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Creating Value - Part 9


In the last eight sequels we wrote about the early beginnings of creating values, continued with the rise of craftsmen, explorers and merchants. We explained the importance of the first manual machines and how it all led to industrialization, continued with how oil exploitation business reached its heights and we ended with the birth of corporations and how it led to blooming of finances creating mountains of data. It led us into the information age. Today we'll continue further. If you haven't read the first eight parts, please find them here:

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Corporate environment is not, as we know, a fertile ground for creative, intelligent people who want to make difference in the world. Always present negative selection, career advancement politics, nepotism, the importance of sucking-up to the ones higher in the hierarchy and another myriad of corporate-related inside issues are well-enough reasons for an above-average person to strive for something else.

The improportional ratio between time spent at work, results and the paycheck follows. The giant gap between the rewards for the value brought to the table is the final reason for an intelligent person to decide to leave the machine and start something on his/her own.

A deep understanding of the failed corporate system and its inability to promote quality people led human race forward. Start-ups became the latest way of fighting dehumanized centralized systems which endorse group responsibility for successes and single person guilt for failures.

Why work 16 hours for someone else, giving away ideas that bring hundreds of millions to the corporate monster, when one can register a start-up, develop an idea and sell it for tens of millions or, even better, rent it for millions per month? A very rational, human approach, a fair capitalist thought at its best.

All of a sudden 16 hrs work days became meaningful and the newly created value now stays with the individual who made it. With the dawn of start-ups, a new point of view was born.

This is a crucial moment in history. The advancement of technology immensely reduced costs of owning and running a company. The individual got a chance to bring the value back in his/her own hands. However, it is not for everyone. Not everyone has a bright mind, clever ideas, clear vision of what will come to be. We are not all fit to be entrepreneurs. Many will try and many will fail. But, the point is that this point in time offered a chance for the brightest among us to fly high on the wings of their creativity, positive spirit and bring new value for the whole mankind.

In the end, who can offer anyone more than a chance, based on a written project proposal based on a case study and future revenue breakdown? Asking for more would be inappropriate in a polite company of people. Therefore, all of us should envision the future, create solutions, bring more to the table of the world and then rightfully enjoy our place among the rewarded. The one to be in the start-up age of value creation is a start-up founder.

Do you consider starting your own project? What benefits may it bring to your life? Do you have the idea for the next huge thing in the history of mankind? Even if you think that you don't, think twice. Where there is a wish, there is a way!

Let us know what you think about it!

To be continued...

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The giant gap between the rewards for the value brought to the table is the final reason for an intelligent person to decide to leave the machine and start something on his/her own.

Believe it or not START-UP NY offers new and expanding businesses the opportunity to operate tax-free for 10 years. Not all of them. As I’m aware, you have to meet certain criteria to qualify. I know it’s diferent in other states and other countries, but that’s what we have where I live. This is a great opportunity for new startups. The reason I opened my own small business was having “enough” working 10-12 hours a day for some company since I was exceptionaly good in my profession. In NY it’s very easy and simple for new startups and if you are creative you can save a lot on taxes as well. For example owning a house and having your office in your house gives you a huge tax deduction opportunity. There are so many things you can do while owning a small business instead of working 9am-4pm where you can’t do much. I have never regreted quitting my job for a small business.

The thing about startups is once they get successful, they too can join the crowd of successful corporations that put profits over people. Amazon and Facebook were once young startups, but now you hear stories of warehouse workers in Amazon urinating in bottles to save time, or how Facebook doesn't properly protect the privacy of its users; as long as it can sell user data for money, does Facebook really care?

On the other hand, some job roles at some corporations aren't so mind numbing and horrible - it depends on the leadership and if they understand that working people too hard produces diminishing returns, burns them out, and encourages them to leave. (although I guess if you live in Japan, what I've heard of its work culture implies that no matter where you go you're stuck in that vicious cycle)

But the most successful startups can change the world; Amazon and Facebook are doing things that people demand, it's just that what they do don't come for free. They're successful because they figured out how to make a ton of money by satisfying consumer demand - and possibly also by lobbying successfully against higher (or any?) taxes even if their massive growth may contribute to local rent and land value increases which can outprice people who lived there all their lives.

