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ADSactly on ADSACTLY - Part #57

Creating Value - Part 5


In the last four sequels we wrote about the early beginnings of creating values, continued with the rise of craftsmen, explorers and merchants. We explained the importance of the first manual machines and how it all led to industrialization. Today we'll continue further. If you haven't read the first four parts, please find them here:

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The next big thing, you probably guessed, was oil. With the growing automobile industry and the fast-growing industry in all sectors, oil proved to be fast and stable energy solution at the time. Of course, nobody had a remote thought about the scale of pollution it would create in the future once it springs out of the proportions of the era. However, the value was to be created, investors were ready to get rich and workers looked for to be employed, so many jumped on the opportunity to drill for the black gold.


In retrospective, oil made many well-off and created countless working places all over the world. It set the foothold for future development and progress but also gave an enormous amount of financial power to the countries which traditionally harbour extremist worldviews. This consequence, along with the global warming as a result of the pollution, set a path for further exploration of renewable energy sources. (Quite a few members of ADSactly Society are currently investing in the development of clean and cheap energy sources.)

Oil is the basic source of energy used in various industries around the globe. Its importance is not questionable. The annual rise of its consumption is still on the rise, with the USA in the lead. They spend more oil than China, Russia, Japan and India combined. It is no wonder there is a strong lobby against the signing of the Kyoto Protocol which would make each country decrease annual emissions of greenhouse gasses. Profit over reason, once again.


The latest method of oil production is fracking. It is the process of injecting liquid at high pressure into subterranean rocks in order to extract oil. It secured higher reserves of oil because the amount of oil captured in rocks is vast. However, it is detrimental to the environment and dangerous in the long run. Breaking the stone and gathering oil from it causes irreparable damage. The image is quite self-explanatory.


Wars were and are fought for control over the oil fields, lives are lost over it, fortunes are made because of it. However, do we really need such a dirty and dangerous product anymore? Will we be able to switch the overall energy direction to cleaner sources?

Reason tells us the time to abandon oil has arrived a long time ago. However, with the decrease of the oil industry, countless jobs will be lost. People, unfortunately, need oil for many reasons. It creates value for many people. Letting it go and changing it for renewable sources might cause serious economic and social shocks. Renewable sources have no limited supply and it scared the ones who understand the rule of availability and demand. These are the reasons why we still use oil even though many alternatives exist for decades.


The price we might pay for burning countless amounts of oil may soon prove to be too steep in the end. Is this another 'profit over reason' showcase, exposing our old weaknesses?

Let us know your thoughts!

To be continued...


If you are interested in joining the ADSactly Society, please read the blog series on ADSactly from the beginning. Have all of your questions answered in advance.

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Nice piece. You touch on the big issues. The general public is not really aware of all the damage fracking does to the environment and the harm it causes to the water supply, nor is it aware that the wars fought in the Middle East, including the one currently taking place in Syria, are mostly about control of the energy supply. Fortunately the use of renewable energy is increasing, in large part because the economics themselves are starting to make more sense. In many parts of the country, solar power is becoming price competitive with conventional energy. In the end, dollars and cents will probably drive adoption even though it's the right thing to do.

On the one hand, oil is a foundation of the modern way of life - ironically, on the other hand, it may also be the what cracks that foundation as well.

I don't think we can do an immediate change to a completely oil free world, maybe not even in the next decade. But we can phase out many key dependencies on oil such as electricity production or driving vehicles. But things like shipping, air transportation, maybe even production of solar panels and countless other materials will probably keep a need for sucking oil out of the ground as the alternatives will probably need time before they can compete on a cost basis.

But that's not a bad thing; it means we can do a smoother transition away from oil, one big chunk at a time without having to destroy so many jobs all at once. Workers can hopefully be retrained in other fields... as long as they understand the big picture of environmental degradation isn't fake news and aren't stubbornly set on a way of life that was the way of the past, but not the future.

I agree that oil is very essential to many companies and industries and if black gold will be abandonned they would will be having a shock. Many of the factories depends on oil. And if that happened many of them will bd closed, Many people will lossing thier jobs, and many roads will be silent. Due to economies growth of consuming black gold it is very hard for the producer to stop. Does there Is something that could replace oil? Well I don't know. I have heard that water could make use as the fuel for cars, but in some aspect of black gold uses it can't, But if we continue to use this gold, we continue causing damage to the environement. The world needs us , but it's very hard to stop on making econony stand still. We could choose what' the best for a good is it economy or for nature? I would let give your opinion, give your comments below

Every war is made because of the profit, especially in this time now.
We are sacrificing life for jobs? Where is the value in that? I think the real value lies in things like time, effort, life, freedom,etc.
Rejecting oil industry must be done but it will not be done over the night, just like that. Educating people about it will lead them to find better jobs, to open their mind and see what the future holds and expects from us. We must be brave to take big steps forward and realize that we need to live with nature, not just in nature.

