ADSactly on ADSACTLY - Part #40 - Cryptocurrency Trading General Advice

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ADSactly on ADSACTLY - part #40

ADSactly - Cryptocurrency Trading General Advice

Many members of ADSactly society, as well as a general population of cryptopreneurs trade their crypto on the exchanges. Some trade on daily basis, closing as many sales when the red day turns to a green one, and then wait for next dip opportunity. Some prefer to hold their assets and avoid succumbing to a daily shot of adrenaline rush when the price rises or nervous breakdown when it hits the bottom against all 'predictions'.

The trade volumes of crypto markets are not FOREX-sized nor even close to regular stock exchanges, markets are not regulated, loads of insider trading is taking place, exchanges themselves take advantage of price fluctuations, bots are trading small volumes to influence the price and the pump-gangs are always ready to pick the coin(s) of the day. So, in the crypto market environment, nothing can stop anything from happening.

If we are to argue that practice, let's say that we tend to prefer open battlefield to the government regulations which are primarily created to keep things where they are and not shake anything. What's more, sheep will always be sheep, no matter who cuts their fur. Do not be one.


An insane rise in a number of 'cryptoanalysts' is the trend. People who've never traded in real markets and have never read a proper book on technical analysis are creating charts and influencing people, telling them when is a good time to buy or to sell. Why study it, anyway, when the chances of 'sure guess' is always around 50%? Read several quick articles on the subject, spend a few days observing charts and the mojo is there, a new 'cryptoanalyst' is born and ready to tell people when and where to invest. With 50% chances of the price going up or down and a moderate insight of the general trend, one really needs bad luck to be wrong all the time. Most 'chartists' are complete charlatans, or even worse. 'Crystal ball' predictions can lead a person into buying or selling when the 'cryptoanalyst' is doing exactly the opposite. :)


Thus... All predictions coming from the bottom are futile or even deliberately manipulated. Technical charts analysis alone, without vital information and factual in-depth analysis of every project, may not be worth more than a flip of a coin. Their 'after the fact' outcomes are highly questionable and often wrong.


Please note: this is not aimed at professionals who've spent their entire lives analysing markets and have a very high percentage of being right. Those people we admire, respect and are proud to have them as members of our Society.

In order to make the crypto-trading life of our members and followers easier, we've written a set of hardcore advice on trading that should apply to all situations. The actual success is up to you, your persona, your nerve, your assets, your killer instinct and your courage, of course.

Advice number one: Don't panic whatever seems to be going on!

Advice number two: Never let the advice number one slip your mind.

Advice number three: Learn from mistakes and avoid making them in the future.

Advice number four: If you are late for a train, don't chase it.

Advice number five: Buy when low, sell when still high, never the other way around.

Advice number six: Never sell low because the day is red, you'll regret it.

Advice number seven: Set your mind on the future outcomes, not on 'what if I had done this or done that'. It doesn't matter now.

Advice number eight: Hodl! Scarcity makes the value rise.

Advice number nine: For every sell, there is a buy.

Advice number ten: Never invest more than you can afford to lose.


Let us know if you already follow these or if you got some more!


If you are interested in joining the ADSactly Society, please read the blog series on ADSactly from the beginning. Have all of your questions answered in advance.

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Thanks very much... I add some other advices..
Once you get Bitcoin/Eth/Litecoin, By greed or higher returns you will jump into Altcoins.

Five things you should learn .

1.Portfolio Distribution - use 40–40–20 Rule.

40% in Big Cap (over 2 Billion eth,bit,ltc etc)

40% in Mid Cap (Between 80 Million -2 Billion)

20% in Lower Cap

This will reduce your potential losses if Market goes down.Big Cap move slowly but they Drop Slowly too. On a Bad day your mid cap can drop to 30% small cap to 50% but Big cap will only go down between 15–20%.

2.Take your Profits, Coin which goes up will have a correction, Book your Profits at top.Don’t take 100% out of coin but 30–40%.

3.Don’t Buy on Highs.

4.Don’t be too greedy - Greed is fine but too Greedy can be dangerous.

5.Do your own research - If you believe in a project,stick with it .don’t believe in FUd’s for ex:- Tron ,lot’s of FUD but there Fundamentals remain same .If you believe in those fundamentals stick with it,don’t panic sell.

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I would double-recommend taking profits. Take profits. Period. If you pump 8x, sell 20-30% and get it back into fiat. Then hodl fiat until the next crypto dip.

I've been investing for ten years. No day trading, just your typical stocks, bonds, business ventures, and real estate. It can be daunting -- I actually just sued somebody for failing to honor a promissory note for my investment in his business -- but compared to real-life investing, crypto is insane.

Cover your rear-end and make sure that you come away with something to show for your time. Take profits if you can. You will always get another chance to make more money.

