ADSactly on ADSACTLY - Part #41 - ADSactly Steem Witness

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ADSactly on ADSACTLY - part #41

ADSactly - Steem Witness

STEEM witness is a cool name for someone running a server of STEEM blockchain. There are 127 of them at this moment, with top 20 machines doing most of the job and owners having the most influence on the future of Steem. The positions of witnesses are chosen by the amount and strength of your votes.

The more STEEM POWER you have, the more will your vote count. One can picture it as parliament elections, except votes don't count equal. It is fair because the people who invested more in the platform have a greater say in choosing the witnesses.

This voting system also denies classical principles of democracy where a vote of a heroin addict counts the same as a vote of a Nobel prize-winning professor but that dubious fact is outside of the scope of this article. The witness system is a proof of decentralized blockchain where no Zuckerberg or Gates or Buffet or whomever else with a golden key can rule the place in a monarchical style.**


Every witness in the STEEM ecosystem usually writes a 'witness proposal' and posts it on the witness profile. The witness proposal is a statement of intentions and display of overall direction toward which a witness will steer in the future. Why is this important, you may ask? Well, because the witnesses have joined power to 'tweak' the blockchain and if the majority of them agrees a 'hardfork' is a go. Hardfork is STEEM blockchain update and, immediately as implemented, it defines the future of us all. So, yes, just like in real life, you should be aware and vigilant as to who your witnesses are and what they stand for. An example of a witness proposal of ADSactly Society's witness is here:

Witness Proposal

Witness Proposal Update

The latest idea for the STEEM, discussed by the witnesses was to forcibly make 1SBD worth 1USD (called pegging one SBD to one USD). @adsactly-witness strongly stands against pegging and sees this idea as an extremely dangerous one for the future of the platform. If this idea passes in some scenario, your SBD income will decrease 4-5 times in value. We are against it and ask you to help us watch for your best interest.

sbd chart.png

Please, read ADSactly Society's Witness Proposal in detail and let us know if our vision follows yours. Let us know if you chose us as your representative in the witness parliament.If you have any doubts as to vote for our witness, please know that our Society invested a lot of money in the STEEM and be sure that we will make sure STEEM cryptocurrency, as well as the entire ecosystem, heads in the best possible direction.

Don't think that you are insignificant, you're not because every vote counts. If you like our blog, read what we write and want to support us, please vote @adsactly-witness account as your witness. All great endeavours are based on trust. We trust you to make the good decision helping ADSactly Society climb up in top 20 witnesses, so we can make sure your best interests are watched over.


Please, take 30 seconds and go to the menu in the top right corner of your screen, right from your account's icon. Press 'Vote for Witnesses'.

Then write @adsactly-witness in the box and press vote!


Thank you for your vote, we will provide you with even more hi-quality content, watch for your interest and make sure that your presence on steem platform counts!


If you are interested in joining the ADSactly Society, please read the blog series on ADSactly from the beginning. Have all of your questions answered in advance.

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Every honest individual with good intentions is invited to join and offer their skills, knowledge, energy, time or resources to various ongoing projects within ADSactly society. The channel is here: ADSactly and you are welcome!

Click on the coin to join our Discord Chat

Go Adsactly

Vote @adsactly-witness for Steem witness!
Witness proposal is here:

Witness Proposal
Witness Proposal Update

Go To Steem Witness Page
In the bottom of the page type: adsactly-witness and press vote.

Use small letters and no "@" sign. Or, click here to vote directly!
Thank you!

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i vote for this witness since some time

I understand that SBD was designed to represent roughly 1 USD. This was a good starting point. However, over time a seemingly valueless SBD has grown to have a much larger value than ever anticipated even surpassing Steem itself. I think that in some ways this is a reflection on the value of good conten on the platform and the power SBD has through multiple facites to eventually be transferred to Steem. If we force a pegged value on SBD then we are saying that the good content here is now less valuable. What does that say to the people that work hard to produce that content? Furthermore, we are already dealing with a huge disparity between the haves and have nots here. It is hard enough now for minnows like me an many others to get traction and grow. If we have our rewards cut 4 times then we will never see positive growth. This would only serve to keep the power players in full control. Let the platform and the market decide!

Thank you for the comment, we agree that the market should dictate, and high rewards will attract more bloggers, in our opinion.

This SBD pegging is a crucial point for all of the authors on the platform here, especially those making a living posting on steemit - so even though it requires some reading and thought - I implore every person who cares about the platform growth but also for their revenues to consider voting for the ADSactly witness.

Right now - it seems that the wind is blowing in the pegging direction among the top 20 witnesses, so the best thing we can do is promote the witnesses that support our view, and the ADSactly witness is one of the strongest advocates of keeping things the way they are now.

Even if you filled all of your 30 votes - consider unvoting a pegging supporter and voting for our cause, this is exactly the meaning of witness voting - promoting the platform in the direction we vision it.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

If SBD is not pegged in some way to a fiat currency is there any point for having it. What's the difference between SBD and STEEM in that case?

