"ADSactly on ADSACTLY" Part #35 - Environmental Protection

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ADSactly on ADSACTLY - part #35

ADSactly on Environmental Protection

Production and consumption of non-renewable energy is a significant problem that we are facing today. Many careless industries are only looking to increase their seemingly valuable profit as the weak, corrupted legislation allows them to do whatever they want to the environment. There is no greater threat to humans than polluted Earth. We live here. Shoulder to shoulder with this problem rides unhealthy production and dangerous processing of the food we eat but that is another story which we'll cover sometime later.


The nuclear energy was meant to be the solution for the burning of fossil fuels and clean wasteless industry. At the first glance, it appears clean and savvy but piled mountains of nuclear waste are the most dangerous waste on the face of Earth. Not to mention catastrophic situations like Fukushima accident that irreversibly polluted the Pacific Ocean but nobody even mentioned it today. What can a strong lobby do, when the elites need strong Yen, eh? What's worse, the nuclear radiation leak in Japan has never been contained as of this very day. We really wonder why is this problem removed from the news while the whole world should be in action to stop even the smallest possibilities of this happening again somewhere else. Unless you enjoy eating fish full of radioactive isotopes, that is.



The public awareness has been reduced to none even though the radiation levels are HIGHER RIGHT NOW than EVER BEFORE! ( https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2017/feb/03/fukushima-daiichi-radiation-levels-highest-since-2011-meltdown )


We believe in the protection of the environment and support non-invasive technologies. Some of our members are involved in clean energy projects that serve the purpose of bringing cheap, renewable energy to people. The power derived from wind, water and solar are the cleanest that we know of. Together with the clean energy, we believe in development of advanced technology systems that will exploit decentralized possibilities in the long run. Imagine the day when the human race decentralizes the power of energetic giants and hands over the entire energy production and distribution to individuals under the strictest environmental law in the history?

We'd call that day the dawn of the new human.


All this very much goes along with the initial vision of Nikola Tesla, born in Smiljan, Croatia in 1856. A man whose ideas of decentralized energy distribution were suppressed by the energy lobbies all over the world. He died alone and disappointed even though he was one of the most brilliant minds in the history of mankind.


We believe in decentralization of all energy resources, and creation of a free open market where anyone would be able to sell and buy energy. We don't believe in government control and monopoly over energy resources. For that matter, we don't believe in government control over the financial system just the same. Leaving the politicians in control of too many essential matters removes their attention from controlling themselves and their administration, and also too often forgetting that they're there to transparently serve the people, not steal people's privacy and use it to serve themselves.



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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

You have highlighted the most important and burning issue the world is facing in recent times. Radioactive materiel is hazardous to health so the energy which we are getting is costing us more than we can imagine.

Renewable energy is the best solution for the modern world. It has the potential to reduce greenhouse gases and much pollution we are facing now a days. we humans should take necessary steps to make it cost effective and more affordable.

Nikola Tesla was definitely a genius with a very broad vision way ahead of his times. It's a big loss for humanity to discard and ignore his vision of decentralized energy chain.

I fully support your opinion and suggestion to create a decentralized market where every one can buy or sell their energy. In this way we can build a secure, progressive and more happy future for us and for our future generations. In this way we can give them more freedom to live their life peacefully and less controlled by the opportunistic governments.

I agreed with your opinion.

Its very nice advice and support the blog. I agreed with your remarks and steeming the stuff of @adsactly
Wonderful activity shared.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thank you for all those informations, Environmental Conservation is important because when we protect the environment, we are not protecting some distinct, distant entity but ourselves.

Right to Life and Right against Exploitation are Fundamental Rights of all organisms dwelling on Earth. We (all organism, us included) have the right to demand protection when threatened by any other organism.

If a terrorist threatens to disrupt social order, demand protection. If a virus threatens to infect you, demand protection (vaccination).

This right also comes with an inherent duty to protect other organisms, that we know are being exploited. If a militant extremist tries to kill a human friend demand protection. If a multinational corporation tries raze down a forest, Demand protection.

If you have understood this simple principle, then you have Understood the importance of Environmental Conservation.

We are the Environment.

Great awareness. You said a lot. I enjoyed reading. Thank you.
I agree with you that many industries dont care about the pollution and effects to it citizen.
To stop this entirely is not going to be easy. As Industrial activities are so different from each other it is very difficult to arrive at single solution for all industries as per their pollution challenges. If something is working in Pharmaceutical industry is meaningless in cement industry. About Fukushima, i believe the slow progress is mirrored in the painstaking effort to make nearby towns and villages, abandoned five years ago, fit for human habitation.
Industries that emit green house gases shouldnt be found in residential areas, i am not saying its the best way to protect us from environmental pollution, but its a way forward.
Very intelligent post and also educative. Thanks @adsactly.

