ADSactly on ADSACTLY - part #36 - Sharing Of Ideas

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ADSactly on ADSACTLY - part #36

ADSactly on Sharing of Ideas

Cooperation is an essential, important and crucial part of all human endeavours. Without it, nothing would ever see the light of the day. No great project can be finished if people don't work together. Individual efforts are valuable but they are likely to be futile without good, mutually beneficial, coordinated cooperation. No individual can achieve a big goal solely by himself. It is simply impossible because each of us possesses only a limited amount of time, resources, knowledge and skills.

But, a cooperation within a group is not the only important factor for success. We should bear in mind that the greatest visions were conceived in individual minds, utilizing individual talents. The ideas were always shared with others before the goals were reached. Great visions are seldom put into valuable reality without strong group efforts and cooperation between individuals. This fantastic marriage of vision and efforts is what counts.


Cooperation is not dependable on political and financial restraints we are made to live in. It works regardless of them and signifies the most basic human need to survive and thrive. Throughout the history, we find strong elements of cooperation in every possible field. From hunting, ploughing fields, building houses, all the way to modern day gadgets like smartphones, electric cars, Internet, cryptocurrencies... etc. All those projects, ideas and techniques were always started by an individual mind and then developed through, you guessed - cooperation.


The essence of cooperation is grounded in sharing of ideas. Never be afraid to share an idea. You might lose some of them along the way but always keep in mind that many more, even better ones will come in time. If a person doesn't communicate ideas, the projects will, most likely, never come to light. From our experience, it is better to create long-lasting relationships and share ideas among people who you trust, than to keep your ideas for yourself until they slowly fade away. If people accept your idea, they will always remember where to come for the next one. What's more, if an idea is profitable for a group of investors, they will share benefits with you. Benefits which would not exist without their investment and your idea.


If an idea stays confined to someone's mind and it never sees the light, will it be of any use? Will it benefit someone and make difference to something? We are to share ideas, cooperate with each other and enjoy the benefits, together. Share your ideas with other free individuals who met and cooperate in the ADSactly Society. Put your ideas forward and interested people might be interested in achieving mutual goals through joined efforts.

Share your ideas and cooperate with like-minded people on putting them to life. This is the way to go.


If you are interested in joining the ADSactly society, please read the blog series on ADSactly from the beginning. Have all of your questions answered in advance.

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Great post!!🙌🏼😃 For a long time I was a very self serving person and only worked on things that benefited myself. Through the growing process I spent a lot of time and money on improving my body and mind. The result was me having the most powerful desire to share all that I learned so other can benefit from what I spent almost 10 years and $10s of thousands of dollars learning.

That is the only mission that gives me true purpose. Helping others become the best version of themselves.

I’ll be looking heavily into ADSactly!! Blessings to you and your growing community!!🙏🏼😌🍀📈

That's a good desire. It take a lot of goodness of the mind to help others be better. I hope you also get people willing to go out of their way to help you when you need it.

Thank you! This world really does have a way of giving back. If each individual person would heal, we could make a world of difference in large groups of super humans.🤖🙂 That’s why ADSactly has my attention.

Blessings to you!!🙏🏼😌🍀

@adsactly what you just written is something that I started to think about with easiness once I started to understand the steem blockchain.

The Steem Blockchain is so powerfull, that many ideas that were on people minds, are no put into work. People start to release their knowledge and experience here thanks to the impressive and magical well thought reward system. Here, people get something for the value they provide and that is amazing.

For this reason and many more is that many of the best developers, marketers, communicators, creative people are on the Steem Blockchain now, and many will come sooner or later.

Steem is the #1 crypto, and will sooner or later be reflected on coinmarketcap, as it is already in blocktivity, and its great for us to have the possibility to be here, when the biggest magical moments, and the biggest transfer of wealth in our history occurs in a massive way. Every day is closer to that.

Following this, you may like to check the idea I posted today. Doctors without Borders Helping Aid People around the World -The Power of the Steem Blockchain to Disrupt and Create new Markets

I am also very close to finish the 11 chapter full steemit guide to help new users on steemit, minnows, new visitors understand as much and as fast as possible about the Steem Blockchain and Steemit, and thus help them make their way on the platform.

Actually I am finishing Chapter #9 now, and it will be released between tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. I already posted the first 8 Chapters. Here is the first Chapter about 1 month ago (that was also featured on the #promo-steem website):
Chapter 1 of 11: Have you recently Sign up on Steemit and Don't know what to do First - Basic Things for New People make their way easier on the Platform - Part 1: What you need to know to be more confident & get rewarded on the platform?

