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ADSactly on ADSACTLY - #63

Value Of Time - Part 1


We've intensively covered the creation of value in the previous parts of this series. However, would you believe if we told you that you possess a far more valuable asset above all material value? A definite value whose amount you cannot measure in advance. Weird, eh? Yes. Would you believe when we'd tell you that you are losing that value every day, every hour and every minute?

You've probably guessed it, already. It is the time of your life. The only real value which we actually own and are giving it away, exchanging it for material possessions or spending on impressions of the world. We are in a situation of exchanging invaluable for tangible, making ourselves believe in whatever we need to, in order to keep on struggling. We are put in not at least envious situation by the very system we've created for ourselves.

The one who sells his/her time for material possession is in a bad place. However, who of us isn't doing it? Even if you are full of money, houses, boats, cars and whatnot, you are still daily losing the only thing which really counts. Your time.

How to spend time well? How to make the best use of all those minutes that keep flowing through just like sand between your fingers?

Difficult question, indeed. It depends on so many equations and the answer differs for different groups of people. Some people believe the time well spent is in search of secrets of life, for others it is exploring vast possibilities of human activities, for some creating art, for others, getting drunk and dancing all night, some search for divine, some indulge in food... and the list goes on and on. Therefore, there is no definite answer. Each one of us needs to find an answer for himself.

Time well spent could be all those moments that you'll later not be sorry for, moments which will turn your future for the better and secure a flow of good feelings when you look back. There is no formula as to how to achieve that, there is no magic wand nor a thick book of science that will take you there step-by-step.

Spending time is living and living is something done solely in practical terms. Theories don't really work well in oceans of ever-changing realities. :)

To be continued...

Let us know what you think about it!

Thank you for following "Value Of Time" series of articles. We hope you enjoyed them and learned a thing or two. If not, then we hope they at least remind you of something you already knew deep down and can use it as food for thought.

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Time is precious yet easily wasted, and when you want to plan out more efficient use of time - guess what, even that takes time! What a bummer, truly nothing is free in life.

I know a couple people who are trying to extend their lives by trying to be as healthy as possible. However, what they think is healthy, we might disagree with - they believe that the modern diet is ruinous to longevity, so they do their best to avoid carbohydrates and meat and favor vegetables and fruit instead. They base their beliefs on studies on animals - those that have minimal carbohydrate intake tend to live longer, as well as the idea of free radicals (generated when eating calories) damaging cells and accelerating the aging process, so the conclusion is basically to eat fewer empty calories. I can see their point of view, I think they may very well be right but I like to spend my time enjoying good food even if it sacrifices some of my older years... Still a depressing thought.

Time is also critical for growth. For example, there's the saying: "time in the market is better than timing the market." I feel like I lost opportunities by not fully investing in markets more fully, earlier, because I was afraid of risk or was lazy - luckily, I was somewhat invested but it's a little painful to see potential gains that I can't have anymore. The same goes with healing nature. The time we spend polluting and destroying nature now means that wildlife and nature spend time decaying when they need time to heal and they need to start healing now. We lose so many opportunities for success by not starting right away; even a little bit of effort invested now can pay bigger dividends down the line - we just need to start now.

Time is one of the main human resources. Everyone has it, but not every "correct" one controls it. You correctly noted that the "right" disposal of personal time is a subjective concept. That is, different people value time in different ways. For someone, watching a good movie is a great time, and for another it will be time consumed in an empty. And do you think how much time we spend in a dream? And how much time we spend when we stand in line or wash in the shower.

Time is a relatively concept. All of us are distinguished by how we use our time. That is, all our actions lead to the final result. You can work hard or study the laws of the stock market and spend a lot of time on it. And another person to spend the same time on something to rest. As a result, you can realize yourself and your needs, and this person will remain at the same place. (he will ask himself the question - why others are more lucky than me). But luck is not with it, there is a simple formula - time + effort = result.

There is an interesting amount of time. When you are somewhere in a hurry - that time is very fast. But when we are waiting for something, the time is very slow :)

You need to appreciate your own time and learn to remove from your life unnecessary things and unnecessary people. That is, to remove from your life what "kills" our time and does not bring any results. Relax with moments of life and be happy. Our time is limited, we need to remember this.

Thanks for the interesting article!

I liked your article @adsactly. We agree on this issue. Without a doubt, time is the most precious resource that all human beings have. It's too short, because life goes by so fast. And the worst thing about wasting it is that we'll never get it back. The curious thing is that most people don't realize that they won't be able to get it back.... They only live in the present, without thinking about the future.

I think that because of this, all of us who are aware that time passes are always working and striving to fulfill our dreams and goals. For living unforgettable experiences.... And in addition to all this, to understand and realize that things are the most important things in life. Those little moments with your family, the beer with your friends, a hug to your mother, a kiss to the love of your life.... In those unforgettable little moments that make you happy and feel ALIVE.

And I think I answered these questions with my opinion:

How to spend time well? How to make the best use of all those minutes that keep flowing through just like sand between your fingers?

Without a doubt, we must take advantage of every minute, every second we have in those things that are valuable to you... That which money cannot buy.

Greetings my friend!! :)

A very good post @adsactly, your words are very useful to everyone, and can be an excellent motivation for all of us in living this life. As a proverb says "time is money". That's right, because time is precious in our lives, because time will never wait for us, because time will keep going, and we have to chase it, so use that time to be able to produce something useful for our lives, that way, no there will be a time that will be in vain for us.

It's like creating a happiness in our lives, and Like a proverb says "money is not everything in life, but whatever we do all takes money." These words we must understand correctly if we want to get a happiness in our lives. Thanks for sharing, and wish you a wonderful day... :)


we all know it that time is money but we often forget it.In our day to day we deal with so many things that some times some is required to remind us..

