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ADSactly on ADSACTLY - Part #55

Creating Value - Part 3


In the last two sequels we wrote about the early beginnings of people creating values. Then we continued with the rise of craftsmen, explorers and merchants. Today we'll go even further. If you haven't read the first two parts, please find them here:

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The next part of this interesting voyage into the past begins...

With the increasing demands of the growing middle class, more goods had to be produced. The middle-class thrived for the same or similar standards, enjoyed by the ones on top of the social scale. Therefore, craftsmen were pressured to create more and more goods. Pressured in the sense that the opportunity opened for them. Selling more and more products became a necessity. To address this issue, new ways of production had to be invented. The old hand tools and human effort were beginning to be slowly replaced by machines. At first, machines took over the rough tasks from the craftsmen but in time they have almost entirely replaced human. This is more obvious at present times than ever before.

The turning point in history happened when the human labour was replaced by mechanized devices for the first time. The people of the era probably believed that the machines will help them work less and have more free time. Exactly the same what we thought the IT was going to bring just 20 years ago. In both of these instances, progress led to the same outcome. The extra time is used to cover more ground and create more value, instead of rewarding people with more free time. The worker is still a victim of that race.


With the introduction of machines, mass production was born. Every craftsman needed to get a machine in order to keep up with the competition. Large quantities ensured that people can afford what was limited to them before. However, with the increasing quantities, a decrease in quality followed. Notice a key moment here. This is the first time in history that the quantity becomes an issue over the quality. A mistake which we are still gravely paying today. On a much larger scale.


One of the obvious examples is "build in failures". Remember when your device became useless just after the warranty expired? Well... It was programmed beforehand. The company boards know about these failures and create them on purpose, forcing people to throw away the old and buy brand new. It is a system that guarantees a profit for them. It also comes conveniently to avoid service expenses. Today everything needs to be replaced asap in order to generate more profits. The funny thing is that the older a machine is, the more likely it was to last for a longer period of time.

Guess what! In our day and age, it is possible to design and build a dishwasher, a laundry machine or any appliance to last for a 100 years. Owning one of these would save a ton of money, right? But, producing a new model every 3 months, polluting the environment with garbage, sucking the marrow out of your bank account and getting richer because we buy sparkly design hiding low-quality machines that usually break down in exactly 3 years or less, depending on the warranty, is what really is going on. And, it doesn't stop at kitchen appliances...


How about we start competing in building and selling things that last forever? Is it a dream too far? Would you like to own super hi-quality products that will never let you down? What would happen if this becomes reality?

Let us know your thoughts!

To be continued...


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This is my thoughts and I agree that this is so true. You guys just opened my mind why stuff and gadgets and alike products nowadays are fragile than they are before way back so many years when companies are still competing on the quality of their products but it seemed that now companies have this idea of putting a short-life span so consumers will not stop getting a new one.

I remember way back early year 2000 and cellphone was introduced to my ignorance. The star that time here in Philippines was NOKIA. And NOKIA was known to be tough, heavyduty, and quality. Phones those days were just keypads and colorless small screens.

And when you have NOKIA, it means you have quality. But when I got my windows 8 NOKIA smartphone back 2016 after 1year it was broken and already out of warranty so I need to get another phone.

Also, way back when I was high school APPLE iPhone was introduce to my consciousness and when you have iPhone it means Elegance and Quality, but many people nowadays saying that old generations of iPhones like iPhone 3g, iPhone4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s are better than iPhones today because old model iPhones are more tough and quality and not fragile than they are today
download (1).jpg

I am not saying that these products are no good at all as of what they are right now, I would still recommend these brands than getting an imitated or china phones for they are more better. But, I observed changes in regards to the quality of their products before and todays.

I think not only gadgets are deteriorating of its quality today, also the moral and characters of people especially the young people. And 1 thing I know just to slow this issue down is to start it to myself and encourage others.

I will start making quality decisions HARD RIGHT or EASY WRONG. Being patient for quality products comes from the finest process and fine process takes time. Building quality character and choosing the quality over quantity. Choosing what matters most in life which is VALUES.

Values are what you really really want to achieve in life.

That's all what I thought with this, thank you @adsactly .


Thank you pre ;)


Sakto ba akong Advice?


Hahaha. Perti ka sakto pre. Salamat kaau ;)

One of the obvious examples is "build in failures". Remember when your device became useless just after the warranty expired? Well...

I completely agree with this statement including many others you mentioned in your post. If everything had lasted forever, the companies would not had lasted for too long, they would go bankrupt without liquidity and also most humans in developed countries are used to new things, so if anything lasts for too long, even though it’s still perfectly working, they just throw it out anyway and buy a new one. I personally prefer quality. However,if I were as a salesperson, I would prefer customers going for quantity and getting new product every one or two years. Let’s be honest, that’s the way the human brain works.


i see where you're going with this and i agree until the part about "that's the way the human brain works."