Looking forward to your thoughts!

Regards, @gold84

There is parable in my language about a person that worked hard, relentlessly - not giving himself any time to rest and enjoy life - and apparently it worked! he managed to horde a huge pile of gold! the man became older, and one day - the neighbors found him dead - laying alone on top of his mountain of gold.

the referent in the original story is different - but let's take it to our topic - you can work alone on things, sure, you might even meet success if you work hard without any rest, and you might become really rich and "successful" after along time of hard work. but does it worth it?

So yeah - cooperation will probably make you be more successful, if you do it the right way - but a great benefit of sharing is that you work with PEOPLE, people to whom you get close, you enjoy being with them and working with them!
that way - not only you'll probably be more successful in achieving your goals, but you will have some free time, friends, and you'll enjoy the work itself! when you do something that is important for you, with people you like - work becomes fun by itself.

come and join us at ADSactly, you'll find good,cooperating people to hang with and to work with, achieving new goals and enjoying it.

Sir, This is KEY what you said🗝️🗝️🗝️

Also would add that whenever I create something, either it is some design, picture, video, magic trick - I always seek for other people.


Because then I get unbiased view. You hear new ideas, things you could have missed and never even though about. It doesn't mean that I will always use feedback that is given by others but by hearing it and not taking it personally it never fails to improve what I am doing in one way or another 👌

I feel that this skill is essential for cooperation with people. #My2cents 😅

Thanks for reminding us of the value of sharing ideas. I believe we all have ideas to share, however, many failed to share their thoughts because we are limited by certain boundaries like communication skills, language, and thought process. Unfortunately, what hinders sharing of ideas is that there are many who cannot accept criticism. If you encounter a person who seeks self enrichment, he is open to constructive criticism. If he thinks that there must be some loopholes on his ideas, he gladly recognises it. On the other hand, there is what you call projective criticisms, in which people who shares ideas get negative feelings or reactions towards people who might have criticised their thoughts.

It is really enriching to share ideas, like here on steemit. You get to meet like-minded people and it really helps a lot in one's betterment. After being hooked here, I rarely open my FB account as I get to meet sensible people here and really learned a lot from crypto, food, travel, etc. Things you cannot get in other social media accounts, which sadly often spread hate and fake news.

Don't worry I won't feel bad about if no one like or upvote this post. LOL!


Hello everybody
People with good and useful ideas will always be welcomed. The community ADSactly can be your starting point, here people share their ideas and get approval if it is useful.
The idea can change not only your life, but also the life of others. Remember the film "The Beginning" starring with Leonardo DiCaprio. The essence was this: to enter into the dream of a person and to inspire him with an idea. An idea inspired by a person can completely change his perception and life prospects, can completely change his life.
Therefore, any of your ideas in the future can be useful and change a lot.
Remember: Thoughts are material :)

More than a publication is an excellent reflection. Time is life and if you dedicate time to an idea you are dedicating life, if you share that idea you are sharing your life. Your life, your time invested in that idea can fulfill a purpose in those people with whom you have shared. Fear is the worst emotion, but like all emotion, fear is also momentary, it is not bad to feel it, you just have to reflect on how to act in the face of that circumstance. The opportunities are for everyone equally, it's up to you to know how to take advantage of it. Do not be afraid, share your ideas and you will be investing your time, your life well.


"teamwork divide tasks and multiply the success"

Indeed cooperation helps multiple persons grow simultaneously also enables everyone to set aside their differences and to come on a perticular solution and let start working on mutual also helps in growing the bonding between two or many.its absolutely correct that one man can't achieve the success as of organization also grows the mutual understanding,people got to know what are their thoughts on social,political,economical,faiths etc and that may start building a healthy society which eventually benifit not only on them only,but also a healthy peace loving atmosphere is generated around them which helps other too.
Well cooperation helps to co-creat.that means a new world of innovation gets a shape solely because of cooperation.
Also cooperation helps to eliminate the evil part of the society ,where people organises and educate the society about the ill part and built a concensus and liquidate the evil part.

A secret shared is a trust formed.

I'm glad for this community of great minds which is determined to help and foster good relationships amongst individuals of different races and nations.

Cooperation is needed and together everyone achieves more, this should be the driving factor behind each and everything we do. It's true that your ideas might be stolen but never give up on humanity, for there is surely a brighter future.

Keep the great work going, glad to be a member and I'll start interacting with the community in days to come, not quite free right now.

Charity, charity, charity for animals. Right now I’m building the base to get at least 1000 followers. I also want to strengthen my Steem power to be able to reward steemiens who give proof of donating to any animal charity. This is my future project since I’m an animal lover.

