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ADSactly on ADSACTLY - Part #46

ADSactly - Producers And Others

Did you ever wonder where the perceived value of money comes from?

The working people produce the perceived value of money, putting their energy into work. They produce something that someone else needs or wants. Money is supposed to be exchanged for these commodities, goods or services on an open market where the law of supply and demand guarantees fair prices according to the situation at hand. The participants in the open market should be the ones who produce the new values.


Today's world markets are not open nor free. They are called 'free' but in reality, they are severely controlled and managed. They are also wide open to non-producers, players who don't create any new values but rather leech on the market and make a profit on price differences. The non-producers are the ones buying low when a commodity is cheap, without having any real need for the goods and then selling high when the demand rises. The difference in price is their profit and this is all they do.

Who do they hurt by doing this? The producers, of course. The people who need the commodity when the price is high and must buy. The non-producers literary take the money out of producer's pockets. Is this what a financial system is meant to be about? Make a few people rich at the expense of the ones who work?


The non-producers need price fluctuations. If a market was stable, how would they make profits? Producers, on the other hand, profit from stable markets because the value of their work is constant and can be fairly exchanged at any given time or situation. A balanced prosperity with stable prices is achievable but would not serve the interest of non-producers.

A special branch of non-producers, called counter-producers manufacture unstable events all over the world in order to make money. This is the oldest and the easiest way to significantly lower the prices and open way to work-free profits. Wars are a great example. Disbalance, buy cheap and then sell as soon as things normalize would be the mantra of playing any market. However, this harms producers in the real-world environment. Do non-producers care? Of course not! Their profit is above all else. Who cares if ordinary people and their children die? Disgusting is the way of counter-producers...


We've reached the conclusion that producers of value are the ones who build the prosperity in the world while non-producers and counter-producers profit from other's work and even hinder it so they are able to profit from financial instability and price fluctuations without creating any new value nor giving anything back to the society. This is why an open market should be accessible only to producers.

Would you prefer to live in a stable world with unchanging price tags where people doing the actual work, have their peace of mind or you prefer wars, various threats, manufactured crisis all made to create price fluctuations by which non-producers greatly profit?

Believe it or not... the choice is yours...


Do we need a financial system based on greed?

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Yesterday, we were used to thinking of small greenish paper rectangles as the definition of money, and we thought of the US government as the only source of money. At first, it was every man for himself. You ate or wore what you could pick or catch. If you had some extra meat, and your neighbor had an extra bottle of alcohol, you might make a direct exchange. If food, water, clothing, and simple tools were the only goods on the market, you could had always found someone who had what you wanted and wants what you had. But at the end the meat spoiled... The point is that money was created naturally, as a way of aiding in voluntary economic transactions. It was one of the greatest inventions ever. Money not only made it easier for people to buy what they wanted, it also made saving much more possible you could accumulate excess money to spend at a later point. Then the decentralized crypto came...

Wow. This is a great post. Really something that we should all be conscious of.
These so called counter producers often reap the benefits that result from considerable investments by the corresponding brand owners
Its really painful.
They have lower costs for salaries, taxes (if paid at all), reserve for warranties, compliance to environmental regulations, etc.; they neither face the risk associated to product launches and market entries nor do they have to offer complementary low margin products or services as they can concentrate on selected top-selling, well-established brands and products.
All these things put the Real producers under serious pressure. Those that are not really determined and strong willed might compromise a little. Most of them might not stand the fact that the non producers are making much more than them with little effort.
He practically gets rewarded for the harm to the main producers income. All these things can pose huge threat even to the life of the producer. Its really depressing seeing someone else get rewarded for causing you indirect pain.
Someone who never worked hard or came up with any original idea.
Its really a serious issue.
Thank you for posting @adsactly. So much for us to learn and do the needful.

Ever since I saw the topic of those "masternodes" mentioned in the ADSactly's discord channel I got really interested! This is indeed not the most easy idea to comperhend and I waited for a post that explains that concept in layman's terms, and this post pretty much manages to do so!

What I find smart about that concept is that there is a huge incentive to the nodes owners to maintain their nodes in good shape, runing and updated - after all, they make money from it, in that way there's an assurance to the network's stability and the whole community enjoys it so it's pretty much a win-win situation.

I also really like the fact that ADSactly has it's own masternode maintained by community members and shared between the members who staked the money in it - I have not got the funds yet to invest myself but if I do - I'll really consider joining the community on this project as it will be taken care of by experienced members and with the supervision of the community - more people, more brains working to maximize the profits from this interesting venture.

There's a dedicated discord channel on the ADSactly discord - hop in and check it out!keep up it


That's very interesting. I would not have known that. Thanks for alerting me to this. Have you posted the Discord link and I have missed it?

Perfect example of this is future contracts. How many future contracts are actually used for their original purpose? I would estimate a very small percentage. Instead we have speculators using these future contracts to distort the value of commodities by taking positions conducive to profit.

These derivatives are a significant risk for the financial system, you only need to look at the GFC, Deustche Bank 2016 or the most recent VIX saga.

It does seem like the system Is tilted in favour of the haves at all times. How can we feel right living in a world where people are able to make millions of dollars with no effort or work while you have people who are working themselves to death just to provide a meal for their families. Equality is not in the best interest of the wealthy. Sustainable markets and global sharing would mean a reduction in the wealth and power that the smallest % of people in the world have. The question remains, when will it change? When will we have a world where a single person has an annual income that dwarfs the GDP of many small countries where people are just trying to survive. Change is needed.