With the growing popularity of the crypto currency, there are so-called "pretenders" of analysts who violently impose their analysts on the rest. According to the court, their words are worthless, but unfortunately there are a lot of people in the world who can become victims of such people.
Most often a person does not understand the essence of investment or trading crypto-currencies - he begins to give advice to others. I think that it's about the person and his character. In life, there are often people who try to look like an "expert" in a hot topic in the eyes of other people. Why do they do this? First, lack of attention, and secondly it is a way of self-affirmation.
Therefore, the main rule is to take information about crypto-currencies from reliable and trusted sources such as this community. It should be people with successful experience in the trade or investment. Simply put, competent people or sources.
Personally, I stick to the investment tactics in LONG. It saves nerves. The main thing is to be confident in the asset in which you invest.
Thanks for the information and advice

Hello! good post that brings the attention of a cancer in the crypto industry!

Most 'chartists' are complete charlatans, I think the same as you, the thing is that in the crypto world the opinion of someone who has been since X year is really valuable and actually change the market. This is the real pure market of a pure supply and demand trade, without any intermediary, so I think that the market itself (we the people) should removed those charlatans out of it by not giving them attention, we keep believing that at some point guvernment will shut down all of this and lived scared of trying to make the most money before that happens. The blockchain (decentralized information on a peer to peer basis ) is here to stay, so we must removed the charlatans out of this market once and for all, as we are doing with interest-generators closed structures cryptos, like bitconnect (needless to say after bitconnect exploded, but nevertheless the next ponzi-kind-of-bitconnect-scheme davorcoin is being pushed away).

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This is very useful information. There are way too many people jumping into the crypto market because they hear about this boom and the gazillion dollar bitcoin but they actually have no clue about what they are investing in. There are way to many new people and even some old in the crypto market that are running around and blindly investing in something they heard about on YouTube. What blows me away is the sheer number of analysts there are on YouTube. All it takes is the ability to make a video and upload it and voila... you can share your analysis with the world. Problem is, there are a lot of new people taking that advice as the holy grail of crypto information. Even though you tell people to do their own research they take what you and many others say and invest without a thought. Knowledge first people!!! If you think you are going to make a quick buck here you are screwed... Inform yourself and then get invested. Just in the past two days I have listened to two different YouTube analyst talk about how we are on a moon shot to a $1 trillion market cap.. WOW!!! As much as that would be amazing, it would be deadly to the long term health of the market. We just saw what happens when the market boom too fast. It’s very difficult to sustain that rapid growth over time. Slow and steady gains!! Be smart people. Get educated and KNOW what you are investing in and you will rejoice with us all at the top of the mountain!!!

How can we encourage more people to join Steemit and the crypto world, especially females?

I traded stocks on a daily bases before, I had learned the hard way and it cost me a lot of money. It was a good lesson. Understand risk. Human behavior plays a huge role in investment success, and success in general. Humans tend to feel comfortable when they feel part of something, rather than being the lone wolf standing away from the crowd. It’s that group behavior that feeds into the frenzy of “before it’s too late” syndrome. The bottom line is that there are safe investments and risky investments. One is not better than another, but you should focus on how much you hold in each, which is dependent on two factors: your time horizon and your ability to put your head on the pillow at night. Crypto trading would not allow me to sleep at night instead I’d rather buy crypto and hold.

Dear adsactly,
I have only one questions to ask you, I've followed your blog since day 1 of me joining Steemit, why is it always difficult for you to Upvote peoples comment on your post? Especially those reasonable comments that relates to your post?
Cant you see, you are losing enough fans and upvotes, unlike you, once you drop a post, before an hour time, it will pass $90 to $900.
Start upvoting for people, show love to your fans by upvoting for them. Come on, you are a whale, you got nothing to lose.
And don't take it personal, just an observation, you still one of those I wish to be like but show LOVE to you fans.
Thanks you and have a good day.

there is only one way this works, Step:1 buy when the market is low as it can hopelessly go then Buy. Step 2: Wait til all is back to it's normal high or better and sell. Wait for the next dip and repeat. Works every time.Or just buy on a dip and HODL until your ready simple right.

Thanks for that informative post! I'm relatively new to the the crypto trading market and mainly want to minimize my "games" with trading as I do not trade high volumes anyway - but I do try some trading from some to time and those advises are needed - nit only if we didn't know them before but also to remind those of us that do know their way in the trading world some basic principals - and "do not panic" is a value that needs constant reminders!

Those self proclaimed "crypto analyzers" might even be more suspicious - what if they buy a certain coin before publishing an update about it, and than claim "coin X will rise that and that" - and while the herd of sheep hurriedly buys the recommendation - the "analyzer" can now sell his pre-bought coin to those who followed his advice in the hope of some easy money.

