ADSactly On ADSACTLY - MASTERNODES - A new vision for the blockchain (part#1)

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ADSactly on ADSACTLY - part #44

ADSactly - MASTERNODES - A new vision for the blockchain (part#1)

MASTERNODES - A new vision for the blockchain (part #1)

Masternodes. Sound cool, right? But, what are they? Before we explain further, a question, please:

Did you ever dream of owning a coin foundry just like in the old days, way before people started printing pieces of paper and call it money? Coinmakers were minting silver and gold out of the fire! It was a hard and strenuous daily work. But today, you can produce your coins way easier, without much sweat! As a passive income!


Well, your dream can easily become a reality because this is what masternodes are! Coin foundries made to support a cryptocurrency blockchain and produce a coin for you on top of that. To explain masternodes (bonded validator systems) in simplified terms (simplified enough, not simple for an ordinary person), we would say that masternodes are decentralized currency servers, working on a specific blockchain system which is different from the classic, for example, Bitcoin one.

A masternode can be any computer running a VPS server and a wallet filled with a certain number of the designated coin. One cannot mine a masternode coin without owning it first, what is quite a grand idea because this rule actually locks a substantial amount of coins to each masternode and thus raises the price for the rest of them. The bottom line is: one needs to buy a substantial amount of a certain coin from the market before setting up anything.


Masternode server utilizes its resources (VPS, local machine...) for verifying transactions between the parties, running a decentralized voting system and acting as a node in a blockchain of a specific coin that you have decided to own. We could easily say that, based on the architecture of the blockchain, masternodes help their blockchain more than the classic mining systems.


What we find to be a novelty is that masternode systems equally split the block rewards between the blockchain distribution mechanism and creating new coins for the masternode owner. The ROI is quite lucrative and we believe this might be the thing of the future of crypto.


The basic computer knowledge will not be enough for you to run a masternode and it is not advisable for a beginner to jump into masternodes without any guidance but, then again, it is not a rocket science, either. The rewards can be lucrative if the coin is chosen wisely. Various currencies use different incentive methods to attract the potential investors. Some members of ADSactly also run several masternodes and are quite happy regarding their weekly earnings, even though crypto has seen way better days than on today's markets.

So how do I run one?

Well, as we already mentioned. Firstly you'll need to own a substantial amount of certain coin to own a server. The amount varies from currency to currency and is not set in stone. Secondly, you'll need to rent a VPS on a 24/7 server or buy a server of your own where you'll host your wallet. And at last, you'll need a static IP address. Masternodes will not work on dynamic IP.

This is one of the websites where one can monitor the current masternode projects and their current prices:

Please, let us know your experiences with masternodes and give us your thoughts on the subject!

We will continue covering this super hot topic in the next part of our series. Stay tuned!


If you are interested in joining the ADSactly Society, please read the blog series on ADSactly from the beginning. Have all of your questions answered in advance.

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Ever since I saw the topic of those "masternodes" mentioned in the ADSactly's discord channel I got really interested! This is indeed not the most easy idea to comperhend and I waited for a post that explains that concept in layman's terms, and this post pretty much manages to do so!

What I find smart about that concept is that there is a huge incentive to the nodes owners to maintain their nodes in good shape, runing and updated - after all, they make money from it, in that way there's an assurance to the network's stability and the whole community enjoys it so it's pretty much a win-win situation.

I also really like the fact that ADSactly has it's own masternode maintained by community members and shared between the members who staked the money in it - I have not got the funds yet to invest myself but if I do - I'll really consider joining the community on this project as it will be taken care of by experienced members and with the supervision of the community - more people, more brains working to maximize the profits from this interesting venture.

There's a dedicated discord channel on the ADSactly discord - hop in and check it out!

Thanks, very good post !!!!

Awesome Work!

Keep it up!!!


What is your favorite Hardware Wallet?

Ledger Wallet protects your bitcoins

When it comes to masterdome coins it is validation of nodes by “staking” tokens you hold. Meaning, if you act honestly then, just like in Proof of Work, you have a chance to receive tokens for your effort. However, if you do not act honestly then the tokens you stake may be burned. It appears that Masternode coins are becoming very popular. If you own masternodes coin you can be getting some nice rewards from your masternodes. It pays out every couple of hours. However, I don’t like the privacy of masternodes, masternodes are prone to hacks and hack attacks, even if you have respectable VPN provider, so you could lose a lot. Of course, if you trust your VPN providers, or have some good way to protect yourself from hacks, go do the masternode thing. One more thing to mention though never run a masternode on your main computer!

At present, passive income is becoming the norm. This is due to the development of technology and, first of all, the development of the digital economy. All these things change the outlook on life for ordinary people. The community @adsactly introduces us to another project of Masternodes. Many users will not understand its functions and directions. But I would advise people to carefully study this project. All the projects that are presented here are excellent projects. Having carefully studied all its features, I believe that it is promising.
Masternodes are computers that manage a wallet and make decisions. Solutions can be different - such as blocking transactions with, coordinating voting on budget financing, mixing coins.
You have the opportunity to work 24 hours a day without wasting time. In addition, there are a number of services provided:

  • InstantSend - instant transactions.
  • PrivateSend - anonymous transactions
  • Decentralized management - this option does not need to be introduced
    And other advantages. I see great potential in the development of this project.

Would love to have a few masternodes going...

A new blockchain? I think you will soon open another social media that pays like steemit

This is a really interesting idea. Passive income is hard to come by these days.

Masternodes are good for passive income and are popular for stable and less volatile returns, profitability depends on value of Coin on exchange, MN crypto strangely has very limited volatility, but beware and research cautiously as I have seen lot of MN ledgers with questionable transaction patterns. No standard MN’s I can suggest, please do your research before investing.



Tezos will have this feature and I've heard rumors that you need as little as 500 tokens and upwards of 10000 in order to do this. Can anyone confirm the amount?

I have been staking large sums of Vericoin and Reddcoin for a few months now, and while its not exactly the same thing, the rewards have been considerable.

thank you man for useful content!

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