ADSactly on ADSACTLY - part #26 - AI Government - part #1

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ADSactly on ADSACTLY - part #26

Artificial Intelligence Government - part 1


The present form of government all over the world is far from perfect for a vast majority of us. We are sure that people who govern are doing well, as well as the ones who get paid to put their decisions into practice. Also, let's not forget the real rulers, living in that 'sacred' place of real power, the ones actually pulling the strings and keeping themselves rich beyond all means.


The rest of us are here mainly to pay taxes and get third rate service when we actually need something from the administration. In my country, people wait for long months, even years, before getting papers needed need for starting a business of some kind. A year ago, I personally submitted all (absolutely needless) papers and still, my simple request took the office shill nine months to complete. I had to pay the government for issuing the papers to me. The very same papers I then took back to them. :D Well, at least the shill didn't ask for a kickback, what is a usual practice if people need papers quickly. No wonder investors run away from here and stick the middle finger on their way out.


However, we are very aware there are many examples like this throughout the world. Bad governing and negative selection are real cancer in many countries. Projects are given to family businesses, roads needlessly rebuilt, communal projects steeply overpriced, beneficial projects put on hold because there is no suitable shill company that will take the job and pay the man his hard-earned kickback.


The question is: would a government run by artificial intelligence be beneficial? Would we live better lives under a government of machines than selfish politicians who first think of themselves while the people and the country come last on their list? Would an AI set better priorities and generally put things in order for the benefit of all? Would that save us from being ripped off by paying for countless clerks doing their mostly useless jobs? Is it possible to build an AI that would mindfully use the resources?


Would an independent AI world government be more beneficial than what we have today? Please, let us know what your thoughts and opinions are!


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The idea certainly seems enticing when you think of the mess that humans have made. I don’t believe it’d be in our best interests in the long term though. I think we need to be responsible for ourselves and learn to overcome our lack-based thought processes and move into abundance. Human nature has two kinds of manifestation, and up until now, we’ve only know it take the form of “lack”. Some of us have seen glimpses of the other side though, of all the possibilities and how we naturally want to help each other without much thought. That world is not so far off if we believe in it and work towards it.

Thank you for posting ❤️❤️

well, i don't think Government run by Artificial Intelligence will be beneficial to the populace at large because AI is based on Machine Learning algorithm which work on data set, unlike human being, the agents created from AI aren’t yet capable of abstract learning, lacks common sense , reason and curiosity. All what we need is agents with Natural Intelligence, good integrity who posses love, passion, just and work for common interest of the populace

What is AI? You do not need to look too deeply into AI before you realise that that is not a facile question. The implementation of anything other than a functionaly limited AI that is under direct human jurisdiction will be a catastrophe - not just in government but anywhere. And if it is under human jurisdiction then in the execution of government you are right back where you started, with bells on.

This is how the society is these days. My country is a perfect example of how everything is wrong with the government, people are still stuck in the matrix, government paying people less than minimum wage sometimes not paying at all, they people are brainwashed that they don’t believe in digital money that could actually make fortunes for their family rather prefer to serve the government.. what s world

OH! How I agree with you. My country is exactly the same. A bribe gets you a drivers license, keeps corrupt officials out of jail, ensure you get tenders ... And the list goes on. It makes me want to believe that an AI government is the answer, but humans are fragile and illiterate. We need knowledge and understanding if we want/need to go the AI route. Unfortunately I am not talking about degrees and schooling, and that is a whole other subject.

Happy 2018.

Unfortunately we live in a world where the monkey dances for silver, it is a colloquial saying in my country Venezuela. The bribe is the bread of every day here and if you do not wet the hands of those people we get roots waiting for an approval. An artificial intelligence can be good, the point would be that so much intelligence we will give machines, not going to make those machines with such intelligence then drive us

I believe that here the opinions of people can diverge on both sides. Some believe that the creation of an artificial intellect will lead to an increase in the level of life, the level of medicine and, of course, the level of the world economy. But here there are fears that an artificial intellect can be an enemy of mankind and that's what big minds like Stephen Hawking and Ilon Mask say about it. But I believe that with parvil use artificial intelligence will solve many economic problems, although it will take places from many people. But with a growing economy, a solution will be found, but this compromise is a completely different problem.
Therefore, I believe that the use of artificial intelligence will save us from a multitude of problems in the world economy.
Thanks for the helpful article

I don't know about that, but it's scary to think if Skynet becomes our government. We might see that in the future. The great advantage of having an AI government is the minimizing of loopholes/corruption in the system and that would really be a fair government with fair judgement. The disadvantage would be an AI government would not be able to get a decision with compassion. What if it decides to nuke a country because it seems the disappearance of that country/society would be beneficial to the world, entirely? Happy new year!

Oh, you just put it right! I'd prefer the selfish politicians to Skynet anyday, thank you!

government run by artificial intelligence tahts what we need specially here in africa and third world,, its really hard to start a lifein heere ,, most project controlled by few powerful people and their family, but thanx to blockchain and steemit , i can see some light of hope,, great article my friend, keep it up

I agree.
Automated law is the real blind justice.
And technology is the real driving factor of progress. Human moral developement follows technology, not the other way around.
Rules without rulers. How about that for a change?

AI?! AI?!
Like, haven't you watched all the robot movies? Do you need to rewatch the Terminator Series, and I mean all of it?

Okay, more seriously now, AI could never be the solution to human leadership, unless of course, somehow the machines were programmed with actual human emotions. And that's already making them human. But that's what we need, notwithstanding the troubles it brings.
I'm pretty sure you've considered how human beings keep making the same mistakes generation after generation? That's our emotions acting out, and the same mistakes occur because the emotions never change. Now think from the other direction and consider all the good that persists in the world. Same explanation.
Emotions are important. Messy, yes, but important. And suggesting an AI Government is suggesting one without emotions. Believe me, that's going to be one cold, cold era.