We have other solutions, but governments are keeping the well known secret :D I hope Tesla was right when he said that he can light up the whole world ;)

The future is knocking at our door, but are we gonna open our door? Are we brave enough to exit our comfort zones and make another small step for a man, and a giant step for mankind?

My hopes are that with a proper education and awareness of ourselves we can see the bigger picture and heal our planet and our mother Earth. We got a lot other places to go as a civilization...

As far as I can remember, humanity in those old times had a choice. Or use of electric motors or internal combustion engines. Electric motors named after a lower efficiency and did not have capacious batteries. But there was a lot of oil and it brought huge profits. Therefore, the world began to develop towards internal combustion engines. Now the trend is changing. In the latest news I saw that one oil prince invests huge money in solar energy. Sooner or later, the era of oil will come to an end. It exists only because of monopolists with huge money. They pump out the resources of our planet and earn huge money. It is beneficial for them that humanity continue to use oil as a resource.

But the use of oil has devastating consequences for the environment. I am a geologist by education (although I had to become an astrophysicist). Every year the oil deposits are depleted. Therefore, we have to look for new places for extraction. But this is not the most important thing. The most important thing is that millions of cars burn huge amounts of fuel every day. This carbon monoxide enters the atmosphere and poisons it. In the end, we see that this affects climate change across the planet, as well as the destruction of the ozone layer. Oil magnates pose a monetary gain above the "health" of our common house - the planet Earth.

At the moment there are many ways to obtain alternative and clean energy. If humanity were to unite, we could change the situation. But while there are people interested in getting oil profit - progress will develop, but slowly. This is sad, but the incomes of some countries depend mainly on minerals.
I see that the world is changing, but not so fast. I hope we have a chance to change the situation and avoid a "bad" ending.
Thanks, great article

with time in history, the strength of the middle class increased. This was due to the growth of progress. People became more demanding and smarter. Therefore, the hunters need to follow the trend and create more value in order to meet the requirements of the middle class.

Nevertheless, I have reason to believe that a low class in society exists to intimidate the middle class. Thus, people from the middle class will continue to work and bring value to themselves and to people from the vigilant class.

I agree that many things have changed after the industrial revolution. The obfuscation of the trend and the requirements for work have changed. Many professions lost their relevance. At the same time there were other proffessions.

Here where I live is accepted to appreciate things that were produced in the Soviet Union. Why? Just because these things serve to the present day. Yes, exactly then the production created things and mechanisms that were calculated for a long period of work. Now the whole world has changed. Now the priority is money. And chtotneobhodimo that would make money? The answer is simple - sell more often. And what to sell more often - it is necessary that people need these things. Therefore, such a phenomenon as a programmed lifetime became relevant. You buy a thing and with a certain time period it comes out of standing. After that you have to buy this thing. You carry your money back. I do not support such a system.
A good topic for discussion. Thanks, I liked it...bestof luck
@upvote and resteemit


what is adsactly crypto

Why people connot understand still that only if we let go old system our society can change into using renewable sources? People are afraid it might cause serious economic and social shocks. Yes, it can, so what! Nature works that way. For example, if you have dry branch on the tree because of some bacteria, you need to cut that branch, it in order to prevent all tree to die. Our economy system is like that. If we need to go through some shock, let it be, to rejuvenate our society where we won't kill our planet that provides all the life. As anyway this oil based industry is big shock for our planet and us as humans but still we are ignorant to see that. Look the oceans, animals, forests, all planet is suffering...

Nikola Tesla found solution for free energy more than 100 years back. But greed is still one of the dominant feeling among establishment, and for that reason, normal people suffer and pay still for something that nature can provide in abundance.

I believe we are waking up as humanity, step by step. It is a slow and long process, but it is happening. Let us do whatever each of us can from our sided. Be more aware for beginning. Namaste.


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All I can say is that the future lies in solar, wind and nuclear energy

awesome post, thanks for sharing the valuable information

A beautiful bear carries a lot of support around black Dahab
Everyone knows that oil imposes itself
And can not be dispensed at the present time
Despite renewed attempts to develop alternative energy
Solar, wind ...
The question is very much the same
Can renewable energy
To replace oil ??
Or will the experts discover a new article ??