Now "missing the train" is an important one too - I remember 1-2 times I tried to buy the "biggest gain" coin in bittrex just to find it falling quite fast - most probably a pump&dump act of some group.

I am aware of analyzers that take time to clearly understand a company, it's token, the people behind it, it's future - are there major announcements? are they gathering a base of fans and build a product around their coin?
In case this this examination is performed - the complicated analyses can add technical methods to the augment his conclusions - there are some people that does it really good here on steemit - some of them are part of ADSactly by themselves!

Excellent article. Very good.

But sad to say many of our fellow cryptonians join the wagon not because they know the system but instead of the news or hearsay or anyform of information that says you will earn huge in crypro esp in bitcoin. Just invest in it and tadahhh you will wake up a millionaire. 🤣 but unfortunately, the result is otherwise. Lol

This is so informative. Thank you for this piece of advice. It'll sure help me in my crypto trading...

if crypto currency grows on in this scale will other currency simply vanish like dollars and pounds

What I know so far is the cryptoverse is the stock market on steroids. The rushes of 10+% in a day are exhilarating, whereas the other way pulls you towards the bottle of antacids. The market is too new for chart analysis (in my opinion) as super spikes related to political climate/acceptance, fud, tech news, etc. can happen anytime. I will put a little stock in the Chinese new year theory if we go on a run soon though. In around 5 years when there's a track record to really look at, I'll look at charts. Great advice though (especially #8 as in the US, very few ICO's are open to us cause we are not "accredited investors" and who knows if they'll regulate/tax all of us small fries out all together).

Swimming against the school of fish here.
Thanks for the read @adsactly

This is so true in crypto investing, do your homework before you buy as this industry is full of fake coins. Numbers and technical analysis is not adequate. Thanks for continuing to educate us.

about crypto that much we have to learn, but you are here, thank you for sharing knowledge..

This advice is so true. Most people get scared on a red day and sell. Not realizing that it will turn green again, you just have to wait. And that is why the last rule is actually very important. Do not invest more than what you can afford to lose. When you have a small amount it, it will teach you to be patient rather than selling when it gets red because you don't want to lose all your money. Thanks for the advice.

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Can't say I disagree with you on even a single thing you have written about because I have first-hand experience with it. I learned it the way after losing a major chunk of my parents' savings, and it makes me feel depressed. And I have also written an article about this -
I'll be waiting for your valuable suggestions on this article.
Thank you.

Advice number eleven:
If you already made an intensive research on a coin and believe on it long term, then, be patient, HODL it STRONG & FIRM enough!

Ya. I have noticed that everyone is a crypto expert. If that were so why aren't they retired and living in some ritzy resort country.....the don't do the same mistake twice is something seem to have had trouble figuring out.... Lol. Geting better

Adsactly on adsactly??
Hm.. you dawg :v

Thank you for the post , very good

I always follow your post and most of the time i learn something ouy of your post.Now this post will guide us nicely.We learned that how to behave in a crypto market.Its a very informative post,if any one follow your advice then he will do well for sure.Thank's a lot for such useful post.@upvoted and resteemed

Thank you for the post , very good

You gave şots of informations , thanks for this. Resteemed and upvote and ı want to say something to ıf you let me..
Crypto money uses a cryptographic technology, as the name implies. This technology is also called blockchain (block chain). Crypto takes its money directly from blockchain technology. If you are wondering how Blockchain technology works, what is Blockchain? You can browse my writing.

Today, the most widely used and market share crypto paralar; Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Moisture, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Dash and Monero. The total market size of crypto money varies between $ 65-90 billion dollars. Bitcoin, which has the largest market share, is investing around 35-45 billion dollars worldwide. Ethereum, which takes second place after bitcoin, has a market share ranging from $ 15-20 billion.

Saran nomor satu: Jangan panik apa pun yang terjadi!
Nasihat nomor dua: Jangan pernah membiarkan nomor saran salah satu dari pikiran Anda.
Saran nomor tiga: Belajarlah dari kesalahan dan hindari membuatnya di masa depan.
Saran nomor empat: Jika Anda terlambat naik kereta api, jangan mengejarnya.
Nasehat nomor lima: Beli saat rendah, jual saat masih tinggi, tidak sampai disitu.
Nasehat nomor enam: Jangan pernah menjual rendah karena hari itu merah, Anda akan menyesalinya.
Saran nomor tujuh: Tetapkan pikiran Anda pada hasil masa depan, bukan pada 'bagaimana jika saya melakukan ini atau melakukan itu'. Tidak masalah sekarang.
Nasihat nomor delapan: Hodl! Kelangkaan membuat nilai naik.
Nasehat nomor sembilan: Untuk setiap penjualan, ada beli.
Nasehat nomor sepuluh: Jangan pernah berinvestasi lebih banyak daripada yang bisa Anda rugi.

