ADSactly on ADSACTLY part #22

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ADSactly on ADSACTLY part #22

If you never have before, please take a moment and google: "online money".


I found nothing but a bunch of websites not leading anyone anywhere near the money, except for the guys who give the advice and build those pages. I was showered with a rain of ideas as to how to become rich in no time. Maybe some of these ideas worked for the first guy and his 10 copycats... But, after a while... it's just talking.

You'll also get a bunch of pyramid schemes lurking for your cash, all better and better concealed with every new version. Then if you scroll further, amidst all the investment options and advice and shitcoin ICOs, you might also find a bunch of scammers who disguise themselves as scam-revealers pushing their own scams further.

But still, we live in the days of Internet and cryptocurrencies. There is so much money to be earned. The invention of blockchain and cryptocurrencies is the next grand thing after the invention of the Internet. Most good tokens are way cheaper than their real value really is. The whole idea, notion, system whatever you call it - is in the infant phase. There is a huge opportunity for a common person to make money and fulfil all of his/her dreams.

Did you ever wonder why governments try to oppose limitations on cryptocurrencies knowing well it is impossible to do anything about it? Could it be because they are secretly buying and want to create major dips for themselves to cash in? Maybe they realized that owning crypto might be the only way to stay in control of their economies. We already spoke about this in the previous part of this series. We don't think that will work - no government is able to stop the rise of crypto. They are all well aware of it so... What you cannot conquer - you better join! And that is exactly what are they doing, right now!


A new, fairer financial system is dawning upon us. The new generations of billionaires are to replace the existing ones who made their fortunes on being quick and smart in the early days of the Internet, or even the ones who made it big on early PCs. Cryptocurrencies, as we state repeatedly, are the new gold. The gold mines of our times are all around us. Don't be late for the show - this is just the beginning. Come for the dance, stay for the riches.

ADSactly society, as an independent issuer, has issued the following crypto tokens (society's units):

(all of our units exclusively start with ADX)

In the previous part we covered ADXCU and ADXDU, and now we continue with ADXWU (ADSactly Whale Units). This unit may be bought and sold on against BTS (Bitshares). It represents a more valuable token than the ADXCU and ADXDU tokens. ADXWU tokens simply need to be held (an amount of 1000 or more) for a holder to be fully entitled to services, consulting, teaching and more within the ADSactly community. Members who have 1000 or more ADXWU, may freely contact ADSactly service providers directly.

whale units.png

There is only a limited number of 50mil of these units with no stealth supply. The token has 4 decimals precision. This token, along with all other ADSactly units may be burned for to increase value over time if needed.

about unit WU.png

We offer access to ADSactly training lessons, crypto trading consultations and instructions on many different aspects of the crypto-sphere. In the ADSactly society, you will always find people who will be willing to explain everything in exchange for this or any other units in great detail. Please do not mistake serious paid lessons for a free and open-hearted advice which we will gladly offer for free. You are also invited to offer your skills, knowledge and resources on various projects within our society.

If you are interested in joining the ADSactly society, please read the series on ADSactly from the beginning. Have all of your questions answered in advance.

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Every honest individual with good intentions is invited to join and offer skills, knowledge, energy, time or resources for various ongoing projects within ADSactly society. The channel is here: ADSactly and you are welcome.

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The more you ban something, the more the people will want it!

you are country-ghana government just joined the bitcoin. they want to get richer than us..but we will get there

I am not sure why you are right, but I agree. We cannot seem to get our priorities straight. I believe we take to much for granted. Spoiled maybe? Breathing, clean water, shelter, happiness, love and family, the beautiful cycle of life and the acceptance of death. After pondering those important things, we have to think about money, but not as an end in itself. Thank you for the post, it really made me think.

tnx for upvote

you're absolutely right. That's why majority of society say that bitcoin and other crytocurrency is a scam because new comers would see news and articles how fast its growing and how a lot of people are making money so they would try to jump in the bandwagon without any research and find sites that promises them huge interest back that will just take there money

You are absolutely right, now everyone has the opportunity to earn a living. As if the government did not try to stop cryptocurrency, they will not succeed. I think this is the future. And we are all witnesses to something significant and important. It is impossible now to miss the opportunities we have to learn and keep up with the times, for the future of our children and our honest world.

