ADSactly on ADSACTLY - Part #42 - CurveCoin Club

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ADSactly on ADSACTLY - part #42

ADSactly - CurveCoin Club

ADSactly clubs are chat channels in our Discord Chat where we gather to talk about projects that members are interested in or are a part of them. We have recently started #curvecoin club. Let's have deeper look into this very interesting project.


CurveCoin is a decentralized masternode cryptocurrency project. The experienced team behind it put in a significant effort in creating their vision and transforming it into reality. The vision is to cut down the lengthy process of converting crypto into fiat money before spending it. They plan to cut down all intermediaries and directly involve merchants in the process. This is a very wanted vision for all present and all future crypto projects.


As we all know, at the moment the process is long and quite tedious. It mostly benefits the intermediary service owners, making them rich in the process of taking percentages for each transaction. We welcome all efforts that will cut down unnecessary profits of various intermediaries services and make the overall decentralization a reality.


The team has a straightforward plan of how to add real spending power to their coin. It relies on building a service that will allow nodes to become independent coin swapping services. This is very interesting approach and definitely one that might get very popular in the near future.

  • A Swapper must deposit into escrow the total amount they want to swap from users at any given time
  • A user wants to make a purchase with a merchant. Merchant communicates with Curve API and Curve finds a compatible swapper at the best rate
  • Curve pays merchant using escrow previously paid by swapper
  • Merchant delivers product/service to user
  • Swapper exchanges the altcoin and reloads escrow to continue swapping


The team working on CurveCoin has been consulting Top 10 crypto companies and they've built wallets for Top 100. What we find very important is their expertize and know-how. They obviously learn from past mistakes, draw rational conclusions and are not afraid to publicly speak of the solutions which they are planning to implement. CurveCoin is definitely a major long-term project build on successful past experience.

1 . The Problem of Masternodes

The way masternode auctions are conducted for the majority of new coins is NOT optimal. Most new coins will auction off 10 or 20 masternodes at a very high amount (2-3BTC), some with low collateral pricing the coin at upwards of $20-40 each. We believe this increases the price of the coin too quickly verses the rate of adoption, isolates masternode spots (limiting network scalability), and ultimately crashes the price when adoption begins correcting for the over-inflated initial offering price and initial investors panic sell.

  • The Solution:

Sell more masternodes to increase initial adoption and to stabilize holdings. Require more collateral per masternode to protect the investment. Lower (or cap) the initial price of masternodes so early adopters get in at a fair rate that has plenty of headroom to scale. Curve Coin will auction 50 masternodes, at 25,000 collateral, at a capped rate of 1 BTC per masternode (limiting coins to $0.43ea at the time of writing this). This will represent 5% of the network. We will encourage masternode holders to host their nodes in various parts of the planet (some coins recommend a single VPS, creating a single point of failure).

2 . The Problem of Exchanges

Many new coins are rushing to exchanges after selling masternodes at a very high price and the volume isn't there to support it, which often leads to the price decline. This appears especially true on exchanges that possess less market share. We understand that it's important to ensure the coins have tangible value, and exchanges are the only real way to do this, but we believe there are ways to be more cautious about the approach.

  • The Solution:

Early adopters, especially masternode holders who get in at a fair price, stand to benefit the most from a successful coin. However, we can't expect regular traders coming to the exchange, who haven't followed the progress of the coin, to just buy in at a high price and hand us the rewards we seek. So it's important to meet a minimum threshold of publicly available content before we can expect the general public to become excited about what we're doing. As mentioned above, we've found that this effect only compounds on exchanges that have low volume/low market share in general. Because it is becoming ever more difficult and expensive to get listed on an exchange, Curve Coin will rush the effort to become listed on an exchange as a reservation, however we will schedule the actual listing date with the exchanges to ensure that we have met the threshold of publicly available content and user traction before it goes live. We will have our position of what we consider that threshold to be, but we will open up to community vote for actual exchange launch date. See the schedule below for a brief rundown. In addition, we want to run multiple phases of exchange launches, progressively listing on exchanges of higher volume, because higher volume exchanges enforce an equilibrium with those of less volume.

3 . The Problem of Use Cases

Most new coins launch today without a differentiating purpose. This makes it difficult to get the general public behind it after being listed.

  • The Solution

There are two phases involved in the creation of this coin. 1.) The appeal to early masternode investors so that the project can start at all. 2.) The appeal to the masses so that the project can go to the next level (thereby benefiting the devs and masternode holders). We are obviously in phase I (getting off the ground phase). As that happens, we will work with and communicate with our early advocates (via discussion and open voting) to work out the specifics of executing phase II. For now, here is a synopsis of where we think the next level is for this coin: We believe that widespread adoption and actual usage of cryptocurrencies will be the next transformation of the economy. So we've invented a practical methodology for allowing merchant payment processing with any coin, working in conjunction with a "three party" exchange for fulfilment.


