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ADSactly on ADSACTLY - Part #60

Creating Value - Part 8


In the last seven sequels we wrote about the early beginnings of creating values, continued with the rise of craftsmen, explorers and merchants. We explained the importance of the first manual machines and how it all led to industrialization, continued with how oil exploitation business reached its heights and we ended with the birth of corporations and how it led to blooming of finance services. Today we'll continue further. If you haven't read the first seven parts, please find them here:

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When the corporations got so big that the entire world became "incorporated", the economy became completely dependent on them. These dehumanized monsters started to employ millions and millions of people. The corporate machine became more important than not only a single individual but also large groups of people. The value created by such monstrosities skyrocketed, as well as the need for even greater profits. Ordinary people started buying tiny, little chunks of corporations. The world became big business. Everyone looked to become financially independent from dividends and differences of buying and selling shares. Today, they tell us that governments still have more real power than multinational corporations. However, it is highly questionable.

With so many people incorporated into the financial system, the need for sorting the enormous amounts of data became the top priority. Information age dawned from the shadows of corporations and finance sector. Yet again, a new class of people comes on top. The computer entrepreneurs, the Internet wizards, social network gurus and an ocean full of likes starts to provide the new value. It happened right at the time when things became seemingly stable and there was no foreseeable direction for the further creation of new values. The information age provided a brand new vision, a glowing light for next generations. It probably saved us from unemployment, huge unrests and global wars. Millions got employed because of digital technologies, human race found a new way to create value and bravely continue to strive for new borders. It turned our eyes toward completely new horizons.

The information age provided an enormous amount of perceived new value. It dwarfed everything ever seen before. The pixels on the screen in front of our eyes became worth more than all the food ever produced by hunters and gatherers. Isn't that absolutely unbelievable?

However, sitting in front of a monitor for endless hours is not the healthiest way of living and we, as a society, pay that price. This is the first time in history that people can do literary everything from their armchairs. Nobody even needs to take a walk to the groceries anymore. It is not a healthy prospect for the future. How many of us will be able to survive if Internet and mobile telephones go off during a sunny day? The information age brought along a ton of health issues. Pharmaceutical corporations cash in billions on account of that fact.

Health, medicine and food should have never been submitted to profit and greed of faceless corporations. The huge systems may be beneficial for ore production or car industry or computer manufacturing or anything else not directly involving human well-being. Whatever we eat and cure ourselves with, should have stayed outside that system. I seriously ask myself how could we be so stupid to let huge, dehumanized systems decide on the general direction of our health and well-being? We should've known better.

How do we challenge health issues of the information age? Can we reverse human health business and take it out of the claws of profit, greed and dividends? What do you do to counter the negative effects of IT technology way of life on your body?

Let us know what you think about it!

To be continued...

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This is well written, I like the flow of the article up to the main point. It's interesting that yes corporations have taken over and everyone depends on them through their Paychecks or through dividends. The technological age definitely saved us, computer entrepreneurs profited big as a result. The next age is the decentralized age, where the power returns back to the people. I believe that yes with more technology people may get more and more unhealthy; however, I think people are finally starting to wake up. We are in the Information Age now. I post a ton about health and nutrition and unconventional wisdom about what to put and not put in your body. I am optimistic about our future!


The information age is perhaps one of the most delicate ages the world has ever seen and will remain one of the most competitive ages ever
Thanks the info

This is the first time in history that people can do literary everything from their armchairs.

That’s true! And it’s just in the early beginnings. Imagine when the technology advances to the point where your mind makes any orders, any purchases. Sometimes I wish we were taken 100 years back. It’s just a matter of time when we loose the power and everything we depend on will vanish. Just for a few days.
When it comes to government and corporations some people are saying that our government is being controlled by corporations and that the military and government is doing the bidding a of corporations. I think that while corporations having enormous amount of money allowing them to use it to attempt to leverage influence. They can donate to campaigns, hire lobbyists, and do other things to attempt to do this. To say it has no influence on our government would be naive, but it is also not likely that they have a full power over governments. Perhaps I’m mistaken.

