ADSactly on ADSACTLY - part #25

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ADSactly on ADSACTLY - Part #25

Full Stack Startup


Did you ever come to a new idea about something innovative and awesome that many people could use and benefit from? Who has never at least once thought about starting a great project and sharing its merits with the rest of the world? Even if we have a new and awesome idea, the first obstacles usually arise with funding. In order to acquire funds and get your idea accepted, you'll need to display it to many people and make them believe in it so they'd invest in development. In this process, many creative people have already lost their idea to the third parties, who made profits instead of the original creator.


A better scenario is when a big giant company buys your idea and locks it in a drawer so it wouldn't compete with their existing product. A patent troll companies are always looking for buying a good product cheaply and sell it further on through the licencing process. Well, at least you got some money but you also made heaps of non-producers rich in the process. For a true visionary none of this is good enough. A true visionary wants to see the product built and used by many and be appropriately rewarded for creating it. This is where the true path of greatness leads to.



The solution comes in a form of "full stack startup". Instead of selling the licence or idea for the new technology to the ones who have the power to vastly profit from it, a full stack startup company leader rather builds it to the very end. This way the competitors and incumbents are bypassed and the project is developed by the original creator to the benefit of his customers. A product sees the light of day under the creators' conditions and provides a complete control over the customer experience. You are not sure what we are talking about - think Tesla, think Uber, Harry’s, Nest, Buzzfeed, Airbnb, Warby Parker, think Netflix! Yes, these are all living, successful examples of full stack startup companies.


This is a proper way to fight against the unfair system always favouring the top shelf strata and neglecting the real people doing the real job. For to start a project you need: software, hardware, design, consumer marketing, partnerships, legislative, supply chain management, sales etc. But, mind you, there is one single place you will find all of that and more!

It is essential for future full stack startup founders to understand and devote time to every aspect of their product/service. In order to be able to do this, one needs to get good at many different things. It is not enough to build the technology but one needs to dwell on all other aspects of handling a business environment. It takes an expert, visionary and a leader to do this. The first example of such a man, coming to my mind, is Steve Jobs. He was very much up to every single part of the process and this is exactly why Apple was successful and became a legend that will last long after its founding fathers have left.




ARE YOU READY to start your project?


Because if you are the next Steve, it is a good thing to know that ADSactly members help each other with their skills, resources, knowledge and are always willing to participate in a visionary project that will benefit you, all parties involved and the society as a whole. We are the guiding light and living examples of cooperative economics that are to change the world for the better.

Large companies will soon have no option but to adopt our way of thinking because it will be extremely hard for them to replicate all of the pieces to the puzzle of a cooperative full stack startup within their outdated working environments. An approach based on cooperation will lead to the creation of many new large companies through which many working people will acquire their dignity back. A thinking and working individual will be able to move forward without all of the obstacles currently put in front of him/her and get a better life, a life full of meaning.


If you are interested in joining the ADSactly society, please read the series on ADSactly from the beginning. Have all of your questions answered in advance.

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Every honest individual with good intentions is invited to join and offer their skills, knowledge, energy, time or resources to various ongoing projects within ADSactly society. The channel is here: ADSactly and you are welcome.

Go Adsactly


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I'm a computer engineering student. We are dreaming with legends like Steve Jobs. Each of us passes through the mind. Some of us will achieve this .. Maybe a new Steve Jobs .. Maybe a new Mark Zuckerberg, maybe an Elon Musk .... Some of us will accomplish this .. Why should not I be one of them?

With this kind of faith and determination, the sky is your limit. Keep on soaring high my dear.

Hi @angel4smile, I respect your opinion, But always aim for 100 to get 90 or 80 on the other hand if you already aiming for 10 then you will get 8/100.

The main thing is to have an idea of ​​what has to be done, to an engineer in computer science that is a piece of cake, I am also an engineer in computer science I have had many ideas, the question is that I have not had enough capital to put them to work, Greetings.

Yes you are right, we have to be legend like Steve Jobs. But as @adsactly said, There are intellectuals who are forced to bind themselves with the companies because of financial needs and companies will use them according to their tasks.
But I would say, its OK to join the already established companies but the target should be that we the intellectuals should have to get acknowledged of our art and one day those companies should start following us. This is the stage when company has to follow us, but not we. Time will come, we can start projects of our interests with their investments.

Don't try to be like them world don't need another copy.Be Yourself.I read Elon musk book and i don't like him insted of use his money to build something for people in africa he try to build to send people to mars what a moron.

