ADSactly on ADSACTLY - Creating Value - Part 1

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ADSactly on ADSACTLY - Part #53

Creating Value - Part 1


**At this point in time, the human mind is so occupied with numerous distractions that we don't have enough time to properly think about things, not to mention putting them in practice. This is mostly due to the fast pace of living that we have imposed on ourselves through the adoption of technologies that were originally meant to make our lives simpler. As it turns out, the outcome happens to be quite the opposite of what was planned. Technology didn't create more free time, it created more tasks, diminishing the amount of our free time. We spend our lives exchanging our time for the perceived value of something that we're doing.

If you sometimes feel that you are not creating enough value in your life and cannot tell why is it so, know that the real question is (and always was): where and what is the value that you've created? To answer this we need to look far into the past and see where it all started.


In the beginning, as far as we know, humans were hunters and gatherers. In those days food and shelter were the only real values in existence and securing them made a difference between starving and procreating, suffering the elements or sleeping inside by a fire. The constant uncertainty of having enough food led to a more stable idea.


The settled lifestyle, growing own crops and raising cattle provided much more stable value and people started adopting it. Farming and cattle became the new sources of way more stable creation of the most important value.


However, not all were happy with the idea of sitting at home, taking care of the animals and working the fields all day. They rather chose to steal from others to fulfil their needs in order continue the unsettled lifestyle that they preferred. This is, we believe, how thieves and plunderers came to be. These people weren't creating any value, they prefered to take the value away from the ones who created it. Does this ring a bell? Can we draw a parallel to our society today? Yeah, maybe, right? :D


As land was the main source of wealth, the next step was seizures of the rights to it. Strong ones took the land from the weak and called themselves lords. They practically enslaved people living on it and took away their produces. The weak had to work for the strong and also serve them in many other ways. The lords would amass wealth from the work, goods and services their subjects provided, securing stable, safe lifestyles for their masters. In time, the lord's gross values rose higher and higher until some of them became kings and emperors on account of their wealth and greed for more power. The land seizures started on grand scales and this provided the well-being of lesser lords and clergy. The additional value was provided (not created) by going to wars, defeating others and plundering their possessions. The value was created by the ones who worked hard to produce it off the land and it was taken away for the benefit of strong and powerful and those who served them loyally. Did we stop doing this in today's civilization?


Let's pause here and think for a while. Why did people turn to theft and plunder throughout the history, instead of creating values on the individual basis? Is it that much easier to kill and steal than create new values? Try drawing a parallel to today's stock market and its price volatility. Do wars and crisis affect the price fluctuations? Have we made progress through all of those centuries or are same rules used for a new game?

Let us know your thoughts.

To be continued...


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What a powerful sharing! first time I come across this series, thanks a LOT for this as it is greatly needed, discussions that have the potential of enlightening a few, and a half!

Even monkeys understand when there's an injustice when it comes to the quality of sharing as well as the quantity of this sharing, if it is of the same thing. Any monkey will escalate from frustration to anger to violence if justice is not equitable.

Over the centuries, people with power, play us one against the other, either individually or in large groups, a.k.a. nations, to keep us from realizing their involvement into this stratagem. Thus, they keep control, wealth and anonymity.

The procession of enslavement is gaining terrain on many groups and individuals while many other groups and individuals are seeing through the veils of deception, lies and half-truth. The latter is waking up and exposing this reality to our world. Hopefully this number will keep increasing faster than the liberating individuals and groups freed and helping us freeing ourselves get eliminated!?!

We create value by the force of nature and, as long as what has been created is being stolen or degraded, the fight for justice will continue. The game of money is rigged to keep the great majority enslaved, it has changed over the years, got more complex and intricate, but the leitmotiv principles are still the same, sadly.



I like you friend


i would like to bring you witness to my w/(h) ea L/L (t/h) D

This is really a correct description of the current concept of permanent employment. Technologies are initially called "smart" and able to save our time by simplifying tasks. But in fact, we see a constant lack of free time. What should have given us more freedom - this freedom and takes. I think that for many people the effect of "leakage of time" is when you are immersed in your smartphone or computer and do not notice how time passes. But at the same time you feel an acute shortage of time. That is, there is not enough time to remain completely satisfied.
I think that SPAM plays an important role. Information debris in a beautiful shell (that is, with a beautiful name that attracts attention) is able to "kill" part of your free time. It is necessary to constantly monitor your own time.
I liked how you draw parallels between the old times and today's situation. For example, the stock market is a place in which rules are set by cunning people. Simply put - when someone wins - then someone loses. This is the usual rule of energy flow can be attributed to money.
It was always easier for people to follow the simple path. That is, looking at the history and constant wars, robberies and so on.
History has the property of repeating itself. Usually they say - to know what will happen next - you need to look into the past.

