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ADSactly on ADSACTLY - Part #56

Creating Value - Part 4


In the last three sequels we wrote about the early beginnings of creating values. Then we continued with the rise of craftsmen, explorers and merchants; explained the importance of the first manual machines. Today we'll go even further. If you haven't read the first three parts, please find them here:

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With the invention of the steam machine, industrial age had begun. It was further helped by the cheap production of iron and narrower specialization of the workforce. The powered machines begin their journey through history. Manual labour still required to operat3e mechanical machines became even less needed. The power for the new machines is provided by energy resources. Later on, when electricity was discovered, utilized, distributed and put to use, electric means of running machines made an even wider path of industrial production.


With the technological advancements the production became faster and quantities enlarged to previously unseen numbers. People started leaving their villages and sought employment in city's factories. Industrial age brought about a huge rise in value. National incomes skyrocketed. However, the modern exploitative banking system was born and started its voyage of greed and exploitation.


The massive production of goods turned manufactures into large-scale factories. But, the newly created value came at a high cost. Workers were exploited to the point of dissatisfaction. The inhuman race for creating more goods and more profit took its high toll. Some people opposed technological advances as they saw it a danger to their walk of life. As means of protest, 'Luddites' were attacking factories in England and destroying machines.


Along with industrialization, the transport, trade and communication sectors also thrived, giving way to progress and high national incomes. But, industrial age brought along a strong social imbalance. The rich factory owners started lavishly living on the work of the poor, on a previously unseen length of disbalance. For the first time in history, the value of a machine became higher than a value of human life in both financial and social sense. Human operators were easily replaceable, while machines were expensive, valuable and never to be turned off.


That was the time a huge leap in value creation started to thrive following the exponential scale. In all previous times, the value hasn't had such a huge boom as in industrial age. However, with a huge increase in value, it created pollution, dissatisfaction, increased health risk, a decrease of quality of life and led to seeking of a more promising system of government which was meant to stop the exploitation of a common worker: socialism and communism. The capitalist system of "free" economy that we live in, based on human greed and wish for power and by no means perfect, but before we start being ungrateful, let's remember the disgraceful endings of alternative social/economic experiments.

To this very day, we are still looking for the answers to where lays the thin line between high profits and the value of human?

Let us know your thoughts!

To be continued...


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The devaluation and exploitation of humans wasn't a result of capitalism. It is an inherent part of human nature called greed. No matter the system which we use, the impulse which result from our greed will always find a way to exploit others for maximum gain. Many believe that the blockchain tech will solve all that problem, but how much can that go. Every tech is a tool for exploitation and it's just a matter of time, people will find a way around it.

I found out that 'Luddites' are the people who are afraid to loss their job because their service was replaced by machines, yet this is quite real. Machinery was made to produce more of product on a short period of time. This is very true that machine would possibly replace people when it comes to production. Nowadays machine is essential to all factories, to all production that could build an industry, yet it would likely produce to harm environment and individual as well. I would give an example. If a nuclear powerplant was built people would have a low cost on the dues of the electricity, but it may cause acid rain when it explodes. Acid rain is very harmful to plants, animals people and so as the nature, in other words it affects all.

We should value human than machine, cause in the first place human does have life machine only have a gas or what so ever that make use of it. It may seem to replace humans in some aspect, but humans made the machine and there is no machine whichever make a human. It is very Important to value life over things, It is very important to value life over money. We can afford to buy machines, But we cant afford to buy lives! Love people!


That’s really controversial lol






Thank you Sir :)


Pre congrats :)

Each period of human development brought its own corrections in the lives of ordinary people. Industry developed and changed the situation in the world and labor markets. To replace the predominantly manual and physical labor other working specialties began to arrive. To a large extent, this contributed to an increase in output and a general improvement.

But nevertheless, the appearance of the banking system made people dependent. Poor people did not have much education and knowledge and therefore became easy prey for greedy bankers. In fact, it was the beginning of a time when financial slavery came to replace the usual slavery. You can say that it exists in the present time. But now people are more trained, but nevertheless often use so-called "banking products". This is due to the current1 trend that is imposed by the media and society. The tendency makes a person consume more. It is a consumer society with large appetites. The only means for temporary saturation are money. And what to do to a man who wants to be "like everyone else" and have nothing to deny? Of course, take the money in debt. All this is beneficial to a certain group of people. They created such a vicious circle.

At the moment, there are separate industries that are based on manual labor. These industries can be divided into 2 categories. These are expensive and high-quality things - which are expensive solely for brand and manual labor. But the second category is also manual labor, but cheap things made by the hands of poor people and who for this they receive practically nothing. In the first case, this is acceptable. But in the second case, to exploit people for profit is unacceptable. These are my thoughts.
Thank you for the interesting continuation.




They are proposing a Universal basic Income, in some part of the country, i'm not sure which one, they still doing some experiment on how it goes well, if you have the basic income, you can do whatever you like and this will increase their creativity, therefore boast the economy. :)

The answer is in using unlimited sources of energy from nature. Do you know that in one cube meter of space there is enough energy to burn all world oceans and to make it evaporate as per physics scientists.

If we use energy from nature, greed will vanish as well as exploitation of workers as everyone will be able to provide all that they need for themselves so values like providing for the community will arise in collective consciousness. Having enough for your own family, you give your time for community and by that all society will bloom. We are all connected and all what we do affects all of us.
Let’s work on bringing awareness up. Namaste.





