ADSactly On ADSACTLY - MASTERNODES - A new vision for the blockchain (2)

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ADSactly on ADSACTLY - Part #45

ADSactly - MASTERNODES - A new vision for the blockchain (#2)

Have you already set up your masternode coin foundry?

Are you attracted by the insane earning possibilities that the blockchains of the new generation have to offer to their early supporters? Are you already earning your passive income while fast asleep? Are you ready to take the challenge?
Well, a group of ADSactly Society's members is already running several masternodes with success. We've put together some resources and ventured into this adventurous land of lucrative offers. The new age of crypto is at the door!


During the process of choosing which servers to run, we've come across a few insights that we'll share with anyone who plans to run a masternode. We are not going to suggest any specific coins nor lead you to support them because it is not our place to do that. We sincerely hope that you'll make your own decisions, based on your own independent research, before you start a masternode. We can only say that it would be easier to chose if there were not so many interesting ones! :)


Why is research important?

Running a masternode is an investment. Anyone is free to own and operate a masternode. This is the first proof of a decentralized system and a pathway to a truly open market. This is exactly the core idea behind the blockchain crypto technology and we welcome everything along those lines.

In masternode blockchains, one needs to buy a significant amount of coin in order to start a server. This usually results in a rise of price on the market. The people who operate masternodes have made an investment and are probably holding the greater part of the newly generated coin, waiting for the rise in price for cashing in their gains. If masternode operators hold their coin and don't release it on the market in large amounts, the more likely it is that the coin's price will rise. It is natural because with the increased demand, as more people join a specific project and the majority holding, the asset becomes scarce what results with the rise in price.


So, what do I need to do?

  1. Find a masternode project with a substance. Thoroughly research on the real value, find out everything about the project. Think of real-life application. Today every child can easily release a worthless (shit)coin and strongly market it before people realize it is a scam. Do not fall into easy traps. Crypto World is littered with these.
  2. Research forums and ask developers questions about a project and see what they have to say. If they don't answer it is the first red flag. Also, check on team's previous projects. Find out who they are.
  3. Check the circulating volumes. You will want to sell some coins in the future and profit from your investment.
  4. Know that you are the only one responsible for your gains or loses. Nobody else can do your homework for you. It works just like in the real life. It only appears to be virtual.


In the end, a little history. DASH coin project is the first one which utilized the masternode idea. In the beginning DASH, didn't support anonymous transactions. They introduced them later on by adding 'anonymous mixer' which allowed users to be anonymous. They called it Masternode. After this, the concept spread out and new coin blockchains were created based on the same premise.


As they say, great news travels fast and masternodes fly even faster..!

If you are interested in joining the ADSactly Society, please read the blog series on ADSactly from the beginning. Have all of your questions answered in advance.

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Every honest individual with good intentions is invited to join and offer their skills, knowledge, energy, time or resources to various ongoing projects within ADSactly society. The channel is here: ADSactly and you are welcome!

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Excellent continuation of the last post. Masternodes really opens up a new vision of the block chain. The community @adsactly is actively developing and tells us about significant projects. You can take part in the discussions. You can study together with us. The information that is submitted here should be studied. Either you go along with progress and develop, or you stand still - the choice is yours.
Masternodes this is an excellent project. But if you know little about this then you must learn. You must understand what you are doing. Do your own research.
In the world of crypto currency, there are a huge number of projects and coins. But a lot does not mean good. This is the problem. Because when a lot of projects you have to be able to choose really worthwhile projects and coins. Errors here are very expensive. I liked the tips that are given in this article. Take these tips as a basis. Only you are responsible for your choice. So be prepared for anything.
I'm just as attractive because I support anonymity. It is anonymity that is a very important component in our time. Thanks to anonymity, you will no longer be afraid of controlling your funds.

As they say, great news travels fast and masternodes fly even faster..!

Nice words. Thank you for the article.

Hi I run a masternode and features depends on which crypto you choose.
Yes it is an investment but it is being part of the network and helping it to grow.
Masternodes helps anonymity but they also give owner the right to vote for coin decisions and spending balance.
Plus they help price stability because stored coins can not be spent.
There are masternodes with unrealistic ROI but they are exceptions.
Plus ROI decrease each time a new masternode is added.

"...great news travels fast and masternodes fly even faster..!" - Good one...:)...



I said the same thing

Masternodes have been an interesting boom in the past 1 1/2 years but I personally like staking vs. masternodes.
I want my investment relatively liquid rather than "locked".


Your post looks like bitconnect))
I typed masternode, and first site gave me interesting stats. Those masternodes have annual ROI from 11% to 22 000%. HOW? Is it includes server work? (Electricity + internet connection + hardware)


It's not like bitconnect at all. It's getting paid a daily amount of coins for YOUR service given (maintaining security and functionality on the network by running a masternode). I used to run masternodes but they're not worth it unless you have a Dash masternode in the longterm. Eventually people will realize these are just all shitcoins and dump them all. So the demand of the coins you are staking declines immensely.

wow this is so interesting to the chance to learn many things.thanks alot for sharing these with us@adsactly

Well. It's an exciting prospect to say the least. Thanks for presenting it in 'ordinary' language that I can understand.

Very interesting writing also teaches me how write well especially as I am beginning in steemit successful greeting @adsactly

It is very good mining. Very interesting post . thanks for share

Those steps of research should go into every coin you want to buy not just for the masternodes. So be carefull out there people and remember it is the Wild West!

you great post bro.would like to set up a masternode but i think i am not smart enough to set this up ✌✌✌✌✌

Great news travels FAST and it did have to travel far!

57 saniye $137.93

nice post :) i would like to set up a masternode but i think i am not smart enough to set this up :(

This is mind blowing!!

Kaos nya bagus sekali


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Thank You! ⚜

wow this is so interesting to the chance to learn many things..thanks alot for sharing these with us :)

Wow it looks like I have a whole lot of reading to do now thanks for the back links to older info. Keep up the outstanding work you are doing.

interesting information, this is really going to happen, even though I do not understand it for sure but this is enough to get me to think about it.

Really this is an interesting offer and challenge, of course everyone also wants earn passive income.

Very nice post and very good I like it thanks for share this dear

Postingan yang bagus, saya jadi terinspirasi

interesting.. .

Barang kali saya ingin mencapai angka kecukupan untuk melangkah lebih maju. Bukan saya memuji @adsactly tapi kesempatan saya membacanya. Dan inilah angka kebutuhan yang harus saya pelajari. Terimasih

this is so interesting to the chance to learn many things
thanks alot for sharing these with us

me gusto muchisimo esta informacion no sabia que podia haserse esto me parese muy interesante creo que voy a investigar mas, me inspiraste a invertir algo de dinero queiro investigar un poco mas para conoser mas sobre el proyecto.

Nice post bro

I am invested in $pirl which is a masternode coin. The amount of coins i have are not sufficient for setting up a masternode. It requires around 20000 pirl coins in order to setup a masternode. At current price atleast 15k to 18k dollars are needed to setup a master node.

wow,excllent post,thanks for sharing

very nice post

this is so great job i like that

@adsactly nice work keep it up.your blog keep us updated

What is coin masternode brother?

wow ... !!
works that are so admirable. interested to read easy to understand

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@adsactly is always setting the pace.

I am so impressed at the level of organization and creativity here.

Please read and analyse it. we can earn a big money because it is starting and we can be in a head if we will register many people there

Good job

excellent your post Thanks for sharing

Interesting post
Thanks for sharing

Wow, nice post.

every time your block chain article part became hit and quite good and informative.

Congratulations @adsactly!
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This post is looks like bitconnect..
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