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Excuse me for advertising. It is necessary to earn. I'll try to stop soon. :)

Interesting article. Has subscribed to you. Waiting for a mutual subscription.

Hmm.... This is breathtaking. Nice write up @adsactly. In my country here in Nigeria, Oil has been the greatest means of making revenue by the government and the business men. I strongly corroborate with you. It is well known that the can't really do without oil. We don't have electric cars or solar cars over here and we are mainly dependent on oil as a means of energy transportation. The only advantage I can see in renewable source of energy is the fact that it is less expensive, efficient and reduction in pollution. Eradicating the oil sector may lead to low economic development, high crime rates and high unemployment.

the post is so amazing I'm so happy to see his friend

Thank you very much

I live in a country that has crude oil in abundance, Nigeria. But so far crude oil has been a combination of blessing and course for us

The discovery of oil was a stepping milestone until greed came in, my place of origin is an example. Oil was discovered in 2005 and it led to lost of lives cos different started claiming ownership of the lands which led to conflict which was resolved 2 years ago. The depletion on the farmland and water is no joke as it has stopped agricultural activities.
Renewable energy is the way forward but this is not put in total use because OPEC uses oil to control the way the world works and another means of fostering relationships among countries

Actually it's a great post to learn a lot from this post.It's a weird idea that I really liked you.Thank you very much for posting this.Go ahead????

The truth is great, and I do not refer to the amount of PS or SBD you have, but for your knowledge, I follow you for days and you have captivated me by your intellectuality, you have made great posts.
When you made reference to the black gold (Petroleo) you have a lot of reason, I thought, that Venezuela is one of the countries with more black gold in the world and still has not been able to grow, many say because of its lack of ethics in its political others because they do not have much knowledge how to handle themselves, the truth is that they have many things to come up and still they are still trapped in the same place

good, law your article and I comment first this is very good exposes it, but I tell you a reality to venezuela in Venezuela there is a lot of oil is even one of the largest reserves worldwide, but that has not brought enough welfare to the Venezuelan rather more poverty and not convertimops in a country that lives on petroleum income and not produce or what we eat, before the petroleum exlocion to which it was produced and when the oil opening tofod occurred the peasants abandoned their land to go to the big cities to abuse trabo in the oil fields abandoned the field and so the food production that same people settled in marginal neighborhoods where the poor is. nothing more to say greeting and stature in contact.

i love this pls votes for me too

Friends are not my steemit voting power. I am commenting.
Genius is a great post, so you countless
Thank you so much for fun, funny writing. I'm a general steemit user. I want to follow the wonderful people like you. Please give me upvote and follow me.

thank you for the knowledge of the oil you told us.

Excellent information, there are other alternative sources of energy that can be used by industries and society, which have not yet been profitable or easy to obey such as oil. The idea is not to use fracking as a production method since this method is much more polluting and harmful to humanity and the environment. This method contaminates the residual water by the additives and chemicals that are used during the process, also the leak of methane gas and the gas that is extracted from the rock.


i am a new person brother..please every person vote and follow me.i hope you are my good friends

I am your new follower dear.

Oil created countless working places and countless wars in the world. Instead of thinking about the general benefits of all the planet, people started killing each other like crazy. We could have Electric Cars from the beginning and use the suns free Energy instead of using oil.
Instead of sending poor soldiers and getting them killed in wars, they could pay scientists to research what is important. How to use the suns and cosmos energy. Both are free and available at no cost.

fair and detailed info too long anyways

with your post i can take a good lesson@adsactly

Nice piece. You touch on the big issues. The general public is not really aware of all the damage fracking does to the environment and the harm it causes to the water supply, nor is it aware that the wars fought in the Middle East, including the one currently taking place in Syria, are mostly about control of the energy supply.
Excellent information, there are other alternative sources of energy that can be used by industries and society, which have not yet been profitable or easy to obey such as oil. The idea is not to use fracking as a production method since this method is much more polluting and harmful to humanity and the environment. This method contaminates the residual water by the additives and chemicals that are used during the process, also the leak of methane gas and the gas that is extracted from the rock.

it does not matter, when we do it...we have to adopt renewable energy today or tomorrow. So, its better as much as possible we can shift our use. Yes, there will be consequences for the people who are related to oil business...still it is not that much worth than to continue it.

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