ADSactly on ADSACTLY - Part #4

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ADSactly on ADSACTLY - Part #4

ADSactly society was designed in order to bring people together and help members develop their projects. ADSactly does not assign tasks to individuals, does not come up with business ideas, nor makes people work on designated projects. It is up to each member and his own free will to start a project or join one, as we already mentioned before.

All members are categorized into groups, according to their personal contributions and overall value to the ADSactly society, by means of the society's Value Contribution System. It serves the purpose of helping members find each other and achieve mutual goals in the most efficient ways possible. It does not diminish anyone's personal value in any way or form and should be regarded as interesting and amusing rather than pejorative, what was never intended. However, it is important to know, that even though we are a very tolerant society, we don't and never will tolerate aggressive, demeaning, deceitful or hostile behaviour amongst members of the society or anyone else. Such non-productive and hurtful behaviour is not and will never be tolerated in any form.

ADSactly's success is strongly based on investing and trading of cryptocurrencies. The society came into existence and developed itself to what it is today, through the adoption of this new, decentralized financial system. Therefore, ADSactly traders are always willing to advise and explain when a good investment or trading opportunity comes to light but only at a discretion of members who are willing to participate. Please note that ADSactly is not, in any way, responsible for anyone's investment choices of any kind. Each member bears a sole individual responsibility for his/her own investments and as well as all other actions. We strongly encourage our members to behave accordingly to the laws of his/her respective country.

Every honest individual with good intentions is invited to join and offer skills, knowledge, energy, time or resources to various ongoing projects within ADSactly society. The channel is here: ADSactly and you are welcome.

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Nice bit of technical writing.

Excellent idea to bring like minded people together, a friend with similar idea's is a friend indeed. Thanks for bringing this to us.

thanks for information...
nice post...

Great post, I like..!

Thank you very useful information @adsactly. Success will be achieved easily together. Thank you for sharing. Regards.

That's pretty cool to know...

information that is very useful, I will resteem and upvote posting pal.

thanks for information.i like it.

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Very useful. Thank you

I love the idea of freedom! I hate corporate cell-block office jobs where you need to pay someone's bidding just to keep your job!

I feel like ADSactly is really taking the step forward with this one 😊

I will participate and continue to do my best in this program