ADSactly on ADSACTLY - part #24

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ADSactly on ADSACTLY - part #24

Did you ever ask yourself what money really is? Looking at it, we see only a bunch of hi-quality well-printed paper with no sustenance. The power money is wielding lies in perceptions. It is a product of a complete illusion. It is only real because we decided to believe in it but, believe it or not, the whole concept of paper money is actually a lie.


Read what Wikipedia says about money.

Money is any item or verifiable record that is generally accepted as payment for goods and services and repayment of debts in a particular country or socio-economic context.The main functions of money are distinguished as a medium of exchange; a unit of account; a store of value; and, sometimes, a standard of deferred payment. Any item or verifiable record that fulfils these functions can be considered as money.

"Verifiable" by whom?

Money is historically an emergent market phenomenon establishing a commodity money, but nearly all contemporary money systems are based on fiat money.Fiat money, like any check or note of debt, is without use value as a physical commodity. It derives its value by being declared by a government to be legal tender; that is, it must be accepted as a form of payment within the boundaries of the country, for "all debts, public and private".

Read this part again: "It derives its value by being declared by a government to be legal tender." Declared by a government...must be accepted... What happened with "chosen by the people of their own free will"?
Yeah, right!

Song Dynasty Jiaozi, the world's earliest paper money

What it comes down to is following:

At some point in history, rich guys in power decided that barter doesn't yield any tax money and that there is not enough piece of pie for them if everyone successfully bartered their goods within a community. So it had to be stopped and replaced with precious metals which actually had real-world value and were used daily. Gold and silver were especially praised throughout history and it wasn't only because jewellery was made from them. And they were so nicely taxable by a government and the church, as well.


Supplies of gold were limited and in time its value went up and up. Something had to be done in order to keep the value circulating. On a bright morning, a wiseass got an idea: Why not exchange gold and silver and the rest of precious metals with plain paper and stash the real valuables away from the people? Wow! What an idea. Let's make the same thing you wipe your ass with appreciated just as much as gold. And you can also get others to work for you and provide real-world goods and values in exchange for colourful papers you'll print from a high stand of authority.
The grandest illusion of them all was set in motion.

But, even that wasn't enough. In the beginning, nobody was stupid enough to believe in the value of paper and exchange their gold for it without strict rules and regulations. So they made the rules as to make everyone happy to part with their metals. The number of printed papers was limited and its value had to match the value of gold and silver governments stashed in their vaults. But soon, there wasn't enough paper to go around for everyone who wanted to amass wealth, so the grand illusion had to become even grander. First the silver, and then the gold standard were both abolished. What an achievement! The printing machines don't need to be turned off anymore. A wonderful thing to be aware of, isn't it? :)

Today fiat money has no real value at all. But it does pack value only because the guys in power say it does and the masses choose to believe them. But, no wonder we do. The conditioning is strong and starts from very early age. Mom and Dad bought toys with money, they needed to work hard for their money, things fell apart when there was no money, you got to work your entire life to pay for your house because your house is not yours. Your house belongs to the bank. You are IN DEBT until you die. In debt? Debt to whom? Who wants you to feel enslaved by debt and why? Maybe so that you are easier to keep under control? What an illusion! Why on Earth did we choose to believe all that nonsense and what a wretched game we decided to play along with the dungeon masters...


Let's read Wikipedia some more:

The money supply of a country consists of currency (banknotes and coins) and, depending on the particular definition used, one or more types of bank money (the balances held in checking accounts, savings accounts, and other types of bank accounts). Bank money, which consists only of records (mostly computerized in modern banking), forms by far the largest part of the broad money in developed countries.

Meaning: money in the banks doesn't even exist on paper, anymore. So this is another step further in proving how stupid we are for believing this illusion. In "developed countries" they don't even bother to print money anymore but rather "create" it out of thin air.

Cryptocurrencies are a solution to this. Believe it or not, they are virtual but at the same time much more real than the paper money you hold in your hands. If, for a brief second, we decide to think rationally - would you rather buy something augmented by tenfold as zeroes on bank accounts; or something with a limited supply and constantly growing value controlled by no government? I think you know the answer. It is the time we stop believing them and start believing ourselves. Buying and selling things with crypto is a way to liberate the world from the oppression of illusionists who rule your lives for their own benefit.