I believe it's the way our brains have been conditioned.

with time in history, the strength of the middle class increased. This was due to the growth of progress. People became more demanding and smarter. Therefore, the hunters need to follow the trend and create more value in order to meet the requirements of the middle class.

Nevertheless, I have reason to believe that a low class in society exists to intimidate the middle class. Thus, people from the middle class will continue to work and bring value to themselves and to people from the vigilant class.

I agree that many things have changed after the industrial revolution. The obfuscation of the trend and the requirements for work have changed. Many professions lost their relevance. At the same time there were other proffessions.

Here where I live is accepted to appreciate things that were produced in the Soviet Union. Why? Just because these things serve to the present day. Yes, exactly then the production created things and mechanisms that were calculated for a long period of work. Now the whole world has changed. Now the priority is money. And chtotneobhodimo that would make money? The answer is simple - sell more often. And what to sell more often - it is necessary that people need these things. Therefore, such a phenomenon as a programmed lifetime became relevant. You buy a thing and with a certain time period it comes out of standing. After that you have to buy this thing. You carry your money back. I do not support such a system.

A good topic for discussion. Thanks, I liked it.

Capitalism has gone hand in hand with the development of humanity, the consequences have been very unfortunate (pollution, diseases, etc., etc.). Large corporations have taken advantage of our weaknesses as human beings by thoroughly studying our behavior, consumer thinking and "designing" goods and services to "satisfy" needs that in reality are not. Corporations have created a human "in need of continuity" that does not stop consuming, spending and of course bulking the bank accounts of its shareholders.

I have a refrigerator in my garage that we use for drinks and extra freezer space that is from the fifties. It is build like a tank and is still going strong even after all these years. The guy that I bought it from had the freon replenished before I bought a couple years ago. There probably isn't half as much steel in a car these days that is in this refrigerator! This is a prime example of quality instead of quantity.

people will get tired of long term materials, and they want more and new things in their life , because they aren't contented with just one and old product, that's why business tend to innovate and create new things to meet the growing needs of the costumer. I thinks we could make a product made out of biodegradable that way it can easily decay and prevent pollution. :)

Nice ..
Ted! Looks like a great experience .. it's worth trying
Great post well done..

Haha Everyone is proud of the old refrigerator
Great post from you, well done
Thanks for sharing

I used to work for a electronics company and I can say that everything is built to not last. Warranty time or just a little more. Old stuff are the best especially things like cars. A car today will be rubbish in 10 years. I remember in the year 2000, if you had a car from 1990 you had a "new" car...haha

Technology has both advantages and disadvantages.
If you ask me, I think I prefer quality to quantity

This post is very enlightening, it really opened my eyes to a few things

Dear Author, thank you so much for the post... Just tweeted the link so that my Twitter followers can read too @amos_otolim

excellent. You have my support, I hope you support me friend

Informative post.....
Hello @adsactly....
Thanks for sharing....

Thank you very much

Very interesting information, to improve science and social economy of better future.
ADSactly on ADSACTLY.Go To Steem Witness Page

Thank you very much for sharing this beautiful post with us. Your post really is very useful and very useful, and for this I will say that a nice post and so much beautiful information and information to share among us again thank you very much.

Technology has both advantages and disadvantages.
If you ask me, I think I prefer quality to quantity

Thank information

We must be in tune with technology, but how rich it is to share personally with our friends and loved ones ... not everything old is obsolete. We evolve as we advance in technology .. it is better to provide quality than quantity .. Good post, I follow you.
I invite you to visit my profile and have your support. Thank you.

The company boards know about these failures and create them on purpose, forcing people to throw away the old and buy brand new.

Sad but true. Some people wants to get in trends and sacrifice the quality. I prefer quality over quantity. I still used the same phone for 5 years now and I got to save the money instead of buying another phone. We should be a wise spender and always go for quality.

this content is based on what reality obeys. I think all of the product produced have not long time warranty . It's for the company's sake that if people won't buy the company couldn't earn and lost maybe lost sonething. Gadgets, and appliances are the best exampleof this. In history there is no machine that was built for it to last forever. It's the companies techneque for to grow, yet they are informed that it would be harmful nature. If products would last forever, primary effecf of it is in nature, by not getting more raw materials, nature would be restored, people would spend less.

I agree with the synopsis you posted of how we got where we are. Replacing quality with quantity has been good for business, for the few, that is. It also has created considerable environmental destruction. If you look at agriculture you will see a similar process from hunter-gatherer to industrial agriculture to snack in a pack, to toss it in microwave meals.

Both of the advantages and disadvantages of both technology.
If you ask me, I like the quantity of quality


wao i just love this great team ,they are working for the growth of their user on steemit

We must be in tune with technology, but how rich it is to share personally with our friends and loved ones ... not everything old is obsolete. We evolve as we advance in technology .. it is better to provide quality than quantity .. Good post, I follow you.
I invite you to visit my profile and have your support. Thank you.