ADSactly On ADSACTLY - Part #1

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ADSactly on ADSACTLY - Part #1

Many people ask what is ADSactly. There are so many inquiries that we simply don't have enough time to answer to all of them. To avoid any further misinterpretations and disinformations, we are starting "ADSactly on ADSactly" explanatory blog series to clear out the mist.

ADSactly is an abbreviation for "Autonomous Decentralized Society Acting Cooperatively To Leverage You".

Seven years ago ADSactly was a small Internet community of dedicated members sharing a strong vision. In time, with the evolvement of the original idea, ADSactly outgrew the limitations of a community and became a society.

Today, we are a decentralized society based on the highest regards for human values and the well-being of all involved individuals. We do not support or recognize social status shortcuts, class membership advantages, preferred country of origin or any other similar and poorly quantifiable double standards that are, directly or indirectly, implied by the real-world social systems. ADSactly is not an exclusive Steemit project. Our reach is broader.

ADSactly working environment is modelled after an open-value network(1) model and utilizes the coopoly(2) system in sharing human resources.

(1) Definition of Open-Value Network

"An open-value network is a network of open-enterprises that can provide all functions of a corporation in an open-collaboration fashion. Recently, we have seen a rise in open-collaboration in the functions of marketing, communication, value creation, and so forth. Yet, there has never been an open collaboration model that can provide all the functions of a corporation. The structure of open-value network framework provided in this paper outlines a model that could create a true open-collaboration enterprise that would follow the principles of open source.
Open-source models present a tremendous opportunity to tackle social and environmental challenges. Nonetheless, open source models daunting financial and legal challenges since there are gaps in the business model. The open-enterprise framework provided in this paper could help resolve these challenges by providing the required open-legal and governance structures.
From the sustainability perspective, an OVN provides mechanisms of non-control and open-access while providing all functions of a corporation. Therefore, I conclude that open-enterprises can truly target social and environmental market needs in an efficient way while creating and redistributing the value generated in an ethical fashion. Hence, the OVN model meets the Porter and Kramer’s (2011) criteria for scalable sustainability."

(2) Definition of Coopoly

"A coopoly is a co-operative monopoly. It is created to join enterprises (companies) and people together in a purpose and values (not profit) driven cooperative model that reduces waste (enabling ephemeralization) from a meta-perspective and proves that competition is not supporting people or the planet and that "sharing is having more”. Ephemeralization is a term coined by Buckminster Fuller to define the evolutionary process of increasingly doing more and more with less and less. A big part of the ephemeralization is created by removing competition and the win/lose dynamic in the marketplace and replacing it with a cooperative win/win dynamic. The idea of a coopoly is to transition the current fear-based extrinsically profit motivated organizations to a love based intrinsically purpose motivated organizations. A coopoly is like a living organism that can synergistically operate with other coopolies in a co-operative and symbiotic ecosystem. Synergy cannot work in a competitive environment."

This, unless you are fully familiar with the terms, will make you think. And we want you to think. Therefore, we will continue posting about the society in the following days. Every honest individual with good intentions is invited to join and offer his skills, knowledge or resources. If you found your own thoughts within this words, consider yourself invited! The society's channel is here: ADSactly

Go Adsactly

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The idea of a coopoly is to transition the current fear-based extrinsically profit motivated organizations to a love based intrinsically purpose motivated organizations.

This is what our world need. Just newly joined the channel and I saw a link to this. Understanding of @adsactly being achieved gradually.


ı dont understand


Love the concept. Makes great sense.

I love what you guys are doing, @adsactly. Giving everyone opportunity to excel, irrespective of their societal status is the true love we really need in our world. I love you guys and I'm proud to be part of you today. @greatness96

Is it just me or is the link to part #2 missing? Find it here:

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Hmm, let's keep it real simple. ADSactly is a cooperative without limits. We enable YOU, that's right YOU to reach your aims by aligning your human powers with the powers of other humans within ADSactly.

And what are the human powers? Why, they are skills, time, energy, money, and a network of people that you influence.

We are here to help you meet your objectives. Looking forward to seeing you.


I really like the Onboarding guide bud. Shit Ive been missing these hangouts! when did they start? (the Bi-weekly ones)


about a week or two ago.

