job at firm called BNet because big corporation bought it and he didn't want to be part of that. And he earned very well. On the first, I couldn't believe. But on second thought, I realized that he was right. Why to be a part of globalization?! Be yourself.

I like your definition of globalization, everything you have said is facts. The revolution of cryptocurrency has enhanced globalization in such a way that we cannot be enslaved by the government but only those who choose to be enslaved who don’t take advantage of this new globalization labeling cryptocurrencies as scam or Ponzi schemes LOL. People who are ignorant about cryptos I must say have been brainwashed by governments. Another thing I like about this post which I actually took a screenshot of it is "Africa being the most richest continent in terms of natural resources" but the poorest continent saddens me but it’s really the truth.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

The political dimension of the globalization can be summarized as the increased global interdepedendence and economic dimension of the golabization is increasing global economic integration and the flow of economic power from nation states to international financial companies. While looking at the cultural dimension of the globalization, it reveals that it has brought the great changes in societies by quickly solving the outdated social problems one by one. It is a matter of fact that during the globalization process, communities with weak social ties in the world are forced to protect their own cultures especially with the advent of communication technologies.Yess; globalization YES or NO??

Globalization has many dimensions. In other words, these dimensions are in the foreground; political, economic and socio-cultural dimensions. The political footstep of globalization is short; while the economic pillar emphasizes more of the power from nation states to international financial corporations and increases global economic integration. When we look at the cultural dimension of globalization, reveals that globalization has brought about major changes in society's societies, that old social ties are solved one by one and quickly. As a matter of fact, it is obvious that communities with weak social ties on the world have difficulties in protecting their own cultures with the great transformation of communication technologies in the process of globalization. In addition, in the socio-cultural dimension of globalization; single culture, multiculturalism, and the formation of hybrid cultures.@adsactly

there are people who are often called conservatives. These conservatives live in a world they are familiar with and are not ready for change. Especially when these changes relate to their everyday foundations. They do not like changes and everything that seems to them incomprehensible they are certainly considered a scam and are not ready to put up with it.
They are the anchor of progress and in fact inhibit progress with their passive mistrust.
But to our happiness and the regret of conservatives - there are people like us - Innovators. We are open to the new, we are unacceptable to globalization and are ready to support innovative technologies that are a direct counterbalance to globalism led by conservatives.
We are not the majority, but thanks to our efforts and the fact that we are constantly developing, more and more sensible people join our side.
People whose mind was asleep. He was euthanized by the constant influence of the media, which are controlled by globalists. But by joint conditions we awaken their minds - one by one.
Soon the time will come when we will have an absolute majority. A time when common sense and progress will prevail. It's worth fighting for.
Thank you, your article is gorgeous.

You are absolutely right @adsactly, we are already trapped for a long time and that it is believed or not;)

Once again I am happy to read a post like yours because you make me part of the names of who are worth to be here.
As many say can lose the motivation seeing that even on steemit there are forms of injustice as everywhere. But thanks to people motivated to make things happen in powerful ways and that offers strength by righting the scales with their words.
What you do to my eyes.
Very good development on the globalization and the direction that we must make him take.
It is important, as you say, to put the human in the center of the debate.
Many thanks to you.
Take Care

Peace & Unity

Globalization is already here, and now our job is to shape it together in the best way we as a society see it, this is exactly what ADSactly are doing :) let's take part everyone!

The thing I like the most about the way globalization is implemented here in steemit and by the ADSactly society - it allows for the sharing of cultures and local values between continents, religions etc - yet it allows a person to keep a firm and defined core identity - you can see so many people sharing their cultural experience, and viewing other's - there is no attempt to dictate a certain way of living and a mutual, uniform culture - this is a decentralized network and anyone can have what view they have without fear!
Of course - on top of the core identity, we thrive to introduce people to the "crypto movement" values and technologies - but what we want is to arise arguments and let people hear them in the HOPE that they embrace them, we don't want to force anyone to think the way we do.

It might be a long process and a frustrating one, but it shouldn't discourage us or make us to mock anyone thinking differently, the fiat people, it's hard to leave old habits and with time and persistence, we will continue this exciting revolution! As we know and see - the embracemenet of new concepts is slow at first, but it's like a river ariving to a waterfall - in some point, the adoption of out technologies and philosophy will become widespread enough that people won't feel threatened by it and will become curious and willing to hear - that's when the flood will arrive and wash globally, powerfully!

Do not put blame on globalization - its the best message.

Good post......globalization yes but our way.....there ya go

Even though im an engineering major i've studied about our country's TAX laws in detail.. just so i can exploit the loopholes better.
I am not a slave and the eventual goal is not to pay taxes and have a self sustaining society, rid of all corporate tyrants :)

yeh i agree people should adopt new methods instead of fearing scam

I want to say something about globalization unification which brings technology
Actually I realized that technology had made the world a stress free place to be, with the aid of technology the world had gotten great achievement, I know in 5years time there will be a great difference

Interesting and Educative post on globalization
Well drapted post.