People with low awareness feel they have lack of things and the only way is to take from another. They are not aware they can create value and create in abundance.

So same rules, old game. That is correct. But let's think for a second from different level.

If we try to see bigger picture, evolution of our planet and humans on it depends on all of us, therefore, it is very slow process. All of us are affecting it. Few centuries cannot reflect real picture. The same way, as example, our solar system needs 25 000 years to orbit once around central Sun (black hole). When time is so long, it is very hard to realise how human collective consciousness (how Carl Jung called it) is evolving. From our perspective, very slow, but from some other perspective, from some higher dimension, maybe it is just a moment. :)


You have certainly made a good argument here in your post! I would say that it has always been easier to steal what you wanted or needed rather than putting in the time or effort to work for it. But, it comes down to whether or not you have morals that allow you to steal from someone else and not feel guilty about it. In a way, the thieves do create value of their own because it adds to the cycle of life. If you look to nature, you have thieves there too. Look at vultures, raccoons, hyenas, etc. Men are like beasts in some ways but we consider ourselves to be more educated and to have values that separate us from animals but we still possess many animal instincts, do we not?

no wonder why the top 1 percent of world's population now a days owns half of the world's wealth, is because we still inherited the greed behavior from our ancestors and i still believe greed is our true nature.

Brother, all your writing is very nice. If you vote for me then I am very good.thanks

Technology is a genie let out of the bottle. It keeps humans busy and no enough time to themselves. Great post though! Thanks for sharing :)

In my view history repeats itself but in a sophisticated way but I see that the technology that can be valued is the blockchain

with regard to security it can be penetrate using quantum computers in the future and with regard to privacy it's not gonna be easy, since blockchain is a decentralized the goal should be a trustless society and transparency to make the world a better place.

Thanks God.. After seeing lots of trash on steemit, finally i found something really usefull.. Thank you so much.. gonna follow you..

Human mind is been intoxicated by wealthy things, we have to control our self from any bad acts, thanks for sharing such a knowledgeable post

Most of the stuff i see on here is very overwhelming and confuses me. But i am trusting the process. It seems like you have to spend a whole lot of steem dollar or steem to make a valuable post. I have seem a girl in a bikini no words make 400.00 so to me that ia crap. Anyways thanks for all the info. I will be sure to look study more.


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Thank You! ⚜

I have asked for many, many years... Who is it that owned the earth in the first place, that got to divvy it up and grant "titles" to the new owner?
I wholly believe in TRULY free markets and personal property rights, but land ownership is a very odd notion to me. The right to migrate freely in case of ice age or meteor impact may SEEM insignificant... until we have an ice age or a meteor impact - or whatever.

Excellente, to know what we are today, we must investigate our history and observe the change (the disguise) that has adopted the bad habit and ease, obviously also see the alternatives that arise from the crisis, we must take them into account.
We see how selfishness is born and transformed into different actions, but it does not stop being so. The human being has always wanted and thought about the "more" In mine "without worrying about the common good.

Hi @adsactly ! Great post about the creation of value and how civilization continues what has learned for centuries!

By the way, I wanted to let you know I Completed the first 10 Chapters of the Steem Guide to Help Users Make their Way and add Value to the Blockchain. Looking forward to your thoughts on it if you get the chance.

[Completed!] Making Your Way on Steemit - A 10 Chapter Full Steem Guide for New Users - Minnows - Make their Way on the Steem Blockchain!

Looking forward to hear your thoughts on the entire Steem Guide!

Regards, @gold84

Not as simple as that, this is if as like undirectly you want to judge the technology. All it depend on our view, we have different assumption. So, technology give the best if we treat is as its best.. but i appreciate this post...Thank you..

Really nice story....
I am very excited?

Same rules, same game, just more sophisticated, more deceiving. But humans are always in the quest for freedom and love is still a fact that keep us alive. We are becoming more creative and we are embracing new technologies that allow us to share instead of competing, that allow us to do the things we love to do and that makes us independent from a system that wants to keep us enslave. I would also say that we are changing the rules and the game. We are living very interesting times. This is a great blog, with great opinions of wise people. This moment and my life are enriched by all of you.

i would like to bring you witness to my w/(h) ea L/L (t/h) D

The problem is that humans can never get enough. We always want what somebody else have. I think it's some kind of mental programming from early on. I don't believe it's in human nature to steal and kill