Modern world markets are regulated by people who do not produce any value. These people are manipulators of the masses and will win by speculation. For example, the oil market is regulated by individual people by monopolists who are interested in obtaining huge profits. They brake progress in the creation of electric vehicles, because electric vehicles will take profits from them. This is one example.
If the monopolists did not have such power, the world looked different.
The modern banking system also lives only because of ordinary people. They create "beautiful" conditions and call for a loan. They call for a loan in order that you buy yourself an unnecessary thing that is imposed on TV. As a result, you are left with nothing (with a thing you really do not need) and you remain a debtor of the bank. This is a complete slavery.
"It's good that the people do not understand how our banking system works, otherwise tomorrow there would have been a revolution." Henry Ford.
The development of the digital decentralized economy is a step forward.
We need changes. People become smarter and open their eyes to reality. So the answer is obvious - we need changes.

So difficulties moment

Very informative post.


We need to be inform to all aspect of crypto or in any currency. @adsactly we need to raise our salary. to be fair out of the world.


This is perfect way of thought! Can't add a single line to it. This is 100% value!

The world is gonna change and so the money as we know it now.

Speculators are a danferous thing but then again if you hold cryoto you are a speculator.

We buy hoping the price will rise woth out making any actual input into development of the actual commodity of blockchain.

So we are all acting out of greed/ego it is what brought us to this platform that PAYS for social media.


This is about regular markets, not about crypto. Crypto is a solution. Crypto markets are not regulated by governments. Everyone should EARN and HOLD crypto. The key is to earn it.

excellent dear friend @adsactly.
thank you for sharing with us..

Greed is curse and greedy man always be a problem for others honest. But it is true money is essential need of every one today and one worked in every way to find money either way is right or wrong.

I always wanted to go to your post, but I was limited by ever-out bandwidth. If I have no issues with Bandwidth, I always come to your post because I'm your fan. because your post is interesting for me to read.

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We live in society. So we have some responsibility of society. Everyone should be serious about the society like country. We can take some important steps how to beautify of our society..........
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Sad part of society

Hola amigo.
Estupendo el artículo y de mucha reflexión.
Como se sabe el sistema financiero no es más que el universo de instituciones, mercados y medios que tienen como misión principal llevar las riendas del ahorro que generan los prestamistas hacia los prestatarios.
Este sitema está compuesto por los oferentes y los demandantes, principio básico.
Los oferentes se encargan de dilapidar a los demandantes (productores) con altas tasas de ínteres y los demandantes sacrifican su trabajo y poco capital para mentenerse en el mercado.
Definitivamente los oferentes son avaros y codiciosos y de una forma u otra le arrebatan a los productores los medios y de una forma u otra controlan el mercado de bienes y servicios.
Esto es una práctica que existe desde la epóca de los antiguos griegos, cuando los pudientes se sentaban en los bancos de las plazas y daban granos a lo agricultores a cambio de parte de las cosechas que recolectaban. El agricultor siempre estaba a la disposición del banquero.
En relación con la pregunta ¿Necesitamos un sistema financiero basado en la codicia? Por supuesto que no, pero ¿Como lo cambiamos si la fuerza del este es devastadora?

good job

good work

@adsactly...You're right. In today's market the producers are just hoping for profit. They expect their profits to ensure the quality of service to the customers, without fully making it available.
You shared a very valuable post.
thank you for it.

Sorry for your post I have reblog. Happy working.

very imformative post sharing. thank you @adsactly.

very precious info by @adsactly money always travell one hand to another hand and keep going

This is one of the best of the series so far.

What a concept. Where the producers actually control the produce. That's what I'm talking about.

Thank you for another installment in a terrific series.

Thank you so much for the info, I will spend my time reading all the articles, what you say make so much sense for me, but I feel like I need to understand it more in order to see the bigger picture. Have a wonderful day!

Great informative post. i like it.

Thanks adsactly For Sharing Information.

more rambling and begging. how annoying

Oh yes you are correct.I might think that it is the greed of money that make people blind so they even can't hesitate while harming actual because of this actual producers suffers greatly by the hands of counter and non it is justice to them.
Your offer regarding adsactly is really captivating.....

In fact, everything is a game. The important thing is to be able to see the games behind the scenes. Everything is under control. Especially the big players in the stock market manage these things very well. Normal markets do not like the rich ones because they can not earn enough. They play a game for the player and unfortunately most people become a part of that game. But they never realize it. They only deal with what they have won or lost.

Actor/director/producer Dick Van Dyke was born The Dick Van Dyke Show, Bye Bye Birdie, ..... Ben Casey ABC) starring Vince Edwards — 1962 Comic Book, Long before the other ...

unnamed (4).png
Its a needful post, great @adsacty need to aware people about financial systems.
A financial system (within the scope of finance) is a system that allows the exchange of funds between lenders, investors, and borrowers. Financial systems operate at national, global, and firm-specific levels. They consist of complex, closely related services, markets, and institutions intended to provide an efficient and regular linkage between investors and depositors.

Money, credit, and finance are used as medium of exchange in financial systems. They serve as a medium of known value for which goods and services can be exchanged as an alternative to bartering.A modern financial system may include banks (public sector or private sector), financial markets, financial instruments, and financial services. Financial systems allow funds to be allocated, invested, or moved between economic sectors. They enable individuals and companies to share the associated risks.

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Very informative post

It can only happen if everyone starts believing in one's ability that what he can achieve with his powers. Everyone is not surely blessed with same abilities but everyone doesnt have got every ability as well.
World is evolving itself very fast. When technology is progressing at a very fast pace then people have to change their attitudes towards society and start contributing their own copyright things.

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