Maybe your next post would address this anyway; it seems like a way to connect this post and your last post together haha

As I read your question I remembered a story described in Napoleon Hill`s book called Think and Grow Rich. Although this story is used in the book to represent one of the main ingredients on your path to achievement, which is a Burning Desire to succeed. Still you will see that this story also tells you how it is to be an Entrepreneur:

“A long while ago, a great warrior faced a situation which made it necessary for him to make a decision which insured his success on the battlefield. He was about to send his armies against a powerful foe, whose men outnumbered his own. He loaded his soldiers into boats, sailed to the enemy's country, unloaded soldiers and equipment, then gave the order to burn the ships that had carried them. Addressing his men before the first battle, he said, "You see the boats going up in smoke. That means that we cannot leave these shores alive unless we win! We now have no choice--we win--or we perish! They won.”

Time flies when you're having fun, especially when you learn valuable lessons - it's already part 9!! That's amazing!

We must seize this technologically advanced time and use it for benefit of all mankind. Greed must begin to be our enemy, too long we have been friend with it. It is time to change our thoughts and start creating value for all of us, not just ourselves.

My sister and I will probably start our graphic design project featuring helping poor people. The idea is still to be discussed, but we love to be creative and we love to help people. So probably it will be more like creating graphics and then give money from the earnings to the poor. In my country, there are more and more poor people going through trash searching for food. I cannot believe and accept the fact that in this age of time this is still happening. It really hurts me to see that and my plan is to raise some money for them. I want to hear tjeir stories and share it to the world. Who knows maybe some of them is a genius hidden on the streets of my time. Whether he/she is or not, I want to help them somehow. This will be the first step to achieving that, maybe something bigger grows out of this... Time will tell...

Free your mind and the rest will follow. Much love!

I agree that there is a great division between people creating value and those who do not create values. Very often I see incompetent people in public institutions. They take up posts, but in fact they do not represent themselves. They got into such positions thanks to nepotism. But at the same time, there are many people who would do this job much better. But they do not have "influential" relatives. This is social injustice.

Many people get tired of working and spend a huge amount of their time on it. They leave their happiness at work. But in return everyone wants to get a decent salary. But in reality we see the opposite picture. People spend energy, strength and time, and most importantly the resource of the brain (ideas) and do not get a decent payment. Therefore, many smart people prefer to run their own business.

In our time, we have a lot of opportunities to maintain our own business and not depend on employers. You can become your own employer. With the development of digital technologies, this has become even easier. Now we can be in any place where there is Internet and earn money. More and more people are engaged in virtual business and it brings them revenue. Now there are many opportunities that should be used by all who want to change their lives for the better.

An excellent chapter. Good "food" for the mind!

Funny the things you stumble into in this life... I tried to start a business once, about 10 years ago. I tried to start 7 businesses, actually. I kept running into government red tape and gave up. I took my retirement and started farming and tried to unravel myself from the fiat economy best I could. Now you all have me dreaming... I do not have to engage the fiat world again to start a business and that is an amazing concept. I think I have my idea... I confess I am almost afraid to type it out lol! I write ditties, I am good at it. I could do jingles, musical slogans kind of stuff and I think I could even market them...
For now we are about to take a vacation - leave in two more days. My husband and I will have almost three weeks to kick ideas around. He is nearing retirement age now and has always wanted to run his own business. Going to be some interesting conversations on this trip! THANK YOU for getting the wheels turning in my head again.

I think that most people see the issue with their efforts not only being undervalued but under-rewarded as well. It is common to hear discussion around the water cooler of having your own business, or not working for someone else. Many a bright mind has had this thought stroll through their head and quickly be disbursed. Why? Fear! Society has become so indoctrinated into the way things currently work that they fear what could happen if they step out of line. Our lives have become bound to and dependent on the corporate giants putting food on our tables and a roof over our heads. Even though the opportunity for better food or roofs is possible society fears the risk of having no food or roof at all. The big money institutions hold us hostage, sucking even more value out of our hands as we scramble to find a safe place to hide it.