That is such a worthy cause.

This is really great article @adsactly. It's really very true. I really appreciate your thoughts about sharing ideas.
It is really important to connect with others open your self and share your ideas with others. Sharing your experience and knowledge for the benefits of all. It is really successful for all steps of life.


Great idea.......

I am impressed by your collective progress of human beings @adsactly. You have rightly said that no one can accomplish great feats alone. He should have to cooperate with others and others would cooperate with him to make his plans come true.

As man is social animal he can not live alone. When we help each other to grow we benefiting ourselves and others as well. Knowledge and experience increases as we share with each other.

United we stand, divided we fall! Loved to read your blog.

Thanks for sharing. Willing to co-operate with my coworkers has always provide positive results. Few times I do not like my teammates resulted in poor performance, hence, this topic cannot be overemphasised.

excellent post keep it up so you are great and you have my support.

ideas that are worth sharing are made by great men with fore-sight. thanks man @adsactly

@adsactly you share a good idea. I agreed. Screenshot_20180121-165547.png

This is an amazing Idea.

Such a beuituful work

one word for this post .. very very beautiful and nice.

Te invito a pasar por mi canal, admiro tus artículos. Soy una gran entusiasta de trabajo virtual. Estoy comenzando.

I'm not a big Zuckerberg fan but he had a pretty good quote to the effect that being great is not about what you can do but about what you can get others to do.

Great post, please follow and upvote me

Wow! I sincerely Love your submission and I am sure a lot of people do too. Truly, No man they say is an island, which is why we all need each other to meditate and share ideas in order to achieve a great course collectively. In as much as our mind connects, we will always counter all challenges with cheerful equanimity. Thanks for sharing. You've been helpful

im having a lot of difficulty finding anyone to trust on steemit.

same thing happened on discord. trolls, fake accounts, very few people here convince me they are real at all.

check out my blog, I am prolific and writing about the most difficult topics, yet no discussion, very few upvotes, very few resteems even by people who give lip service.

a handful of people respond. meanwhile very very shallow things on other peoples blogs are upvoted with 30+ 'this is a nice post' comments.

people are gaming this system hard. beware.

and read my blog, what does it take to get someone to consider your ideas on here?

This post is, by comparison, extremely shallow by comparison to any of a dozen of my posts.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Every baby cries when young, a wise friend of ours said once. Steemit is just a baby, let it grow and have nothing but love and patience for it! ;-)

fair enough, read my latest post though. i put a lot of work into it and it aggregates a ton of evidence for things that many would prefer not to see.

my warning though is that steemit will never grow up if all the witnesses end up cop accounts, and we can't stop that from happening if we let hundreds of cops posting utter bullshit get 70+ reps.

From our experience, it is better to create long-lasting relationships and share ideas among people who you trust, than to keep your ideas for yourself until they slowly fade away.

This is so true, sometimes the most minute of ideas may be the stepping stone into new levels.

Looks like a whole season of @adsactly..

I agree with this post, because it works in a very good group and the idea of ​​each individual is needed in every progress

It is gread idea, thank you for ythis post sharing

please upvote me, i need your help


Yes, so true!

Is awesome idea sir, good luck

Nice work man 👍👍....carry on

wow...This is really great article.thank you for your thought

Building rapport (bonding) and sharing information are true keys for cooperation but let’s not forget that cooperation can be evil as well. Even more, those who don’t think for themselves cooperate with the ignorance they trap themselves in. For others who do think but are lazy, cooperate with stupidity.

So how does one cooperate with those who don’t want to cooperate and those that don’t operate?🤔

I am excited to learn more about the society. I will be reading the information today. Cooperation is key to bettering society.

great and awesome article

Cooperación es demasiado importante a la hora de emprender algún proyecto, siempre se necesita apoyo y muchas ganas de seguir adelante... Saludos muy buen post

wow is a great article

we here also really like the relationship of cooperation, where we can share knowledge.
we as human beings can not live alone without any help from others.
oh yes, I am a newcomer please help and guidance, if there are words that I am wrong please forgive.

good post friends

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Dats very true @adsactly working with like minded ppl always leads to great success

hi my name is ayudia Ningrum, my origin indonesia, aceh
my account name is @ steemitv, please guidance it

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at least can be upvote

@ adsactly .excellent post keep it up so you are great and you have my support

@ADsactly u r just adsactly right.
Maybe. We have heard of united we stand divided we fall.