Still, it makes a great prompt for a story! :D

Nice post

Where politicians just fill their pockets, just think of themselves, sometimes there is no benefit to ordinary people. Your post is perfect. I like it.

The problem with putting an actual AI in charge of human welfare is that it would instantly ascertain that we were unnecessary.

Politics really sucks

politics is how to play a role. and we have to move. #action

it is possible to create artificial intelligence working with such an algorithm.but I do not think any government will allow it.
Thanks for sharing...

Good question? the answer for that question is in people. Some people abuse the power they have, just that. we have lost the way.
Check this video

e-government to ai-government? come on this is way too advanced for the normal people. they will freak out if they are really govened by ai and stop using the technologyies. slow down sir 😝😝😝

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No. You will after you sort out your priorities and find the path you want to walk. We are here to accompany you on YOUR way!

Perhaps the current government in every country has not been perfect, but we must be optimistic and always support the government to be better

Where lawmakers simply fill their pockets, simply consider themselves, now and then there is no advantage to standard individuals. Your post is great. I like it.
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sir pleae vote steem82

I agree the facts you present . Here is one thing i really belive :
This sistem and the politics made use their marionets , puppy that shake right as they want . We became usless to the world .
It is time to change our mind .


Great post thank you for sharing

Perfect post. You're doing great work!

awesome post dear @adsactly keep it up and happy new year

The idea to look for solution over corrupted society is excellent but I'm sceptical that Machine with No soul can do anything...It is written in many Holy scriptures that only acting in Mode of virtue can make Moral people that can make good, beneficial society...

I think that there are unselfish politicians in every country but they are not known because those rich thieves make sure they don't get noticed. It's up to citizens to help those unselfish parties to make a change... That can only be achieved through protests and social movements. The AI government doesn't make that much sense and I don't even think it can be made... Maybe in the far, far future.

Even at the lowest levels of government honest politicians are a rarity. At the upper levels the only half-way honest ones are the accidentals.

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This is a nice post

true i absolutely agree with you @adsactly! history, in general, only informs us of what bad government is.

There is noting enticing about this piece, once humans subject themselves governed by the “works of man” thats bondage. AI is a revolution

Sangat baik

a leader must have an honest nature, not take the rights of others and work out of compassion for the whole society, and do not differentiate between groups. @adsactly

Politicians are just shit!! you only look their interest. They can do everything for money.

Great information my friend.

Decentralized system is more fair. Blockchain and Torrent is the element of anarcho-communism.

This Post very nice.. thanks for sharing this post....

Yes, Adsactly will help you to solve your problems and to help you find exactly what you are looking for when you need it most. They can help you in order to achieve your task at time and will help you to..
Thank you so much for this informative post.

You are absolutely right on the issue of the government we are going in the wrong path hopefully this year will be better as always providing you with my support ... I'm hoping you and you family had a great start of your new year @mannyfig1956

This is how the society is these days. The idea certainly seems enticing when you think of the mess that humans have made. I believe that the use of artificial intelligence will save us from a multitude of problems in the world economy.
Thanks for the helpful article

Nice post

Great post
Its great to follow you

Government and politics really sucks I think everywhere in the world ,but if AI run the government it could be more heartless than what we have now. Compassion it what makes as human.

Interesting and equally haunting thoughts

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It depends on how the AI develops. However, I think we have a long way to go before AI can do anything that will change our lives dramatically. I don't think we will see self driving cars quite yet either.

@adsactly You know something, I always see your publication to inspire me Someday I will be in trend and you will see me. I always see you ... greetings and may God bless you and spend a happy year full of blessings, this has nothing to do with your subject, but with the treatment of what you read

I think of government as Legislative, Executive and Judiciary. AI can support help all of these branches not replace them. Especially the legislative and judiciary need humans in the decision loop. The executive (esp. for administrative tasks) will probably have the most day-to-day actions replaced by AI.

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The trouble with putting an actual AI in rate of human welfare is that it might right away ascertain that we were useless

The idea of an AI government may sound alluring but then, despite the shortcomings of whatever governments we have today, you never know the outcome of swapping them for 'heartless' robots - it could be for the better or become something that's extremely controlling without any lack of sensitivity (because the human trait of empathy is lost completely).

I believe despite all the current problems, the world in general is far more peaceful than it was 100 years ago and there is a much better and egalatarian rights for humans that what was there a few centuries ago.. We may not be perfect, and the governments we choose aren't either, but as long as we're improving, and better than what we were in the past, that's good..

well interesting indeed

AI within human control?
AI without jurisdiction?
AI with emotions?

AI governments. Let's face it. Based on global world objectives, AI might suggest new laws submitted for approval to each world citizens. Consensus of 51% would be needed to make new law applicable. Execution of the law must be audit-able and completely transparent by the citizens. Issues and potential abuse would be constantly tracked, identified and publicly advertised as soon as they are detected. But i would definitely let justice in the hands of human being and i would never let an AI take decision without prior consent of human being.

What a concept. That all governance could be fair to everyone and AI would rule with Solomon like wisdom. I'm in for that.

Except, what becomes of the minority? Does it become 'conform or die'? Does everyone have to be part of? Can AI become nuanced enough to govern all, or just the majority?

A very thoughtful and thought provoking post. Thank you for it!

The AI government is a good initiative but we should remember that machines also malfunction so where do we start from when it does

Just my opinion though