ADSactly society, as an independent issuer, has issued the following crypto tokens (society's units):

(all of our units exclusively start with ADX)

In the previous part we fully covered ADXCU, ADXDU, ADXWU, ADXFU and now we will continue with ADXIOU (ADSactly I Owe You Units). This unit may be bought and sold on against BTS (Bitshares) but it is mainly offered privately by community members as a ‘bonus’ tokens. They are similar to ADXCU but are not a part of the Share Drops.


The ADXIOU unit is a ‘bouns’ token. There is only a LIMITED NUMBER of 200 Million in existence, with no stealth supply. It has 4 decimals precision and, along with all other ADSactly units, may be burned for to increase value over time.


Members with these tokens get access to the services and consulting provided within ADSactly. Please, make sure you read and understand everything, before buying any of our units on

If you are interested in joining the ADSactly society, please read the series on ADSactly from the beginning. Have all of your questions answered in advance.

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One other value cryptocurrency provides is that it takes out the middle man (Banks and Credit Card companies). They use a system of electronic transferring of money. It all happens out of our control and many people often don't fully grasp that money with the banks is virtual anyway. Cryptocurrency puts the control back in the hands of the owner and gets rid of the high fees associated with banks.

This is exactly what the post is about. :)


At present, fintech is the biggest middleman in history.
At present.

How interesting your publication, imagine here in Venezuela the support we have with the currency in gold, oil and the part of the mining mine that is being exploited indiscriminately by government and foreign companies, about 15 days or less ago, publishes a post about a currency that is circulating in a Caracas parish called January 23 here in Venezuela, this currency has the name of "Honeycomb" and circulates only in this community "It is a Communal Currency" and has as support the rice that produces in plantations in San Juan de Los Morro Guárico state, that currency has three denominations and some merchants such as Abastos, bakeries, supermarkets, box sales are using this currency.
I write this because your article catches my attention when it says "That is only real because we decided to believe in it, but in reality the concept of money was based on an illusion" you can visit my publication and see that currency, thanks for sharing this information so important

Thank you for your contribution! We will see even more of this in years to come. It is up to us to fight the system and establish a new, fair monetary system.

I share your opinion and I think it is the least harmful way in the matter of the economy for society, hopefully the conscience of this movement is created that more and more, especially I am fascinated with Steem and surely my plans is to invest in this digital currency, be aware of your publications, have a happy year

@esquinacreativa very true. i agree with you 100%
some intellectual suggested me long back "do not bother about your money position. it is a myth. currency has no value. it is the value attributed by government and you fools started accepting it. it is just a piece of paper - with a fine print on it". this post reminded me the same.

I was wondering how people in Venezuela feel about the Petro? Anything you could share would be appreciated.

If of course I'm going to share something about the digital currency of Venezuela, I'll publish it in a few minutes.

Thank you, I am ashamed of how the US government has treated your people. I was wanting to buy Petros to be supportive of Venezuela. Any information from on the ground would be appreciated. Best of luck to you I will be watching for your post.

I already published.
Another thing longsilver , the Venezuelan government sells to the world an image of something that is not real, that I tell you with all security, I will look for the publication of an article that I reviewed a long time ago and you will see how our country does not advance in the social and economic politics

If you are interested you can search this article where the misuse of the policies of the Venezuelan government is published. Venezuelanhttp: //

Thanks, I had to use google translate because I don't read spanish but I think I got idea. I am wondering what is the root cause. I know US sanctions are hurting everyone in Venezuela and I know the US secret government has been undermining any attempts to make things better. If fact a quick read of the US newspapers show that US leaders are proud of their sanctions and the harmful effects they have on the people of Venezuela. But that being said from your point of view there anything I can do to help.

Ok, I explain, the sanctions of the United States to Venezuela is largely for the government officials who are involved in acts of corruption, as explained in the article that I published, of course, that affects the economic resources of the low population, but The government wants to isolate itself by violating international leyes, no they want to explain to anybody that defends human rights

Thanks for the info. I am following you and appreciate your post.

thank you @longsilver I also follow you, here we are to help us achieve many goals in Steemit, that you have a happy year in the company of your family and the people who love

money exists like religion, solely on faith. Without people, money is just paper, the value is demand. The power has control over quantity, the rate of fiery funds. If before money was tied to gold, then after this has changed, now the government can run a printing press and at any time print more money, and this is not normal, when a surplus money supply is created ...
Crypto currency is really a step forward, progress does not stand still and behind this technology (blocking) the future. Already today we see how this affects the markets and how it affects people.
We must strive to develop this direction and teach people to use this ... the more people will know about this, the sooner we will step forward and get rid of fiat money (and this is now only a matter of time)