At some point, the fear of what's currently the norm must exceed the fear of change. At that point, you will see a revolution. The question is, how far away are we? The revolution has already begun in my opinion, we just need more people to open their eyes to what they really should fear and act.

I feel like the corporate world turns us into robots. Why can't we just cut capitalism? Haha very difficult to do that, in fact it's just on the uprise.

My question is, how do you take a risky step when all you have known in life is faillure? How do you invest time in something when you have a family that relies solely on your support? I had dreams to make it big. I had an athletic career ahead of me, but I am now bordering on too old. How do you get that lucky break that you need? Hard work doesn't cut it, ask me, I have not stopped working. I feel like it is inevitable for me to end up never being able to take my wife out to the zoo or to the movies and buy popcorn and snacks. Probably sounds like complaining, but sometimes you realise your setbacks and obstacles might be too big to jump over.

Any entrepreneurs here that were in the same boat as me? Maybe some motivation from someone real?

Same rules, same game, just more sophisticated, more deceiving. But humans are always in the quest for freedom and love is still a fact that keep us alive. We are becoming more creative and we are embracing new technologies that allow us to share instead of competing, that allow us to do the things we love to do and that makes us independent from a system that wants to keep us enslave. I would also say that we are changing the rules and the game. We are living very interesting times. This is a great blog, with great opinions of wise people. This moment and my life are enriched by all of you. @adsactly this really important post and very valuable post.

I concur that there is an awesome division between individuals making esteem and the individuals who don't make esteems. All the time I see uncouth individuals in broad daylight foundations. They take up posts, yet in truth they don't speak to themselves. They got into such positions because of nepotism. Be that as it may, in the meantime, there are numerous individuals who might carry out this activity much better. Yet, they don't have "persuasive" relatives. This is social foul play.

Numerous individuals become weary of working and spend a gigantic measure of their opportunity on it. They leave their satisfaction at work. In any case, consequently everybody needs to get a better than average compensation. Yet, in all actuality we see the contrary picture. Individuals spend vitality, quality and time, and in particular the asset of the cerebrum (thoughts) and don't get a nice installment. In this way, numerous brilliant individuals like to maintain their own business.

In our chance, we have a great deal of chances to keep up our own business and not rely upon bosses. You can turn into your own boss. With the advancement of computerized innovations, this has turned out to be considerably simpler. Presently we can be in wherever where there is Internet and win cash. An ever increasing number of individuals are occupied with virtual business and it brings them income. Presently there are numerous open doors that ought to be utilized by all who need to improve their lives.

Excellente, to recognize what we are today, we should research our history and watch the change (the camouflage) that has received the negative behavior pattern and simplicity, clearly additionally observe the options that emerge from the emergency, we should consider.

We perceive how childishness is conceived and changed into various activities, however it doesn't quit being so. The individual has constantly needed and contemplated the "more" In mine "without stressing over the benefit of everyone.

Cool stuff...:)...

Dear @adsactly,

I have some bright ideas but I also fear that they will be stolen if made public: it is a groundless fear, right?

But even if it was founded, this fear blocks me any chance to develop my ideas, so I realize that I'm in a stupid and counterproductive loop... isn't it?

What do you suggest me?
Thank you!


My suggestion is to join ADSactly Discord server and find people to help you or to join your project for the benefit of it. If you're interested, see you there ;)


🌈 I’ll do... thanks for the time you dedicate me! 🙏🏻 12 hours

I have been thinking lately of things that i could do to make money. Various kinds of business has come into my way. The issues i am having are fear, fear, fear of taking risk. But with this post i have gained a bumper pack moral to pick one of them which is making "Popcorn" in my street. I will share my story soon, this post has helped me a lot.

Thanks @adsactly for sharing this.


Great man, that is the mindset. Don't fear, you need to try. Without trying, nothing gets done ;)

· thank you again, for your kind words.

Legit writeup and exceptional idea...... There's always ways to handle any issues once there's the zeal........ Thanks for sharing this

i am looking forward to working 16hours a week, it's really like a dream but maybe one day it will come true , after all robot can finish the work instead of people in the coming future. thanks for sharing@adsactly.