These solutions are valid and we believe that CurveCoin project will turn to be a success. It deserves a club in ADSactly and therefore it got it. The coin is currently traded at Crypto Bridge. There are also several mining pools avaliable. If you are interested to find out more and download a wallet, please visit their website You are also very welcome to come to ADSactly discord and share your opinion with us.



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Every honest individual with good intentions is invited to join and offer their skills, knowledge, energy, time or resources to various ongoing projects within ADSactly society. The channel is here: ADSactly and you are welcome!

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The vision is to cut down the lengthy process of converting crypto into fiat money before spending it. They plan to cut down all intermediaries and directly involve merchants in the process

The true this there is too many crypto to choose from. It’s almost scary, sooner or later 90% of all cryptos dissapier and only strongest survive. At this moment the priority in blockchain technology and crypto are projects such as CurveCoin which is on the right path to encrease speed and cost of crypto transactions. Such as projects should be priorities to any developers. As you mentioned it “ CurveCoin is definitely a major long-term project build on successful past experience.” thanks to our past we can learn and improve. I love the way your post concentrates on “The Problem of Use Cases & Solutions”. The only thing remaining is to put it in to reality which I personally believe will come very soon.
Great post!
I always find your articles positively informative!

This is just and get paid!


These guys have really figured this out. You can make money while you sleep, Just signup Download the free miner. There is never a fee. (not to sound like a shill) This is like a money drop! I will post again with details of my profits.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

That’s one of the reasons I’m only buyer of crypto, bitcoin...and not using it for anything such as payments or transactions as well as speed of transactions. It’s only matter of time when this changes. Just like internet before the year 2000. There was an idea, there was even stock market bubble dot com, Internet at that time of its birth was soo slow, needed so many improvements and thanks to our past and mistakes it improved, it is now where it is and still improving just like crypto and blockchain technology.

This is more a hopeful comment than anything else

I would love CurveCoin to become, finally, the tool we need to face the savagery that is experienced through intermediaries and their commissions.

The volatility of the market is handled by the big investors, that's not a secret (and sometimes it's even fair because these same investors promote the evolution of the blockchain technology), but if we manage to balance the game a bit, we -the little fish - can leave the pond for a while.

I am still "amateur" in the world of cryptocurrencies, but it doesn't take much experience to understand that the value of an altcoin would skyrocket if we start to market products as we do with the FIAT. If something I rescue 100000% of the information is this:

"The appeal to the masses so that the project can go to the next level"

And they are absolutely right, because otherwise, the project would diminish. All they have to do is present a viable path for those same masses and we will surely follow them.

As always, thank you very much @adsactly for informing us of important news for the crypto-fans.

An excellent initiative to create a similar channel. @adsactly develops and expands, more people are involved in the development process and this is very encouraging.
Many crypto-currency assets are difficult to access in Fiat or other assets due to long conversion. Often, conversion takes a lot of time and effort. Intermediaries play a decisive role.
Intermediaries get a good benefit by providing services to transfer your funds. They take their interest from the transaction and in fact at the time of transfer they completely control your money. This process (expectations) is all tiring.
Therefore, the idea of ​​involving traders in the process of cryptography will greatly change the current situation. This fundamentally changes the public's view of the crypto currency.
The creation of independent exchange services (through the creation of nodes) is the best solution that has been invented to date. I believe that this method will gain popularity in the near future.
Having become acquainted with the project CurveCoin I can say with confidence that this will be a long-term project. Those decisions that they propose will suit all aspects of the process. It's not just a project - it's a solution to many problems and eliminating the headache of users.
I see great prospects in this direction. Good post, thanks

The problem of the many stages of moving money from X to Z, say from a customer to a merchant, when the customer has one kind of currency and the seller accept only other types, or say moving funds from a bank in one country in one currency to another bank in another country with another currency has always been a tedious one and forced people to pay huge amounts of fees - trading to USD and moving the money using a service that uses other services that take a piece of the cake too.

That's why the Ripple coin had such a hype - he promised to make international transfers rapid and without a plethora of fees like nothing we known before - that's the reason so many banks and companies chose their protocol for their fund transfers.

Now - the problem with Ripple is that it's not decentralized! and for us - the crypto problem, that's a huge problem!