I agree time along with information Is one of the most valuable and underutilized resources on the planet and they are finate in nature you cannot make more time than anyone else you can only take time and make sure it is more constructively used than others

Also time is compound in effect if you take an extra 2 hours or 4 hours a day after your 8 hour work day to do something else in a year you are 4 to 6 months further in whatever you did be it a business, learning a new language at becoming fitter or better at a sport

We all claim to acknowledge that time is precious yet we waste so much of it each and everyday! Modern life is filled with useless distractions that can quickly absorb your time without providing you with any real benefit!

We claim life is short but if you use your time correctly it can be a long and fruitful experience

Our “Time” is the most valuable treasure, we as a humans and everyone else have. However, in my opinion valuing time over money is a privilege for people who don't have to worry about money. People who don’t have the money just don’t have much of a choice. Mostly if they work for someone, their time is undervalued. That’s why many people start their own business to get closer to their time not being undervalued. You can’t buy your time, but you can buy food... by selling your time. Unfortunately time goes only forward and each second we have less and less of our time. The worst thing to do about our time is to wast it. To be ill. To be careless. We should recognize worth of each day, we should live like there is no tomorrow. We should be aware that each day or second behind us is time that has already died.

It’s all about priorities

I won't waste your time. Well said @adsactly

Hello @adsactly
I like your thoughts here

Spending time is living and living is something done solely in practical terms. Theories don't really work well in oceans of ever-changing realities. :)

Every tik to the clock is wasting time to us and thats the reality. If you waste your time do it in a valuable way. Create meaningful purposeful fulfilling to yourselves and learn how to use that to make an impact and a difference in the life of others.
Because einstein said

Not everything that counts can be counted
and not everything that's counted truly counts.

I like your content I want to read it all :) Hopefully! There are too many of them huhuhu

Time is the most interesting element in life, it is simply dynamic.
It never stops, never waits, does not go back; it's forward ever.
We have no choice but to keep up with it.


Osi nwanne I quite agree with you. Time is one of the most precious gifts from nature.


Iji ya. Oge adiro. Time na monie, as you know.

interesting... did not think about it like that before.


Of course we should think. It does not matter when you start thinking. But don't miss the chance to start journey with ADSactly . If you are member of this awesome community. Let's join today and make a positive impact in the world.

you just made me remember how terribly i have used my time today
thanks for this wonderful post, its a great reminder and a call to other

Excellent article @adsactly, we all have a great value and we are spending it every day. But, even if we don't want time flows out of our hands and the only thing we can do is give our best, leave a mark, give it to someone important and change their life. Thanks for making me think about it.

great post.thanks for share.

Time is well utilized when we read something productive

"The one who sells his/her time for material possession is in a bad place. However, who of us isn't doing it? Even if you are full of money, houses, boats, cars and whatnot, you are still daily losing the only thing which really counts. Your time."
I like that paragraph. Nice content.

Yeah,,Time is so important things,,
It never turn back,,so We should try to use better ..
Thanks for sharing,,

Wow! You have so much reason, the logical thing is that time is something that we do not see literally, unless we keep fixing the clock, even so we would be letting it go by without doing something useful. Time is one of the few important things that we have left. For great things a long time is required. Do not invest all your time in one effort, because everything requires your time.

post a nice, i've been following your give voute, because I am new steemit, for the experience of steemit you to me and help me to improve steemit me.
thank you from me @ fauzan93.

Unfortunately all of us are doing that. we are selling our time and living like slaves on this planet. We have to work to earn. Even when we are active on Steemit , we are doing the same thing. We might enjoy our job or business, but thats time that we could spend doing something else that we enjoy more.

A very useful post @adsactly.
thank you for sharing.
send regards for success.

Hello friend @adsactly, very interesting your article, like everyone else. The truth for me I believe that everything comes down to living each day as if it were the last day of your life, with this I mean, that you have to enjoy every second to the fullest, with the people who really love you.

time is everything ......i love this post ..great job adasactly

adsactly on the value of the day on the day of many increase is going to

buen, post me gusta. :)

Time is the real money. Great article
meme cryto.jpg


DOG PORTRAIT PROJECT for a good time on the steem ;)

The fact that we cannot stop time or slow it or anyhow control it, is enough of a good reason to conclude that time is the valuable thing we have. Even now, while I am writing this comment, I invest my time in activities that can or cannot help me or others in the future.

My well spent time is time I offer for helping others, for doing activities that can help the community im in. What I want to say, I love to spend my time helping others however I can. Sometimes I wonder if others can also do that, at least a bit more, just to see how will world look like then. Just to see :)

I'm really pleased to be a part of ADSactly society that really remind me my timd is really and how I need to manage it better and create somd value not just for myself but for the others also.

Thanks @adsactly for great lessons. I enjoy reading them and thinking about them. Much love!

Wow. Its great @adsactly. I am interesting

great thought,,,,... helpful post..

Time. Most of us never seem to have enough, and we're spending a good chunk of it earning money. It stands to reason that time is money, and the more time we have, the more money we can make. But are we looking at this the wrong way? Is time the real treasure here, and are we wasting it to stockpile something far less valuable?

Time is the precious thing that God Almighty has given to all equally, through which many activities such as worship, work and sleep are practiced, and time is invested in many cultural things such as reading, writing, or mobility; Biking, playing football, and art; providing some art, decoration, and technology; spending time on social networking sites, or searching for valuable information through the Internet.


right we need to utilize time at its best in what we like to do