ADSactly On ADSACTLY - Part #2

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ADSactly on ADSactly (Part #2)

Members of the ADSactly society come from different backgrounds and possess a wide array of various skill-sets. Nonetheless, we are all independent and open-minded individuals who share common goals. As a group, we possess a wide spectrum of knowledge and talents that help us become unique and successful in what we do. Every individual possesses skills, time, energy, resources, and a network of influence. ADSactly members invest those assets in projects of their own choice.

The administration, consisting of overseers, highly values cooperation between members from all communities within our society and strongly encourage it. There is no official delegation of work, unless for the needs of the society's organization and administration. The work on member's projects is delegated (between members) on the basis of doocracy(3) principles without the direct involvement of the administration.

(3) Definition of Doocracy (do-ocracy)

"A doocracy is an organizational structure in which individuals choose roles and tasks for themselves and execute them. Responsibilities are attached to people who do the work, rather than elected or selected officials."

This vast potential of human resources and individual assets is one of the cherished aspects of the ADSactly society. Fully utilizing available skill-sets greatly helps in overcoming all work-related challenges. Working in teams, sharing ideas and eagerly participating in mutual projects is what makes us proud members of our society. Our collective sense of work is driven by passion. The passion is what pushes forward the entire society. General value network(4) principles are strongly embedded in the ADSactly society's labour distribution system.

(4) Definition of Value Network

"Value network is a complex set of social and technical resources that work together via relationships to create value in the form of knowledge, intelligence, products, services or social good. Included in a company’s value networks are research, development, design, production, marketing, sales, and distribution - working interdependently to add to the overall worth of products and services. Companies also have external facing value networks where a value is created from the relationships and interactions between organizations, its customers or recipients, intermediaries, stakeholders, complementors and suppliers. Value network principles apply equally well to public agencies, civil society organizations and other purposeful networks focused on creating economic or social good."

Every honest individual with good intentions is invited to join and offer skills, knowledge, energy, time or resources to various ongoing projects within ADSactly society. The channel is here: ADSactly and you are welcome.

Go Adsactly


ADSactly is definitely a great and unique initiative full of good and great people with related opinions and similar interest. One of the best place to to invest your time on discord. Together we a strong and growing community like ADSactly we can make this eco-sphere a much better place

Egg-zac-ly what im looking for

Your writing is very good, and very beneficial. And I am also motivated for your writing. And I say thousands of thanks for writing you wrote, semonga you and I we will be successful together in this steemit. So that can add more income .. beloved friendship may we healthy always yes.

So how can we join you guys?

can you point me to your introduction what's this about minnow service?

thanks for this post

wow grate academy

thanks for sharing...
nice to informations.

It is a very great society. Its welcome everybody in steemit community to be parts of @adsactly community. Come join and make prouds Adsactly with your creation.

Actually this is greatest post

resteem this post :D

i will always support you man!!!

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I absolutely love the idea of Doocracy. My only concern is if everyone was only to do what they want, are we going to have tasks that left unattended because no one wants them unless they are delegated for them?

Otherwise this social/economical structure is incredible. I don't know which political ideology does Adsactly align with? Doocracy? is it applicable in the real world

There will be more articles to read from you

Spanish version of this ADSactly publication / Versión en español de esta publicación

Indonesian version of this ADSactly publication/Publikasi ADSactly versi Bahasa Indonesia

ADSactly would never succeed if there was descrimination, everyone is welcome and that is AWESOME!

Keep up the good work ADSactly, Steem on!


I am very grateful to be able to join here, this is the right time for me to explore the vast knowledge

honesty is in the forefront to join in this group

Yah bro really this content just awesome.. keep it forever....and share with us....

Feels like coming home.
So far so good. Game on!

Dropping my sign-off on here. Read and absorbing.

Looks like a great set of values.

Yo ,
Thanks for the great content

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