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ADSactly on ADSACTLY - Part #51

ADSactly - Open Cooperative Society

ADSactly is a society open to everyone who wants to use services of other members, has a project that would contribute toward cooperation with others, and willingly accepts the responsibilities of the membership. We are a society of free-thinking individuals, not an organization, a corporation or any other form of centralized structure. We do not force anyone to invest in anything, not even our own tokens. Members contribute, start or join projects on their own accord after a careful deliberation.

Every project within the society is an independent venture and has a project leader, a person who leads the project according to the best of his/her abilities. This is usually the one who conceived it, started it and chose his/her team. A project leader is needed for coordination and organization of every project if the project is to be successful. There is no project without someone leading it.

We support the free exchange of diverse opinions and ideas regarding a specific project that members have decided to start by their free will. We tolerate everyone's opinion and free speech as long as it doesn't violate our discrimination policies and common decency. ADSactly is impervious to all discrimination. This includes racial, political, gender, social or religious discrimination.


In ADSactly, we have a good co-working atmosphere. It is a mixture of fun, work and some more fun and some more work. Newcomers especially like the openness of ADsactly. This is important to stress out. We want every member to feel like at home when he/she joins ADSactly. However, make sure you read this series from the beginning if you want to understand the fine details of our fabric.


Tolerance is really important in every endeavour, the lack of it often contributes to downfalls of various organizations. This is why we adopted "per project" approach rather than any other form of co-operation. We are a society in which each individual decides on his own work. If his/her skills, knowledge, resources and timeframes are appropriate, a project leader will also ask to onboard him/her on a project.


Political and religious neutrality is a principle of an open membership. We have no need to dwell on those issues. We've gathered here to better each other as a strong part of the crypto movement, not to discuss the state of the world. This proved to cause an end to many open organizations in the past and ADSactly is not making that mistake.

A co-op that becomes identified with a political ideology, unrelated to its primary mission, is not practising open membership. Since only those of similar persuasion are likely to join, it de facto discourages participation by persons with different political leanings, who may need the co-op or have the ability to contribute to it.


If you are interested in joining the ADSactly Society, please read the blog series on ADSactly from the beginning. Have all of your questions answered in advance.

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Every honest individual with good intentions is invited to join and offer their skills, knowledge, energy, time or resources to various ongoing projects within ADSactly society. The channel is here: ADSactly and you are welcome!

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i luv this society!


It is the essential standard of this general public. Its individuals ought to be straightforward. Its principle objective is to give products and ventures to its members.There ought to be soul of affection, forfeit and collaboration among the individuals to accomplish the objectives.i trust it could be occur in steemit.

Wow. So much in one post! Howdid I not find you sooner??
I clearly have so much to catch up.

Wish me luck!

awesome participated platform

Great post... still not sure I'm sure what adsactly is... is it a crypto platform


yes realy its nyc for evry ppl good job


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an coopretive society a good thing which have many ppl are gain lots profit n fecetiyies frm here

Sounds like a great community, I don’t exactly get it but looking forward to learning more

Truly you guys are a great community I have just recently joined your discord channel and everybody is so positive feels like a family from around the world.

Already member but I haven't read the previous articles, I guess this will be the time to read up. Keep up with the good work.

It is very important to understand how adsactly works, such an intresting and valuble community

Gracias por la informacion amigo @adsactly, gusto saludarte

It's a great idea,

how i wish I had sen it earlier.

still reading the previous articles.

Soy nuevo, Saludos a todos.. maravillosa la publicación muy interesante.