It is a tragic irony that industrialization could have liberated humanity, we could all be pursuing what we love and let the machines handle the dangerous and boring tasks. Instead of having a civilization of artists and craftsmen, we are left with people desperately seeking jobs to earn almost enough to survive the same old way as before the machines came along. It once took a team of swarthy men all day to remove one big tree from the woods, now machines can take out a huge swath of forest in a day, but loggers still barely make enough to feed their families.



As much as I don't like the technology because I really think it is killing humanity and the world we live in all because of greed, I am also grateful for it, but looking back when I was a kid and looking at my children right now, to tell you the truth I wish things could go back the way they were.
I mean, I like how technology makes things easy and better (not always) but I guess it's us people who can't find the balance or know where to stop because of the greed and it makes me sick.



A very thin line it is. As long as there is the opportunity for corporations or people, in general, to have monetary power through increased profits, the common worker will continue to be used as a pawn. The common worker will never truly realize the full value of his or her efforts because the majority of that value will be passed on to the power players. Workers will continue to be given only the scraps remaining after big profits are realized.



This issue seems very important to me with the great industrial revolution, my career is industrial engineering where everything began to the disorder that existed in these industries where they exploited people in long hours of work, until there was a time where they revealed and burst the process of production in several areas, on the other hand it is good to clarify that due to all this happened there was a personal control in the industrial engineers and in helping the environment, I really liked this post, greetings and I hope you continue making this series of post, greetings



This is awesome, naturally I agree with your write-up @adsactly and I wish It could go beyond this community to also educate our government and top organization especially in this our days because human life is irreplaceable so we should place more value on lives as machine was or is being manufactured, installed and maintained by human . Machines can't exist without humans but Humans can exist without machines so we need life to operate and maintained machine, in fact there is nothing worth loosing life for not even money or whatever. Thanks @adsactly.more inspiration brotherly.

Really interesting .. well done on the article
The worst thing is corruption and moral decay that upset this balance
Great post from you
Thanks for sharing

I love the way you add value to life, your positive influence on this platform is phenomenal.

Creating values is an important thing of human life. Values helps us live with respect in our society.

Hey @adsactly wish you humble gratitude for adding more values and opportunities to Steemit platform and making Steemit community better for us.
Good luck

Hola @adsactly
Interesante todo lo planteado por tí en esta serie.
¿Que hay de los mercaderes de hoy?
Sencillamente; crear la necesidad en el hombre de comprar cosas vanales y con obsolencias programadas para mantener cautivo el mercado. Apoderarse de los ahorros del ciudadano de a pie y crear o mantener grandes masas monetarias y aparecer en la Revista Forbes dentro del Ranking de los 100 o 500 más adinerados del mundo.
Te seguiré leyendo y dando mi humilde opinión.

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Thank you for your posting and I hope to see your posting often.

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upvote and resteemed...............
thanks for sharing this content to us ......

"This is also one of the reasons why we all stay together in the crypto world in a way. The more we believe in crypto, the harder it is to stop the revolution where we belong."

the opinion above I like, we all have a way to reach it. success for the @adsactly team. I've chosen your witness

Technology advancement has really changed the world and the way it operates. Things now move so fast, if you're slow you will be left behind. Great post though!

a good post my friends are very happy to read your post, terimaksih already share

Very true sir @adsactly, that's why we come to the world of cryptocurrency where WE create and decide upon the value not the exploitative banking regime.

more power do autonomous and decentralized communities defining their own values!

Really this is not very far from the current reality, nowadays we depend in a great way the machines, be it a cell phone, a computer, or similar, it is to see how the passage of time displaces the human being. But I doubt that these artifacts take away our jobs, as is often thought, for the simple fact that a machine HAS NO LIFE.

@ adsactly i love and join finally @ adsactly

Genius is a great post, so you countless
Thank you so much for fun, funny writing. I'm a general steemit user. I want to follow the wonderful people like you. Please give me upvote and follow me.

Waoo me encanto tu post ,espero ver la continuacion pronto,saludos.

As the advancement of the era can not be denied, the more sophisticated technology. Probably 20 years later very little human resources are in need.

It is a lamentable incongruity that industrialization could have freed mankind, we could all be seeking after what we adore and let the machines handle the perilous and exhausting errands. Rather than having a human progress of specialists and experts, we are left with individuals frantically looking for occupations to gain enough to survive an indistinguishable old path from before the machines tagged along. It once took a group of swarthy men throughout the day to expel one major tree from the forested areas, now machines can take out an enormous swath of woods in a day, however lumberjacks still scarcely make enough to encourage their families.

Your series have been so educative.
I am looking forward to more

Human life is more costly than any other thing in life

It's a good thing we understand how relevant and necessary technology is to the world.......... This is an educative and inspirational post, good job.

Amazing. Part this one is different haha

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Had a chance to hangout with the good fellows of ADSactly last night in discord voice chat. You guys are the real deal when it comes to humanity :D Damn, looks like there's a backlog of posts in "ADSactly on ADSACTLY" to catch up with. Oh well, I'm still early per my gut feeling. :D Keep up the great work!


thanks! we enjoyed having you in the hangout.

You are right - there's a lot to get through on the ADSactly on ADSactly series, so if you ever have any questions on it, please feel free to drop into the general chat section of our Discord, there are always a few Community Leaders around to help.

See you soon!