True. There was an island where they used these large stones as currency. Some of them even sank under the water in time, but the people on the island agreed that these large stones represented currency. Everybody knew this was "Joe's" or "Jane's" stone because there weren't that many people. It was like a primitive, non-electronic blockchain. Honestly, it's not so weird because our own currency is just really valuable because of our faith in it.

" Buying and selling things with crypto is a way to liberate the world from the oppression of illusionists who rule your lives for their own benefit". very true statment.
I do not know much about ADSactly. started to read and understand it.
Some intellectual suggested me long back "do not bother about your money position. it is a myth. currency has no value. it is the value attributed by government and you fools started accepting it. it is just a piece of paper - with a fine print on it". this post reminded me the same.

Reading this post did make me think about conversations I’ve had in the past. Isn’t money a truly strange thing really. Bits of paper/digital or coin that seemingly mean nothing. It’s a wonder how it even exists when you consider bartering objects used to be currency hundreds of years ago. What a wonderfully unique thing and it makes me wonder how they’ll deal with it in a hundred years time. Will literal money exist or will it be credits (post applepay etc). Wonderful post!

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The funny thing is that these banks intermediaries earn more than the respective parties. Cryptocurrencies is decentralised from banks and governments and created to exchange value from one person to an other freely and without interference.

I'm fully ready to join you and believe in your views cause in me, I always feel like parties should exchange without a heavy interferencea in their particular businesses .


wow bhai apni oshadharon ekta post dsn jst wow😁

Thank you for useful info!

excellent post

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Absolutely right! The question is not if cryptocurrencies will win but which...

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Unlike money, it is not a simple object, but an object with a rather complex meaning @adsactly

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@adsactly indeed the concept of money has changed over time. The good part is that money is coming out of the grip of the govt.

This is truly true.... Checked and you're right

funny meme ! :D

Nice post , thank for information follow <3

That a wonderful piece. Cryptocurrency is here to stay, period.

My question to you @adsactly is who brought the idea of money and where was it first used...?

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very good post @adsactly, The discussion about money is complete, I was so know that the origin of the money and history you earlier times about the process of transactions

Wow! am very happy to have come across your post. As I read it little by little ,I learnt most or if not all about the origin of Mooney and people perception towards the money and on how crptocurrency is the answer to shortcomings around paper money. Thanks very much for this informative and educative post.

I agree with you. Money is an illusion. But money is what sustains us. With money we can feel safe, we can have power. Power can do not only evil. With power you can win many injustices and do good. And I believe in cryptocurrency. Indeed, how do they differ? We have long been using Bank cards. I have not kept cash in hand. So I am calm when investing in crypto. This is the future. Future that came today!

please, read the article again for to understand how they differ.

Dear friend! I understand how they differ. I read your article carefully. I may not be able to accurately convey my thoughts due to a language barrier. I understand that the usual money is a tool for manipulating people. And I understand that crypto is freedom of every member of society. Crypto is not subject to any state. Which is why for me they are also more real than colored paper bills.

@adsactly you know the good thing about cryptosystem? The population is looking for a solution or got a solution to suit them, this time not the government or its officials. Unfortunately they are forced to bend a knees for it and no matter how hard they fight we are winning.
So wise ones key into it earlier.
The population is beginning to believe that this is th future if money, the solute to the long cues, waiting, illegal debits and charges.
It stops now!
With crptocurrency .....

I would add another advantage to the blockchain money - it is backuped by multy sourches in a way making it pretty much fault proof, and you can take the money file - your crypto wallet, and put it on a physical device - so your money is virtual but yet - you can hold it in your hands.

Now - in parallel to that idea - I think humanity should go in the spirit of your previous post "
ADSactly Homesteading - What is homesteading?" and not only grow things themselves - but also trade things between people and communities. this will create a double system - virtualization in the right way and also a physical - actual real value trading.

@adsactly very nicely explained and let us know what the maney is actually , thanks

@adsactly very good post indeed, thanks for sharing

Money is really the solution of most of our problems


Indeed @adsactly a information about money...Really helpful

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I cannot find my country's bill in the first photo. :(

I agree with you and also government decide which fiat have the higher value.