I am new to steemit so i am just learning about the basics and also want some pocket money.
But my main motivation is esteem of myself.
I didn't pass the medical examination and all people started to say me u r a loser
I have come to steemit to prove it to them that their is something better for me

Thk u


Hey stemian, how's everything? I am sarae. what i miss? please tell me something about steemit.

excellent post keep it up so you are great and you have my support

It's great

Yes, right now i finished reading this article. I'm agree with you in some points here.

Damiana, new pornstar becoming(check my blog for more...)

One of my mentors said "Good ideas are a dime a dozen. Great ideas are about a dime each. Can't miss ideas are worth about a buck ninety eight. Until this team goes to work on it."

Thanks for another great post in the series. I really appreciate it.

When great mind post ,u see nothing but wisdom. @adsactly you are my man

a very good job my friend.

That's very true. Every success of a person at one point or the other needed the cooperation of others. No man can single handedly say he can succeed in this life without the help of people.
Even the devil requires the cooperation of people to achieve his plans.
Nice posts @adsactly

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I'm definitely going to be your number one fan, I follow you, I give you my vote, and resteem, in all your publications, you're a phenomenon of making money apart I admire your publications a lot, congratulations my friend @adsactly

nice post thank you for shareing [email protected]

Your good master steemit

Such a great motivational article, this type of article is definitely going to influence people like me to think something different and differently. I have read most of your article and all the time I feel like I am gaining something new and fruitful things. Thank you @adsactly for spreading such kinda great ideas.

Good post, your post makes me think more what if we are in a group working together and honest without cooperation may not terujut what we want, thank you for sharing information

Thanks for sharing this post. Most people don't know that sharing ideas benefit them more in the long run.

Although there is the risk of your idea beingstolen when you share it, it sure beats doing nothing about it and letting it go to waste.

hi i want to ask you an advice :) i want to make a project trough steemit i think you can help me to start up this project i want to talk with you on discord you can find me with the same username ! thanks

wao I have seen machines to produce money ,,, but you my friend @adsactly is one of the best if not the best ,,, your way is pointing>

my congratulations for such a good blog

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I love this post. It reminds me of Napoleon Hill's "Thin and Grow Rich" wher he say we are all like a single battery. When we combine 2 or more batteries the power is greater than the sum. A cooperating group is a synergy of mind power.

Right now @markrmorrisjr is working with a group on here for a very exciting project to help newcomers realize their full potential on Steemit. It's called #dolphinschool . Check it out! It's pretty cool!

23 hours ago Transfer 1.000 SBD to adsactly.. memo

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nice post congrats

Teamwork always pays off very good post

I want to chat with your team about idea.

The information you provide helps us a lot.. Thax for your Post.


Estoy totalmente de acuerdo contigo, somos individuos sociales no somos auto suficientes 100%, siempre necesitamos de alguien. Si fuéramos la mitad de organizados y cooperativos que son las hormigas cuanto podríamos lograr. Excelente publicación.

Thanks as always

Our world will be much better if we had alot of this postive thinkinng way from people, i support you

@ adsactly .excellent post keep it up so you are great..

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you are right,,i am agree with you sir beacuse i know, unity is strength,,

wow..this article is very cool, very useful to read, thanks for the knowledge.

Muy buen post y la seguidilla esta genial, me gusta bastante como automatizas la generacion del post y logras culminar de una manera bastante coherente

You are right, a person should move shoulder to shoulder with a friend and otherwise he will die or lose the meaning of life

I use to think I alone could do it without any help from others until I saw a quote that changed my mentality because supporting/working with people will not fuck up or hinder your own goals/dreams. It will rather hasten it than you thought. So this days I share and am open to ideas.
You can't even be on steemit without having to

I'm not a major Zuckerberg fan but rather he had an entirely decent statement such that being incredible isn't about what you can do yet about what you can inspire others to do.

funny :D

Woohoo! A lot of information just what I needed! Thank you ! I will read all tonight thanks again :)

On one is can actually do it all alone. When u share ideas, u get more ideas as well. Great post.

Thank you for the beautiful project. Desiring to act together for quality content,come to abelg

Wonderful post, i really enjoyed it.

@ adsactly .excellent post keep it up so you are great and you..DQmRp6b1hDQBdG1pQwxqKmS1nRCjLm7GNxWQQmGmvWYri9B_1680x8400.png

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Want to be friends?

Thanks post ,like see @isabella69

teamwork is the key.i am goin to start a campaign soon based on women empowerment through steemit. i welcome anyone who intend to be a part of this campaign or share their knowledge or help by any mean.

excellent post

Very good👍👍👍👍