This Fukushima pollution challenge has taken too long. Nice comment.

I am worried about global warming, species extinction, deforestation and other forms of threat that man is posing to enviroment leading to its degradation. All this worry is not because I am a great lover of nature but as I am a lover of human race.

Every species is dependent on every other species for survival, be directly or indirectly. Human beings are the ones who depend on maximum number of species for not only his survival but also for his development needs. Threat to ecology means a direct threat to human race due to man induced natural disaster caused by ecological imbalance and environmental degradation for which we cannot forgive ourselves.

So, I have a concern for our ecosystem and environment being a selfish human myself and this is why environmental protection is the need of the hour too.

I agree with you absolutely. The biggest problem of humanity in the future is environmental pollution. There is only one way to stop it: as soon as everyone starts to look at himself at first, then we can have the right to stop criticizing bigger places. I'm electrical and electronics engineer. Tesla is my idol. If I start writing about Tesla, I can not finish it. So I will try to explain with a sentence;Society and nobility, can not understand ideas by Tesla, like Galileo(Because they are not their brains,they accused Tesla.), for is the most intelligent person(Past and future) in the world who has been excluded and opposed.
As for the nuclear energy. My hometown Trabzon Turkey. Trabzon, Turkey's one of the closest cities to Ukraine. In Ukraine, "Chernobyl" nuclear explosion is best known to the Blacksea. About 100 years. Our people are victims of various diseases. I have relatives I lost because of cancer in my own family. Only last month we lost my aunt because of cancer. My aunt was not born yet in the Chernobyl explosion. Unfortunately, the radiation has gone into the genes of our people. My grandmothers were 2 children born dead. The biggest reason for this is Chernobyl. I would like to write more. But I do not want to bother you any more. In short, I experienced nuclear disaster.

This is ridiculous what this powerful companies and corrupt governments did to the planet, because its already too late to reverse a lot of the consequences of this pollution never seen before.

Mens (geniuses) like N. Tesla where forced to live and die in poverty just because they were a "threat" for the profits of this polluters.

Only now, years later we are seeing some news about the pollution that is verified on the Pacific Ocean. Why is that coming up now? Because a lot of people are getting sick and many many pictures of deformed fish are being brought to public (eat sushi, but learn about nuclear accidents first).

I think with Fukushima it's become an out of sight, out of mind situation. If they no longer talk about then people will forget and they can carry on trying to push nuclear energy and waste storage. The people of South Australia have overwhelmingly voted against using the north as a nuclear waste storage dump, but government is still pushing for it.

That's a really important topic and a critical one for our existence on planet earth! The problem lays in 2 key points:

  1. The harm caused tho the planet and to us is gradual and cumulative - we don't see the effects our fuel consuming cars are causing when we don't look at the bigger picture and when we concentrate on our individual acts- we may think that we cause little harm but the accumulation of many people's actions makes a huge harm.
  2. Fighting the pollution and damage most probably will cost us money and diminish the pleasures we are used to, in the short term. Eating cheap meat from animals grown in un-ecological, cheaper methods is saving you money, whereas ecological meat will cost much more. A green, electric car costs more and it might restricts our driving distances etc...

Should we be discouraged? No! In the long run overcoming this difficulties will help all of us!

Just a lady thought - using cryptos like bitcoin is really not ecological - the electricity consumed needs a lot of coal to be produced. So we rather use a coin that doesn't need power consuming mining - STEEM maybe?!

As long as there is no radiation, we are ok with BTC :D

But might be better with STEEM 😄

I agreed with your opinion

I support the ideas of those people who are striving for a transition to renewable energy sources. Humanity must realize the damage we do to the environment. Even now we see a rapid climate change, which in the near future can affect every inhabitant of the planet.
I see serious progress in some of the progressive countries of Europe in relation to ecology. The most interesting example is Norway. This country is planning a 100% transition to electric vehicles by 2025. It is amazing. A good start for this should be provided by the state. Separate government programs to provide large discounts on electric vehicles greatly contributes to this.
I could call the monopolists and the oil cartel of countries (OPEC) a negative example. These people are interested in mining and obtaining big money from the sale of oil. They are a counterbalance to progress. Also there are countries (I will not specify which ones) which have the most part of the receipts of funds to the state budget at the expense of oil and minerals. That is, these countries are living by selling oil and switching to electric cars they are not economically profitable.
I give an example of the automotive industry, as cars play a big role in the pollution of the atmosphere.
Sooner or later, humanity will switch to renewable energy sources, but now we see a sad picture.
If you want to live on a clean planet, start with yourself!
Thank you, good article

really amazing and precise information post. Thank's a lot @adsactly

Thanks for creating awareness about environmental practices.