I am having a vision that in the future people buy cars and other commodities using crypto currency. Paper bills will be lessen and go antique.

I think this is the best post I have seen this week. please post more

ironic...but true!

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Hi @adsactly, The answer to this question is a definite YES:

would you rather buy something augmented by tenfold as zeroes on bank accounts; or something with a limited supply and constantly growing value controlled by no government?

....primarily because we get the control of our money.

You covered this topic in impressive way. Thumbs up. Shared.

Steem On!

Nine post

I don't mind resteeming this! Quite imsightful

The power of money lies in the belief we have bestowed on it

Absolutely true ! Great work well researched . The power of money lies in the belief we have bestowed on it. So to help us incorporate it in our celebration , I did a special piece so you guys can add into your day this festive period as you are steeming all the way. Check it out

Very well quoted the definition of money. It is people who believed the money and made it valuable. Crypto is going to be the medium of exchange of services in effective and fast way in the future. Governments can't block it way.

nice work hopefully we make same you for one post

This is a very good post

Is this chinese money?


yes :)
Song Dynasty Jiaozi, the world's earliest paper money!

Money is a trading item. Voucher is a smaller version of money. Both of them can be exchanged for items and services, when voucher is more frequent used for items and it has some limitations. Without something to trade/exchange, money is no use except if it has an artistic value for entertainment. Do not trust anyone who offers a high interest investment with fast returns, no risks. It's really impossible. Investing requires time, so not instant like cooking noodles. Resources affects greatly to money value.

Banknotes are not only as payment tool, but it can be used as AN ENTERTAINING THING! If you learn more about banknotes features, I'm sure you learn how to use banknotes as an entertaining thing! Music can be match with banknotes design, for example: $5 bill's reverse match with Megaman ZX Trap Factory music, $20 bill's front match with one of Chalkzone episode info screen's ME(Music Effect) that sounded like "Ngleleleleleleoounggg, tet tet teet teet, nglololoung NGIIIEK!." All of dollar bills above are US Dollar and it's colored version.

interesting... thanks..

nice post. i love this educational society.thanks both of them

President Nixon was the one that made a new move in the history and cut off the law where money, must have cover in gold...It was followed by his successors.
Our friend called us recently and told us that BitCoin will have his blossom until may 2018 and then will dissapear. What do You think on that ? This person is very well informed but this statement is a little bit funny ?!

Wow, Awesome post dear,,,, Yeah personally I never think like that. But after reading your post it's clear now in my mind. Money, Pound ,Dollar etc.etc.etc. all of the currencies make with paper and used some material. Hope Bitcoin or cryptocurrency will be the better option in future. Thanks man for this awesome post.

Cryptocurrencies are amazing. The potential of an earthchanging solution is currently in progress. Crypto is the future.

Money is everything in this wicked world. someone's life,religion, family,passion.
The man like me from third world country is so obsessed with money.For me money is everything i saw people are straving,begging,commit crime all such works.
Even husband murdered their own wife for man like me in third world country money is everything. society makes me obsessed with money and money lover.for me money is everything.

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"Verifiable" by whom?

By the user of the money.

How about is?

Guys check my 26 december bitcoin analysis post.

Money indeed is an illustion. And now it is the cause of all evil. And it's like we are tied to money. Aside from air for us to breath money is the other thing that we need to survive.

I think paper money is forcefully imposed on us. E money is far better...

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What is adsactly?

Thankyou so much for this, it really helped me understand more about the cryptocurrency. You just got a new follower.

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Very Informative knowledge give us thanks Adsactly for this topic.Kindly visit on my posts too.Regards

As an interesting side note concerning bank issued fiat, even if we gave the banks back all the money ever created it still would not be enough, interest is charged but the money to pay the interest is never created.

Interesting..Money, who needs it!...BUT, we seem to be stuck with it, at least for now.

sure future is surely going to fall... the basic idea is there should be gold there? where is it? whenever they need go on printing and to cover their pitfalls tax citizens... dirty practice..

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@adsactly,thanks for sharing this is great...wish you a merry xmas

Very informative.

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The paradox of truth. Couldn't have been put better! Thanks for the enlightenment

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Advanced digital solutions...

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