On this very informative content of @adsactly, it's told us a lot of things about creating value to something, like food if it is sufficient people will always value for what have they seen from that monitors such what IT's does, yet if time comes when food is not that convenient to have is the time people tend to give a value of how important to have food. Think of these, we can live without that IT's technology, but if we talk about food we can't. It is better for Health companies to value people's health rather that collecting profit, greed and dividends what matters most is you cure someones health issues. One of the most common bad effect of IT's is from the health, I provide you a simple example, like when we set down for an hour/hours day by day to watch movies or whatever it is rather than exercise. We should always value health than entertainment.

I wouldn't put all the blame on corporations for the decline in health in some areas, like making things so easy that you don't have to walk to the grocery store anymore; in many cases, people have a choice between various options and they sometimes choose the one that's more convenient and then choose not to exercise in other areas.

The efficiency and logistics that corporations manage make many things possible that otherwise aren't cost feasible, like maybe the development of some medicines or the trade of some foods that aren't in season, say, where I am.

But then we get to things we can blame or be suspicious of corporations of doing, like the recent essay noting that cures for diseases are bad for profits, but ongoing treatment is great for profits. This is where human and corporate interests sharply diverge. The ongoing opium epidemic is probably an example of this; debilitatingly addictive treatments are a corporation's dream. Smallpox, one of the deadliest diseases in history, would have never been eradicated if these corporate pigs were in charge. They'd weaken the vaccine and make it required to take annually if they could, using the disease's lethality as advertising.

But then what is the solution? Make these things completely managed by government? I don't think most people want the government having too much control over this either... But I would say for some industries, corporate greed is blinding them to the bigger picture and so they need greater transparency and accountability to the public in some way...

As I read this I can't help but think of the movie Wall-E. Is this the life that humans are destined to create for themselves? I know it is a "silly" animated movie but if you stop to think about the messages presented it is kind of scary. Humans are ravaging the earth's resources every minute of every day. I think we would be kidding ourselves if we didn't think that there could come a time when the earth is no longer habitable. We are already physically on our way to being in the same situation as the people on the ship, just sitting in the lazy chair doing nothing. Not even lifting a finger for more than to push a button. Technology is a double-edged sword that at some point may smite us down and at the end of the day, it will be our own doing. Let's be the generation that sparks change. Let's be the ones that say our children will have a planet and health to enjoy.
As for the greed of corporations holding people hostage for healthcare and medicine, all I can do is feel shame for those that would put someone into poverty in order to let them have the gift of life.

It is easy to get lost in the luxury of the perfect world we have created as a society. I am a teacher and I love technology, I use it every day in my classroom. It's simple, it makes my life easier. From showing a video to demonstrate an experiment to send a test made in a google form (that self-grade), is just easier to teach using technology. But... my students (born in the informational age) don't know how to think for themselves. It is sad. If they have a question, they just google it with their phones, iPads or laptop. There are lots of pros and lots of cons regarding technology, including health risks. The risk I see is that the youngest generations don't know how we were able to build all this utopic world of information. It just make me chill everytime I think what my students could do if the don't have any device for one day. I think I can survive, in fact I do it every once in a while, turn off all my devices and just go out for a walk or interact with people, but even in parties and at the gym they use their phones. When I sugest not using technology for an assigment I can feel the hate from my 9th graders and they literally cry for 90minutes without tech. I live in Venezuela and working out and sports are very popular, but still lots of teenager are inmerse in their perfect technological world they created for themselves in many popular platforms. So far, direct health issues caused for abuse of technology are not an issue for the youngest generation but we know they are there. Solutions to this? I don't have it and I would love somebody can help me figure this out. Thanks!

The digital revolution has changed our lives. It is a fact. What once seemed fantastic was a reality. Millions of people use the benefits of civilization and the digital world. Every day people spend a lot of time in social networks and other similar things. We began to create new values, values ​​that can not be denied. These values ​​are virtual.

Over time, the virtual world becomes bigger. Digital technology is evolving and adding people countless virtual opportunities. Never in history has so much information been available to a common man. Even more. Now we can make money even without leaving home. We can spend this money even without leaving home. We buy food, equipment or even furniture without leaving home. The era of "home" people has come. This definitely looks impressive. But how are things really in fact.