It is saddening when I read lines like this because with the advancement in technology I would assume that more people would be better enlightened about issues concerning environmental protection and preservation but unfortunately this is not the case. we need to do more to create awareness and proffer possible solutions to issues like nuclear radiation, etc.

The public awareness has been reduced to none even though the radiation levels are HIGHER RIGHT NOW than EVER BEFORE! ( https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2017/feb/03/fukushima-daiichi-radiation-levels-highest-since-2011-meltdown )

I just can't believe where we are headed. Sad times. Plus cleaning up nuclear waste isn't an easy job. Such articles make me so angry. Why would they dump these materials in the ocean/ http://fukushimawatch.com/2017-09-13-more-radioactive-material-to-be-released-into-the-pacific-ocean-from-the-failed-fukushima-power-plant.html

We have some people like Trump who walked out of paris agreement. There are so many like him. This is why we are having problems.

you are right

The world can only change if we change. We should protect our environment, environment is the most important at all ..IMG_20180201_182033.jpgIt has been six years since the Fukushima nuclear reactor radiation and there were extremely high levels of radiation. What kills me about this is the uncertainty and speculation and containing radiation is one of the hardest tasks. Also it is almost impossible to safely dismantle the plant.I could call the monopolists and the oil cartel of countries (OPEC) a negative example.

There is always hope.
This company fits this situation.

WePower UAB - a company established and organised under the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, registered with the Register of Legal Entities of the Republic of Lithuania under the registration code 304449091, with its registered address located at Antakalnio str. 17, LT-10312 Vilnius, Republic of Lithuania (registered address Jogailos str. 4, LT-01402, Vilnius, Lithuania

Their website platform:


dear @adsactly Tesla was a great soul. I have read that Einstein and Edison stole his ideas to introduce it all as their own innovation.

last #resteem your post

So much so that I got him tattooed on my leg :)

I just joined @adsactly a few days ago.... 👍
I wanted to point out that powerledger.io is trying to do that in a way. I think they are based in Australia which has a lot of potential for solar and wind. If they do become successful in decentralized power distribution on some scale that'll be a good start for the rest of the communities to follow.
Here in india I have seen a village community coming up with a micro grid power distribution system that is powered by solar energy and distributed with prepaid payment system. That kind of a system even though small could be scaled up to operate at a bigger level.
What you guys are doing is awesome, love your stuff!

great your environment post thanks for post

Always do your best, what you plant now will harvest later

I agree with your opinion that in many industries no regulations to control the pollution and citizens are suffering.
To stop this entirely is not going to be easy. Every industry have own way of working therefore it is very much difficult to come on one page for single solution as per their pollution challenges. If anyone is working in Pharmaceutical industry is meaningless in cement industry. About Fukushima, i believe the slow progress is mirrored in the painstaking effort to make nearby towns and villages, abandoned five years ago.
Very intelligent post and also educative. Thanks for sharing precious information post @adsactly.

There is great need to protect our environment, because the destruction of the environment will be harmful for man's existence. If there must be environmental protection the government must be involved in protection of the environment, and also let the industries know how important our environment is as useful as human existence


Following back to back

Most likely you've had a look at this already:

Applicable to both humanity and the world we depend on. If not for your eyes then the many Steemians that actually give a shit.

Embarrassingly I hadn't paid much attention to your blogging and or vlogging efforts. I humbly apologize my reasoning was a child like jealousy. I'm with you now though. Nicely done.

It has been six years since the Fukushima nuclear reactor radiation and there were extremely high levels of radiation. I also read that in the same reactor, there was a hole beneath the plant. What kills me about this is the uncertainty and speculation and containing radiation is one of the hardest tasks. Also it is almost impossible to safely dismantle the plant.

Thanks for bringing to light this issue.
Also http://www.fukushimawatch.com/ is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn more about the issue.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)
  ·  2 years ago (edited)

You are great please visit @pranto

I wish we won't just be readers of this great post but doers of what it says, our environment is mainly destroyed by our daily deeds, we liter everywhere with polythene, we engage in deforestation, etc, these things causes the climate change we see today because the ozone layer is almost depleted. Let us arise now and save our environment.
Great post @adsactly

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

thank you for the very helpful information

You've said it all @adsactly

Exited because advance technology

Nice [email protected] I think this technology go green and to save our earth...

very interesting your post, we must be aware that we have to use alternative energies for a better future, thanks

