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ADSactly on ADSACTLY - Part #50

ADSactly - Project Support

Have an idea? Want to cooperate on a project? Need funding? How does ADSactly work, project-wise?

Recent developments with cryptosphere and especially drop of STEEM price have revealed certain aspects that need to be addressed. As we all know, ADSactly is supportive of innovative and groundbreaking projects that promise good future for STEEM and crypto in general. However, it is important to point out that it is not ADSactly as a society that stands behind a project and decides to support it or not. It is the individual members who decide for themselves whether they want to support a project under our label or not.

All of us do this in good faith and by our own free will. We are not employing anyone but we welcome everyone to jointly work on their projects. As individuals, we tend to support projects as much as we can. The drop of overall crypto assets, regarding some projects, have influenced the scope of support we are able to give. We are sorry to not have enough influence on the global crypto price but are also aware that downtimes don't last forever. We urge you to continue working on your projects even though the streets are red. Always focus on the greater picture.


This is a great opportunity to repeat that joining ADSactly does not get someone a weekly salary in EUR, USD or crypto. We are a society trying to help its members as much as we can. However, deciding to live from crypto and on our support while doing a project is a too brave move for most people and we do not encourage it. Please, make sure you understand that the crypto world is still an unstable place where nobody can guarantee anything. On the upside, it creates the thrill and challenge of being a cryptopreneur. If a person is not cut for it, or not tough enough to withstand the storms, maybe he/she should get a regular job.


This said, for the tough ones, who see their future in developing their projects within the 5000 people strong worldwide society, please follow the general guidelines:

How to propose a project to individual ADSActly members?

1. Read everything there is to know about ADSactly. Our Discord intro channels cover everything. If in doubt, ask moderators.

2. Make friends, be polite and friendly.

3. Make sure your project is real, not an illusion.

4. Check if it will generate new value in the future. Nobody will finance it otherwise.

5. Write it down in detail. Make a presentation.

6. Contact members of the society and ask their opinion about it.

7. Be ready to explain why do you think it is good and feasible.

Crypto movement survived and thrived this long because of well-thought projects, innovations and smart people who wanted to contribute. We are following that tradition and furthering it onward. Happy to have you contribute and work with us toward the freedom that cryptosphere is promising to people who don't mind dedicated involvement, hard work and cooperation.


If you are interested in joining the ADSactly Society, please read the blog series on ADSactly from the beginning. Have all of your questions answered in advance.

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Every honest individual with good intentions is invited to join and offer their skills, knowledge, energy, time or resources to various ongoing projects within ADSactly society. The channel is here: ADSactly and you are welcome!

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People with good intentions and good ideas will always be valuable in the community adsactly. The main feature of joining the community is the chance to be heard. You can have a great idea, but nobody will know about you, which means that no one will support you (financially and morally).

The community adsactly unites talented and purposeful people and provides a chance for a person with good ideas to get support from them. If your project benefits other community members, they will support it.

We are sorry to not have enough influence on the global crypto price but are also aware that downtimes don't last forever. We urge you to continue working on your projects even though the streets are red. Always focus on the greater picture.

This is an excellent advice for all who work hard on their projects. Sooner or later the bear market will end. From this situation, you need to take advantage.

Steemit (as well as the Crypto-currency) is at the beginning of its journey. This is the beginning of great growth. I am confident that in the coming years we are waiting for a big change. So you need to be patient and enjoy the process :)

There are a lot of great projects out there for people to get involved in but unfortunately, the reality there is an incredible number of projects that have no purpose. Just as there are a large number of crypto coins that have no functionality or true value you have to watch out for the projects that pop up every day. Many people have lost large investments getting involved in coins or projects without doing any research. If you have a project that is worth the consideration of another party and you are looking to get people involved then you should know that these are the people who are going to investigate and make sure. It shouldn't be a big effort to put together a plan and present some solid information based on facts. I can't imagine anyone investing in a project or coin without getting to know it first and the last thing wise investors are going to do is just hand over funds to someone who is asking for a handout. If they do then shame on them and they deserve whatever consequences come from that. Network, share good ideas and be prepared to justify and support them. If that is how you approach things you will find willing participants.


I couldn't agree more, you would be surprised at what kind of requests we get at times. What many people tend to forget when looking for funding , is that they are entering into a relationship with another party. Not that much different from going on a date with someone. First building a solid and trustworthy relationship with someone is key to a healthy partnership.



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Cannot say more than great !



Gr8 !


Your more than right! It's a great opportunity to join the @adsactly community. They gat quality articles.

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I didn't know till today that @adsactly was a group of different individuals. It's therefore a good idea to join the @adsactly community. Thanks for sharing and letting us know about this great opportunity.

Make crypto market great again!!

It’s great to know that you guys are very passionate about community building here on Steemit! Kudos ADSactly! BTW, how was the trip to the Philippines?

Thanks for sharing. I have a proposal I will love to make also. Will be making some steemit logo stickers soon.

does @adsactly fund other projects not crypto related.
I do have an engineering project that will provide a form of electricity supply to steemians in parts of the world that do not have any form of stable electricity.

Will need to start working on mine

I didnt know adsactly is a group of individuals until now, used to think its just an individual.

Keep up the good work of promoting steemit, the sky is your starting point. I look forward to joining this great project

good job
I am now a new follower for you and everyone here

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We hope that you like
Follow-up + useful vote = encourage us to work and diligence

I see your post and I say will I ever get to your level? Oh! @adsactly

Thank you

Here you go take this


I support this kind of initiative but I just want to mention something very important to people who want to start a project...
There is a saying in English: "start at the bottom and do your time". One of the things that really bother me with the current generation of undergraduates and people of this generation is their sense of entitlement; you have to work to get anywhere and you have to prove it.

Now that said, hone your skills and don't jump around "job shopping". Show that you can develop, solve problems etc... Worst comes to worst - go back and upgrade your education to a more traditional computer science background or relocate in an area that does not specialize in IT type support.

Speaking from people I know in industry and being a developer , we see developers evacuating as soon as the projects are completed because they were only into the project to pad their resume'. I suggest that if you are thinking of doing those things, or know people that are; remember that the development will be pulled back to in-house dev.

Wow, this is a nice initiative to help support steemians!

I will join the discord group because i will really need to learn and know more about adsactly.

Keep up the good work!

this is great and amazing, a very useful participation and contribution and I will study it more deeply, thank you for the info

Great posting nice sir

Go adsactly. Keep inspiring thousands of people.

its really great. and will be good for steem community

Hmmmm. Well, adsactly has become a trademark; one of my tags in my little story
Thanks for this project

Hi @adsactly!
I've taken the liberty of creating an animated header for your "ADSactly on ADSactly" posts. Why? Well, why not! Of course it's your prerogative to choose if you'd like to use it or not.

I've made it so it works well in normal and night-mode. Of course there is no charge.
A resteem of one of my "Free Steemit Graphics" would be greatly appreciated however!
As maybe a small mention and link to my blog?
Donations are welcome too but I'd like to reiterate you mustn't feel obliged!

If you right click the banner and copy the link or safe the image to your pc it should be ready for use. The resolution is optimized for Steemit. I do hope I haven't overstepped!
With kind regards,


I can also make some custom stuff that would work well in normal and night-mode Steemit. Feel free to contact me if I can be of assistance.

Nice photos. they deserve an award. It is very nice. great work