Together with these great opportunities, we became more dependent. Dependent on their gadgets and their virtual lives. Our life has become less private. For a lot of money, coproducts are bought up by our personal data. They use targeted advertising and impose their will on us. They control the desires of ordinary users. They get huge profits for this. This is a black mirror of modern digital technology. The block chain changes the rules of the game. What will be next?

This is probably one of my favorites so far. Great job @adsactly!

The age of information came like a savior for mankind. It did us so many good things. We are connected with people from all over the world, we can see all the art in the world, all places, etc. The most important thing is that we have knowledge database on the internet and it's accessible to anyone on the internet. So, today you can say that being stupid is a choice.

We created a lot of value, but this is two-sided sword. We are much lazier now, and our physical body is suffering a lot from much less moving as we used to do it. There comes the question, what we need to do now.

First of all, we need better education system, and then we will raise new generations ready to face the world. As we're not doing that today.
Anyway, I really enjoyed the article. Thanks for sharing. Much love!

When the corporations got so big that the entire world became "incorporated", the economy became completely dependent on them.

The only way to stop them is to stop buying their products, Nowadays they are so powerful that they can afford to buy the whole nation, they can brainwashed people, they can influence their own ideology of materialism. People needs to wake up, but thanks to the revolutionized social media platform like STEEMIT.COM it changes peoples lives by knowing the truth and enlightening people up, thanks @adsactly for such informative piece. :)

Sweet dude!

Very interesting stuff!...

As today's healthcare industry is experiencing a wave of changes, the increasing cost of healthcare is significantly urging healthcare providers and payers to adopt healthcare technology solutions that can reduce cost and transform their processes... Big Data in healthcare innovate healthcare by taking the massive amounts of data and provide right data to the right patient at the right time... also, mobile health solutions (m-health) address various healthcare needs...

Is the government controlled by huge corporations?

In small countries, perhaps. But big Goverment and big countries, it’s impossible. It makes sense to argue from the business side that huge corporations have something the government wants (money) and the government has something corporations want (political favours to grant). If the government doesn't do what the corporation wants, the corporation simply has to pay more money. If corporations don't do what the government wants, the government will force them to stop businesses, maybe even change the law or obtain a warrant to come to the homes of the people who comprise the corporation and put them in prison for a very long time.
I broke my smartphone addiction by accidentally flushing it down the toilet 😆 just kidding. I’m sooo addicted to today’s technology especially to my smart phone. That’s today’s generation and reality.

We can not deny that technological advancement and the entry into the global computing landscape have produced tremendous changes in ALL ASPECTS OF LIFE, but it has also caused, and is causing, tremendous damage in all aspects of private life, industrial and informative of humanity.
It is leading us to a world of loss of values, of damage to health, in addition to accelerating the increase in violence.

i see where you're going with this and i agree until the part about "that's the way the human brain works."

I believe it's the way our brains have been conditioned.

Çok haklısın. Yerinde bir tespit

yes i think it is best method to earnd through ADSactly .
and when we are sit the front of the screen of the monitor then i think many disease are held and we have a lot of medicine give for reduce the disease..
Thanks for good article @adsactly

regard: @mahmoodhassan

This same question is what the classican tried to answer base on their societal theories.
One of such i sure do love is Karl marx.

Marx is been regareded as a functional theorist.
One of his theory is based on Capitalism.
The right of capitalism is high.And everyone is looking for a way to maximaize profit on the prospect of others.

Keynes theory said something i love..That the economy cannot be at equilibrum..
So also i say..It cannot.. The information age.Is either. Dyfuctional to retain heathy life or the reverse is the case.

Piece of work on creating this post is really appreciable....

Great marking strategy sir @adsactly learning from you

Wow steemit is really a place to be so you can grap lot of information. And yes the world in which we are is really undergoing a great growth in technology, which so helpful it seems to be but might end up as a tool to bring humanity down if we don't look for a balance.I'm new on steemit.I'm a poet and will be honored to have my works checked out.Sofie's voice

it hard to undertand but you right. upvoted follow greeting from Canada

I would like invite you to know our blog it is spanish about news of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, if like follow up….gracias @cryptonoticias


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Good good panyang ikue,.

Thanks for sharing this post.I know something about this topics read your post.

Feeling Matrix

Great society
I appreciate your education
Thanks for sharing your life.