ADSactly has 2 Live Voice hangouts each week!
Wednesdays at 12:00PM EST (4PM UTC) and again on
Saturdays, at 8pm EST (12AM UTC).
The chat room for this will always be #village ...
Hangouts are to discuss anything and everything, all are welcome!

Hello @adsactly. How do i set up a adsactly membership for africa or nigeria.


Please Join Adsactly Discord App and let's communicate there !

I think this is a wonderful way to explain to everybody here on Steemit what you are and what you all do. I , myself always have a lot of questions and because I don't always want to bother others posts like this are really good. You can always read them back and find the info you need!

Adsactly.. The meaning is such a mouthful.
Looks really promising. I'll join the channel to know a bit more

Sharing is caring @adsactly


wish i have those hands & keep upvoting such as this creative

Great post, again,! Thank you for what you're doing. Upvoted @ 100% my friend. Keep up the good work.go ahead.we are with you all of luck


Thank you!

Peace. I am a graphic/ web/ multimedia designer with art and music production talents. I have a fully equipped multimedia studio. How can I become an active contributing member of this society? I know you said join Discord, but who do I contact? This post has really made me understand what Adsactly is, and I am excited to contribute to this great cause. Please let me know what me and my staff can do to contribute.

question: how does someone get a greater number of votes than people visiting your site? I would love to find out so I can do it too....(tongue in cheek)

Hi @adsactly, I ask permission to translate this post into Bahasa Indonesia?


Go for it just make sure you cite orginal source


@isaideureka , oke , next time i will make about adsactly with bahasa
so. if you want more information. you can contact me on discord :D


I don't need your tranlation if I can do it.
Btw, who are you? Are CEO of ADSactly?

My "Crapping for Progress" challenge picWe are here to enable you to meet your goals. Anticipating seeing you.

nyce one

Regards @adsactly
I follow your publications, it seems to me of much interest the work that you carry out and your promoted cooperative ideology. I think this information would be highly valued by the Hispanic Community.

For this reason I wanted to ask if they are interested in translating information articles in Spanish so that this information reaches more people.

If it is in your interest, I would like to help you in translating your publications!

A very interesting post for me to read. I found a lot of knowledge from your post. Thanks for sharing @adsactly

I think I have an account there, with the same name. Joined long ago but not active.Good luck

This is promising. I hope that I can join.
Followed and upvoted

If you indonesia people , you want know more about adsactly
join in discord . we can talk there

click image
banner adsactly indonesia.jpg

this is very interesting, and you are great at making articles,
I will wait for part 2 of you

hey bro @adsactly,
Excellent adsactly post thanks for sharing...........upvoted.

Spanish version of this ADSactly publication / Versión en español de esta publicación

thanks for add me your DC :) @adsactly

Well, I find it somewhere so I've joined you on Discordapp too but still can't understand what it actually is.
And still this post is not enough for me to understand about @adsactly :(


this is the beginning. so read them as they come. cheers!


There are many 'things' that ADSactly 'does'. What it simply is... is a society working together, to help further each other's projects, help provide funding and support in all aspects, and discounted or free services to other members. Basically, we're here to help YOU! We have a broad range of expertise in many subjects, personnel to assist in many aspects, and much more. What do YOU NEED? We'll see if we can help!

-crowetic (@cr0wetic)
ADSactly factilitator
/ servers / infrastructure / crypto mining / blockchain assistance /

I love what you guys are doing, @adsactly. Giving everyone opportunity to excel, irrespective of their societal status is the true love we really need in our world. I love you guys and I'm proud to be part of you today. @greatness96

Indonesian version of this ADSactly publication/Publikasi ADSactly versi Bahasa Indonesia

I just joined @adsactly and i am excited to be part of this community :)

I really love the concept as a whole, without the normal greed from a normal business ethic, ADSactly seems like the best digital community to be in right now 😀

knowing your skills is real competence

I have joined @adsactly and i am very happy to be part of this big community :)

Oh thanks for this! I joined the channel and have chatted once, but thought it was about cryptocurrency! I'll have to visit again! :)


Welcome back! :)


Thank you! I have so much going on right now, I keep getting distracted! :)