It looks like curvecoin can offer a solution for the aforementioned problems, while keeping things decentralized just like we love them - so I can see a bright future to that project and it's a great thing that the ADSactly community is supporting the project.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I wait that morning when we will be able to pay the things we want with our crypto money without having to change it first to Bitcoin and then to FIAT. In some countries like Australia some people buy their mobile phones with Steem or SBD and that's the future in my mind. America is also very liberal for those kind of things. Maybe I am wrong but the old continent of Europe is still behind it at the moment. Let we all hope things will change very soon!

As per the review of @adsactly, i think curve coin has a future to rise if not skyrocket. Coins that have products that supports it or its use for any processes, usually it will succeed but those in lending and staking platform were in bad image right now and most of them crashed to nothing.

It seems that it s a good project and an interesting concept, by adjusting altcoin in the world of crypto coins, this influences the market to will have a superior level. Networks and stability should be refreshed to keep it new.
Hopefully smoothly in the future and become the confidence of investors.

Crypto anlysis best done by you i made it

very good post friends

Wow.. This is a great project that brings true decentralization. Getting early masternode investors will be really difficult but definitely achievable. I am not a masternode investor at least not yet but i believe with the use case you have, masternode investors will profit alot from this.

I cant seen to find your whitepaper on the site. Isn't there any?

Awesome project...I like it..
Totally I'm supporting you...
Great to the share

Great work. I appreciate it👍

I am not really know about it... But i wanna learn about it... Thank you for sharing
I want to read it again and learn...
May I reestem? I think my friends want to look it too. Thank you 😊😊

a very good post, incredible information, as the economy improves, steam is always profitable, time becomes more valuable: every hour is more profitable.

though the proccess of moving funds from one wallet to the other looks tedious is still a great review of the system made by you, am giving it a try rights away.

This project is really massive. I'm giving it my total support and also helping to spread words about it.

please follow & upvote me!!!

Interesting post! I don't get it,am a newbie;I will try to learn,you've done [email protected]

This is like an answer to every steemians prayer,because the cost of exchange is heartbreaking. @adsactly you've done well in trying to provide this curve.

very nice picture steemian family goodluck and goodhealth

the post is very useful for all steemimes.
thanks for sharing.
i learn it.

Great initiative, as a blogger on steemit. It is quite tedious to exchange the steem and sbd into local currency ( Naira) in my case. And the whole process of transferring to an exchange, selling for Bitcoin and eventually naira is quite discouraging . I would love to simply exchange my steem for naira. Looking forward to it. Good initiative.

Good Job @adsactly

The matter may not be clear to everyone, but you have written it very well.
You said the whole thing so beautifully that it can not be imagined.
You can write a lot better, your praise will be reduced.
Please let us know as you write it, hopefully you will give us a lot of great gifts.
Stay tuned, stay with us. Keep it up your job Sir. Thanks For Your Everything.

True definition of an amazing stuff

I dont really know about curvecoin but for this reason ill brows and read more about it.

Perhaps ill join the discord chat to learn more

The way i see the analysis i think this particular project will make waves if implemented .. Ill try an invest in this wallet , i love trying somthing new. Let me see the outcome @adsactly

I´m a beginner in the crypto-world, but every day I lern something new.
Your text is awesome! Great work with so much diligence!
Thank you for shareing. Now you have one more follower.

very good post friends

Good post.Tanks to share..

Komonitas yang sangat kompak...

a very exciting project comrades definitely need a very mature business, good luck always friends @adsactly

I learn this post.I will resteem,keep it up.

Wow... This is really a nice concept. Thanks for sharing

Wow,,,,, nice post, thanks for information brother,,,

Thank you very much, have told us about this.Really informative, thank you very much for the very useful information.

posts and posts interesting, I do not understand and try to learn,

Thanks for this post, it was easy to follow even for a complete newbie like myself. When a friend convinced me to join Steemit I had no idea how complicated it was to turn Steem and SBD into USD, and he told me that I can expect 40-50% lost to commissions and conversion fees, which is why I'm just banking my Steem, since I'd rather have stronger upvotes than lose half the money for my blog posts. Hearing about this project would have convinced me to join Steemit sooner. Anyway, thanks for the post and the helpful info! :)

I became keen on crypto domain, just always need read things like this post to better my talents , i support you , wish to see your next soon

You are very senior in steem, and I am very junior, I need help from you and I really appreciate it @weykarma

do u ever get in an "I don't know" phase in your life. where you literally don't have a solid answer to anything. you. just. don't. know.

My mother is very sick and I need a lot of money....Without my mother, no one in this world....please help me sir...😞😞😞

Thank you that very useful for me Newbi.. I learn it...

Too long. I dont like post

Wow!! This is quite something to look forward to. Success all the way!

@adasactly, I want to be part of the discord channel. Can I get a link invite please?

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

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