Most of the people in my opinion start from the fact that even if they get a new original idea, there is someone else in the world that already thought of that. And this is somehow discouraging in going down this road. Also there is the fact that most of the genial ideas mostly are done by people that don't know the specific of that industry as most specialists tend to go over and over on the same path.
Of course, there are many examples that new ideas brighten the world each day, but who defines what is NEW or more exactly might have already been there and only that comes someone with enough resources to see it through...

really captivating writeup... always looking forward to your posts 💯

its really nice and full of information... thanks @adsactly for such beautiful artical...

wow! awesome idea! where will this be located?

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Very interesting information thanks @adsactly

Money is important because,the best education is to get money thanks to the money and people can not get food and drink and can not meet their needs.
you have a lot of money so you can be a business owner. By hiring people who have been educated on this site, you will benefit both yourself and yourself. @adsactly

Companies competing with a capabilities-driven approach have a clearer identity

Thank you so much @adsactly

Thanks for the write up @shizzy

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this is the real visionary. lots and lots of young talent is waiting for real support. this is a very nice post. resteeming this post

The problem with starting your own company and line of products is that you would need investors to help the start up. This requires good PR and communication skills. This is the reason why I see some of my classmates with brilliant ideas get shut down. They are either too shy or lack the confidence to step up.
So much talent and potential is wasted on having second thoughts.
The brilliant idea is then replaced by an okay idea promoted by a "smooth-talker." If there is a way to help our brilliant introverted friends out there, I think it is upon us to help out and be a part of the potential advancement of mankind.

Necessity is the** mother of invention**. After invention some big guns get the credit for what they didn't give.I love that forum

Very helpful topic it is. I think it's very help us...
Love it.....we want more creative things from you......thanks dear..

as usual always better than expected! great work!

new ideas, new ideas ... it is a very beautiful source and article ... I am reading new writings and going to go... @Adsactly

Wow interesting.
Ride on please

Amazing post and thanks for sharing

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Nice post. Thanks for sharing this vital educative information. I upvote you.

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Heaven is the limit, I think that this year 2017 when I met steemit, has given me a very different vision of life, I have committed myself to make a good project in Spanish for the whole community, I want the Spanish speaker to be known around the world, with good post, and original ideas, because I think that STEEMIT IS THE FUTURE.


When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable :L:):L:)

I m a blogger and i do lots of search and write articles on that.. Maybe if i earned good tgen i would love to help startups😊😊

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I will become more successful than others. I should not compare myself with others


your content really nice & informative, Thanks a lot to share it

Great post! Really interesting.
Good luck with the project!

I heard after Bernie takes cryptopassion out your next.

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This is an acute and common problem - in Israel most of the startup companies just try to get enough costumers and hype to attract the industrie's big players attention and to sell themselves afterwards and make their exit.
Israel is called" the startup nation" but the sad truth is that most of those startups just sell themselves to big foreign companies.
There are a free companies that insisted on being independent, and it was worth it - they grew to be wealthy, successful companies - one example is checkpoint - started as a startup and became a 17 billion dollars worth company.

Developers should be aware that there are good people in initiatives that help to new startups - it's called "startup accelerators" - they offen provide funding, officers and funding. One such initiative is the renowned Ycombinator.

So yes - if you have that brilliant idea and you are going to go for it all in - you have good people in that will help you. You have the ADSactly society of course, the accelerators, and your own power of will!
Good luck!

Yes you are true
Peoples have lots of talent but mostly this talent were wastes because of money they do not have funds to give platform for there ideas and it is the sad reality of our world
This is true that talent is all thing we need but it is applicable only in inaginary world :)
Sir thanks for providing this great content

i am a cse student but i do not have the faith to be one of them. nice article to follow through in my life

Its so true different ideas is what the need of the hour. But unfortunately people are to scared to try something new reasons Giants which are already there in the market and working every minute to eliminate the competition and try to gain monopoly. Compete with them is not that easy task. People want to follow old traditional mantra for success . Country like china a decade a ago was economically poor but now is in the super power reason they promote their own business to develop so that capital remain with them having their own facebook/ google etc. instead of making their country market for outside gaint . they are using their own strenght to help and develop their economy.

güzel bilgiler thanks

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My slogan is education for all .

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Nice write up @ajadiahmed

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I wouldn't mind being the new Ben Carson too! Not sure how it's supposed to correlate with innovation and awesomeness but I still wouldn't mind.