ADSactly on ADSACTLY - Part #8

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ADSactly on ADSACTLY - Part #8

There is a strong argument that financial products would almost become obsolete if co-operation, instead of cut-throat competition, is to be established between individuals and businesses. With their demise, one of the oldest mechanisms of enslaving people's minds would disappear. The abundance of re-invested wealth would diminish the need of mortgaging one’s life for a hypocritical, weak chance of starting a business and possibly thriving. Of course, that would seriously hurt profits of non-producers and their centralized structures, destroying their highfalutin ways of piling up the profits on account of others.

ADSactly society believes that competition is counterproductive, unnecessary and tends to create distrust and anguish. Progress is far better achieved by co-operation than by competition between parties.

The following image explains cooperation vs. competition principle.

The source is here.

We promote and provide mutual co-operation in an uplifting online environment. ADSactly society is a pool of human resources with a vast potential of opportunities, all of which are at member's disposal. Every vetted member may choose to participate in one or more projects or can present his/her ideas to other members. However, even though we believe that everyone is free to have goals and projects, we also very much believe in completing the projects and reinvesting in the society.

If you are to start your project within ADSactly society, make sure you are able to set your goals reasonably and meet the schedule. An incomplete project is like an unfinished book - there is absolutely no reason for its existence. Nobody will finish your books for you.

Individual responsibility and personal integrity are very valuable assets in life.

Every honest individual with good intentions is invited to join and offer skills, knowledge, energy, time or resources for various ongoing projects within ADSactly society. The channel is here: ADSactly and you are welcome.

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ADSactly The Ultimate Society is a Community that
provides people with a Safe Place to do Business and Barter with each other in
a P2P Exchange.
Everybody will build Trust and a Reputation in ADSactly The Ultimate Society.
The Platform is already in Development and we have Invested A-lot of Sweat Equity we would
currently Value the Society at 1,000,000$ Based on the Partners, Vision and Customer-base
of 3000 Members.

I am following the series. Joined your discord channel and still don't understand anything? Am I the dumbest-ass??:(

Maybe we could create an association - as I can see there is two of us (almost). 😉😊
Anyhow, we would need the third one (member) to make it official, and then we would ask ADSActly for the support of understanding ADSactly. 😉

Although, when I'm in question - I think it's my fault as I didn't still go through all their available info and materials. Anyways, it's good to know not being alone. 😉

It's very good idea @ana-maria. I had already asked about this, I on the think first post of this series. From there I have been told to follow all the upcoming posts of the series and I have been doing so. But my very bad I'm still not getting a thing.😔
And yes it is very good to know I'm not alone here too :) 😛

Well, that's that typical (most often) issue with people who have a big knowledge. It's hard for them to put it in the simple words. I'm sure you would remember some such teacher from your school who knew a lot but couldn't give it to others. 😜
Knowledge and the ability to passing it through the others are two different skills. 😉😊

Exactly @ana-maria I support your point :)

please come to the Discord and send me a message. I will answer your questions. :)

Your post is always worth reading. Thanks for sharing such great post with us.

your concept is good. This is going to be my first resteem for others to benefit

Awesome Post bro

this is the thing that i am understanding but you understand me.

Good post thanks for sharing my friend


Right, makes sense. Be well @adsactly steem on.


ha ha loll

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nice post bro

@adsactly Your post is good...

Lovely post with great words of wisdom, indeed competition kills idea and hinder progress going forward.
How can one join the adsactly society and how can I learn more about the society.

click on the link above, join discord. read this series from part #1

i am abdullatifphadia nice adsactly pick pals one vote

I feel the existence of co-founder on an issue concerning cryptocurrency and cash will trend past the unimaginable to the people....

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Your post is always worth reading. Thanks for sharing such great post with us.

plz help me to grow my account

I'm loving every word ADSactly, truly the only choice if you are looking for a friendly, decentralized community with plenty of laughs in between 😀

Mutual co-operation is key, just like a friend :)