Thanks for the comment, it's a pretty in-depth debate, we would recommend you read both sides of the discussion. We recommend these here and here.

I hate the idea of SBD to be held at $1 to 1 ratio. Let the decentralized market decide. I’m definitely going to vote for you as a witness. And I actualy just did.

Thank you for your support.

I support adsactly, no pegging let SBD grow in value. Big thanks for watching out on our interest and you have my vote adsactly

We appreciate it, thank you.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I support @adsactly-witness.. SBD is pegged to not go below USD, not to follow it strictly.

I have to watch and wait a little longer, before making a decision.

Thank you for your consideration.

Forcingly pegging 1 SBD to 1 USD would be a really bad idea in my opinion.

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upvoted and resteemit done

What a concept! Steemit is in good hands

Love to read ur multivational post cus it always inspire me on how to stay focus on achieving my goals .... I hope to be like u some day @adsactly God will surly continue to bles u

Such a beautifull and informative post .I like it very much .keep it up

Nice post i vote you vote for me too

Your thoughts are very good, very genius, I really like your post @adsactly, which you describe is very true and worthy to be reflected, I am more enthusiastic to follow Steemit deeper, and I've fallen in love with Steemit blockhain.
and make you @adsactly thank you very much for your post very qualified for us steembloggers

I fully support this, what a great idea you @adsactly created for this wonderful platform.
As a newbie I admire your great works @adsactly.
I vote this nice concept

What will the witnesses accomplish by pegging 1sbd to 1usd???

Pegging 1sbd to 1usd? I am not really clear with this one, whats the gain @adsactly, how would the witness gain from it

I have chosen you on the witness list, even though my Steempower is very low, and I have also seen your ranking still low in the list of witnesses, but I am sure that someday your goal will be achieved.

Can someone explain why pegging it back down, as I understand it was intended, is a bad thing?

Thanks for this valuable information. I will put it into consideration ;)

You're the best witness i could recommend on this platform. I wish you all the best in this campaign. I see a bright future ahead for us all. Thank you @adsactly

Remember, Steemit is a global platform, linking SBD to USD may not be well perceived in some countries which have less ties to US. Blockchain dosn't need to to be tied to any fiat currency in my opinion. Just as a principle. Anyway, Thanks for a good post!

done. voted

I will change my witness once I get to my laptop, I will put you as proxy instead to gave power to those who opposed the idea of pegging to 1 usd.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

thank you for sharing, friends @adsactly this enlightenment is good for society, for lessons, success for you friend, @ jhoni wait for the others.

Interesting... Kudos @adsactly

amo i tuoi scritti e il tuo arrangiamento e presentazione


Since SBD is not held as $1 i dont think there is point in having it. There is a different between SBD and STEEM

Vice-versa means the same for Steemit platform. It will become a centralized network. It will become, as you adequately put it, a kingdom with one ruler and a strong team of oligarchs who will conveniently support each other for more land, more power, more influence. In fact, it is in a way like that. The fact that this will put an end to 80% whale & friends voting on each other's, many times useless content in terms of information, posts and break this loop of endless SBD ping-pong, will heavily raise the commitment and dedication of true content creators and skim away the opportunistic behavior.

I've joined Steemit for the simple fact that I thought this is a meritocracy. But in fact, the sad truth, it is a communist party who let the masses think they are something. But they don't give a rat's ass about them. They just masquerade this by forming the so-called curation guilds, which in fact they act as a money laundering machine.

The promise of money is appealing, but the lie about decentralization could spell the end of Steemit.

So keep it real.

As a side note: there's an user how post flying planes. The ugliest kind. Augmented by some hectic words. There is ZERO ( 0 ) content. Yet he is acquiring over-evaluated SBD in great numbers. Yes, it is like that. And countless examples. Soon, these little things will turn this into HI5 or Myspace. Dead dinosaurs.

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Your adStelely, the posts are nice I saw your other posts, learning as much new as I can see.

We can learn because we have experts like you. Great balance of written and visual presentation here rating 10/10 as far as I am concerned!

Hmm, so in addition to voting for adsactly-witness, can we get a list of others that are "Un-peg-get" ? To vote for ? Cheers!


  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

I am totally in for this , this is our future and lowering it down to one us dollar would mean a lot of our ambitions might fo un fulfilled yet we need to build steemit to even a bigger platform. Thank you @adsactly

The moment we start centralising things, manipulating the markets and pegging, that's the end of cryptocurrency as we know. I think this post is very insightful and much needed for everyone to be informed. I'm on my way to vote for you guys.

OMG! Its quite resembling, Mark must be a descendant of King The Phillip IV

wow that was are a great content creator...plz visit my account and upvote my post if you find that relevant and give some tips to improve account growth

This is a very informative post i liked it so much.Post more on witnesses and more updates, i need such mostly.

Voting for you as a witness while writing this. I couldn't agree more on the SBD pegging!
If you know any more witnesses that are against pegging SBD - please respond and let me know.
thank you.

Voted. Thank you so much!