Our city will be accepted as beautiful

You are right sir @adsactly. Only man can do all thing. Man can do anything if they want. A proverbs goes that

Where there is will there is a way.

Thank you sir for your post. Best of luck.

I have read, more or less I have understood, his words, thank you for the information, this paper should patu in appreciation in my opinion very directional and very beguna, compact greetings, @adsactly

tu publicación ,es muy importante,se reviven los conocimientos la mano del hombre puede todo feliz día´y mucho éxito

It is a sad truth that we can't all be entrepreneurs, that someone should be below someone. But that's how the world works. There are times when you are below someone, over someone or the same at someone. It's just a matter of perspective.

I always have this bright idea in my mind at least for me they are great but whenever I tell it to my parent all I get is criticism. My idea is "nonsense, such a stupid thing to do, you can't do that it's too big for you, you dream big and all you can do is to dream" I never got a yes. Idk if I would continue having those ideas I think I'll settle being an employee.


It is said that if you invent a better mouse trap, the world will beat a path to your door.

Well, I'm sorry to say, that's bullshit.

I am a life long entrepreneur and inventor. I've had several businesses and brought a few products to market, and I can tell you that although the myth about finding just one great idea and you'll be on easy street is inspiring and part of the "American Dream", it is total bullshit.

Unless your creativity is artistic in nature, creating new products is as much an act of destruction as it is creation. For example, if I invent a new doohickey, the best, most fantastic doohickey ever created because it doohicks faster, better and more cheaply than any doohickey ever, then I want my doohickey to replace every other doohickey already in the market. That means that those who have a vested interest in the already existing doohickey market (other inventors, owners, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, transporters, merchants, bankers, investors, yadi, yadi, yada) are threatened by your new, amazing doohickey. They don't want you there. And, they will fight against you.

For me, that was the hardest thing to wrap my mind around: those who knew my product was better, but still wouldn't accept it because they were comfortable with the way things were already. Like my visit with WalMart, when I was told that as soon as I could prove that my product had sales, then they'd talk to me. So, they wouldn't even consider selling my product, unless I was already selling it...that is, I must have sales, before I can sell. But how can you make sales if you have nowhere to sell? It's a vicious cycle of crazy.

I don't mean to be discouraging, I just wish I had realized these things when I had started out. I would have been more prepared for the fight.

In any case, good luck to all who take the leap!

(Image source:

Your post always useful all steem worker , thanks to you . Good job , i like it .

I recieved your post resteem on my blog .

Your post is always different i follow your blog and upvote everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @adsactly

Follow my blog @powerupme

I read your information and i like your ideas and thoughts.but is it enough?

Some of the great thoughts you wrote there.
If the one is capable, motivated and creative enough, he/she will find a way to escape.
I told to some of my friends: Get rid of the job that you hate. If you work 40 hours per week, that is 160 -180 hours a month.
Take one month to teach yourself about crypto world, blogging or other ways to make money and be independent...and actually do something more meaningful for society.
Some people are just to lazy to help themselves...
Have a nice weekend :)

@adsactly this content is based on what reality obeys. I think all of the product produced have not long time warranty . It's for the company's sake that if people won't buy the company couldn't earn and lost maybe lost sonething. Gadgets, and appliances are the best exampleof this. In history there is no machine that was built for it to last forever. It's the companies techneque for to grow, yet they are informed that it would be harmful nature. If products would last forever, primary effecf of it is in nature, by not getting more raw materials, nature would be restored, people would spend less. Keep it up dear. I wish your success.

Nice! I agree to your idea that rich people gets richer. So why not start your own steps? Your post is very meaningful. Salute!

Excellente, to know what we are today, we must investigate our history and observe the change (the disguise) that has adopted the bad habit and ease, obviously also see the alternatives that arise from the crisis, we must take them into account.
We see how selfishness is born and transformed into different actions, but it does not stop being so. The human being has always wanted and thought about the "more" In mine "without worrying about the common good.