An honor to continue to be a part of the journey of @adsactly, Progress and change of the world today make man disappear from the human trust of pride arising from loss of patience to live more perfectly, self-confidence, making impossible possible machine more than a human power continues to be a reference for momentary interest, the value of humanity is lost in time that makes the world will say, who actually gives you a spiritual, spiritual power that will all be swallowed up by the earth.
The technology that continues to be created for ease and becomes the real thing for a victory for all mankind

The information age provides a large number of perceived new values. It dwarfs everything that has ever been seen before. The pixels on the screen in front of our eyes become more than all the food that hunters and collectors have ever produced. Is not that really
Happen and we will be the winner later.

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Already at #60... Wow. Velimir must really like to write these posts. haha.

I see more and more people grow food in their gardens again - sometimes even keep that garden with a smaller community. And since 'food = medicine = food' this is an interesting and important development.

In the Netherlands we have a 'seed bank', you can buy little bags of seeds and keep them in a freezer. If 'Monsanto' and/or others have patented everything we will have thousands of people with plant seeds in the freezer so we are able to start anew - at least that's the idea.

We need more small-scale projects like this to protect ourselves and our foods.

very good of luck

Sincerely the information age is another stage, and it is unpredictable in what happens to the future, it is true that it is very beneficial to work online from home, but I do not think it is the most preferable since the human sense of life is lost since we are sitting many times just reading and trying to generate more for one and for the big industries, in short this is my point of view, thank you for placing such a topic, greetings.

We advance and evolve hand in hand with technology, it has become an indispensable tool of our day to day. Very good article.
I invite you to visit my profile ..

Well I do not see it in a good way because we lose social communication, it is a means to work online, it is true that there are many ways, although it should be something for a while or diversion where a tolerable amount can be generated, personally I am licensed in administration, I am a mother and I also work for steemit and I am getting to know the network, although it is something that should not be left to work physically since the production of a country or region is lost and it would not be sustainable in the future. Greetings I love these types of anecdotes.

To counter the negative effects of IT technology way of life on my body? I like going out in nature or in parks and take photos.
I like going out with friends and chat over a beer.

I think we will be the last childs who spent our childhood in the streets by playing real games until nights.. The new generation who ended up in this information and internet age are being effected more.. They play video games, they order their food by website, other than visiting a place real, they just search it in website so and so.. Noone in this century can spend a single day I think without mobile or pc. We are the one who should control it. We should keep the bakance to take the advantage and disadvantage of technology.

La vertiginosidad de los cambios tecnológicos que están ocurriendo en la actualidad trae consigo la necesidad apremiante de que ocurran modificaciones en todos los espacios y actores de esta realidad global. Dentro de los retos que se deben afrontar es una nueva perspectiva de pensamiento y preparación para afrontar los problemas de esta era dominada por las tecnologías de la información y de la comunicación como lo son: masificación de las TIC, analfabetismo tecnológico, manejo indiscriminado del volumen de información, delitos o fraude informático, obsolescencia del software de equipos o dispositivos electrónicos.
Aunado a ello existen otros inconvenientes que han surgido asociados a la salud de los usuarios que tienen que ver con el sedentarismo, el stress y otros que se relacionan al tiempo de exposición prolongada a dispositivos electrónicos, dentro de los que destacan problemas visuales, auditivos de postura por la adicción tecnológica, insomnio, bajo nivel de comunicación e individualismo. Estas anomalías afectan a todas las edades, sexos y razas.

I see blockchain as being very similar to the internet in that it will provide enormous opportunities to individuals, while also enslave us even further into the mainstream culture which becomes increasingly less private and is always rooted in the desire for profit. The only answer I can think of is a not-so-gradual shift in culture which doesn't reject the technology but rejects certain ways in which it is being used. Crypto is redistributing some of the resources so if enough of those resources get into the hands of people who want to make it happen, it can happen, which is why I want to help good people with cooperative attitudes earn as much crypto as possible because the next 3-5 years are going to be a window of opportunity.

I really wish to learn to write the way you do. I must confess you are great at this. I relished reading this that I had to read it twice. Any hint for me?

Friend successes

Step leaving my positive vote

Of course, technology can not replace natural foods

Wow that was ossam!

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Such a nice piece.... Well written