This is very helpful post for new cryto traders and they can lear more thing such a very nice information

The phenomenon called globalization is symbolized by development, technology and information society, but it also includes unemployment and misery.

Well, I guess we can't do much about it can we?

One can offer their way. Can't really force anyone to take it though.

Very Educative thanks because of this i learnt about globalization today :)

When galileo said the world was round, nobody descended on him. other people said they were fooling. they saw him as a deceiver. people are afraid that they do not know not innovations.
instead of learning a subject. it makes it easier for them to slaughter. just like the crypto money attackers now.they call cyrpto money a deception

well said :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

2/3 of the population living on the earth needs a 2-hour road to reach the nearest phone, which is a dubious mask that decides which globalization, where to ask these fauna questions.
The term globalization is a term that is a cheesy cute (see japanese ball), which is bashayaa regionalization (bolgesellesme), which means that the economy is full of triads of blocs, that is, the frosts are frosted over europe, america and japan.
support for a nationwide tycoon multinational, a multinational transnational, and a statistically significant corporation that is capable of imposing pressure on governments, @adsactly


Hmmm, globalisatio o yes!

Thanks.. witness vote your way 😄

thanks for the useful info

@adsactly, Informative and very timely article. Yes the brilliance of this platform allows such interactive interconnected community presence that the Steemit Community, is like a true inter-cultural market place, where the commodity to trade is inspirable info, about each others lives in some way or another. I have chatted
read and have gleened wisdom, tips, adventure, recipes, how to,and heart warming stories from all over the world... while I build up Steem for myself and others?Wow!
Yes...block-chain Global- revitalization sounds very green and healthy and Steemie for all.

You are right in your outlook, of course crypto is not a scam, even though, yes, there are a few scams in the crypto world, not everybody is honest. What I liked most in your article is this, which is completely true:

"Some argue that this process might lead to a "Big Brother" scenario, where a vast majority is to be enslaved by a rich minority who will take control of the resources and technologies. Well, believe it or not, we already are enslaved. So there is no fear of that happening, as it already happened."

My post today was talking about my switch to Steem due to the amount I invested in social platforms only to fill the pockets of large corps when I could have invested in Steem power and used that power to up vote curate and help other like minded people become better. "Social networks like Steemit and crypto technology, in general, are the top of the good aspects of globalization processes. " This statement is part of the main reason I chose the block chain to become my new social platform and reach out and inspire others to become great with me. Technology provides us an avenue to globalize the word from a keyboards reach.

I find this interesting. Need to learn more to speak without sounding like an idiot though. Thanks.

haha I feel totally the same :D

'Globalization YES but OUR way - NOT THEIRS!'
...the best thing I've heard all day!

What happens when I click the coin? Is this a link to an outside chatroom?

Thanks for the information in this post.


Globalization is a process of international integration that occurs because of the exchange of world views, products, thoughts, and other cultural aspects. The development of transport and telecommunications infrastructure, including the emergence of telegraph and the Internet, is a major factor in globalization that encourages interdependence of economic activity and culture. Although some claim that globalization originated in the modern era, some other experts trace the history of globalization until before the time of European invention and the voyage to the New World. There are also experts who noted the occurrence of globalization in the third millennium BC In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the economic and cultural interconnection of the world took place very quickly.

Thanks for the information and enlightenment.

Good work

One of the major problems of globalization is when it reaches poor or underdeveloped places. Sometimes it tends to slow down the growth of a country. The blockchains are an alternative means of escaping the banking system

Great info, thanks for sharing. Always we get something to learn!

well done for this information

interesting post. i feel like the cultural influence of globalisation far exceeds the economic influence or gain. that having been said, they are both so interlinked now that its hard to say whether globalisation is something thats happening, or something that was meant to be. its hard to see that despite the level of globalisation, the way the planet is divided right now is shameful.

i like information

I upvote you my priend

This is my best breakdown of crypto technology so far. thank you so much @adsactly. The punch lines were so clear and understandable even to a newbies. Thanks once more

Yes to globalization in our way. Civilization is in danger too when those who have never learned to obey are given the rights to command.

It's a great write up ,we can still a lot from this.thnks alot

nice post

Posts like this must be acknowledged.... Very informative post.... Keep up the good work....

"Globalization YES but OUR way - NOT THEIRS!"

A very good post have read in a very long period

There has to be 3 things that I see for globalism to happen.

  1. A one world currency, necessary for equal distribution of money.

  2. Equal living standards for all and that mean for some a very hard cut in what they are used to wealth wise.

  3. A one world religion so most of the fighting will end.

These things have to come about naturally not forced.

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good post

nice article

useful information.



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The rich will always trample on the poor,
The internet and cryptocurrency is paving way for the poor to also become rich...
The future is bright... Thanks for this @adsactly Thanks for this @adsactly

adsactly,your content is always excellent. Whenever I see your post, I know that there must me excellent quality content in it. So I comment your post before reading the post
I learned a lot about steemit reading your posts. Ilike and crypto technology but times it's not so easy.