Boş zamanların çoğunu bunları çalışmakla geçiriyorum teşekkürler

@adsactly sir one of the smart marking strategy I'm impressed thankx for wrote this fantastic blog keep it up

i like your post looks impressive.

Sir @adsactly,

We must value our own thought. We never fear about anything to make our dream come to life. we should never stop imagination. Thank you so much sir for your inspiring. Great job sir. Go on. Many many best wishes for you sir.

The current economic climate dominated by corporations is not suitable for people who want to excel in life. Intelligent people work for them to get only a fraction of their value generated by them. A loin of share of value is devoured by the corporates.

The decentralized economy is here to grow. Why bothering to serve under others? If one has the potential and ideas, he can start his own empire with other like minded people.

The brightest and creative people with a talented mind can be a successful entrepreneurs. The recent time has provided an opportunity for them to grow their wing span and fly heigher.

I strongly support starting as an entrepreneur. Even average people can be successful cooperating with highly bright ones. For example, on steemit not everyone is above average but anyone who is committed to create value is gowing together with the community.

Wow that's good buddy your work is fantastic..

@adsactly capitalism has gone in hand with the development of humanity, the consequences have been very unfortunate (pollution, diseases, etc., etc.). Large corporations have taken advantage of our weaknesses as human beings by well behaving our behavior, consumer thinking and "designing" goods and services to "satisfy" needs that are not realities. Corporations have created a human "in need of continuity" that does not stop consumption, spending and of course bulking the bank accounts of its shareholders. I think this is very valuable.

upvoted and resteem done

It's quite true ,for those working for cooperations , their paycheck value is never proportional to their immense contributions or brain worth in the cooperation .

Thanks @adsactly your update post... tu publicación ,,,es muy importante,se reviven los conocimientos la mano del hombre puede todo feliz día´y mucho éxito

Congratulations @adsactly!
Your post was mentioned in the Steemit Hit Parade in the following categories:

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@boss adsactly ,greetings and happy weekend,you see , you always make sense in your writing, the truth is no one is duly paid according to his/ her great ideas contributed to grow another man's empire.Also people are scared of starting up their own business because of so many factors, like the risk involve , doubt, indecision, fear of bankrupt etc.i am on the opinion that self employ is the best option ever and we should encourage ourselves to start somewhere no matter how small it is.

Thanks@adsactly I have some bright ideas but I also fear that they will be stolen if made public: it is a groundless fear, right?

But even if it was founded, this fear blocks me any chance to develop my ideas, so I realize that I'm in a stupid and counterproductive loop... isn't it?

What do you suggest me?
Thank you!

Holaaa....muy buen artículo...Pues si los avances de la tecnología a minorizado el trabajo del hombre que puede comprarla(empresario). Mas sin embargo para quien no tiene dinero y no puede comprarla igual al utilizar la tecnología originaria, la tecnología endógena puede obtener los mismos resultados... Ya que no hay nada mas cierto que la tecnología en general como ciencia te permite realizar cualquier proyecto que desees, de allí que lo que se necesita son ganas, decisión, constancia, perseverancia y amor para lograr cualquier proyecto. Pienso que la gran cosa que debemos retribuirle a la humanidad hoy en día, es devolver la vitalidad al planeta, creando conciencia en cuanto a la NO contaminación ambiental, a NO la tala de árboles, destrucción de la capa ozono, entre otros , por lo que debemos recurrir nuevamente a al conocimiento ancestral y las tecnologías originarias para salvarla.

Very lovely idea. This is a valuable post for steemians.

very useful for me this post. Thank you very much

@adsactly Capitalism has gone hand in hand with the development of humanity, the consequences have been very unfortunate (pollution, diseases, etc., etc.). Large corporations have taken advantage of our weaknesses as human beings by thoroughly studying our behavior, consumer thinking and "designing" goods and services to "satisfy" needs that in reality are not. Corporations have created a human "in need of continuity" that does not stop consuming, spending and of course bulking the bank accounts of its shareholders. I think this is very value able post Thanks for share with us.

your amazing post is very good and useful for me and for all my steemian friends. i am very awesome postingan.terima for your suggestion that very extraordinary good this.