Pedoman yang sangat baik @adsactky
Izin saya menyimpan kata-kata ini sambil memahami maksud yg terkandung di dalamnya👍

Wow...thank you very much for this information and advice....

enjoying & great!

Always following your advice @adsactly. Never let the first advice slip your mind

This is really a good post for newbies in crypto like me. Market analysis and prediction is never an easy things when it comes to cryptocurrencies

I've started trading (just a little amout, consider it practice) since about last 2 weeks. I've never read something actually. I just look on the graphs of our instructor before who thought us on trading either on stocks or crypto. He said buy when low and sell when high. And that's what i did. When BTC dropped at Php320K, i bought. Then it plummets up and because i really don't know when it will go down, i just thought that if i can get 15%-20% gain, i'll sell it, then wait for the price to go down again. I've successfully gain for 15% up return twice for 2 weeks. Yet, in this last plummeting up of price, i've chased the train. Eventually, i lost. But now the price goes high, just waiting for the peak and then sell and start again. Nice advice by the way.☺

Hi! @adsactly, I see your recent updates about Cryptocurrency on steemit blog..... thanks for share with us. @upvoted this post.

Thanks for this illuminating content. With such post 📯 I don't think that newbies like us will have any fear 😱 for our future in the world of virtual currency.

Wow...thank you very much for this information and advice....

I do not speak english but I think useful information: D

I took time to read your whole article. You did a great job on Cryptocurrency Trading General Advice.
Specifically your ten advices are really good and I kept in my mind.
Thanks for sharing
Upvoted and resteemit done...

Best post

Thanks for your advice @adsactly it really helps us, hopefully this can be applied in trading virtual currency regard @syafiqali

I liked the basic tips at the end thank you!

I really like your writing, very inspirational and add my insight, good work and hopefully the future is better good work

Thanx for another great post. I myself am not into the trading yet due too no money but will certainly keep the tips in mind as soon as I start.Upvoted and resteemed.

@adsactly - excellent commentary on so called "crypto analysts". There are some people out there that have no idea what they are talking about, but they put it out there and people follow. Like lemmings.... to the sea!

I personally look at investments both in a fundamental & technical way - given that cryptos are largely decentralized, fundamental information is harder to gather, but it's out there if one wants to look for it. Technical analysis is more available as coins are traded digitally on exchanges- and there is some track record for most established coins.

One piece of advice I can give to anyone undertaking any investments: Caveat Emptor- Let the Buyer Beware...! Great work- upvoted!

At a time where crypto prices are fluctuating up and down, sometimes staying below for weeks much to the chagrin of potential investors and customers like myself, I guess this advice is timely.

My advice:
#1: Be patient
#2: never forget #1

And really, I have learned a lot of patience these few weeks!

Thanks @adsactly for sharing.

Buenas noche @jerrybanfield muy bueno tu articulo aunque se me dificultad la traducción del ingles al español, sin embrago puedo entender algunas cosas.

En mi ultimo Post me dice muchas preguntas, las deje plasmadas alli para que alguno de ustedes, los que saben generar STEEM me ayuden con sus respuestas. Aqui el link

Ayudame Por favor

Thanks for listing out the entire series. Have bookmarked and will take time to study each as I go along and as needed. SOOOO much to learn! ;)

blog you share is very good, because in addition to adding insight is also related to the market economy within the area where you live and equipped with the source

very good advice, thanks for that, count on my vote for the witness and thanks for everything, greetings and success.

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I request you pls boss pls🙏🙏🙏

Great information. Thank you.

Hay stemian , hows life ? So , you hows far so good 👍
And , you fotografi so good

good, please vote my post i need @muhaimin support

thanks for the uplifting advice.i promise to keep to it. any it's also essential for the benefit of the new STEEMIAN in order for them to have more orientation of the project at hand nice post @adsactly

DON'T PANIC is the best advice, other than just putting in what you can afford. slow & steady, calm & even-headed.

very good advices thanks

The Ten Commandments of our religion! God save us all!!

Thanks for the information , i care.

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Advice number eight: Hodl! Scarcity makes the value rise.

This one advice is still resounding in my ears.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

Nice your post mr. @adsactly, I like this

That's Great Info!!

Very good información sobre ese tema de verdad felicidades por este post

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Good post! It's good to know that

How can we encourage more people to join Steemit and the crypto world, especially females?

Very informative thank you UpVoting

I think that it is very important to note for crypto traders that the crypto prices are very much correlated with the over all equities markets. A lot of people seem to thing that they are separate but have to understand that the cryptos rose along with the over all markets and when the over all markets corrected so did the cryptos. I would keep an eye out for what investors are doing on the dow, etc., to know the next move in crypto currencies and not listen to the vast majority of over zealous experts popping up every where these days.

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