Excellent post and you're right on there being so many get rich quick schemes and scams online. I saw one this morning with the Bitcoin Miner Pro, and did a search to see if it was legit or not. As I guessed, it's a scam. I think software such as the one mentioned are one of the reasons why people are reluctant to being using cryptocurrencies, they take away from the reputation of bitcoin and are a waste of valuable time and energy. I also read a little about the concerns of the government taking over bitcoin but I don't honestly see that happening, as bitcoin is decentralized. I noted that there have been some issues as of late but hopefully, things will work themselves out as far as the thousands of unconfirmed transactions are concerned. Where do you see cryptocurrencies headed in 2018?


I agree wholeheartedly and I am hoping that Steemit is one of the cryptocurrencies that makes more of an impact. I have recently been looking into Litecoin and Monero, both of them promising. I am also spending more time here on Steemit than on the mainstream social media sites because I honestly want to see this platform grow in size and quality content!

Yo ,
Thanks for the great content

When I thought about earning on internet in 2006, I typed the words, "Free Cash" and it lead me to some websites where I wasted my time.

Then I got busy in completing my studies and then in 2010 I started to search with serious intentions and after hit and trials of 4 month I was able to get my first online earnings of $20.

Then it just started and keep getting better and better when I started Forex in 2011 and it just changed my life.

Now it is 2017 , the year I stepped in crypto currencies market and I am pleased to say that I have never made that much money in any of previous years that I made in 2017.

2018 gonna be awesome

Crypto Rocks

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Thank you so much for the information.....

Nice post very informative. Upvoted same response required.

Nice post from you

For what reason do you guys see people getting into Bitcoin and other currencies for? Most of the people that I've talked to in recent weeks are getting into it to make money. They have no interest in taking their money "Out of the government's control".

Thank you for this useful and wonderful publication . I would be eager to keep track of every new thing in order to benefit from your experience.
Thank you for sharing this , @adsactly .

Nice post!

Awesome post my friend,,, you are brilliant man,,, i always like to read your post..

wow great,interesting post, I really like

@adsactly,i want to join lessons.Help me,please. I think these lessons will useful...Thanks.I believe this lessons will help me to trade with cryptocurrencies...

I am glad to be a part of new generation.. hoping to become one the new generation of millionaires here in our country by cryptocurrency.

Great works, I wish you success

I'd love to join ADSactly Society if I can only find the time and attend ADSactly training lessons. I'd like to know more about cryptocurrency and cryptomarket. I will definitely get in touch with you @adsactly .

Thank you for sharing this. Resteemed!

Great post and good writing.i like your post and upvoted. @adsactly

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Google is worth being avoided at all cost. I have a special machine that just creates lots of google email addresses and I watch youtube on occasion. Other than that I won't use them. Their search engine has nothing to do with reality any longer - all the Boolean abilities stripped out. You have to search (ctrl+f) your search results to find the words you searched for - A JOKE.

I went from THE biggest pusher of Google five years ago to their biggest enemy.

good post @bijoy123

Very good article I wish I could make alot more posting but I make more commenting still trying figure out this crypto currency thing too

google search how to earn online but i have found nothing then someone ask me to

These posts are nice, it seems you guys really have vision and ambition and it's nice to learn more about what's behind it. I am guessing that you could go well into the 100s with the number of these adsactly on adsactly posts hah

When do we get to learn more about the people behind adsactly?

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your post is very interesting, I like your post, because it can add insight to me, hopefully in the future can provide better postings, so I can know many things in my life, thank you very much.and also hopefully useful for other stemit friends.

i read your blog dear @adsactly i also try to reach in no time i also try google search how to earn online but i have found nothing then someone ask me to join crypto currency markets and then i join different currencies like bitcoin, SBD, electronium, and many other and bit coin-get all the people on-moon how join cryptocureenyies. i am one of them dear

I respect u so much for putting in so much work/time in a post.

Thanks again for posting this and I’m looking forward to your next article!

Thank you for the post it is full of valuable information. keep up the good work!

You've put more efforts with this post. Very informative. All the aspects above are true. Scammers are rampants building these fake sites scamming peoples' money. I'm happy that i learned trading cryptocurrency now:)

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Awesome your posts continue grabbing my attention keep it up

Bitcoin by all standard is the eight wonder of the world. It awesome, amazing that something as intangible as bitcoin can be more valuable than tangible gold.

i love the way u put more and more efforts in your post .. this is really great coming from you

Ah this is very interesting. I heard about adsactly a few months back but wasn’t aware exactly what it does. Thank you for this series, I will begin to review the content now to learn more about this experiment.

Then it just started and keep getting better and better when I started Forex it just changed my life.

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