Thank you, always upvote your blogs as Always useful and informative posts from you @adsactly, I hope the issue you have with the other guy using your ‘keys’ is resolved! I don’t truly understand what that means yet though haha, have an awesome day! @cryptattoo

Also resteemed ;) I have a Nikola Tesla portrait on my leg. He truly was the pioneer of pretty much every modern invention we use today! It’s insane! Thanks again man

dear @adsactly your good post....& awsome your technologies post...i like your post.....thank for sharing...♣…

Wounderful awareness

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

Excelent post.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thanks for the post,i really appreciate that. We won't have a society if we destroy the environment.Try to leave the Earth a better place than when you arrived.

follow me i like you:)

We all should protect our environment. Day by day our environment is distructive fosil fuels & wasteless industry.Thanks for your valuable post about environment,decentralization & so on.
@Resteem,upvote & follow has been done.

good postings, everything rules are applied by the powerful, it is impossible that the people in power will blame themselves, however they will hide the slightest mistake

you are just a genious bro!!!

El medio ambiente es un problema de todos, no debemos botar desechos ni permitir que otros lo hagan, no se puede hacer la vista gorda con tan grave problemas, seamos la soluciòn y salvemos al mundo!

Creating awareness about environmental practices is something most people don't like to talk about, I dont understand much of physical sciences since am a microbiologist but we are all aware that the most clear problem humanity is facing is pollution environmentally. And we're certainly not doing anything to avert it. We still aint embracing the use of renewable energy and the nuclear energy is dangerous to use explicitly due to emission of harmful radiation. I think this world needs restructuring. I'm going to read about tesla, thanks @adsactly

Thank you very much for posting about the environment, to show you this

Wawoo. Its wonderful blog steeming on environment @adsactly
Thanks for update and informative post. Its really good one article.
My support and upvote always with you.
All the best

In my country, we still rely on fossil fuel and the management of the waste it generates is a big problem. The "oil spillages" on water bodies hasn't been sorted and the big corporations give the leaders fat brown paper bags to silence them.

Healthy environment is the base of humans good health.
awesome post dear.

Well thought out post,good job

Thank you very much for sharing such type of information..... please keep me in your close contact @adsactly

No wonder the earth is having different health issues everyday.....some part of nigeria use gammalin 20 to kill fishes forgetting the chemical causes cancer......

Read about it from this site.....EFFECT OF USING GAMMALIN 20 TO KILL FISHES......

Environmental protection is a subject that can't be over exaggerated because new threats are born into the environmental system as growth progresses everyday. Thanks for sharing this.

good post, I like with your post.

Wow very good

It’s really incredible how the whole world just kind of forgot about radiation sill leaking in the ocean on a continuous basis....leave it to society...

nice your technologies post

Thanks for sharings this peice on enviromental protection.. Its one of the major problem facing aftica as a continent..

Minority always keep focus. I also saw many ugly flowers due to the gene mutation. No body knows where the construction and building waste from that Fukushima spreaded out or imported. The more dangerous thing is about 100 nuclear power plant in China. Just guess what can happen after earthquake or volcano.

For better life we must save our environment at any kind of pollution. In this issue every country have to work together. Thanks for this important articale.

you always post best for us
thanks for this

Environment is more important than we think, sometimes we don't realize we're living in a world which is all connected.
So interesting this post actually to make us think better the responsability we also have as humans.
Thank you so much.
Love the adsactly project too.

Adsactly is a dream come true

The economy - once a great scatter of small productive units in autonomous balance, has become dominated by two or three hundred giant corporations, administratively and politically interrelated.

Tesla was a great soul. I have read that Einstein and Edison stole his ideas to introduce it all as their own innovation.

The world can only change if we change. Let us all do whatever we can to stop the exploitation of environment instead of blaming it on the government or the companies and switch to renewable resources instead. That's all we can do.


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Thanks for information

It's a good awareness of protecting the environment. It's great if all of us working hand in hand with saving and protecting our Mother Earth. Thank's for a very informative information @adsactly


Esta sugerencia de comprar o vender su energía sería beneficioso para la humanidad, siendo así una buena solución para controlar la contaminación ambiental. Sabemos que a los gobiernos no les importa si la tierra cada vez se deteriora a causa de los desechos nucleares, ellos están temporalmente y sólo buscan obtener beneficios personales, persuadiendo este grave problema ambiental.

Nice postt

We should protect our environment, environment is the most important at all ..

We only can stop this pollution in our environment but we are too scared to speak out, the so called industries were supposed to be a source of anti-enviromental pollution but instead they only aim on making profits and leaving the villages/cities to suffer.

These enviromental pollution are common here in the western part of @AFRICA

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